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Chapter 348 – Reincarnation Tree

After old man Hu finished speaking, he grabbed Xu Luo and teleported to the west.

Qiu Siping clenched his teeth and quickly followed with a teleport as well.

The only one left was the beautiful Yun Meng. She walked up to Wang Lin and whispered, “Many thanks, senior.”

Wang Lin remained calm. He grabbed her and felt her slim waist. He still remained calm and said, “Close your eyes.”

The woman quickly closed her eyes, but her face was slightly red. She had never been this close to a man before. Wang Lin’s scent entered her nose, causing her face to become even redder.

After grabbing her, Wang Lin took a step and disappeared.

The woman felt the wind blowing by her ears like a knife along with waves of spiritual energy, but the wind soon disappeared.

The woman’s eyelashes trembled as she opened her eyes. She saw a gentle, blue light covering her body, protecting her from the raging wind.

She secretly raised her head to look at Wang Lin. Although he wasn’t handsome, there was a mysterious aura around him. This was a mysterious change that happened to all Soul Formation cultivators. This change depended on the domain they obtained.

While flying, Wang Lin noticed the woman’s gaze, but he didn’t look down. His eyes were focused on Qiu Siping. The distance between him and old man Hu kept on widening. With Qiu Siping’s cultivation, there was no way for him to keep up with a Soul Formation cultivator.

There was a trace of anxiety in Qiu Siping’s eyes. When he saw Wang Lin catching up, he quickly said, “Brother Wang, help me, help me! I’m willing to give you treasures in exchange!”

Wang Lin originally didn’t want to bother with him. After all, they weren’t that familiar with each other. However, when he heard “treasures,” he recalled back to when he followed Qiu Siping to that underground cave. That cave was filled with ancient texts, things a normal person wouldn’t have.

He slapped his bag of holding and the mosquito beast flew out. After Wang Lin gave it a command, the mosquito beast put Qiu Siping on its back. However, there was a hint of dissatisfaction in its eyes. It clearly didn’t think Qiu Siping was worthy of sitting on its back.

Qiu Siping let out a sigh of relief. Although the mosquito beast was slower than a Soul Formation cultivator, it was able to just barely keep up. He quickly took out a pair of bells from his bag of holding and said, “Brother Wang, I obtained this by accident. It was inside a beast. It should be a treasure from ancient times, but my cultivation level is too low to fully understand it. However, I swear that this treasure is not ordinary. I hope that brother Wang allows me to cultivate under the reincarnation tree later.”

With that, he threw the bells toward Wang Lin. Wang Lin caught the bells and found that there was a restriction on the bells. Until he breaks the restriction, he won’t be able to get a better look. He didn’t have time for this, so he put it away.

Just at this moment, two rays of black light came from the distance. They turned into two giant faces. One went toward old man Hu while the other one went toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He waved his right hand and the celestial sword quickly appeared in his grasp. He swung in the air and a ray of sword energy quickly slashed down on the face.

The swing didn’t even make Wang Lin pause. Instead, he started moving even faster.

A large amount of black gas gathered in front of the face to form a big tattoo to block against the sword energy. The tattoo collided with the sword energy with a bang. The tattoo shattered and the sword energy dissipated.

A person walked out of the resulting smoke. His hair was white, his eyes were gloomy, and on his right eye there was a fresh wound that was bleeding. He touched his wound, licked his finger, and then chased after Wang Lin.

Wang Lin frowned. “He was only injured and didn’t die. That means he must be a six leaf savage, which is about as powerful as a late stage Soul Formation cultivator.”

Old man Hu, who was ahead of him, was in a sorry state. He had to stop and start exchanging moves with the old woman that came out of the face. He had to protect Xu Luo while fighting her, but he was only at the mid stage of Soul Formation, so he was constantly being pushed back and was met with many dangers.

“Turtle beast!” After old man Hu shouted, the giant turtle suddenly appeared and started fighting the old woman along with old man Hu.

The moment the old woman saw the turtle beast, her eyes lit up. She gave up on fighting old man Hu and charged toward the turtle beast instead.

The white-haired old man that was chasing Wang Lin also looked toward the turtle beast with greed in his eyes. He looked at the old woman before ditching Wang Lin and charged toward the turtle beast.

In his eyes, compared to chasing after an outsider, it was better to go after that beast’s blood to make his tattoos even stronger. As for the mosquito beast, it was ignored by both of them. To them, the mosquito beast had no value.

Wang Lin quickly passed old man Hu and shouted, “Fellow cultivator Hu, don’t hesitate! There won’t just be two savages here. If we fight any longer, more will arrive. Let’s go!”

Old man Hu stared at the turtle beast being attacked by the two savages. His eyes were filled with reluctance. However, that reluctance was suppressed by him as he quickly flew away.

He had no choice when he saw three more rays of black light quickly flying toward their location.

Old man Hu said, “West, the Reincarnation Tree is to the west!”

The third floor was a lot smaller than the first two floors. After they arrived at the western end, they spread out their divine senses. Old man Hu’s eyes suddenly became focused.

“It’s over there!”

Wang Lin spread out his divine sense and saw the already wilted tree old man Hu was talking about.

This tree wasn’t very large; it was only as thick as a person’s arm. The tree was all by itself and there were no leaves on it. It looked no different from any other tree.

However, it was the only tree in the third floor.

Old man Hu stood under the tree and said, with a heavy voice, “I have been here before and have never seen any tree on the third floor. If it wasn’t for Zi Xin’s jade, I really wouldn’t have believed that there was a reincarnation tree here.”

Qiu Siping finally arrived as well. When they got close, the mosquito beast threw him to the ground and returned to Wang Lin’s side.

Qiu Siping didn’t mind. He teleported next to the tree. He was very excited and was about to sit down to cultivate under the tree when old man Hu looked at him and frowned.

Qiu Siping’s heart trembled and then he quickly looked at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin slowly said, “Let him cultivate. Cultivating is a heaven-defying act to begin with, and since he had the fate to arrive here, we shouldn’t interfere.”

Old man Hu didn’t speak but looked toward Xu Luo and Yun Meng.

The two of them quickly went under the tree and sat down on either side of it.

Qiu Siping looked at Wang Lin with gratitude in his eyes before quickly focusing on cultivating. He knew that time was short. Whether or not he would be able to reach the Soul Formation stage in the future all depended on the results of today.

Old man Hu said, “Brother Wang, Xu Luo and Yun Meng will need three hours to make the reincarnation tree bare fruit. We’ll have to guard them during that time.”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he said, “I wonder how many reincarnation fruits will appear.”

Old man Hu looked at Wang Lin. He pondered for a bit and said, “There should be at least two. If it is two, we will each get one, but if there are three, then I’ll have to take the extra one. After all, it is my Treasure Refining Pavilion’s people who are giving up their lives. I hope brother Wang understands.”

Wang Lin pointed at the reincarnation tree and said, “That is fine, but the branches of the reincarnation tree belong to me.”

Old man Hu laughed. “Ha ha, no problem!” He secretly sneered. This reincarnation tree was already wilted. It will be useless after being forced to bear fruit, so there was no problem in giving it to Wang Lin.

Wang Lin nodded. He took a step forward and grabbed a branch.

Old man Hu’s expression changed as he shouted, “Fellow cultivator Wang, what are you doing?”

Wang Lin looked at old man Hu and said, “Since this branches belong to me, why does it matter if I take some now?”

Old man Hu was startled. He was about to speak when Wang Lin broke off a large section. He put away the branch inside his bag of holding and sat down to cultivate.

Old man Hu pondered a bit. Thinking about Wang Lin’s fame and that sword, he didn’t say anything. Instead, he sat down and smiled, “Brother Wang, please don’t misunderstand; if you just take a part of it, that is fine, but it might result in fewer reincarnation fruits.”

Wang Lin looked at old man Hu but didn’t speak. His hands moved, causing restrictions to appear. The restrictions landed nearby. Wang Lin’s hands gradually moved faster, creating more restrictions.

Old man Hu’s eyes lit up. After pondering a bit, he took out 16 small flags and scattered them. After they landed, the flags emitted purple lights as if they were calling out to each other.

The restrictions kept on coming out of Wang Lin’s hand. After 99 restrictions were placed, he took out the restriction flag, which turned into a cloud of black fog. The fog quickly surrounded the area.

“Mysterious!” Old man Hu’s eyes lit up as he slapped his bag of holding. Five black sickles appeared in front of him. There was a powerful smell of blood coming from the sickles. When the sickles appeared, the countless souls trapped inside them tried to escape.

Old man Hu waved his hand and the five black sickles sank into the black fog.

Time slowly passed. The third floor was completely quiet. There was a milky-white aura going from Xu Luo’s and Yun Meng’s heads into the reincarnation tree.

Their faces changed between white and red. They seemed to be in some pain. As time passed, the milky-white aura became even thicker above their heads.

But the reincarnation tree didn’t change at all. The white aura going into the reincarnation tree didn’t seem to have done anything. Even when checking with one’s divine sense, one wouldn’t find where that white aura was going.

Xu Luo’s appearance no longer remained young; he slowly aged. Wrinkles appeared on his forehead and his black hair had turned grey.

Yung Meng was the same. Her cute and young face gradually turned into that of a grown woman’s. However, her beauty not decrease; she gained the charm of a mature woman.

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