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Chapter 351 – Escape

The beast spirit swallowed the soul and turned toward Wang Lin. Although the beast was being controlled by the beast trap, it was still very hostile. How could it be willing to be controlled by Wang Lin?

Wang Lin remained very calm as the beast jumped toward him. He made a seal and sent it toward the war chariot. Chains immediately shot out from the war chariot and locked up the beast spirit.

The spirit beast began to struggle, unwilling to give up. However, the chains seem to be filled with immense power. They slowly dragged the beast spirit back into the war chariot.

The beast spirit continued to struggle in vain as it was dragged back toward the war chariot. When it was next to the war chariot, its body began to shrink until it disappeared into the war chariot.

The war chariot turned back into the beast trap with a bang and flew toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He took out a top quality spirit stone with one hand and held out his other hand to receive the beast trap. The moment it landed on his wrist, it started to suck away his spiritual energy.

With the top quality spirit stone in hand, Wang Lin quickly flew away. His speed wasn’t fast. As he flew, he turned the suction force from the beast trap toward the top quality spirit stone.

This process lasted for a very long time before the suction slowly weakened. Wang Lin wiped the sweat off his forehead. When he relaxed his hand, the top quality spirit stone turned to dust in his palm.

“The power of the God Slaying War Chariot was beyond my imagination; it is really worthy of being called a celestial treasure. However, the beast spirit is too vicious. While the beast trap can control it for a short while, it might drain me completely someday.”

“In addition, every time I use it, I will have to use a top quality spirit stone to replenish the spiritual energy that I lost. The cost is simply too high.” The sweat on Wang Lin’s forehead disappeared when wind blew on his face. He began to silently ponder.

His speed was very quick. He knew that the third floor was very dangerous and that he had to leave quickly. Also, the words from the savage on the second floor still echoed in his ears.

A seven leaf shaman, which was the same as a Soul Transformation cultivator, was something the current Wang Lin couldn’t do anything against.

“I wonder if the God Slaying War Chariot can kill a Soul Transformation cultivator. The difference between a Soul Formation cultivator and a Soul Transformation cultivator isn’t something numbers can explain; it is a difference in quality. All of the spiritual energy inside a Soul Transformation cultivator has turned into celestial spiritual energy.” Wang Lin frowned.

“However, this is a bit strange. Why did no seven leaf shamans appear when the commotion under the reincarnation tree occurred?” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he flew even faster.

He was very eye catching while flying in the third floor with the reincarnation tree on his shoulder. He moved his hand over the tree and cut it into several pieces.

“The tree branch from before could be put into the bag, but the whole tree won’t go in. I’ll cut it into pieces and see if that works.” Wang Lin cut off a piece and tried.

Without any delay, a small piece of the reincarnation tree disappeared into the bag of holding.

“It worked!” Wang Lin increased his speed and quickly placed the pieces of the tree into his bag of holding.

“This reincarnation tree is indeed mysterious. It can’t be put into the bag of holding as a whole, but in pieces it can.” Wang Lin looked at the bag of holding and quickly flew toward the exit of the third floor.

Time slowly passed. Wang Lin could see the exit. He used a teleport and arrived at the tunnel, but just at this moment, a cough came from the distance.

An old man who had tattoos covering 80% of his body slowly walked over with a hunched back.

Wang Lin didn’t hesitate. He charged into the tunnel and went into the second floor.

The white-haired old man was wearing a bracelet made of beast bones. He touched the bracelet with his hand and walk toward Wang Lin’s direction.

In the blink of an eye, he disappeared and reappeared on the second floor.

“What is this?” After the old man reappeared, he was immediately shocked. When he disappeared, he could clearly feel the outsider’s location, but when he reappeared, the outersider’s presence had completely vanished.

The old man straightened his back and pointed at his brow. A seven leaf plant slowly appeared on his forehead and every corner of the second floor quickly appeared in the old man’s mind.

At the same time, a technique like a cultivator’s divine sense swept across the second floor, but he found no trace of Wang Lin.

As a result, the old man revealed a shocked expression.

“This outsider junior has some skill to be able to escape from my eyes.” The old man pondered a bit and then disappeared.

Half a month passed by in the blink of an eye.

Within that half month’s of time, no one had left the Immortal Graveyard. Old man Hu risked damaging his origin soul and used his life-saving technique to get away. However, halfway through his escape, he was caught by the hunchbacked old man. There were no more news of old man Hu ever since.

As for Xu Luo’s and Yun Meng’s corpses, they were also taken by the Forsaken Immortal Clan for other uses.

Qiu Siping wasn’t able to resist the refining of a six leaf shaman. After all, a six leaf shaman was like a Soul Formation cultivator. As a result, he became a puppet.

Aside from the white-veiled woman and her servant, whose locations were unknown, Wang Lin was the only person from their group who still remained.

On this day, at the entryway to the third floor from the second floor, a rainbow-colored light appeared and soon, a person appeared within the light.

At almost the same instant Wang Lin appeared, he disappeared.

Half a month ago, when he noticed the hunchback old man when he arrived at the second floor, he entered the heaven defying bead without any hesitation.

It had been a long time since he had to hide within the heaven defying bead.

Before a seven leaf shaman, who was like a Soul Transformation cultivator, Wang Lin knew he stood no chance at all. Once he had been locked onto, the only road left for him would be death.

After he appeared, his speed reached its limit. He didn’t care about anything other than leaving, so he used spiritual energy to fly as fast as possible. If it wasn’t for the fact that the star compass could only fly in the void, he would have already used it.

He kept teleporting while holding a top quality spirit stone in his hand. When he was about to enter the tunnel to the first floor, a golden tattoo appeared and sealed the tunnel.

“Outsider junior, this old man has waited for you for a long time.” With a cough, the old man with the hunched back appeared within the tattoo and casually looked at Wang Lin.

With just one gaze, Wang Lin felt like he had been completely seen through. A cold feeling covered his body.

Wang Lin didn’t dare to back up. He could feel that if he took one step back, the old man would kill him. He coldly stared at the old man with his left hand touching the beast trap.

The old man coughed and slowly said, “You killed Momo, Dia Ya, Ca Gu, and Chi Mu. I can see a resentful spirit on your body. To kill these juniors of my clan with your mere almost mid stage Soul Formation cultivation, especially a six leaf warrior like Chi Mu, you must be well known in the cultivation world. What is your name?”

Wang Lin calmly said, “Wang Lin!” His left hand firmly pressed against the beast trap. The war chariot had a fatal flaw: it took too long to activate. Wang Lin wasn’t confident he could stall the old man enough to open it.

“The treasure that killed Chi Mu should be that bracelet of yours.” The old man looked at the beast trap and said, “There is the scent of a beast spirit inside there.”

Wang Lin’s face was gloomy. He stared at the old man and tried to slowly move backwards.

The old man’s eyes turned to Wang Lin again. Wang Lin paused and didn’t continue to back up.

The old man coughed. “I won’t be too difficult on you. Tell me the method you used to hide your presence and I’ll keep your body whole and plant a tattoo in you myself. From then on, you will be my tattoo puppet. Someone of your cultivation level won’t be able to run away.” The old man reached out and Wang Lin immediately felt the space around him beginning to close in.

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold. His right hand touched the bag of holding and the restriction flag appeared. It release many dragons made of restriction gas that charged toward the old man.

At the same time, the celestial sword appeared in Wang Lin’s hand, and he slashed at the old man.

The old man raised his eyebrow and pointed forward. The tattoos on his body moved in a strange manner. Soon, a tattoo appeared at the tip of his finger and was sent flying with a flick.

The moment the tattoo appeared, it split into smaller tattoos and flew toward the dragons. As for the sword energy, the old man made another tattoo that collided with the sword energy.


The sword energy left a red mark on the old man’s finger. He looked at it and said, “Not bad. That sword should also be a valuable treasure.”

Wang Lin felt his scalp go numb. The restriction flag was useless, the celestial sword was useless, and even the God Slaying War Chariot was useless against the old man.

His eyes became even colder as he took out another restriction flag from his bag. He created a restriction in his hand and stared at the old man.

The old man stared at the restriction flag and shook his head. “You sure do have a lot of treasures. I’m sure you must be the direct disciple of some big sect up there. There is the presence of the heavens’ pressure on that item. I believe that once you place that last restriction on there, it will summon what you cultivators call ‘divine retribution.’ If we were on the surface, it might hurt me, but this is the Immortal Graveyard, a different world. Divine retribution can’t reach us here. You are free to try it.” With that, the old man reached out again.

He didn’t move very fast this time, but he used more power than before. Crackling sounds could be heard all around Wang Lin and even spatial rifts appeared.

It was like this area was about to collapse.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. After he put away the restriction flag, one more object appeared in his hand. This object was a scroll.

The moment the ordinary-looking scroll appeared in Wang Lin’s hand, the old man, whose expression hadn’t changed at all, suddenly became serious and his hand unconsciously paused.

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