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Chapter 395 – The most talented person on planet Suzaku

The moment Wang Lin backed up, the remaining balls of ice flew toward him and smashed into him.

Bang! Bang!

The balls of ice kept on coming at him and he continued to throw out punches, but there were simply too many balls of ices, and the power of the collisions added up to create a powerful boom.

Countless more cracks appeared on Xue Yue’s earth at this moment.

Li Yuanfeng’s expression was fierce as he shouted, “Ceng Niu, die!”

Wang Lin’s body smashed into the ground like a meteor from the balls of ice colliding with him, creating a giant crater in the ground.

A sliver of green gas came from the crater but was immediately blown away by the wind.

However, not only did Li Yuanfeng’s expression not relax, it became even darker.

“Soul Transformation cultivators’ techniques are indeed mysterious, but the amount of celestial spiritual energy inside your balls of ice is simply too little!” A cold voice came from the crater as Wang Lin’s figure slowly rose up.

His clothes were somewhat damaged, but his eyes were bright.

Li Yuanfeng’s expression was ugly as he looked at Wang Lin. He clenched his teeth and slapped his bag of holding. He took out a pair of bronze bells. Then he spat out a mouthful of blood onto the bronze bells.

The moment Wang Lin saw that pair of bronze bells, he immediately recognize them as the treasure that created the figure that called itself Situ Nan. His eyes immediately lit up.

Li Yuanfeng’s hand formed a seal and he shouted, “Seal!”

The two bronze bells immediately grew. The symbols on them flashed as the blood Li Yuanfeng coughed onto them was quickly absorbed. The two bells suddenly cracked into pieces and two withered arms appeared.

Thick, black fog came out from the two arms. The fog, which contained thick yin energy, quickly spread.

Li Yuanfeng’s expression was fierce and his eyes contained a hint of madness. These two bells were his final aces. He had been using his origin soul to refine them for many years and could control them like his own body.

“Unseal!” As Li Yuanfeng shouted, he pointed at Wang Lin. The black fog around the two arms began to move violently and soon transformed into two figures.

The two figures had no clear faces. As soon as they appeared, they charged toward Wang Lin. However, before they had even arrived, a chilling aura could be felt.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he let out a cold snort. Before, he was only at the mid stage of Soul Formation and hadn’t fused with his original body yet, so he wasn’t a match for the black figure. However, now he wasn’t afraid at all as he charged forth and swung both of his fists.

Bang! Bang!

After two loud bangs, the two black figures let out miserable groans. The powerful force blew away all the black fog, revealing the two severed arms.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. His hand formed a seal and pointed at the arms. A ray of spiritual energy quickly shot out and surrounded the two severed arms.

Wang Lin shouted, “Seal!”

The spiritual energy quickly turned into chains and locked the two arms up. The two arms began to struggle and Wang Lin quickly controlled the soul flag and restriction flag next to the two arms.

Wang Lin once again shouted, “Seal!”

The two flags shook, creating a black and purple fog that completely surrounded the two arms.

At the same time, Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and two bells appeared. They quickly became large and trapped the two arms.

All of this happened in the blink of an eye. Li Yuanfeng’s face turned pale. He turned around to escape without any hesitation.

How could Wang Lin let him escape? Using the speed of the body of an ancient god, Wang Lin quickly arrived next to Li Yuanfeng and threw a punch.


Li Yuanfeng coughed out blood and his body was thrown back like a meteor.

Wang Lin took another step and appeared above Li Yuanfeng. He let out a roar as he threw another punch. This time, Li Yuanfeng’s body flew straight down and smashed into the ground.

A giant crater 1,000 feet in diameter was created!

Blood was coming out from Li Yuanfeng’s mouth and his vision was hazy, but there was still a trace of malice in him.

“Even if I die, I’ll drag you down with me!” Li Yuanfeng let out a roar. His eyes were bloodshot and a powerful destructive force appeared from him.

Wang Lin didn’t panic at all but calmly said, “Self destruction of a Soul Transformation cultivator. Li Yuanfeng, I can just tear open space and leave, but the entire country of Xue Yue will have to die with you. The one who you will take to the grave with you won’t me but the entire country of Xue Yue.”

With that, his right hand reached out and a spatial rift appeared. Waves of destructive wind flew out from the rift, but they had no effect on Wang Lin.

Li Yuanfeng began to struggle. Although he was very stubborn, he was born in Xue Yue, so he had very deep emotional attachment to his country.

After a short while, he let out a bitter smile. It was uncertain whether he could hurt Ceng Niu or not, but Xue Yue would definitely disappear from the planet.

His eyes became serious. He looked at Wang Lin, took a deep breath, and said, “This old man admits defeat, but the country of Xue Yue had nothing to do with this. If you’re willing to let them go, this old man will let you let you punish me as you see fit.”

Wang Lin’s eyes were cold as he pointed at Li Yuanfeng. He activated the soul extracting technique and a ray of spiritual energy landed between Li Yuanfeng’s eyebrows.

Li Yuanfeng didn’t resist and instead let out a soft sigh. He looked around at the familiar surroundings and then closed his eyes.

Wang Lin softly said, “Soul extracting!”

Li Yuanfeng’s body suddenly began to shrink rapidly. In the blink of an eye, he became a bag of bones.

A purple and golden ball of light flew out from between his eyebrows.

“Soul Transformation soul fragment!” Wang Lin’s eyes became serious as his hand reached out. He immediately caught the soul fragment, sealed it, and put it away inside his bag.

The leader of a generation, Li Yuanfeng, died just like this!

Wang Lin pondered a bit before looking at the two arms trapped by the two bells before putting them away.

Then he flew into the sky.

All of those Soul Formation cultivators saw the battle earlier through their divine senses. They saw Li Yuanfeng die and an wave of anger appeared in their hearts.

As Wang Lin floated in the sky, his divine sense swept across Xue Yue and sent out a message.

“From today onward, no Soul Formation and above cultivators are allowed to exist in Xue Yue, and no cultivation sects are allowed to exist here either, or else I’ll come again!”

The domain in Wang Lin’s origin soul activated again and the life and death reincarnation scroll appeared in the sky once more. More than ten rays of grey gas shot out and entered the bodies of every single Soul Formation cultivator in Xue Yue.


With just one word, all of Soul Formation cultivators had their cultivations sealed like how Li Yuanfeng sealed Wang Lin’s cultivation.

Two marks were left on the foreheads of those cultivators. One mark was light and other was dark. They represented life and death.

Their cultivation levels plummeted.

After finishing all of this, Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and the mosquito beast appeared. The mosquito beast carried Wang Lin into the distance.

After this battle, the news of Ceng Niu’s reappearance quickly spread. His position as the strongest under the Soul Transformation stage had solidified and some even believed that he had reached the Soul Transformation stage.

No one doubted Ceng Niu’s power for he had defeated Soul Transformation cultivator Li Yuanfeng, sealed all of Soul Formation cultivators in Xue Yue, and forcibly made a rank 5 cultivation country drop two ranks to become a rank 3.

These things caused everyone who heard it to become shocked and pale.

At this moment, in the alley of a small village in a rank 3 cultivation country sat an old man. Before him was a small tub with some bronze coins scattered inside it. This old man was very dirty and messy and his hair covered his face.

Beside him, someone respectfully stood there. This person’s face was very wide and his ears were large. If Wang Lin were present, he would recognize this man.

“This Ceng Niu sure is strong to kill a Soul Transformation cultivator. Not simple at all; this old man really had good eyes back then, haha!” The old man rubbed his chin and looked at the man beside him and said, “Ceng Niu helped you turn Xue Yue into a rank 3 cultivation country, so you should help him too. Take my straw hat and go fight with Liu Mei. Even though you are no match for her, you will still be able escape. Check what stage her Thousand Emotion Ruthless domain has reached.”

The large-eared person respectfully agreed. He looked toward Xue Yue and revealed a look of reminiscence and melancholy.

After this person left, the old man stood up and put away the bronze coins. Then muttered to himself, “There are still 12 more years. Zhuque Zi, back then we agreed that whoever lost would punish themselves for 1,000 years. In 12 years, my self-punishment will be over!”

He took a deep breath and disappeared.

“This is really a headache; of the four people I chose, this Zi Xin is the most troublesome. Why did she have to go mess with Ceng Niu and get thrown into a spatial rift?! If it wasn’t for the fact that she was going to be the crack in Qian Feng’s Dao heart, this old man wouldn’t want to waste the time to rescue her!”

“Qian Feng… Qian Feng… ah, this boy is the most talented person this old man has seen in his life. Even Red Butterfly’s talent is below his.”

“News of Ceng Niu’s battle with Li Yuanfeng has spread across planet Suzaku. To force a rank 5 cultivation country into becoming a rank 3 is a big deal. Almost every cultivator on the planet knows about this.”

At this moment, in the back mountain of Mount Suzaku, Qian Feng crushed the sound transmission jade in his hand. His eyes lit up, and after a while he muttered, “Ceng Niu … killing Li Yuanfeng is nothing. He is but a piece of trash who reached the Soul Transformation stage by force. If you can kill the Giant Demon Clan’s ancestor, you will barely qualify as my opponent…”

Behind him, Red Butterfly quietly stood there, her eyes devoid of any life.

Qian Feng turned around and looked at Red Butterfly with an evil smile. “Heartless, do you want to fight Ceng Niu again? That was your soul’s greatest wish before it disappeared.”

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