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Chapter 352 – Tattoo Puppet

With this pause, Wang Lin felt the power around him loosen. Wang Lin didn’t hesitate and immediately teleported away.

The old man’s eyes revealed a mysterious light and then he chased after Wang Lin.

Wang Lin secretly sighed, although he had refined the scroll for a very long time, he still didn’t know how to use it. Earlier, he really didn’t have any other way to deal with the old man, which led him to take out the scroll to use, tear open, or throw away.

However, that old man paused when he saw the scroll, which caused Wang Lin to change his plan. He used that pause to quickly escape.

“The tunnel to the first floor is blocked, so there is only one other path left. Although it is also very dangerous, it is better than waiting here to die.” Wang Lin swung the celestial sword at the air.

A spatial rift suddenly appeared where the celestial sword swung past. It was pitch black inside, like a man-eating mouth.

The moment the spatial rift appeared, it began to shrink. Wang Lin quickly entered the rift.

The moment he entered the rift, the old man arrived. The old man snorted and stepped into the rift to continue chasing Wang Lin.

The moment Wang Lin entered the rift, a powerful wind hit his body. There were countless small organisms within the wind, and when they hit his body, he felt pain all over. Even his origin soul flickered like a fire in the wind.

Even though he knew the dangers of the spatial rifts, Wang Lin was shocked in his heart. However, the real danger was getting lost inside the void, unable to find the exit.

Inside this void, there was a cold wind that could extinguish an origin soul. This place was completely dark. He was unable to see anything clearly.

The cold wind became stronger and stronger. Wang Lin quickly slapped his bag of holding and the star compass appeared. He sat down on the star compass and quickly flew away while using his spiritual energy to drive out the cold air that had entered his body.

This was the reason why he entered the spatial rift. Only in the void could he use the star compass. This was his only method to move faster than the old man and escape his pursuit.

The old man entered the rift. He waved his hand and a tattoo appeared on the rift to stop it from closing.

The old man muttered to himself, “That scroll is very similar to my clan’s holy treasure on the 11th floor…” That cold wind had no effect on him. When it hit his body, not only did he not feel any discomfort, it felt nice.

The old man pondered a bit and continued to chase Wang Lin.

Wang Lin was sitting on top of the compass and was completely focused on controlling it. He moved very fast and encountered nothing living at all in his path. It was like this place was just an endless, black void.

This was clearly different from the void he was used to. The sense of danger from behind him was still there; the old man was clearly still chasing him.

Wang Lin’s expression was gloomy as he controlled the star compass to move at its limit.

The old man walked through the void with his hand behind his back. He would cross a very large distance every step he took, but he still couldn’t catch up to Wang Lin.

He was very shocked and thought that this junior really had a lot of valuable treasures that were useful in different situations. He believed that Wang Lin was an important junior on the surface. His urge to make Wang Lin his tattoo puppet became even stronger.

This void was very strange. The more Wang Lin flew, the stronger this feeling got. In the past few days of flying, he had not seen anything. There wasn’t even a small amount of spiritual energy here.

He couldn’t just continue like this. His eyes suddenly became cold and he threw out the beast trap. The war chariot appeared on the star compass.

Wang Lin took a deep breath. He created a seal and sent it to the war chariot.

The beast spirit suddenly appeared next to the war chariot. Because Wang Lin was very close, the beast spirit immediately tried to devour him.

But Wang Lin was already prepared. He softly whispered something and the chains from the war chariot dragged the beast spirit back.

The beast spirit continued to roar while viciously glaring at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin raised his head to look at the beast spirit and made another seal. Soon, the spikes on the war chariot began to emit a black light.

Wang Lin turned around and focused on controlling the star compass. He knew that the war chariot needed time to activate. Based on his previous experience, it would take about the same amount time as a stick of incense would take to burn.

Soon, the time passed and the beast spirit finished absorbing the black light from the spikes. The beast grew larger. During this time, the beast tried to devour Wang Lin many times but was held back by the chain.

Finally, after the war chariot completely activated, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and the star compass stopped.

The old man noticed that Wang Lin had stopped moving and immediately sped up.

At the same time, a powerful soul force spread out. When Wang Lin noticed the old man enter the range of his divine sense, he sent out a seal to the war chariot.

The chains on the beast spirit suddenly disappeared, but the chain between it and Wang Lin still existed.

This beast spirit viciously looked at old man with the hunched back. The beast wanted to devour everything; only after doing so could it vent its anger.

The old man’s expression immediately changed and he stopped. He quickly touched the tattoos on his body and then they all suddenly flew off and hovered three inches above his skin.

At this moment, the beast spirit arrived. It jumped at the old man and let out a roar, but it was stopped three inches away from the old man.

What stopped it was various tattoos that were shining wildly.

But the God Slaying War Chariot was very powerful, so the old man was pushed back 1000 feet. The old man’s eyes became bloodshot as he let out a roar. The tattoos moved from three inches away from his body to five inches.

The beast spirit roared while it was slowly pushed back.

The old man’s eyes became even more bloodshot as he was about to push the beast spirit away. However, Wang Lin sneered. He took out the celestial sword and swung down on the old man.

While he is still, I want his life!

Wang Lin was very used to doing these kind of things. As the sword swung down, a ray of black light was shot out.

The sword energy suddenly appeared before the old man and landed on his body.

The old man let out a roar and the tattoos around him suddenly stopped before moving closer to his body again. He looked toward Wang Lin and a seven leaf plant immediately appeared on his forehead.

The moment the plant appeared, the tattoos on his body moved like crazy. Killing intent filled the old man as he raised his hand and pointed at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin immediately felt a cold energy enter his body and quickly enter his origin soul. The cold energy turned into a seed and quickly began to sprout.

Wang Lin’s face was pale as he coughed out blood. He let out a roar and swung down the celestial sword in his hand once more.

Then he immediately changed directions and swung down again.

Rays of sword energy smashed into the old man, causing the tattoos to be pushed back closer to his body. This made the beast spirit push even more viciously so that it could devour the old man that was blocking it.

Seeing that the beast spirit was about to devour him, the old man’s eyes emitted a mysterious light. The bracelet made of beast bone suddenly came off his wrist.

The bracelet suddenly released waves of ghostly light and a tattoo appeared.

This tattoo was broken and incomplete; there are even parts clearly missing. However, this tattoo made Wang Lin’s skin crawl.

The moment the tattoo appeared, the surrounding void was suddenly basked in a green light.

The old man slowly said, “This is my enlightenment tattoo. It is by studying this tattoo that I was able to reach the seven leaf stage. Now that junior has seen this tattoo, you can die in peace!”

The tattoo shined once, causing the beast spirit to release green gas from all over its body. The beast spirit let out a roar and looked toward the tattoo with reluctance in its eyes.

If it was at its prime, it would dare to fight against that tattoo, but now it had to retreat. The beast shook its body and broke free from the green light before disappearing into the void.

Wang Lin immediately noticed that the moment that tattoo appeared, the sprouting seed in his origin soul suddenly began to grow at an alarming rate.

Wang Lin didn’t hesitate to return to the star compass and quickly flew away.

The beast spirit reappeared next to the war chariot. This time, it didn’t try to devour Wang Lin but weakly disappeared back into the war chariot.

The old man looked at where Wang Lin had disappeared to. He didn’t chase after Wang Lin but looked down at his chest. On his chest, there were three wounds deep enough to reveal his bones. Those three wounds were made by Wang Lin’s celestial sword.

The killing intent in his eyes intensified. He took a deep breath, bowed to the tattoos, and the tattoos gradually shrunk and returned to his body.

The bone bracelet silently reappeared on his wrist.

The old man stood up and continued to chase after Wang Lin.

On the star compass, Wang Lin had his eyes closed. On his head was a plant slowly extending its roots. It had moved past his face, onto to his neck, and it still continued to spread.

Waves of roars came out of Wang Lin’s eyes. He suddenly opened his eyes, which had a hint of madness, but then quickly closed them and revealed a struggling expression.

He was facing extreme pain, but even so, he was able to keep a part of his mind calm enough to control the star compass to continue his escape.

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