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Chapter 350 – Power of the God Slaying Chariot

After the black storm dissipated, there was a curtain of black fog.

The old woman moved forward and was just about to enter the black fog when her expression suddenly changed and she twisted her body backward at an impossible angle.

A stickles flashed by her and disappeared back into the black fog.

A wound appeared on the old woman’s withered body. She let out a roar, then tattoos suddenly appeared around her body and began to spin. After chanting a few curses, the tattoos around her turned into balls of fire, which shot out at the black fog.

A large number of lances flew out of the black fog and collided with the balls of fire, creating heaven-shaking explosions.

At the same time, five sickles flew out toward the old woman. A ray of purple light suddenly arrived next to the old woman. When the purple light faded, it revealed a middle-aged man.

This person’s body was very large. He caught one of the sickles in his hand and squeezed it. The sickle was destroyed. Then he grabbed another sickle and crushed it.

The three remaining sickles quickly flew back into the black fog and disappeared.

That large man was mostly covered in tattoos. However, his tattoos were slightly different from the others’. Instead of floating above the skin, his tattoos were engraved into his skin.

After this person appeared, the old woman snorted but didn’t say anything.

This burly man looked at the fog. He made a fist with his right hand and suddenly released a punch. The tattoos on his body moved in a mysterious way and the muscles in his body condensed into his right arm. The black fog was pushed apart and the remaining three sickles that were hiding inside it shattered.

Old man Hu’s face was sullen as he looked toward Xu Luo and Yun Meng under the reincarnation tree. When his gaze fell on Xu Luo, old man Hu clenched his teeth and sent out a ray of spiritual energy that entered Xu Luo’s body.

Xu Luo let out a painful scream, coughed out a mouthful of blood, and fell to the ground. However, just before he fell, a large amount of milky-white aura came out of his body and was absorbed by the reincarnation tree.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he looked at old man Hu. This old man Hu was really vicious. He didn’t mind sacrificing his own sect disciple to increase the growth rate of the reincarnation fruit. However, this was an internal matter of old man Hu’s sect. He had no right to interfere and neither did he want to.

After Xu Luo’s body hit the ground, the three yellow dots on the reincarnation tree glowed brightly and slowly took shape.

Old man Hu knew that it wasn’t enough and let out a sigh. He pointed at Yun Meng, causing her to cough out blood. She looked at old man Hu with sadness in her eyes before slowly closing them.

A large amount of milky-white aura suddenly came out of her head and entered the reincarnation tree.

In an instant, three reincarnation fruits formed.

Wang Lin and old man Hu rushed toward the reincarnation tree at the exact same time. With how close they were, they both arrived under the tree at the same time. Wang Lin quickly grabbed one fruit.

As for old man Hu, he grabbed a fruit with each hand and quickly backed up. His look toward Wang Lin was filled with caution.

Without any hesitation, Wang Lin hit the reincarnation tree with his hand. The tree broke off at its base, then Wang Lin grabbed it and held it over his shoulder. He then waved his hand and the restriction flag came back to him. He quickly escaped afterward.

Old man Hu was the same, but the directions the two of them chose were opposite.

As for Qiu Siping, he had opened his eyes. He clenched his teeth and followed after Wang Lin.

All of this occurred at the moment the black fog disappeared. At almost that exact moment, the three people charged out. The savages quickly went to stop them.

The burly man’s gazed locked onto Wang Lin. He quickly moved and blocked Wang Lin’s path.

As for the old woman, her gaze was locked onto old man Hu as she quickly chased after him. The other six leaf shamans had their gazes on Qiu Siping.

Qiu Siping felt like he was being locked onto by a vicious beast. Soon, a mysterious power covered his body, making it so he couldn’t move at all. He saw the six leaf shamans grinning at him and then his vision went black as he lost consciousness.

On his forehead, a mysterious and constantly growing tattoo appeared.

Facing the burly man that was blocking him, Wang Lin’s expression was gloomy. He quickly took out the celestial sword and swung down. The burly man let out a laugh and met the sword with his hand.


The burly man’s hand was split open to the point where his bones were revealed. There were even tattoos on his bones. He was sent flying, but his eyes were filled with the urge to battle, so he quickly recovered and charged at Wang Lin again.

Wang Lin could feel a shock wave coming from the celestial sword. He borrowed that force to move backward and was about to escape.

He almost immediately guessed that this person was not a shaman but a warrior that hadn’t appeared before. A shaman wouldn’t be able to receive a blow from the celestial sword with just their fist.

The moment Wang Lin backed up, he saw the tattoo on Qiu Siping’s forehead. His expression sank. He reached out and grabbed Qiu Siping’s bag of holding. Then he escaped without taking a single look back.

The burly man let out a roar and chased after Wang Lin.

At this moment, a few of the remaining shamans came to stop Wang Lin. Killing intent flashed across Wang Lin’s eyes and he shouted, “Scram!”

He swung the celestial sword horizontally and cut two of the savages in half. The other savages paused when they saw this, and Wang Lin used this pause to break through them.

The burly man’s expression was gloomy as he quickly chased after Wang Lin.

The two of them were both very fast. In the blink of an eye, both of them disappeared over the horizon.

As for the six leaf shaman who had just finished refining Qiu Siping, he withdrew his gaze from where Wang Lin went and turned toward old man Hu, who was currently fighting the old woman. He licked his lips as he stared at old man Hu’s bag of holding. The bag was emitting a yellow light. This light was something not even a bag of holding could hide.

Wang Lin carried the reincarnation tree on his shoulder. This tree was very strange; no matter what he did, he couldn’t put it inside his bag of holding. The reincarnation fruit was inside his bag of holding, but he couldn’t hide the eye-catching yellow light.

The burly man behind him quickly chased after Wang Lin. He looked at Wang Lin’s back and the urge to battle filled his eyes. He said to Wang Lin, in a language that Wang Lin could understand, “Outsider, you won’t be able to get away. How about you battle with me?!”

Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with killing intent as he touched the bracelet on his wrist. He swung the celestial sword at the burly man and said, “Fine, I’ll have a battle with you!”

The burly man laughed. He didn’t dodge but instead placed both of his hands in front of his chest. He blocked the sword with his arms, causing a loud bang upon impact. His flesh was cut open, but the bones in his arms weren’t damaged.

The will to battle in his eyes increased and he shouted, “Chi Mu, six leaf warrior!”

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold and he said, “Wang Lin, Soul Formation cultivator!”

Chi Mu stepped forward, released a punch, and a sonic boom shot out toward Wang Lin. Wang Lin swung the celestial sword and an explosion occurred 30 feet in front of him. Wang Lin immediately felt his hand go numb.

“If my original body was here, I could definitely fight with this person.” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He waved his right hand and the beast trap flew out.

With a bang, the God Slaying War Chariot appeared before Wang Lin. The beast chained to the chariot coldly looked at Chi Mu and let out a heaven-shaking roar.

Chi Mu was startled and his expression paled.

“God Slaying War Chariot, let me see if you are worthy of your name!” Wang Lin’s eyes became cold. If he didn’t kill this person now, he wouldn’t be able to escape.

The beast on the war chariot suddenly turned toward Wang Lin. After glaring at Wang Lin, the beast leat out another roar. The spikes on the war chariot emitted a black light that slowly gathered on the beast spirit.

Chi Mu felt a sense of danger he had never felt before. He didn’t wait for the war chariot to completely activate; he immediately charged forth and swung down his fist.

Wang Lin sneered. He moved and swung down the celestial sword. Another explosion occurred 30 feet away, knocking Chi Mu’s hand up. He forced himself to stop before charging toward the chariot again.

Wang Lin swung down the celestial sword again. This time, he didn’t stop after one swing and kept on swinging. He swung the celestial sword ten times.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Chi Mu’s body was knocked back and his chest had wounds deep enough to reveal the bones underneath. Some cracks even began to appear on the bones near his chest, but they quickly healed as the tattoos flashed.

Xu Liguo’s cry came out from inside the celestial sword. Xu Liguo and the wandering souls couldn’t fully control the celestial sword. If it was used too much, they would disappear.

After Wang Lin heard Xu Liguo’s cry, he stopped using the celestial sword. At this moment, the beast spirit had finished absorbing the black light from the spikes. Its body had grown larder as a result.

The chains suppressing the beast suddenly disappeared and a heaven-destroying power came out from the chariot and entered the beast spirit.

The beast spirit let out a roar and left the war chariot. It moved so fast that even Wang Lin wasn’t able to see it clearly. It arrived before Chi Mu. Chi Mu was terrified and wanted to escape, but the difference in speed was too large.

This beast spirit’s body was filled with destructive force as it charged through Chi Mu. Wang Lin saw that after the beast had charged through Chi Mu, there was a soul inside its large mouth.

The soul looked like Chi Mu.

Cracks appeared on Chi Mu’s forehead and slowly extended to his whole body. Then his entire body turned to dust and disappeared.

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