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Chapter 377 – Gathering Spirits

Wang Lin carefully looked at the girl as she floated into the inner part of the Soul Refining Sect.

“This person is a bit familiar…” Wang Lin took one more look and pondered a bit, but he wasn’t able to remember where he had seen this person before.

He floated down from the mountain and arrived before the buildings near the center of the mountain range.

The middle-aged man was currently cultivating with his eyes closed. When Wang Lin landed, he casually glanced at Wang Lin, but then his eyes were immediately filled with shock and he stared wide-eyed at Wang Lin.

“Eh!! You reached the mid stage of Foundation Establishment!” This person’s face was filled with shock.

Wang Lin secretly sighed. Because his origin soul collapsed, he couldn’t hide his cultivation level, so this Core Formation cultivator could see through him.

Wang Lin secretly thought, “I must quickly recover my origin soul or else it will be a problem in the future.” He respectfully said, “Disciple was already at the edge, and because this place has plenty of spiritual energy, I got lucky and made a breakthrough to the mid stage of Foundation Establishment.”

The middle-aged man’s expression didn’t change, but he began to ponder. What Wang Lin said wasn’t strange, but his cultivation speed was a bit too fast.

He took a good look at Wang Lin and, after memorizing who Wang Lin was, asked, “Why did you come here?”

Wang Lin clasped his hands and said, “Disciple wants to change to a cave with more spiritual energy.”

The middle-aged man frowned. “Cultivators shouldn’t be too greedy. Your cultivation speed is too fast, so your foundation is unstable. If you keep this up, you will never reach the Core Formation stage!”

Wang Lin pondered a bit and said, “Disciple understands, but I hope senior can agree.”

The middle-aged man looked at Wang Lin and said, “Since you insist, I won’t try to stop you, but to change rooms costs one more mid quality spirit stone.”

Wang Lin bitterly smiled. He looked heartbroken as he handed over a mid quality spirit stone.

The middle-aged man took the spirit stone and said, “Give me your token.”

Wang Lin handed the token over. After the middle-aged man put it away, he took out another token and said, “The lower the number, the more spiritual energy there is inside.” With that, he threw the token at Wang Lin.

After catching the token, he saw the number on it: 803. Then he quickly thanked the middle-aged man before leaving.

It wasn’t until he left that the middle-aged man’s eyes lit up and he muttered to himself, “Strange.” Then he flew to cave 1090.

In the blink of an eye, he arrived inside the cave. He searched the cave for a while but found nothing wrong. Then he began to ponder.

“Was I being too paranoid? Was he just indeed at the brink of a breakthrough which resulted in his cultivation speed being so fast?” The middle-aged man pondered a bit and then walked out of the cave. He decided to pay more attention to this person called Qian Mu.

Wang Lin flew along the mountain with the token until he found cave 803. The size of the cave was the same as 1090’s, but in the center of the cave was a small formation.

This formation was very complicated; it even gave off the feeling that it wasn’t real.

After Wang Lin entered the cave, his gaze fell on the formation. He looked at it for a while and found that it was actually a simple spiritual energy gathering formation.

There were many unnecessary things added to it, which were clearly there to prevent people from figuring the formation out.

The purpose of this formation was to gather the surrounding spiritual energy to create an area with dense spiritual energy. However, this formation had to be used on top of a spirit vein eye or else it wouldn’t be very effective.

Spirit vein eyes were like acupuncture points on a person’s body.

“This place can’t be a spirit vein eye, so it must be a pseudo spirit vein eye!” Wang Lin looked at it for a while and figured out its secret.

Although he had his cultivation sealed by the tea domain and the seal, he was a Soul Formation cultivator. With his 500 years of experience, he was instantly able to see through the formation.

It has to be said that even Core Formation cultivators would have a hard time seeing through this formation. Only at the Nascent Soul stage could one see it, but they would still have a very hard time understanding it.

Especially because there were many redundant things added on top of the formation, making it even harder to see through.

After all, for the Soul Refining Sect to turn this entire mountain into caves for the outer disciples, they must have taken measures to prevent people from seeing through the formation.

However, the ancestor of the Soul Refining Sect would never have imagined that a Soul Formation cultivator would be in the mountain for outer disciples.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he moved his right hand over the formation to find that there was an even more complicated formation under this one.

Wang Lin looked at it and thought, “I believe this formation is the one that’s creating a pseudo spirit vein eye by linking it to the real one.”

He pondered a bit before returning the formation back to normal. He sat down in the lotus position and placed restrictions on the walls again. Then he took out three top quality spirit stones and began to cultivate again.

The spiritual energy here was several times more dense than in room 1090. After all, this place had the spiritual-energy-gathering-formation here along with a formation that pulled from the spirit vein to create a fake spirit vein eye. The spiritual energy here would naturally be much more dense.

Adding on three top quality spirit stones, the density of the spiritual energy here had reached a frightening degree. Even if a Nascent Soul cultivator saw this, they would steal it without any hesitation.

By cultivating here, their cultivation speed would increase greatly.

Wang Lin emerged himself in cultivation and forgot about time. His entire body was covered in a layer of spiritual energy frost.

When the spiritual energy reached a certain density and wasn’t able to go anywhere, it would condense into blue frost. Right now the entire floor of the cave was covered in this blue frost, making it look very beautiful.

There was even more spiritual energy frost gathered on Wang Lin’s body. From a distance, he looked like a blue person. However, the tea mark on his face was still very deep and looked very frightening.

Spiritual energy slowly gathered inside Wang Lin’s body. However, at the same time, the tea domain and seal also absorbed the spiritual energy and became more sturdy. They were currently several times sturdier than before.

Time slowly passed and Wang Lin had been in closed door cultivation here for two months.

In the these two months, Wang Lin’s body hadn’t moved a inch. He used all of this time to keep raising his cultivation level.

However, the higher his cultivation level became, the more spiritual energy it required and thus, his cultivation speed decreased. In these two months, he was only able to reach the late stage of Foundation Establishment. He was still a certain distance away from the peak of the late stage of Foundation Establishment.

The three top quality spirit stones had all turned to dust, which caused Wang Lin’s heart to ache. He had decided to try to avoid using top quality spirit stones to cultivate.

On this day, Wang Lin’s eyes landed on the formation in the room. His palm hit the ground and the formation shattered, revealing the other one underneath it.

“There isn’t enough spiritual energy here. If I were to directly pull spiritual energy from this pseudo spirit vein eye, it should give me enough spiritual energy to reach the Core Formation stage!”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he stared at the formation and began to study it.

A formation was just a type of restriction, and Wang Lin was very familiar with restrictions. After studying it for a bit, he gained some understanding.

His hand formed a seal and the spiritual energy in his body moved. His hand created one afterimage after another and soon, his forehead was covered in sweat.

At almost the same moment an afterimage appeared, another one would start forming.

The sweat from his forehead had already gotten his clothes soaked.

This illusionary restriction was Wang Lin’s own creation, and it was very different from normal restrictions. With his current cultivation level, it was very easy to create normal restrictions, but the illusionary restrictions were very difficult.

Back when he was inside the land of ancient god with his Core Formation cultivation, he could only create several of these. Now he was only at the late stage of Foundation Establishment.

With his current cultivation level, he could barely make one.

Wang Lin’s hand moved faster and faster until all of the afterimages merged into one. Wang Lin pointed at the formation and shouted, then the illusionary restriction suddenly landed on the formation.

The formation immediately shook and then a powerful force came out of it and spread out.

Wang Lin dodged the force and stared at the formation.

After the force disappeared, the formation stopped working and no more spiritual energy came out. Wang Lin walked up and pointed at the formation. Then a series crackling sounds appeared as the formation shattered, revealing a spirit stone the size of a fist.

The color of this spirit stone was red and it looked like there were clouds floating inside it. Wang Lin was able to identify it immediately. This stone was known as the Crystal Kun Stone. It had the ability to absorb spiritual energy but no way to store it.

Without a word, Wang Lin’s right hand pressed upon the red stone and it began to cultivate.


And unfathomable amount spiritual energy surged out from the Crystal Kun Stone at an unimaginable speed and charged into Wang Lin’s body.

With the powerful surge of spiritual energy charging into his body, he felt his pores open and black gas coming out of them.

The tea mark on his face dimmed. Although it hadn’t been destroyed, it was clear that it had weakened.

Wang Lin felt very happy. He didn’t think that directly absorbing from the spirit vein eye would have such an effect, but he knew that it would only be this effective the first time. Once this powerful spiritual energy surge stabilizes, he will need to find an even more powerful spirit vein eye to obtain a similar effect.

Wang Lin took a deep breath and removed all distractions from his mind. The spiritual energy coming out from the Crystal Kun Stone gradually leveled out until it was no longer as fierce as it was before. Wang Lin also slowly emerged himself in cultivation once again.

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