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Chapter 388 – Collecting Qilin Soul Flag

This Qilin looked almost exactly the same as the one Ling Tianhou had; the only difference in appearance was its color.

Though its aura was far weaker than the one that belonged to the sword saint, Ling Tianhou.

“Qilin soul fragment!”

Wang Lin stared at the beast and reached out. Black gas came from all directions and transformed into a black lance.

The golden Qilin let out a roar, then a ball of golden light suddenly appeared before it and smashed toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin moved forward and stabbed with the lance.


After a loud bang that caused the surrounding spirit vein to crack, Wang Lin backed up one step and the ball of golden light dissipated.

“Interesting. Although Ling Tianhou’s Qilin was alive, it couldn’t use any spells because it lost its inheritance. Although this soul fragment is much weaker, it can use spells. It clearly still has memories of its inheritance.”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He slapped his bag of holding and two bells appeared. He threw the two bells and they closed in on the Qilin.

The Qilin raised its front paw and slammed down. This shock wave caused the surrounding spirit vein to shatter and slow down the two bells.

Wang Lin snorted. He suddenly moved and lunged forward. The lance flew through the air and pierced through the Qilin.

The Qilin let out a roar. Black gas escaped from where it was pierced and turned into soul fragments.

Without a word, Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and took out the soul flag. With a wave, all of those soul fragments flew toward his soul flag.

The Qilin let out a roar and immediately sucked those soul fragments back into its body.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He moved his right hand and the soul vortex appeared. He began to fight with the Qilin over the soul fragments.

With Wang Lin distracting the Qilin, the two bells immediate grew in size and closed in on the Qilin. The Qilin snorted out two streams of black gas that turned into two smaller Qilins, both of which pounced at the two bells.

Wang Lin’s right hand moved and sent out waves of restrictions to seal the two Qilins. Then the two bells trapped them and they were put away by Wang Lin.

Looking at the soul fragments that floated out of the Qilin, Wang Lin’s eyes sparkled. He snorted and shouted, “Damn animal, if you had the power of your ancestor, I wouldn’t be your match. However, you are merely a soul fragment that managed to condense into an illusionary body. Breaking you will not be hard!”

With that, Wang Lin’s hand quickly moved and one by one illusion restrictions appeared. The illusionary restrictions surrounded the Qilin and descended like a net.

The Qilin roared and began to struggle, causing the restriction to shatter. However, Wang Lin’s hand didn’t stop; the restrictions appeared like crazy and continued to land on the Qilin’s body.

Sweat gradually started filling Wang Lin’s forehead as he sent out countless restrictions in a matter of seconds. The Qilin began to roar even louder, but its body began to slow down like it was sinking in water.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He touched his bag of holding and a small flag flew out.

This flag was the restriction flag. With a wave of the flag, countless black lances formed before him. Under Wang Lin’s command, these black lances charged toward the Qilin.

At the same time, Wang Lin’s right hand didn’t stop; he continued to create soul vortexes. His right hand moved like a ghost, creating one soul vortex after another.

Countless black lances stabbed toward the Qilin whose eyes were filled with anger. It shook its body and more than ten balls of golden light appeared around it.

Bang! Bang!

Several loud bangs could be heard as the lances and balls of golden light collided. Although a lot of the lances were stopped, some still made it past and hit the Qilin. Even more soul fragments poured out of the Qilin’s body and were absorbed by the soul vortexes Wang Lin had set up.

The Qilin let out a loud roar and began to struggle even harder, causing the restrictions on its body to shatter one by one.

Wang Lin frowned. He didn’t think that this illusionary body formed by the soul fragment of a Qilin could be so powerful. This Qilin was already as strong as a late stage Soul Formation cultivator. If it’s given more time to grow, it will soon reach the power of a Soul Transformation cultivator.

Wang Lin’s eyes darkened. He raised his right hand and the beast trap flew out. It landed on the side and turned into the god slaying war chariot.

The beast had weakened greatly after the battle with Red Butterfly; however, the moment it saw the Qilin, its body shook and its eyes became filled with greed.

The moment the Qilin saw the spirit beast, it let out a roar as if it had just met its natural enemy. It stopped struggling against the restrictions but revealed an intent to battle.

When he saw this, Wang Lin was surprised. His eyes lit up and without hesitating, he sent a seal to the chariot. For the first time the beast let out a roar of joy and for the first time the beast didn’t wait for the chariot to open or try to devour Wang Lin. It charged toward the Qilin with the black chains still attached to it.

The Qilin let out a roar. Countless balls of golden light appeared before it to block the spirit beast’s attack.

The spirit beast let out a roar and smashed through all of the balls of golden light. With a bang, the spirit beast collided with the Qilin.

Both beasts let out painful groans. The spirit beast had charged too quickly, so the chains on its body were pulled to their limit. The pain from the chains forced the spirit beast to back up. It turned around and attempted to bite the chains, but no matter what it did, it couldn’t break the chain. It then turned toward Wang Lin and began to roar, its intent was obvious.

The Qilin isn’t a match for the spirit beast. All of the restrictions on its body shattered and it was sent flying while a large amount of soul fragments escaped from its body.

The moment these soul fragments appeared, they were absorbed by the surrounding soul vortexes. In the blink of an eye, they were all absorbed.

The golden Qilin’s body wasn’t as solid as before and became more illusionary. As it looked at the spirit beast with frustration in its eyes, it let out low growls but didn’t dare to move forward.

After all, it was only a soul fragment. When it was at its peak, it was stronger than the spirit beast, but right now it was no match.

After the Qilin was knocked away, the golden soul flag became unguarded. Wang Lin quickly appeared before the golden soul flag and was about to grab it.

However, the golden Qilin let out an angry roar and pounced at Wang Lin. Wang Lin sneered as his right hand reached out and the chains on the war chariot immediately disappeared.

Without the chains holding it down, the spirit beast let out a joyous roar as it opened its mouth and attacked the Qilin.

The Qilin let out a frustrated roar. Feeling helpless, it gave up on attacking Wang Lin and attempted to escape.

The spirit beast began to chase after the Qilin. A large amount of soul fragments flew out of the Qilin and were absorbed by the soul vortex.

Wang Lin grabbed the golden soul flag. Right after he touched it, a cold aura entered his body and went through it a few times before disappearing. Wang Lin revealed a look of joy as he spat out some soul essence blood which the soul flag absorbed.

“Rise!” Wang Lin let out a shout and he pulled the flag up.

A mass of black gas the size of an arm charged out from where the golden flag was and went through the entire Soul Refining Mountain.

From a distance, one could see the black gas shoot into the sky above the Soul Refining Mountain and beginning to spread.

At this moment, all of the disciples in the Soul Refining Mountain stared dumbfoundedly at the sky. They had already noticed the roars from underground, but they were simply too powerful, so no one dared to check.

The golden rings between the three mountains gently started trembling and a person walked out from the eighth ring. This person’s hair was white and his face was gloomy. Just as he was about to go check what was going on, he suddenly stopped as if he had heard something. He turned around and bowed toward the two blood rings. “As the ancestor commands.”

With that, he returned to the golden ring.

Wang Lin held the golden soul flag, shook it, and said, “Primary soul Qilin, return!”

In the blink of an eye, the Qilin that had been forced into a corner by the spirit beast and almost devoured multiple times let out a roar and disappeared into the golden flag.

Wang Lin felt the soul flag in his hand tremble. He felt very happy as he quickly put it away.

The spirit beast was extremely angry. It already had a deep hatred for Wang Lin and because he had stolen the prey it was about to devour, it charged toward Wang Lin.

Although Wang Lin couldn’t truly control the spirit beast, he could still seal it. He pointed at the chariot and countless chains appeared to lock down the spirit beast.

As the spirit beast roared in anger, it was slowly dragged back into the chariot and then it turned back into the beast trap.

Wang Lin didn’t put the beast trap back on but completely sealed it and placed it in his bag. He disappeared and reappeared on top of the Soul Refining Mountain.

At this moment, the black gas above the mountain was very thick. Wang Lin stared at the black cloud and began to ponder.

“The noise from the battle should have caught the attention of the Soul Formation and above cultivators of the Soul Refining Sect, yet no one came to check. This matter is interesting…” Wang Lin stared at the nine golden rings and took few extra looks at the two blood rings. Although he hadn’t recovered all of his cultivation, he wasn’t afraid. Even if a Soul Transformation cultivator came, he could still tear open space and escape using the star compass.

He vaguely saw a pair of ancient eyes filled with kindness glance at him from one of the blood rings and then immediately disappear.

“Eh?” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up.

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