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Chapter 376 – The last day of the new year

A ray of green light was flying over the eastern side of planet Suzaku. However, this person was not flying with his body but with his origin soul.

He was a mess; there were three fist-sized dents on his origin soul. Each one was emitting a silver light.

This person was the Giant Demon Clan’s ancestor. He was heavily injured by Sun Tai’s demon child and had to escape with his origin soul. He didn’t even have time to worry about Wang Lin.

But that demon child was very strange; it never said a word and only chased after him. In these past few months they almost circled the entire planet once.

During the chase, the Giant Demon Clan ancestor was hit by a few of the demon child’s punches. These small fists marks shouldn’t be looked down upon because they had injured his origin soul. If it wasn’t for the fact that he had been a cultivator for a very long time and had some secret techniques of the Giant Demon Clan, he wouldn’t have been able to get away.

He was too injured to us his bloodline power again, so, in the end, he lured the demon child to the extreme north. There was an ancient restriction there that had been in place since planet Suzaku was founded. Only by trapping the demon child in there was he able to get away.

He was very weak at the moment and he didn’t want to attract too much attention, so he quickly returned to the Giant Demon Clan. As for whether or not Chi Hu and the other clan members had made it out alive, he had long forgotten about them.

After returning to the Giant Demon Clan, he immediately possessed a clan member and began his closed door cultivation.

As for Wang Lin, he didn’t dare to search for him now. Suzaku had already begun to investigate this matter, so he could only clench his teeth and helplessly give up for now.

Although he didn’t catch Wang Lin, he stole this mysterious flying sword. At this moment, the ancestor opened his eyes. He moved around in the body he was possessing and his eyes darkened.

This possessed body would take time to completely become his own. This time varied depending on the cultivation levels of the person being possessed and of the person doing the possessing.

The ancestor’s eyes lit up. He slapped his bag of holding and the celestial sword flew out and floated before him.

The ancestor pointed at the celestial sword and a miserable scream mixed with pleas for mercy immediately came out.

The ancestor shouted, “Sword spirit, appear!”

Black gas suddenly came out of the celestial sword and formed the shape of Xu Liguo. After he saw the Giant Demon Clan ancestor, he immediately began to beg for mercy. “My lord, have mercy. Please don’t kill me. I was forced by that person named Wang! My hatred for him isn’t any less than yours, my lord! I hate him to the bones!”

After the Giant Demon Clan ancestor heard Xu Liguo’s words, he was stunned and then immediately smiled. “You are certainly a strange sword spirit. Most sword spirits are very determined and loyal.”

Xu Liguo immediately revealed a pleasing smile and said, “Your grandpa Xu…”

The ancestor stared at Xu Liguo.

Xu Liguo quickly changed his expression and said, “How could those servant sword spirits compare to me? A wise man knows who they should follow!”

The Giant Demon Clan ancestor looked at Xu Liguo and then shot a ray of green light at him. Xu Liguo immediately began to scream miserably while speaking badly about Wang Lin.

The ancestor snorted and removed the spell. He then shouted, “From today onward, you are my sword spirit. Since you surrendered on your own, I won’t place a restriction on you. After all, in my hands, you won’t be able to escape anyway!”

In truth, that green light was meant to be a seal, but it only hurt Xu Liguo instead of sealing him.

This old man was very surprised, but he didn’t show it on his face. He decided to research it more once he adjusts to his new body.

Xu Liguo immediately revealed a thankful expression. He patted his chest and said, “My lord, don’t worry; I have always been loyal. That Wang Lin mistreated me, so I rebelled against him, but my lord treats me so well; I wouldn’t dare to betray you. This is my oath. If I break it, let 10,000 demons pierce my heart!”

Seeing this, the Giant Demon Clan ancestor lightened up. Xu Liguo let out a sigh of relief. He secretly thought, “It seems your granda Xu Liguo is smart. I don’t know when that fiend will come and save me, so I must resist. I will first give in and then get back at this old man in the future. I, Xu Liguo, am very loyal. That fiend has been good to me, so how could I betray him?”

The Giant Demon Clan ancestor’s eyes lit up. He originally wanted to wipe this sword spirit out and replace it with his own. However, if it was not the initial sword spirit, he wouldn’t be able to use the sword’s full power.

Moreso, this sword spirit was not simple; it had gained enough intelligence to beg for mercy and to please others. Thus, it made him even more unwilling to give it up.

It has to be said that it was very rare for a sword spirit to gain intelligence. During battles, the benefits of intelligent sword spirits were great.

He didn’t know that Xu Liguo wasn’t the original sword spirit and that the reason he was intelligent was because he was a devil.

Even if Xu Liguo were to break the oath he had just made, the punishment wouldn’t harm him at all. In fact, he was waiting for the punishment to happen, because it would actually strengthen him instead.

The Giant Demon Clan ancestor pondered for a bit before putting Xu Liguo back into the sword and carefully examining it. The more he saw, the more shocked he was.

“This sword is definitely not normal! I don’t even know what material it’s made of.”

His eyes lit up and he carefully placed the sword inside his bag.

As for Wang Lin, he took the token, flew along the mountain until he found cave 1090, and flew inside.

This cave was not very big. It was very similar to the one he used back in the Heng Yue Sect. All it had was a stone bed; there wasn’t even a table.

But the spiritual energy in here was very dense, several times more dense than outside. It was even slightly better than the well in the Fire Cloud Village which was powered by three almost-depleted top quality spirit stones.

Although spiritual energy released by top quality spirit stones was easy to absorb, it lacked a sense of vigor. Especially spirit stones that were about to be depleted; they had no vigor at all. The spiritual energy released by the spirit vein here was much better.

Wang Lin sat down in the lotus position on the stone bed and began to cultivate.

Three days later, Wang Lin opened his eyes and shook his head. He felt like it was still too slow. He slapped his bag of holding and took out three top quality spirit stones. Then he placed several restrictions on the walls and the entrance before closing his eyes to cultivate again.

As a result, the spiritual energy in room 1090 immediately became denser. When the spiritual energy reached the walls, the restrictions would bounce it all back, preventing it from dissipating.

The cave had become like a steamer. The spiritual energy had nowhere to go, so Wang Lin became the only outlet.

As he breathed, large amounts of spiritual energy surged into his body.

Wang Lin’s face turned slightly red as he silently cultivated.

The amount of spiritual energy in his body gradually grew, but it was still far from what he needed to break the tea domain and the seal. The tea domain and seal devoured spiritual energy, so as Wang Lin’s cultivation level increased, they became even harder to break.

Time slowly passed. It has been a month since Wang Lin became an outer disciple of the Soul Refining Sect.

On this day, Wang Lin opened his eyes. His eyes were brighter than before. In this past month, he had been absorbing spiritual energy like crazy. Of the three top quality spirit stones, two had already turned to dust and the last one was about to expire as well.

After wasting so many resources, his gains this month were also great. He started at the early stage of Foundation Establishment and managed to reach the peak of the mid stage of Foundation Establishment, only one step from the late stage.

“It is still too slow. I had to waste top quality spirit stones to barely reach this stage. I only have 15 top quality spirit stones left. These won’t be nearly enough.” Wang Lin sighed and moved his body.

Cracking sounds filled the room as countless cracks appeared on the stone bed.

Cracks even appeared on the surrounding walls.

Wang Lin was startled at first and then he pondered a bit. He immediately understood that it was because the spiritual energy was too dense for the cave to handle.

If this continued, the cracks would become even larger.

“I can’t use this cave anymore; I have to change caves.” Wang Lin’s hand pressed on the wall and all the cracks immediately closed up.

Even the stone bed returned to normal when Wang Lin pressed on it.

However, Wang Lin knew that this was only on the surface. If the spiritual energy increased, the cracks would reappear.

But as long as he refrained from using top quality spirit stones, the cracks wouldn’t appear and he wouldn’t arouse any suspicion.

Wang Lin pondered a bit, then he stood up, opened the cave’s door, and walked out.

It was currently dusk and the distant sunset emitted a red glow. Today was the last day of the year. Wang Lin looked at the sunset. The winter’s sunlight didn’t contain much warmth. By the time it landed on one’s body, it was already cold.

He pondered a bit and remembered that today was the last day of the year. Once today passes, it will be a new year. He thought about what little Zhou Ru could be doing. Was she still bullying Little White…

Thinking about this, Wang Lin let out a faint smile. He faced the sunset and took a deep breath.

Wang Lin muttered to himself, “Life rises from the ashes!” From his place high up in the heavens, he was suddenly beaten down into becoming a mortal, but he was able to get through it all with his determination.

It wasn’t until today that he could lament about it and mutter those words. As he thought about what had happened since he lost his cultivation, a complex feeling appeared in his heart.

Today, the last day of the year, represented Wang Lin’s fall, but tomorrow was the first day of the new year, representing infinite new possibilities.

Wang Lin whispered, “It has passed…”

At this moment, a girl’s beautiful figure slowly flew toward the Soul Refining Sect in the sunset.

Wang Lin’s eyes became focused. “This person… looks familiar…”

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