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Chapter 387 – Main Battle Soul

As Wang Lin stared at where Liu Mei disappeared to, his eyes turned cold.

“I can’t see through Liu Mei’s cultivation, so she must have a higher cultivation level than me; otherwise, she wouldn’t become Zhuque Zi’s disciple. Only, I don’t know why this woman is coming into contact with me…” Wang Lin frowned even harder. He waved his hand and Xu Yun and Liu Wei landed dozens of feet away.

Wang Lin wasn’t a kind person, but looking at the fact that the two of them passed out allowed him to see through Liu Mei, so he didn’t kick them away.

“Liu Mei didn’t take this chance to kill me before my cultivation recovered, so her goal isn’t for me to die. Her contact with me seemed to be filled with emotion but also some ruthlessness. This is strange. She definitely doesn’t have any good intentions.” Wang Lin’s expression was gloomy.

Shortly after, he waved his sleeves, walked into his cave, and sat down in the lotus position.

“Cultivation is no longer a problem. Once my origin soul recovers, my cultivation level will return to the mid stage of Soul Formation. The most important thing now is to recover my origin soul.”

“I need to find even more powerful spiritual pressure. Only then can I force my origin soul to reform.” Wang Lin pondered a bit before disappearing.

He reappeared deep underground where the spirit vein for the Soul Refining Mountain was located.

This was the lowest part of the spirit vein. 3000 feet to this left was where the golden flag was.

At this range, the Qilin inside the soul flag couldn’t bother him.

While sitting here, Wang Lin could feel the pressure from the surrounding spiritual energy gathering towards him. Wang Lin took a deep breath and slowly closed his eyes. This time he didn’t absorb any of the spiritual energy but used the pressure to quickly reform his origin soul.

Time slowly passed. Xu Yun and Liu Wei woke up to find that they weren’t outside the range of the cave, so they had a thought. After the two discussed it for a while, they made a small cave near where they woke up and quietly cultivated.

On this day, Wang Lin was condensing his origin soul like crazy by borrowing the spiritual pressure from the surrounding spirit veins when he suddenly open his eyes.

Although his origin soul hadn’t fully recovered, it was in a much better state than it was a few months ago. Right now there were only two tea marks left on his face.

Wang Lin’s eyes sparked. He spread out his divine sense and locked onto the golden soul flag 3000 feet away.

At this moment, an illusion suddenly appeared next to the flag and a roar came out of it. The giant Qilin appeared next to the flag with eyes filled with bloodlust.


The illusion quickly backed up after hearing the roar and quickly took form.

Wang Lin recognized this person; he was the head elder of the Soul Refining Mountain, the late stage Nascent Soul cultivator who only needed to comprehend his domain to reach the Soul Formation stage.

“Damn it! This 100,000-soul soul flag is getting stronger and stronger. When will I ever be able to refine the flag with my cultivation speed?” The old man’s face was gloomy.

That Qilin beast didn’t actively attack the old man like it did Wang Lin. Within its bloodthirsty eyes was a hint of mockery.

“Damn animal!” the old man shouted. “The ancestors have decreed that the flag sealed under the three peaks belongs to anyone who can refine it. One day you will be my property!”

“Roar!” The Qilin snorted and the disdain in its eyes deepened.

“Hmph!” The old man slapped his bag of holding and a faint, golden flag appeared. He waved the flag and countless souls came out. At the front was a late stage Nascent Soul soul as the primary soul. Behind it were ten mid and early stage Nascent Soul souls, and behind them were countless other souls of varying cultivation levels.

The old man shouted, “Ten thousand souls, devour!” He pointed the flag at the Qilin and then all of the souls let out roars as they charged toward it.

The Qilin raised its eyebrows and moved like lightning. Instead of dodging, it charged into the souls and began to devour them like crazy.

This was obviously not the first time the old man had dealt with this beast, so he wasn’t shocked at all. The old man watched as the beast devoured the souls. Every time it devoured a soul, it would become a bit larger.

With his cultivation level, he originally wasn’t a match for this Qilin at all, but he specialized in refining souls. With the 10,000-soul soul flag, he could just barely hold his own.

Shortly after, the old man’s hand began to move very quickly. He was forming different seals. Soon, blood began coming out of the pores in his hand. His expression turned very serious and then a ball of blood appeared before him.

The old man shouted, “Blood sacrifice!” Right after he finished speaking, the ball of blood suddenly exploded into countless specks and covered the whole area.

The souls devoured by the Qilin suddenly began to move like they had just received a large amount of nourishment. They were trying to leave the Qilin’s body.

There was a large amount of souls outside attacking the Qilin under the command of the primary soul.

The Nascent Soul souls could actually use spells to attack as well. As a result, roars came from inside and outside the Qilin. However, the Qilin didn’t panic and its eyes were still filled with disdain.

The Qilin suddenly let out a vicious roar. Black gas came out of the golden flag and formed another demonic beast!

The two demonic beasts looked exactly the same!

The old man’s expression became ugly. The last time he fought with the Qilin, he was forced to retreat when the second one came out. Now that he saw it again, his expression became gloomy.

He slapped his bag of holding again and a black light appeared in his hand. The object inside the black light was a bell with a purple wooden handle that had some complex engravings on it.

“I traded a very rare treasure for this soul sealing bell from the Soul Sealing Mountain just to deal with you!” the old man shouted. Then he shook the bell in his hand. As the bell rang, human-shaped beasts with a single horn on their heads appeared and charged toward the Qilins.

The two Qilins continued to roar as they were being trapped.

The old man revealed a look of joy as he focused on controlling the treasure in his hand.

However, just at this moment, more black gas came from the flag and a third Qilin appeared!

The old man let out a frustrated roar. This time he gave it his all and forced out the third Qilin. However, today was also when he felt the most helpless. At first he thought that there was only one Qilin, but when he used his 10,000-soul soul flag to trap the first Qilin, a second one came out.

The second time he came, he lost to the second Qilin.

For his third visit, he spent a lot of effort to get the bell but found out that there was a third Qilin.

As a result, he couldn’t help but think that after the third Qilin there would be a fourth, fifth, sixth…

“No wonder no one could take this flag away after it’s been here for so long…” The old man sighed and was about to give up.

But a powerful divine sense suddenly descended from all sides. The old man’s expression changed greatly. He wasn’t able to resist this divine sense at all. He had only ever felt this when facing a Soul Formation ancestor.

However, compared to back then, the feeling was several times stronger.

“This must be a Soul Formation ancestor who came out of closed door cultivation.” The old man quivered and quickly said, “Disciple Wu Daoqi greets ancestor…”

As the powerful divine sense swept by, the third Qilin let out a miserable scream and was trapped by ray of black light. It roared as it struggled to break free.

“Hmph!” A cold snort came from the void, then a giant hand suddenly came out of the void and reached toward the golden soul flag.

At this moment, the golden soul flag began to move, then three more Qilins appeared and charged toward the hand.

The three Qilins’ eyes were vicious, but there was a hint of dread in them.

With one slap from the hand, one of the Qilins shattered into countless soul fragments that all panicked and escaped in random directions.

The remaining two Qilins quickly pounced and began to fight the hand.

Another cold snort came from the divine sense and then black gas came from all directions. The black gas condensed into a black lance and stabbed toward the Qilin.

Wang Lin wasn’t able to deal with this Qilin before because his cultivation level was only at the mid stage of Nascent Soul. However, now he had broken through the Nascent Soul stage into the Soul Formation stage, so he was basically a Soul Formation cultivator without a domain. Although he was weaker than normal Soul Formation cultivators, it was more than enough to deal with this Qilin.

A roar more powerful than all the other Qilins combined came out of the golden flag, and along with it came a golden aura. All of the other Qilins immediately shattered into countless soul fragments after hearing that roar and moved toward the golden aura.

As the Qilins shattered, Wu Daoqi let out a miserable groan. All of his treasures were fighting the Qilins, so he was hurt from the shockwave of the Qilins shattering.

Terrified, he was about to back up to dodge when a figure suddenly appeared before him. The figure pointed at him and Wu Daoqi immediately passed out.

As Wang Lin stood before Wu Daoqi, he reached out and Wu Daoqi’s soul flag and purple wood bell flew to his hand. His eyes sparkled as he stared at the golden soul flag.

“So this is the real primary soul of this soul flag. The other Qilins were only its commanders.”

After the golden aura absorbed all of the soul fragments, it let out a roar that shook the entire Soul Refining Mountain. A golden Qilin that looked completely real without any hint that it was formed by soul fragments appeared before Wang Lin.

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