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Chapter 392- Rank 6 cultivation country

“Even if Yunque Zi had asked me personally, if I didn’t want to, all I would have done was kick Liu Mei out and not have given you the other two gifts.” The mysterious light in Du Tian’s eyes became even stronger.

“Whether you are Ceng Niu or Wang Lin, it doesn’t matter. Ever since my Soul Refining Sect came to planet Suzaku, we’ve had a total of 36 Soul Transformation ancestors. Their souls are all inside the soul flag. I’m the 37th and my senior apprentice brother was the 36th!”

Wang Lin’s expression changed. He raised his head and looked at the two blood rings.

Du Tian slowly said, “Little friend, there is no need to look; my senior apprentice brother died two years ago when his lifespan ran out. Not even the current Suzaku knows of this.”

Wang Lin silently pondered.

The mysterious light in Du Tian’s eyes became even stronger as he looked at Wang Lin and said, word for word, “Little friend, I have a question for you. Are you willing to enter my Soul Refining Sect, become the next successor, and swear upon your domain that you will help my Soul Refining Sect become a rank 6 cultivation country one day?!”

Wang Lin didn’t immediately reply but asked, “Why me?”

“Yunque Zi is only part of the reason. The main reason, however, is because of my senior apprentice brother. Little friend Ceng Niu, my senior apprentice brother’s domain didn’t have any offensive capability, but he was the only one who had it on the entire planet. Even on other planets, it is extremely rare.” Du Tian revealed a look of respect.

“This domain is foresight! He originally had 100 years of lifespan left, but he used it all up to activate his domain to find a path to survival for my Soul Refining Sect, but in the end, he still failed…”

Wang Lin frowned and waited for him to finish. If the old man had said something about his senior apprentice brother predicting that Wang Lin was their hope, he wouldn’t listen to anymore of this nonsense.

Du Tian stared at Wang Lin with a hint of insanity. “Although my senior apprentice brother died, the moment he died was also the moment you arrived at my sect!”

Wang Lin was stunned.

“This might be a coincidence; this could just be this old man being stubborn, but my life span is reaching its limit, so I can wait no longer. I’m willing to take this bet that it was my senior apprentice brother’s domain that brought you here!” Du Tian let out a bitter smile. He knew that this was mostly just him fooling himself.

“The Soul Refining Sect has no one to succeed me. Although I can battle the current Suzaku with the soul flag right now, once I die, the Soul Refining Sect is finished… The soul flag will be taken away by the Suzaku, and without it, the Soul Refining Sect will die.”

Wang Lin pondered a bit. He raised his head and said, “If I agree, you will give me the soul flag.”

Du Tian nodded and said, “I’ll give you the soul flag when my lifespan reaches its end.”

“Rank 6 cultivation country…” Wang Lin shook his head with a bitter smile. “With junior’s cultivation, this is too difficult.”

Du Tian let out a sigh and said, “Ceng Niu, I only have ten years left to live. Within these ten years, I can ensure your safety, but after that, you’re on your own. Whether you succeed or not doesn’t matter, but remember my words. Remember that the Soul Refining Sect meant you no harm and gifted you the soul flag. That will be enough.”

Wang Lin pondered. After a long time, he nodded and said, “I’ll do my best.”

Du Tian’s eyes lit up. He looked at Wang Lin and laughed. Then he slapped his bag of holding and threw a golden jade toward Wang Lin.

“My Soul Refining Sect doesn’t have any fancy etiquette. This jade contains the soul sealing manual which is used to control the one-billion-soul soul flag. This is the core of the Soul Refining Sect. From today onward, you are the only core disciple of the Soul Refining Sect.”

Wang Lin took the jade and scanned it before putting it into his bag.

“Now that this is over, I need to go into closed door cultivation to prepare my soul to be added to the soul flag. It is better for you not to leave the Soul Refining Sect, because if you meet danger, I will not be able to help you.”

Wang Lin faintly smiled. “No problem. If I couldn’t protect myself, I wouldn’t be alive right now. Senior doesn’t have to worry. I have some personal matters I need to take care of. I’ll be sure to come back before senior comes out of his closed door cultivation.”

Du Tian looked at Wang Lin. After pondering for a bit, he nodded and said, “Since you are sure, I won’t say anymore. You can go.” With that, he disappeared into the blood ring.

Wang Lin respectfully clasped his hands, then he disappeared and left the Soul Refining Sect.

Wang Lin’s speed was like a meteor in the night. His hair flowed with the wind and his eyes shined like the stars.

He didn’t believe everything Du Tian had told him; after all, Wang Lin wasn’t someone new to the cultivation world. He had been through too much and seen too many things. However, now was not the time to ponder this matter. When the day comes for Du Tian to give him the soul flag, everything will be revealed.

“Li Yuanfeng!” Killing intent filled his eyes and he flew even faster.

The attempt on his life two years ago nearly killed him and made him lose his cultivation. Now that his cultivation had recovered, the first thing he was going to do was kill this Li Yuanfeng.

“He was raised to the Soul Transformation stage by force and can be considered the weakest among Soul Transformation cultivators. My original body has become a three star ancient god; if I fuse with my original body, I can fight him.” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and his figure disappeared into the night.

One month later, in the valley inside Chu, Zhou Ru was playing with little white, the thunder toad was basking in the sun, and Tie Yan was cultivating. He was very close to the Soul Fformation stage and was about to comprehend his own domain.

The thunder toad suddenly opened its eyes. Its large eyes looked toward the outside of the valley.

A white-robed young man walked into the valley with a smile. The Ascendant level domain from the pagoda had no effect on him.

Zhou Ru rubbed her eyes and immediately let out a cry of joy. She jumped off little white and shouted with joy, “Uncle! Uncle!”

Wang Lin laughed, hugged little Zhou Ru, and then looked toward Tie Yan.

Tie Yan stood up and respectfully said, “Greetings, benefactor.”

Wang Lin said, “Tie Yan, you are close to reaching the Soul Formation stage. Go to Chu’s capital and live there to experience life. You will definitely reach the Soul Formation stage in three years!”

There was no joy or sadness on his face, but his hands started trembling and he said, “Really…. Okay!” He looked at Zhou Ru and then around him, then he clenched his teeth and disappeared.

Zhou Ru hugged Wang Lin and quickly asked, “Uncle, where is my big tiger? Where is the big tiger that you promised me when you left?”

Little white had been listening and became excited. He thought, “Looks like this tiger lord’s bitter life has come to an end. If that little devil gets a new pet, she should let me go.”

Thinking about the good life to come and the few female tigers he hadn’t seen in a long time, little white couldn’t help but become excited.

“Big tiger…” Wang Lin rubbed his nose. He had indeed forgotten about this. After all, he had experienced too much in this trip.

Zhou Ru pouted and said, “Uncle, when you left, you said you wouldn’t forget…”

After little white heard this, his vision turned black as all his hopes and dreams disappeared. He secretly sigh and wondered why his life was so torturous.

Wang Lin wryly smiled and rubbed Zhou Ru’s head. “Listen, uncle is here to take you somewhere. I’ll just catch you a big tiger later.”

Zhou Ru was only a kid, so after hearing this, she immediately became happy and asked, “Where are we going? Uncle, are you taking me somewhere to play?”

“Uncle is going to find a friend!” A hint of killing intent appeared in Wang Lin’s eyes.

Little white’s heart trembled and his hopes raised again, this time even more so than last time. He thought that if the two of them leave, he will be free once more. While thinking about this, he became excited again.

Wang Lin said, “Little Ru Er, go inside the pagoda. This trip will be very long; being inside the pagoda will ensure your safety. Be good, now.”

Zhou Ru quickly nodded and revealed an excited look. The moment she heard she could leave, she became very happy.

“Little white, come with me!”

Little white let out a growl filled with sadness as all of his expectations were shattered again. He looked reluctantly at the mountain as if there were a few female tigers still waiting for him. Finally, with Zhou Ru patting and hitting him, he followed her into the pagoda.

Wang Lin’s right hand formed a seal. The pagoda quickly shrank and he carefully put it away.

After finishing all of this, Wang Lin took a deep breath and then he took a step forward. A powerful energy came from under the ground, and at the same time, the original body opened his eyes. After one moment, he was already up on the surface.

On his forehead were three purple stars that spun and released a demonic light.

When the original body appeared before him, both walked toward each other and then the two fused into one person.

This was the real Wang Lin. The original body was on the outside and the avatar’s cultivation was on the inside. An oppressive aura exuded from within his body.

At this moment, the the sky changed colors. Lightning echoed through the sky and large drops of rain began to fall.

Wang Lin in the rain was like a demon god as he looked toward Xue Yue.

“Xue Yue’s Li Yuanfeng, the Giant Demon Clan’s ancestor, and Sun Tai, who used that chance to seal me. Now that I have recovered my cultivation, I’ll come collect my debts with each one of you!”

“The first person on the list is Li Yuanfeng. Let’s see if the Soul Transformation cultivation you obtained by force is stronger than my original body fused with my avatar!”

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