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Chapter 349 – Half An Hour

Time slowly passed. Xu Luo and Yun Meng became even older. Their skin lost their luster and it looked like their lives were disappearing along with the white aura.

Three yellow dots eventually appeared at the top of the reincarnation tree.

The three yellow dots became brighter and brighter like they contained an endless supply of this mysterious power.

Old man Hu’s eyes lit up and he said, “Three reincarnation fruits!”

Just at this moment, a blinding, yellow light appeared from the reincarnation tree. A pillar of yellow light shot into the sky. The yellow light broke through the clouds of the third floor and created a yellow ring that spread out.

The longer the pillar of light held up, the wider the ring expanded.

The ring of yellow light was about 1000 feet wide, so everyone on the third floor would notice it.

More rings of yellow light appeared. Lines extended from the rings, connecting them to each other until they reached the pillar. This made the pillar look like a giant tree trunk. Then, more lines extended off the rings, forming branches and leaves until there was a large tree that pierced into the sky.

A giant reincarnation tree that looked like it was holding up the sky on the third floor suddenly appeared before everyone.

This wasn’t a real tree but an illusion. However, the appearance of this illusion caused every savage in the area to stop what they were doing and look at the tree before madly rushing toward it.

Wang Lin raised his head. His heart sank. This tree would definitely attract the attention of all the savages here. A big battle was coming.

Should he leave now and not wait for the reincarnation fruit or wait for the reincarnation fruit and fight?

Wang Lin pondered for a bit and then his eyes sparkled.

Just at this moment, eight rays of black light arrived in the horizon and turned into eight old men. They quickly activated the power of their tattoos and charged toward the people under the tree.

The outermost restrictions set by Wang Lin activated, forming a turtle-shell-shaped shield that covered 300 feet of the tree.

The power of the eight old men smashed into the shield, causing a huge explosion.

Bang! Bang!

Under the continuous attacks, the restrictions were destroyed layer by layer.

Old man Hu formed a seal and shot out a few rays of spiritual energy. The energy entered the 16 flags and then 16 ghost-like things flew out of them.

These 16 ghosts gathered together to form a black storm. Power surged through the storm and slammed into the eight people attacking the formation, knocking them back several meters.

Old man Hu took a deep breath. He closed his eyes and quickly activated the technique in his hand.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and then he pointed at the eight of them. The remaining restrictions formed a giant hand that reached toward them.

One of the eight was immediately caught. Wang Lin’s eyes sparkled and he whispered, “Explode!”

With a bang, the hand shattered along with the person inside into a shower of blood and flesh.

Wang Lin pointed with his finger again and the shattered hand reformed. These savages hadn’t reached the five leaf stage; they only had four leaves, so they were like Nascent Soul cultivators.

Just at this moment, another ray of black light came from the distance. There was a giant face within the black light and it was covered with tattoos.

“Brother Wang, protect them for me while I go outside and fight them.” Old man Hu walked out of the layers of restrictions and began to fight with the savages.

Half an hour later, old man Hu came back in with his face gloomy and two wounds on his body. He was a mess. After he came back in, he sat down and said, “I killed them but two more came. I can’t beat them.”

Wang Lin stood up and walked out.

Just as he walked out of the restriction, he saw two old men holding a chain made of their tattoos. They were attacking the black storm created by the 16 flags. Every time the chain hit the storm, there was a series of crackling sounds.

The moment Wang Lin appeared, one of the old men’s eyes lit up. The tattoo chain he was holding shook and came toward Wang Lin like a long snake.

A sonic boom came along with the tattoo chain. Wang Lin could also feel the soul of a dragon roaring inside the chain.

Wang Lin remained calm and reached out. The surrounding black fog gathered to formed a lance. Wang Lin grabbed the lance and jabbed it toward the tattoo chain.


The lance collapsed and cracks appeared on the chain before it shattered into individual tattoos.

The savage old man’s eyes became serious. He let out a roar and took out a red beast skin. The beast skin caught on fire and turned into a large iron pan.

The moment the iron pan appeared, the shattered tattoo quickly gathered in the iron pan.

Wang Lin raised his right hand and another lance appeared in his hand, then he charged out like lightning.

There was dread in the old man’s eyes as he stood on top of the iron pan. He chanted a complicated spell and then the the iron pan suddenly grew to the size of a small mountain. The old man flew up with the iron pan and dodged Wang Lin’s lance.

Then the iron pan smashed down from the sky. Before Wang Lin could move away, countless cracks appeared under his feet.

His body was being suppressed by an invisible force, causing him to slow down.

At the same time, the other savage turned toward Wang Lin and let out a cruel smile. He waved his arm and the tattoos flew off his hand, stacked together, and flew toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s eyes were still calm. He opened his arms and said, “Restriction wall, appear!”

Countless lances made out of restriction gas shot out from the fog toward the tattoos the savage had thrown out.

At the same time, Wang Lin touched his bag of holding to take out the celestial sword. With both of his hands, he swung the sword toward the sky.

A ray of sword energy shot out and collided with the iron pan.

The iron pan trembled and countless cracks appeared on it. The old man standing on it coughed out blood. His eyes were filled with shock. However, he let out a ferocious roar right after. Then five leaves appeared on his head and quickly covered his whole body. The leaf went down his feet and into the iron pan, sealing up the cracks. The iron pan regained its shine and smashed down again.

He was only 200 feet from Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold. Without hesitation, he threw the celestial sword into the air.

The celestial sword charged through the iron pan like it was cutting through paper. The old man was shocked as he was split in half.

Blood splattered everywhere.

The restriction on Wang Lin disappeared. He opened his mouth and a stamp flew out of it, smashing toward the other savage as he was fighting against the countless lances.

That savage’s expression changed and suddenly a beast skin appeared in his hand. The beast skin formed a giant hand that smashed into the stamp.

Wang Lin snorted. He moved forward, touched his bag of holding, and a bell appeared in his hand. He threw the golden bell at the savage. The savage was already going crazy as he was dealing with the lance and the stamp. Just as he was about to take out another beast skin, he was swallowed by the bell.

Wang Lin waved his right hand and the bell returned to him. He then quickly sealed the bell. As he put it away, he could still hear ringing from the bell.

Wang Lin retrieved the celestial sword and black stamp before going back into the restriction.

After he was back inside, the surroundings became quiet, leaving behind only the bloody remains of the battle.

Inside the restriction, old man Hu sat under the reincarnation tree with dread in his eyes toward Wang Lin. After witnessing that battle, his dread toward Wang Lin became even stronger.

“How much more time?” Wang Lin looked at the reincarnation tree. The three dots were now fist-sized.

Old man Hu confidently said, “Soon, just half an hour more and the fruits will be ready!”

Wang Lin said, “That’s too long. Those were only five leaf shamans, not six leaf shamans, who are equivalent to Soul Formation cultivators. I can hold one of them back, but if two come, I won’t be able to do much. There are also seven leaf shamans here; they are the same as Soul Transformation cultivators!”

Old man Hu’s expression became gloomy. Just as he was about to speak, his expression changed greatly. Wang Lin let out a sigh and looked over.

In the distance, 20 rays of black light were heading their way. Six of those black lights contained giant faces. The two in the front were especially big. The black lights they gave off were like raging demonic flames. Six leaf tattoos would constantly appear and disappear on their foreheads.

After they arrived at the restriction, they all took human shape. The two six leaf shamans at the front were the same two that chased Wang Lin and old man Hu but were lured away by the turtle beast.

There were a few more tattoos on the old woman as well as traces of red on her body. The absorption process had clearly just finished. She let out a smile as her withered hand reached forward.

The already weakened dark storm shattered. The 16 ghost dissipated and the 16 flags shattered.

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