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Chapter 360 – The 10 year appointment

Zhou Ru was riding on top of a black tiger with a willow branch in her hand. While she was hitting the tiger’s head with the branch, she was also secretly looking at Wang Lin.

The tiger didn’t dare to become angry as it walked around the mountain with his head lowered.

“Little White, look up!” Zhou Ru stared at the tiger.

The tiger growled softly and obediently raised his head.


The tiger lowered its head.

“Look up!”

She did this more than ten times, but the tiger was completely used to it. He only hoped that the little ancestor on his back was happy and would one day release him like the black bear that was released a while ago.

He didn’t dare to resist; not to mention the young man, even the old man was someone he couldn’t mess with. He wasn’t an ordinary tiger but a demonic tiger who had cultivated for many years.

The young man gave off no aura and felt like a mortal. However, he was even more scared of this young man because he saw cultivators far more powerful than the old man being respectful to this young man a few days ago.

As a result, with his intelligence, he knew that he couldn’t afford to anger this person.

This was why he would do everything the little ancestor on his back asked. In truth, he felt very lucky. He had seen how miserably the bear had been bullied by the little ancestor.

He had never seen a black bear that could walk on its hands or use chopsticks to eat. Or a black bear that could use its claws to give massages.

Every time he thought of this, he would shiver and be even more afraid of the little ancestor on his back.

He was a noble demonic tiger, so there was no way he would do those things, but simply raising and lowering his head were things he could still accept.

Wang Lin sat under the pagoda looking at the bullied tiger and faintly smiled. This tiger had cultivated for 300 years but only had the cultivation level of a Foundation Establishment cultivator.

Once he was seen by Zhou Ru, she ordered Tie Yan to capture him. She named him Little White.

“Fellow cultivator Ceng Niu, the ten year agreement is up. I’m here under orders from Mount Suzaku to give you the challenge letter.” Feng Yushan’s voice came in from outside the valley.

Wang Lin’s gaze shifted from Zhou Ru to outside the valley. After a while, he stood up.

“Tie Yan!”

Tie Yan awakened from his cultivation. He stood up and respectfully arrived before Wang Lin.

Wang Lin said to Tie Yan, “I need to go to Suzaku. I don’t know for how long, but at most eight years. During this time, take care of little Zhou Ru for me.”

Zhou Ru wasn’t looking at Wang Lin, but her ears moved. She immediately grabbed the fur on Little White’s head and said, “Bad uncle! Bad uncle!” Every time she said it, she would grab Little White’s fur.

Although a ten-year-old didn’t have much strength, Little White still felt some pain when she grabbed his fur. After all, that fur was closest to his skin. He couldn’t get angry though, so he could only let out some soft growls.

Tie Yan nodded. He hesitated for a bit and said, “Benefactor, Suzaku is the number one country on the planet and is filled with countless experts. You have to be careful.”

When he started following Wang Lin after giving up everything again, he went from calling Wang Lin master to calling him benefactor. Wang Lin had helped him get on the path to the Soul Formation stage. To him, this was almost as valuable as his life.

Wang Lin nodded and said, “I’ll leave the pagoda here and open up the domain. No one but you and Zhou Run will be able to get within 50 kilometers of it. You have to take good care of little Ru Er during this time.”

Tie Yan quickly nodded. “Benefactor can relax; I’ll make sure lady Ru Er is safe.”

Wang Lin pondered a bit and then slapped his bag of holding. A ray of white light came out and turned into the thunder toad.

After Zhou Ru saw the thunder toad, her eyes immediately lit up. The tiger went soft and almost collapsed. He could feel a very powerful demonic aura coming from the toad.

This aura immediately made his skin crawl and made him respect the people inside this valley even more. Even if he had to walk on his front legs, eat with chopsticks, or give the little ancestor a massage, he wouldn’t dare to complain.

Wang Lin squatted and softly said, “Little Ru Er, come here.”

Zhou Ru pouted and ignored Wang Lin, but after thinking for a bit, she hit the tiger’s head and stuck her tongue out at Wang Lin. “Bad uncle. Going out to play by yourself and not taking little Ru Er!”

Wang Lin smiled. Zhou Ru became most mischievous as she grew up, the complete opposite of Li Muwan. If it wasn’t for the fact that he could clearly feel Li Muwan inside her body, he would wonder if he had the wrong person.

In these recent years, all of the powerful beasts in the nearby mountains had been bullied by her. However, she only bullied them but never hurt them. In fact, she would often beg Wang Lin to help some of the injured animals.

Whenever Wang Lin looked at Zhou Ru, his heart ached. To make her stay by his side, he took away her childhood of playing with other children at a young age. All she had were these wild beasts to play with. Was he too selfish?

However, these thoughts only appeared for a moment before he discarded them. He wasn’t a selfless person, and he didn’t feel comfortable leaving Zhou Ru with others. Only by having her next to him could he feel like nothing would go wrong.

Wang Lin smiled. “Ru Er, be good. Uncle is only going out for a few days. When I come back, I’ll catch an even bigger tiger for you.”

Zhou Ru was still a kid, so she immediately stopped being angry at Wang Lin after hearing this. She then curiously asked, “How big? Bigger than Little White?”

Wang Lin nodded. “Bigger than Little White!”

Zhou Ru cocked her head and thought for a moment. Then she nodded and said, “Okay, but you have to come back quickly.”

Wang Lin rubbed Zhou Ru’s head and sincerely said, “I’ll return quickly. Little Ru Er, you have to be good when I’m not here. You can’t be more than 50 kilometers from the pagoda. You understand?”

Zhou Ru nodded and said, “Don’t forget about my big tiger!”

Wang Lin faintly smiled, stood up, looked at Tie Yan, and began to ponder. It was not that he didn’t trust Tie Yan. Wang Lin understood Tie Yan very well after all the time Tie Yan had followed him. However, Zhou Ru was simply too important to him, so that simple trust just wasn’t enough.

This was why he left the thunder toad. With the toad here, it would stop Tie Yan if anything abnormal happened.

In truth, Wang Lin was being a bit too careful. In these years, Tie Yan had given up everything. All he had left was the hope of reaching the Soul Formation stage. Since Wang Lin gave that to him, Wang Lin was his savior.

In addition, he watched Zhou Ru grow up from a baby and had already become attached to her. Even if Wang Lin hadn’t asked, he would ensure Zhou Ru’s safety.

Also, Li Muwan had made many pills that helped him a lot.

Wang Lin told the thunder toad to protect Zhou Ru. The thunder toad expanded its belly as a response and began to bask in the sun.

Wang Lin completely trusted the thunder toad. Sometimes life was just like this: beasts are more trustworthy than people.

On top of all of this, Wang Lin had one last line of defense, which was his original body. With his original body here, all dangers would be resolved.

This was the real reason he felt safe leaving Zhou Ru. However, unless he had to, he didn’t want to reveal his original body. This was his true ace. It was more well-hidden than anything else he owned.

After taking care of all these issues, Wang Lin walked out of the valley. He didn’t know if what he was going to face next would be his rise or his fall.

However, with 500 years of experience, his heart was very determined. He wouldn’t be easily swayed. He will continue to walk down the path of cultivation forever.

Zhou Ru raised her head and looked at Wang Lin. She grabbed Little White’s fur. Little White was very smart and immediately began to run to catch up to Wang Lin.

Wang Lin turned around. Zhou Run jumped off Little White and said, “Uncle, squat down.”

Wang Lin smiled while squatting and said, “Are you reminding uncle to not forget the big tiger?”

Zhou Ru shook her head and kissed Wang Lin’s forehead. “Uncle, you have to hurry back. Ru Er will miss you.”

Wang Lin stared at Zhou Ru. After a while, he nodded and said, “Uncle will return very soon.”

With that, he took a deep breath, stood up, and walked out of the valley.

Zhou Ru looked at Wang Lin’s figure and said, “Uncle left and won’t play with me anymore. Little White, you will have to play with me every day. Understand?”

Little White’s body quivered and he secretly complained. He let out a soft growl as a response.

Zhou Ru’s eyes became watery and tears flowed down her cheeks.

In these past seven years, she had never been apart from Wang Lin, so they had already developed deep bonds with each other. There was a warm feeling developing in her heart. This was the feeling of attachment and not wanting to lose him.

There were a lot of coincidences in this world. Where Zhou Ru stood was exactly where that drop of tear from Li Muwan fell.

That tear from back then might have created a field of sadness and sorrow, but right now that teardrop had brought about a field of love and attachment.

Zhou Ru wiped away her tears and said to the tiger, “Little White, hand stand!”

The tiger immediately let out a sad growl.

One month before Wang Lin and Red Butterfly’s battle, a big event happened in the Giant Demon Clan. One of the ancestors absorbed enough of the celestial jade brought back by Chi Hu and reached the Soul Transformation stage, becoming the first Soul Transformation Giant Demon Clan member.

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