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Chapter 359 –

“Situ…” Wang Lin’s eyes became serious as he pointed at his brow. A rainbow-colored light covered his body and he disappeared.

Inside the space of the heaven defying bead, the orbs of light were still there. Wang Lin didn’t even look at them as he moved forward.

Shortly after, he arrived at where Situ Nan’s soul was.

Beside Situ Nan’s giant soul were the souls of his parents. They emitted a gentle light, which calmed Wang Lind down a bit. He kowtowed toward his parents and then, after staring at them for a long time, he turned toward Situ Nan’s soul.

Situ Nan sat there with his eyes closed. Although his body wasn’t as dim as it was before, it wasn’t much better. It could only be said that he recovered a little.

Wang Lin looked at Situ Nan and muttered, “Situ Nan’s soul is right here. Why did that person call himself Situ Nan… Could they have the same name? But then why did that person also know the Underworld Ascension Method…”

Wang Lin pondered for a bit before his expression suddenly turned serious.

“Situ once said that he fought with several cultivators from outside of Suzaku for the heaven defying bead and that his body was shattered. He had to give it up and hide his soul inside the heaven defying bead to dodge that calamity!”

Wang Lin’s eyes became brighter and brighter as he recalled the figure that was calling itself Situ Nan. It was formed by the black gas and the black gas came from that arm.

“Could it be that Situ’s body was taken and refined by someone, thus creating a fragment of a soul?” Wang Lin boldly guessed in his heart but couldn’t confirm it. After pondering for a long time, he let out a sigh and bitterly smiled. “Senior Situ, if that arm is really yours, then I really believe what you said before about you being the number one expert on Suzaku.”

Wang Lin shook his head. In the end, he still wasn’t sure about Situ Nan’s claim. This became more so the longer he cultivated. After all, the number one person on Suzaku was the one with the title of Suzaku.

Unless Situ Nan was the Suzaku back then, he couldn’t be the number one expert.

Also, Situ Nan had been inside the heaven defying bead for so many years that even if he came back now, he would probably be inadequate.

After pondering for awhile, Wang Lin sighed again before leaving the heaven defying bead.

Country of Xue Yu.

Inside the Holy Ice Temple sat an extremely ordinary-looking middle-aged man. Before him was a dark red tea set.

Beside him stood two people, one male and one female. They both had heads full of white hair.

The middle-aged man picked up a bamboo container and poured some tea leaves into a teapot. Then he put a cube of ice into the teapot. With a point of his finger, the ice melted and the water boiled.

A wave of bitterness came out from the tea and filled the entire hall.

The middle-aged man poured out all the water and put in another cube of ice. He then made it melt and boil again. This time, a exotic fragrance came out from the tea. It immediately washed away the bitterness that had filled the hall.

The hall was enveloped in this aroma. The aroma was strong even outside the hall.

“I will never get tired of the smell of the Tian Que Feather, even if I were to smell it every day. Unfortunately, this tea is too rare. I can only get a bit of it every now and then from Suzaku. You two have very good luck. Come here and try it out.” The middle-aged man picked up the teapot and poured three cups.

There was none left inside the pot after three cups.

The two people quickly went up, picked up the cups, and drank. However, the old woman clearly had her mind on something else. Not bothering about how hot it was, she drank it all in one go and said, “Sect master, we have finished drinking tea, so please kill that Ceng Niu.”

The middle-aged man’s heart ached as he watched the old woman waste the tea and said, “That Ceng Niu is a nobody. If it wasn’t for the fact that Suzaku sent out a message telling people to not mess with him, someone would have already killed him.”

The old woman raised her head and said, “But he dared to take one of Red Butterfly’s arms! Remember, Red Butterfly is the hope of Xue Yu. Sect Master, you were only able to reach the Soul Transformation stage because of her!”

As for the old man, he lowered his head and silently drank the tea.

The middle-aged man’s eyes became cold and he slowly said to the old woman, “I didn’t forget, and I don’t need you to remind me!”

The old woman pondered for a long time and said, “I’m still going to ask sect master to act.”

The middle-aged man picked up the cup, took a sip and said, “This Ceng Niu has a thunder toad, a pair of bells, a small flag that can create countless restrictions, and in addition to all that, Liao Fan was aso able to confirm that Ceng Niu knows the Underworld Ascension cultivation method. These things aren’t even that important. What’s most important is that Ceng Niu has a small flag that contains an aura that can destroy everything.”

The old woman was shocked and said, “It seems sect master has been investigating this person.”

The middle-aged man nodded and said, “How could I not pay attention to someone who caught the eyes of Mount Suzaku and was ordered to fight Red Butterfly? The title of Suzaku must belong to Red Butterfly. How could I let someone else have it? I let Liao Fan go with my treasures and was able to learn a few things.”

The old woman respectfully lowered her head and no longer said anything.

The middle-aged man took another sip and slowly said, “Right now is not the time to kill him. We will have to wait until after his battle with Red Butterfly. At that time, no matter if he wins or loses, I’ll personally act to kill him. This person is also very good at escaping. I got news from my friends at the Giant Demon Clan that their star compass might be in his hands as well. With that compass, once he opens a spatial rift and enters the void, no one but late stage Soul Transformation cultivators will be able to catch him.”

The old woman frowned. She raised her head and asked, “Sect master means?”

The middle-aged man blandly said, “If we want to kill him, we must succeed in one try. If I were to act, he would definitely run. So once the fight starts, I’ll place down a formation to stop him from ripping open space and also ask the Giant Demon Clan to help. With two Soul Transformation cultivators, no matter how powerful he is, he is only a Soul Formation cultivator. If I am going to act, then I’ll make sure I succeed!”

The respect on the old woman’s face became even stronger.

At this moment, the old man put down the cup and asked, “Aren’t we overdoing it a bit for a mere mid stage Soul Formation cultivator?”

The middle-aged main faintly smiled and asked, “Do you know what his domain is?”

“Oh?” The old man raised his head.

“According to Red Butterfly, this person’s domain is life and death; the reincarnation cycle. Someone who can comprehend this kind of domain can’t be underestimated, even if he is only at the Soul Formation stage.” The middle-aged man’s eyes revealed a hint of regret.

The old woman began to ponder and let out a sigh. The reason she wanted to kill Ceng Niu was because back when Red Butterfly was young, she checked Red Butterfly’s future. In her future, Red Butterfly would have to face a calamity!

She was worried that this calamity was Ceng Niu!

Time rolled by and in the blink of an eye, five years passed.

Zhou Ru was now ten years old. The little girl had grown a lot, but her personality was much more wild now. She had already lost interest in feeding the elder sister on the pagoda long ago. Although she would occasionally think about it, she no longer tried to feed her.

Her tracks covered almost all of the nearby mountain ranges. Although she was small, she was very bold. All of the tigers and wild beasts were often harassed by her.

Of course, with her ability, it was impossible to scare tigers and wild beasts. Tie Yan came over four years ago. He was on the edge of reaching the Soul Formation stage. However, he still couldn’t cross that line in the Cloud Sky Sect, so he decided to give up everything again to follow Wang Lin.

With him accompanying her, little Zhou Ru became very arrogant and had fun times playing around everyday.

Wang Lin spent the last five years solidifying his foundation and attempting to break through to the mid stage of Soul Formation. However, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t advance.

Wang Lin knew that he had reached a bottleneck. If he couldn’t break through, then his cultivation would forever be stuck here.

The amount challengers had decreased a lot within these five years, but the fame of Ceng Niu had only increased. He became a popular topic of conversation among a lot of cultivators.

Today was the day of the ten year appointment with Suzaku to fight with Red Butterfly.

Half a year ago, a messenger from Suzaku came and set down a transfer array outside the valley. This transfer array could only be used once, but it could send him across the plant to the country of Suzaku.

Feng Yushan respectfully stood outside the valley. He arrived ten days ago to give Wang Lin the challenge letter according to the agreement ten years ago.

During these ten days, Wang Lin was still pondering if he should go to this fight or not.

Suzaku still hadn’t held him accountable for what happened back then. Wang Lin felt like there had to be a catch here. He guessed that it was very possible that Suzaku wanted to accept him as a core disciple.

Just like Red Butterfly back then.

This was the reason for this battle. Not only would the old monsters of Suzaku see this, but all of Suzaku would know of it.

After all, Red Butterfly was too famous. The Four Sect Alliance was destroyed and Xue Yu was forcibly raised to rank 5 for her. This kind of thing had never happened before in Suzaku’s history.

As a result, most cultivators knew Red Butterfly’s name.

Ceng Niu suddenly appeared by stepping on Red Butterfly, making him even more famous.

Now the battle between the two of them had become the center of attention for everyone on the planet. Whoever wins between the two will receive great fortune.

This was known to almost everyone. How could Wang Lin not understand?

He knew that those old masters in Suzaku wanted to see who would be the winner between the two of them.

If he were at the Soul Transformation stage or the late stage of Soul Formation when he took Red Butterfly’s arm, he would definitely been have killed. But he just happened to be at the early stage of Soul Formation and caught the eye of some big shot, thus he was given these years as a cushion.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he made up his mind.

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