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Chapter 375 – Soul Refining Sect

The moment this gap appeared, a large amount of spiritual energy from outside entered Wang Lin’s body. At the same time, the shattered pieces of his origin soul began to condense. Although it hadn’t recovered, it was no longer dissipating.

Wang Lin immediately closed his eyes and quietly cultivated.

Three days later, the sky darkened and snow covered the mountain. From a distance, the entire mountain looked like it was buried in snow.

The snowflakes that were falling toward Wang Lin would melt three inches from his body. This caused a circular water mark to gradually form around him.

The tea mark on his face was no longer as prominent as it was before and it was showing signs of disappearing.

When Wang Lin opened his eyes, they were filled with spirit.

“Ten percent of the tea marks are gone, the seal has loosened, and my cultivation has recovered to the early stage of Foundation Establishment. As a result, I will be able to just barely use a lot of the treasures inside my bag. Thanks to that and the mosquito beast, as long as I don’t meet any Soul Formation cultivators, I will be safe.”

“However, that piece of celestial jade is the limit my body can handle right now. If I take anymore, then I’m afraid my body will be turned to dust by the celestial spiritual energy before the domain and seal are broken.”

“Now I can only try to reach the Core Formation stage as soon as possible. When I reach the Core Formation stage, I should be able to take another piece of celestial jade and try to break the domain and seal completely.”

“However, I only have so many top quality spirit stones, so I can’t just keep using them like this. I need to find a place with dense spiritual energy to cultivate in peace. I must recover my cultivation in nine years no matter what!”

After Wang Lin pondered a bit, his eyes lit up and he jumped on the mosquito beast.

The mosquito beast let out a happy roar and carried Wang Lin away.

Wang Lin lowered his head and looked at the Fire Cloud Village. After killing the large, burly man and the knife-scarred burly man, most of his anger had been appeased. He patted the mosquito’s big head and the mosquito let out a roar and charged forward.

“Slower!” Wang Lin’s expression changed. His cultivation had only recovered to the early stage of Foundation Establishment, so he couldn’t withstand the speed of the mosquito beast which was around late stage Nascent Soul level.

The mosquito immediately slowed down and flew slowly.

While sitting on the back of the mosquito beast, Wang Lin took out the map jade and looked south. That was where the country of Pilu’s Soul Refining Sect was.

“One of the three great sects in the country of Pilu on the continent of Suzaku must have plenty of spiritual energy within the sect!”

The reason he chose the Soul Refining Sect was because it was very strange. It only had a few hundred core disciples but more than tens of thousands of outer disciples.

Compared to the other two great sects in Pilu, the Soul Refining Sect had the lowest amount of core disciples, but they were on par with the other two great sects. To be able to match the other two great sects with only a few hundred core disciples showed that not only were the treasures in the Soul Refining Sect great, but the cultivation of the core disciples was also powerful.

The Soul Refining Sect would never recruit disciples from mortal children. There was only one way to become a core disciple of the Soul Refining Sect, and that was to first become an outer disciple.

Every three years, the outer sect disciples would have a competition where one of them would be chosen to become a core disciple. The core disciples also competed every three years, but in their competitions, one would be kicked out. This meant that even if someone became a core disciple, they could still be kicked out.

It was very simple to become an outer disciple; as long as one paid enough spirit stones, they could gain the status of an outer disciple for a period of time.

There were several large mountains around the Soul Refining Sect with spiritual energy several times denser than normal. This was where the outer disciples of the Soul Refining Sect resided.

Although they were outer disciples, they were actually just paying spirit stones to rent a cave to cultivate in.

The methods of the Soul Refining Sect were very strange and rarely seen in Suzaku, and no one knew the reason why they did it like this.

Because of this, Wang Lin chose the Soul Refining Sect. The map had very detailed information about the Soul Refining Sect. Wang Lin believed that the person who sold him the jade once came and was an outer disciple of the Soul Refining Sect for a period of time.

Pilu was, after all, a rank 5 cultivation country, and there were countless cultivation families that relied on the three great sects. These families would send a large amount of disciples to the three great sects every three years.

None of these disciples of the cultivation families had special privileges. Unless their talent was heaven defying, they would have to start from the bottom.

Wang Lin arrived near the Soul Refining Sect after seven days of riding the mosquito beast. About 500 kilometers away from the sect, he got off the mosquito beast and took out a normal flying sword. He jumped on the flying sword and flew toward the sect.

Not long after, the Soul Refining Sect came into view, but a few kilometers away from the sect, a gentle light blocked him from entering.

Wang Lin knew that this was the Soul Refining Sect’s defensive formation, so he immediately put away the flying sword and landed.

Just at this moment, a ray of purple and red light passed by Wang Lin from behind, creating sonic booms. The trees in the forest all rustled from the wind the light had created.

When the red light closed in, a red-haired old man came into view. This person’s face looked very strange. His mouth and nose were very large, but his eyes were very small; it looked like he could swallow the heavens.

After Wang Lin saw this person, his eyes lit up and immediately stood to the side respectfully.

The old man was about to enter the Soul Refining Sect when he suddenly turned and saw Wang Lin. He was surprised when he looked at Wang Lin, then he looked at the scar on Wang Lin’s face and shouted, “Which sect’s disciple are you?”

Wang Lin respectfully said, “Disciple is a rogue cultivator hoping to become an outer sect disciple.”

The old man looked at Wang Lin and nodded. “To reach the Foundation Establishment stage as a rogue cultivator is not easy. You want to become an outer sect disciple to find a place to go into closed door cultivation, correct?”

Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a respectful gaze as he said, “That is what disciple intends.”

The old man waved his sleeves and said, “You are too late; the time to accept outer sect disciples has long passed. Go home and come back in a few years.” With that, he was about to step into the sect.

Wang Lin sneered in his heart but revealed a respectful look. He pretended to be heartbroken as he took out a sealed box and said, “Senior, this is a flying sword that junior found a few years ago and hasn’t been willing to use. Senior, please accept this. Disciple only wishes to become an outer sect disciple.”

Wang Lin was able to easily see that this old man was only at the early stage of Core Formation. To this level of cultivator, the flying sword he took out was very valuable.

The old man stopped and looked at Wang Lin with a faint smile. He thought that Wang Lin was definitely a rogue cultivator, because he was much smarter than those from the big families. He waved his hand and the sealed box landed in his palm. When he opened the box, he revealed a joyous expression.

But he immediately hid the joy and calmly asked, “Where did you find this?”

Wang Lin respectfully said, “Many years ago, I helped a Core Formation cultivator. He was heavily injured and I helped protect him while he recovered. He gifted me this sword as thanks, but disciple’s cultivation level is too low to use it.”

The old man eyes lit up and he said, “Oh? What kind of injury? Describe it to me.”

With Wang Lin’s 500 years of being a cultivator, all he had to do was casually make something up and it would sound real. After the old man heard a little, the doubt in his heart disappeared. After all, the person before him was only a Foundation Establishment cultivator. Without seeing it personally, there was no way for him to describe the injury this clearly. Although there were some places that were a bit iffy, that was normal. If it was explained too clearly, it would seem fake.

“Okay, I can see that you have worked hard to reach your cultivation level, so I’ll make an exception. Follow me!” With that, the old man entered the Soul Refining Sect. At the same time, he took out a token and pressed it behind him. The light preventing Wang Lin from entering immediately disappeared.

Wang Lin quickly walked in.

“Follow me closely. There are many restrictions within my Soul Refining Sect; if you enter one of them, I won’t save you.” With that, the old man flew forward.

Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and a flying sword appeared. He stepped onto the flying sword and followed the old man.

Shortly after, the old man stopped at a cliff. There was a luxurious palace here as well as countless houses nearby.

After the old man landed, he shouted, “Chang Dawei!”

“I’m coming, Red-Hair. What are you shouting for?” A lazy voice came from one of the houses. Soon, a middle-aged man walked out. This person’s hair was very messy, like it had been many years since it was last washed.

The red-haired old man laughed and said, “This is a disciple I met on the way. How about you take him as an outer disciple?”

The middle-aged man let out a yawn as he glanced at Wang Lin, who was standing behind the red-haired old man. He lazily said, “Since you personally asked, how could I refuse?”

The red-haired elder smiled and said, “This time I gathered over 100 vengeful souls when left the sect. I’ll add them to my soul flag and make one of them a main soul. Once I finish, I’ll come and drink with you.”

With that, the old man flew into the distance.

The middle-aged man looked at Wang Lin and asked, “What is your name?”

Wang Lin respectfully said, “Disciple is named Qian Mu.”

“The 1090th cave on this mountain will belong to you. It costs one mid quality spirit stone to use it for one year.” The middle-aged man threw a black token at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin made it look like his heart was aching as he took out two mid quality spirit stones. After the middle-aged man took the spirit stones, he no longer paid attention to Wang Lin and left.

Just as Wang Lin wanted to leave, the middle-aged man suddenly asked, “What did you give Red-Hair?”

Wang Lin honestly replied, “A flying sword that a senior gave me in the past.”

“No wonder that Red-Hair was so happy! Qian Mu, although you are at the Foundation Establishment stage, you shouldn’t be proud. Although there aren’t many Foundation Establishment cultivators among the outer disciples, there is still a decent amount. Six months from tomorrow is when the competition of the outer sect disciples starts. If you work hard on your cultivation, you might have a chance to become a core disciple.” The middle-aged man then shook his head and walked into the room.

At this moment, Liu Mei looked toward the Soul Refining Sect from a mountain 25 kilometers away. She was holding a piece of jade. This jade was sent to her by the ancestor via messenger. Although it couldn’t pinpoint Ceng Niu’s exact location, it would have a reaction if he was within 50 kilometers.

At this moment, the jade was releasing a green light.

Liu Mei whispered, “Is he at the Soul Refining Sect…”

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