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Chapter 389 – Little friend, this old man has waited a long time for you

“This person is…”

The eyes from the blood light disappeared in an instant. Wang Lin pondered for a bit and his eyes sparkled.

“Whether I stay at the Soul Refining Sect or not doesn’t matter anymore. For my origin soul to completely recover, I will need some amazing pills. Other than that, it would require very powerful spiritual pressure. It’s not that I don’t have methods, but they’re a bit dangerous…”

Wang Lin looked at the the Soul Extracting and Soul Sealing Mountains with eyes filled with determination.

He turned into a ray of light as he left the Soul Refining Mountain and flew toward the Soul Extracting Mountain.

On his way there, a very exquisite woman was calmly watching from him from the side of the Soul Refining Mountain. She let out a sigh and muttered, “His recovery is simply too fast… If I want to leave my shadow in his Dao heart, I must find out what his Dao heart is… However, I have been unable to see through his Dao heart in our interactions. Senior apprentice brother Wang, what exactly is your Dao heart…”

Wang Lin landed on the Soul Extracting Mountain and spread out his divine sense before charging toward a cave. The cultivator inside the cave was the person with the highest cultivation level beside the head elder, Su Jinshi!

The moment Wang Lin’s figure appeared, Su Jinshi, who was cultivating, opened his eyes and revealed an ugly expression.

Wang Lin stood inside Su Jinshi’s save, looked around, and calmly asked, “Do you have the soul extracting jade?”

Su Jinshi pondered a bit and nodded. He couldn’t see through this person’s cultivation level, nor had he seen this person before, but he could tell by his clothes that this person was from the Soul Refining Mountain.

In the Soul Refining Sect, the disciples of the three mountains were allowed to interact with each other. If one had the skill, they could learn all three techniques if they wanted to.

Su Jinshi had gone to the Soul Refining Mountain many years ago and got a soul refining jade.

Su Jinshi clenched his teeth and said, “I can give you the soul extracting jade, but I’m 300 soul fragments short from refining this soul flag into a thousand-soul soul flag. If you can give me the 300 soul fragments, I can let you look at the soul extracting jade.”

Wang Lin looked at Su Jinshi. With his cultivation level, he felt it was beneath him to steal it. He took out his thousand soul soul flag with over 2000 soul fragments, shook it, and 300 soul fragments flew out.

Wang Lin reached out with his left hand and the 300 soul fragments transformed into a black pearl, then he headed toward Su Jinshi.

Su Jinshi was also a decisive person; he took out a purple jade and handed it to Wang Lin. He asked, “What is senior apprentice brother’s name?”

“Qing Mu!” Wang Lin took the jade and scanned it. The jade did indeed contain the method to extract a living soul, how to keep it from dissipating, and finally how to use it to refine a soul flag.

The soul extracting jade also had three techniques: soul calming, soul luring, and soul poison.

Soul calming was the core to soul extracting; if soul calming wasn’t used first, the success of soul extracting would be very low. After being used, the success rate increases greatly.

Soul luring was the actual technique of pulling a soul out of a living person.

As for the final one, soul poison, it was the most vicious and most powerful of the three techniques, on par with the Soul Refining Mountain’s blood sacrifice.

Soul poison used a mysterious method to turn a living soul into poison that could silently kill. Once it has been refined enough, it will turn into a poisonous soul with the power of a Core Formation cultivator.

If it was just this, this technique wouldn’t be much, but a long time ago, a disciple of the Soul Refining Sect betrayed the sect and escaped. Using this technique, he went unopposed in a rank 4 cultivation country and made his own sect called the Demonic Pill Sect.

This person used some mysterious method to refine the poisonous soul into a pill and then inject death aura into it to turn it into a green core. He called this the Green Core Method and this allowed him to reach the Soul Formation stage. He was considered a genius of his time.

A green core and a golden core are very different. You can only have one golden core, but you can have many green cores. He used this method developed from the soul poison technique to reach the Soul Formation stage. He had tens of thousands of green cores at that point.

When he attacked, he would send out thousands of green cores to explode. His power was something even Soul Transformation cultivators wouldn’t want to mess with carelessly.

After all, tens of thousands of green cores exploding was already earth shattering; if he were forced him into a corner where he had to explode all of his green cores, the explosion would simply be too powerful.

The Soul Refining Sect never took any action against him for betraying the sect, which confused many people. As the person disappeared, his legend also slowly faded into history.

Su Jinshi looked at Wang Lin and asked, “Is senior apprentice brother Qing Mu going to go to the Soul Sealing Mountain to get the soul sealing jade?”

Wang Lin put away the soul extracting jade and nodded.

Su Jinshi bitterly bitterly smiled and said, “Senior apprentice brother is better off not going. There isn’t a single soul sealing jade at the Soul Sealing Mountain. Only Soul Formation ancestors are allowed to study the soul sealing jade. The Soul Sealing Mountain only has a mixture of soul refining and soul extracting jades.”

Wang Lin’s expression didn’t change. He nodded and then disappeared.

When he reappeared, he arrived at the Soul Sealing Mountain. Then he casually found a disciple and heard the same thing that Su Jinshi had told him.

Wang Lin also checked under the spirit vein of the Soul Extracting and Soul Sealing Mountains. Only the Soul Sealing Mountain had a soul flag under it, and it wasn’t very powerful. The soul fragments inside it were also very uneven in terms of power. It took Wang Lin almost no effort to retrieve it.

As for the Soul Extracting Mountain, it was completely empty. It was clear that someone had taken the soul flag many years ago.

After finishing all of this, Wang Lin raised his head and looked toward the nine golden rings and two blood rings. After a while, his eyes were brimming with determination.

“Whether my origin soul will recover or not will all depend on today! I will fight the Soul Refining Sect’s Soul Transformation ancestor. Only under the spiritual pressure of a Soul Transformation cultivator can my origin soul finally recover! At that moment, I can use the star compass to escape. Even if the Soul Transformation cultivator wants to catch me, they won’t be able to!” Wang Lin took a deep breath and his eyes became filled with battle intent.

He turned into a ray of light and flew toward the nine rings of light. In his left hand he held the 10,000-soul soul flag and in his right hand he held the restriction flag with 999 sets of restrictions. With both flags in hand, he arrived before the nine golden rings.

Just at he approached, he waved both of the flags. From the soul flag the golden Qilin flew out. Behind it were nine black Qilins, and behind them were countless soul fragments. In just one moment, the entire Soul Refining Sect was covered with soul fragments.

The endless howls became the only sound in this world.

This was the first time Wang Lin had used the 10,000-soul soul flag. Its power was beyond his imagination.

The golden Qilin let out a roar and charged toward the nine golden rings.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

With a series of loud explosions, the Qilin and the nine dark Qilins behind it collided with the nine golden rings, causing them to reveal men and women of various ages.

These nine people were the nine Soul Formation cultivators of the Soul Refining Sect. After they appeared, they stared at the Qilins with shocked expressions.

The golden Qilin backed up a few steps, shook its large head, and spewed out two jets of black gas that spread out.

As Wang Lin stood on top of the Qilin, it hesitated but didn’t shake its head. Instead, it stared at the nine of them with a vicious gaze.

“You sure have guts!” At this moment, one of the middle-aged women, who looked average, among the Soul Formation cultivators looked at Wang Lin with a gloomy expression and was about to attack.

Wang Lin glanced at her and shouted, “Scram!!!”

A monstrous aura spread out from Wang Lin. This aura was too much for the woman to handle. After all, Wang Lin had recovered his cultivation to the Soul Formation stage; he was just missing his domain.

He was someone who fought against Red Butterfly, so his cultivation was a lot more powerful than most people’s. This woman was only at the early stage of Soul Formation, and although he couldn’t say he could kill her easily, it would not be hard either; he had killed quite a few of them already.

There was a huge difference between someone who had killed others of the same cultivation level and someone who hadn’t.

With a shout from Wang Lin and a push from his powerful aura, the woman backed up. Her face was pale and filled with terror.

Then she immediately became angry. After becoming a Soul Formation cultivator, she hadn’t been shouted at by someone before. However, she suppressed her anger and sneered at Wang Lin.

How could someone who became a Soul Formation cultivator be stupid? She knew that if this person came, he had to have something up his sleeve. The golden Qilin alone was not something she could fight against.

Wang Lin stood on top of the golden Qilin and calmly said, “The nine of you, make way!”

“Arrogant!” A green-robed old man narrowed his eyes, snorted, and pointed his right hand at Wang Lin. A ray of spiritual energy shot out, turned into a chain, and flew toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin waved the restriction flag and countless restrictions flew out. The restrictions gathered into a black lance and Wang Lin thrusted forward. The lance collided with the chain, instantly shattering it; however, the lance kept going toward the old man.

At the same time, Wang Lin waved the soul flag. The Qilin, along with the 10,000 soul fragments, let out roars. As Wang Lin said the word “devour,” all of the soul fragments charged forward.

From a distance, it looked like there was a giant gust of wind inside the Soul Refining Sect.

Just at this moment, an ancient voice came from inside the blood ring and said, “Little friend, this old man has waited for you for a long time.”

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