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Chapter 361 – Country of Suzaku

This was a big mark in the history of the Giant Demon Clan. From this moment on, they were no longer a rank 4 cultivation country but rank 5.

Suzaku attached great importance to this, so one of the Ascendants of Suzaku personally met the Soul Transformation ancestor of the Giant Demon Clan.

In truth, there had been rumors that the Giant Demon Clan had a Soul Transformation cultivator, but no one could confirm it. However, the chances were high because the young master of the Giant Demon Clan, Chi Hu, had come back with a lot of celestial jade.

When the ancestor used his Soul Transformation cultivation to apply for the right to become a rank 5 cultivation country, the rumour was confirmed.

The Giant Demon Clan wasn’t native to Suzaku; they had moved here. Chi Hu was able to battle a late stage Soul Formation at the mid stage of Soul Formation, so it was clear how powerful they were.

The innate born superpower of the Giant Demon Clan undergoes a change when they reach the Soul Transformation stage. The fact that an Ascendant from Suzaku personally came to increase their country’s rank showed how powerful it was.

It has to be said that Suzaku normally only sends out a late stage Soul Transformation cultivator to manage this process.

The promotion of the Giant Demon Clan was like a drop of ink in water. There wouldn’t be much change at first, but then it will begin to spread everywhere.

None of this had anything to do with Wang Lin though. He walked out of the valley and went into the formation with Feng Yushan and company. Right before he disappeared, he turned around to look at the valley.

The country of Suzaku was on the largest continent on planet Suzaku. It was named the Suzaku continent.

There were only four cultivation countries on this continent. The other three were all rank 5 cultivation countries, and they were the three most powerful rank 5 cultivation countries.

The three countries were Green Dragon, Thousand Fantasy, and Pilu.

In the middle of the continent, and taking up ⅔ of the continent, was where the country of Suzaku was located.

Even mortals of Suzaku were higher ranked than regular mortals because they were people of Suzaku.

The were a total of three sects in the country of Suzaku. They were the Heavenly Jade Sect, the Earth Soul Sect, and the Immortal’s Path Sect.

Each of the sects had one Ascendant cultivator. Combined with the late stage Ascendant cultivator at Mount Suzaku, who held the title of Suzaku, they were the main force of planet Suzaku.

There were countless cultivation families under the three sects. They relied on the three sects for support and became a network that sent large amounts of disciples to the three sects.

A beam suddenly fell from the sky onto an altar in Suzaku, causing waves of spiritual energy to spread out.

Red Butterfly was sitting on a lotus leaf in the back mountain of the Heavenly Jade Sect. She suddenly opened her eyes and looked toward the beam that had fallen from the sky.

Red Butterfly’s eyes became cold and she whispered, “He came…”

Wang Lin slowly appeared on the altar and Feng Yushan appeared after that. Feng Yushan let out a sigh of relief. Since Ceng Niu had come, he could go report it to Mount Suzaku.

There was one more person on the altar beside Wang Lin and Feng Yushan.

This person was wearing a purple dress with a picture of a purple butterfly on a lily. She was wearing a blue veil that was clear and transparent like magic. Her eyes gave people a feeling of elegance, her nose was straight, and she had small, red lips.

She quietly stood there with her gaze on Wang Lin.

After Feng Yushan saw the woman, he quickly and respectfully said, “Greetings, third elder apprentice sister.”

The woman gently nodded her pretty little head and asked, “Is this fellow cultivator Ceng Niu?”

Wang Lin looked at the woman. He wasn’t affected by how beautiful she was. He clasped his hands and said, “I am Ceng Niu.”

“Fellow cultivator Ceng, this little girl is a disciple of the Immortal’s Path Sect. My surname is White and my name is Snow.” The woman smiled. Her skin was as white as snow and two strands of her three-feet-long black hair were draped over her chest. The remainder of her hair was coiled into a bun on the top of her head.

“Teacher ordered me to wait for you here and then bring you to him.”

Wang Lin’s expression remained calm. He looked at the woman and asked, “Immortal’s Path Sect?”

White Snow nodded and said, “Mount Suzaku has set the date for the battle between fellow cultivator Ceng and Red Butterfly. It will take place half a month from now. At that time, many messengers of the other cultivation countries will come to watch. Until then, my Immortal’s Path Sect is in charge of housing fellow cultivator.”

Wang Lin pondered a bit and then nodded.

White Snow faintly smiled and jumped off the altar. A ray of white light flew over and held White Snow in the air.

It was a pure-white crane.

After Wang Lin landed on the white crane, it let out a cry, flapped its wings, and flew into the distance.

Sun Yushan looked enviously at the white crane before jumping off the altar and flying toward Mount Suzaku.

White Snow would occasionally look at Wang Lin. Throughout these past several years, Ceng Niu’s name had been very big. After seeing Wang Lin, she couldn’t help but be disappointed. She was sure that this Ceng Niu would have peerless talent, but looking at him now, he looked extremely normal.

After a long pause between the two, White Snow softly asked, “Fellow cultivator Ceng, how certain are you in the fight against Red Butterfly?”

Wang Lin withdrew his gaze from looking at the country of Suzaku and shook his head. “Not certain at all!”

White Snow was stunned, but she smiled. “Fellow cultivator Ceng doesn’t have to be modest.”

Wang Lin didn’t bother with the woman and carefully looked what was below him. He carefully remembered the layout of the area. His map jade only had a very vague description of Suzaku.

Although Wang Lin secretly thought that Suzaku was trying to recruit him as a core disciple, he was still on guard.

Wang Lin pondered a bit and asked, “Fellow cultivator White Snow, what sects are in Suzaku?”

White Snow’s voice was very alluring. After her explanation, Wang Lin had a rough understanding of Suzaku.

“Junior apprentice sister Red Butterfly is a disciple of the Heavenly Jade Sect.” With that, White Snow let out a sigh and looked toward Ceng Niu. From what she heard from her teacher, it sounded like after the battle, Mount Suzaku wanted this person to join her sect.

Wang Lin’s eyes were calm and he didn’t speak.

The speed of the white crane wasn’t fast, but the ride was very smooth. As it passed by various mountains, Wang Lin secretly remembered them all.

Suzaku was filled with spiritual energy. It was an aspect which other countries couldn’t compare with at all. Along the way, Wang Lin had already passed by ten spirit veins.

It was because of these spirit veins that there was so much spiritual energy inside of Suzaku.

While flying, Wang Lin’s eyes suddenly became serious as he looked into the distance. In the distance was a mountain that went into the clouds. It looked like a celestial mountain.

The white crane didn’t fly toward the mountain and instead went around it. Although his expression was calm, his heart was shocked.

White Snow whispered, “That is where the Heavenly Jade Sect is located. Because of the formation, you can’t see it.”

Just at this moment, a red figure descended from the mountain and stood on a white cloud. That person was looking over at their direction.

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold as he stared at the red figure but he remained silent. The red figure slowly disappeared as the white crane flew away.

Red Butterfly stood outside the Heavenly Jade Sect as she looked at Wang Lin slowly disappearing. Her eyes became even colder as wind blew by and caused her empty sleeve to flutter.

“He indeed came!” Red Butterfly turned around and disappeared back into the Heavenly Jade Sect.

Wang Lin stood upon the white crane and coldly looked at White Snow. This woman had especially picked this route. She must’ve had her own agenda.

Not long after, the white crane flew into a mountain that looked like a very long dragon. The crane flew through layers of clouds and into the depths of the mountain.

Wang Lin stepped off the crane.

After landing, White Snow whispered, “Fellow cultivator Ceng, this is not the Immortal’s Path Sect, but my teacher’s personal immortal cave. Teacher is currently cultivating. Pick any of the rooms from the northern three rows. Teacher will meet you once he is ready.”

With that, she clasped her hands at Wang Lin and disappeared among the houses.

Wang Lin knew that he couldn’t carelessly spread out his divine sense inside Suzaku or else he would attract a lot of trouble. He followed White Snow’s words and walked toward the northern buildings.

Along the way, he encountered many servants. All of them had numb expressions. None of them even looked at Wang Lin as they quickly passed by.

Not long after, Wang Lin arrived at the northern end and saw the three rows of extravagant rooms and picked one.

The rooms had everything already prepared for him. Wang Lin sat down in the room and began to ponder.

Every since he entered Suzaku, he had this feeling of danger. Although it was very faint, it still existed. Wang Lin knew that with just his cultivation, there were many people in Suzaku who could kill him. Any Soul Transformation cultivator could kill him.

Suzaku’s attitude toward him was very weird to him. It was strange that someone was sent to receive him. It seemed that White Snow’s teacher would greet him soon.

After pondering for awhile, Wang Lin closed his eyes and began to cultivate.

At dusk, the room was very dim because there was no light inside. As time passed, it became even darker.

In the dark, Wang Lin suddenly felt a sense of loneliness. He looked around at the foreign room, inside this foreign sect, and in this foreign country. He couldn’t find any sense of belonging.

Wang Lin let out a sigh and was just about to light a candle when he suddenly looked up at the door and knocking began to echo in the room.

Knock, knock, knock…

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