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Chapter 347 – Forsaken Immortal Clan

He thought back to when he took Teng Li’s foundation, when he saw that blue-skinned freak!

The tattoos on the young man’s body released a ghostly light and began to shine brighter. After a while, the light dimmed. The tattoos moved around and covered more of the young man’s body.

The young man’s eyes were filled with excitement as he said something to the old man in a strange language.

After hearing this strange language, Wang Lin was sure that that freak from back then was related to them, because his language was the same as this.

The savage elder nodded. He rubbed the young man’s head and then looked at Wang Lin.

He then looked at the beast trap on Wang Lin’s wrist. He put his hand over his chest, bowed, and said, “Hello, outsider. I’m Kamel of the Forsaken Immortal Clan, six leaf shaman.”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He clasped his hands and said, “Hello, I’m Wang Lin, Soul Formation cultivator.”

The old man looked at Wang Lin and said, “It is not yet time for the 100 year contract. Every cultivator who enters must die. However, since you didn’t take this chance to attack us when my disciple was absorbing the blood, I won’t make it hard on you. As long as you don’t go to the third floor and leave now, there is still a chance for you to live.”

“Oh, really?” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up.

The old man said, “Even if your companions make it to the third floor, they won’t make it out alive. There are seven leaf shamans from my tribe on the third floor. They are the same as Soul Transformation cultivators.”

Wang Lin pondered and then said, “Many thanks.” With that, he pointed at the young man and said, “He used the blood from the beast to make tattoos just now. Is that the secret technique of your Forsaken Immortal Clan?”

The old man nodded and said, “That is correct. My Forsaken Immortal Clan uses the tattoos to absorb the powers from these beasts. The stronger the beast, the more power we gain.”

Wang Lin looked at the old man, clasped his hands, and disappeared.

That young man stared at the direction where Wang Lin disappeared. A trace of killing intent appeared in his eyes and then he said, “Master, why didn’t you capture him and turn him in to the chief?”

The old man shook his head. “Your tattoos’ power is still too weak to see the tattoo soul behind him. Someone who can kill a five leaf shaman without getting hurt is not someone I have confidence in capturing. Also, if we were to start fighting, you would be in danger.”

The killing intent in the young man’s eyes became even stronger. “I’m not afraid of death. Death is only returning to the tattoos.”

The old man rubbed the young man’s head with a gentle gaze in his eyes and said, “Our tribe is not strong enough. There are other more powerful tribes that will deal with him. I also felt a powerful soul force from the bronze bracelet on his wrist, so it is best to not mess with him.”

The young man nodded and said, “One day, we will kill our way out and kick these outsiders from this planet!”

The old man looked toward where Wang Lin had disappeared. He let out a sigh and didn’t say anything else.

Wang Lin flew through the second floor. After pondering a bit, he flew toward the entrance to the third floor instead of leaving.

His goal this trip was the reincarnation fruit. If he were to just leave like this, he would feel very frustrated.

Wang Lin flew very fast and arrived at the northern end of the second floor. From far away, he was able to see the entrance to the next floor.

This place was covered in bodies and smelled like blood. This was combined with an irritating aura that seemed like a killing-intent-like aura.

Old man Hu sat down cross-legged near the entrance. His eyes were closed and his face was filled with pain. Xu Luo was behind him looking like a mess. There were cuts all over his armor and some were even bleeding.

The woman’s hair was a mess and there were three lines on her face. It was like she had been clawed by a beast.

Qiu Siping was also among them. Although he was better than those two, his breathing was unstable. He was clearly injured.

The three of them were carefully looking at old man Hu with fear in their eyes.

Beside them was a giant beast that looked like a black turtle. It was old man Hu’s mount.

There were many wounds on this beast. It carefully observed its surroundings with its vicious eyes and would occasionally let out a few threatening growls.

Wang Lin’s arrival caught the attention of the beast. The beast turned its vicious gaze toward Wang Lin and growled in a threatening manner. Soon after, it stood up and roared at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin frowned.

At this moment, Qiu Siping and company saw Wang Lin. They all revealed joyous expressions, but none of them dared to move.

Wang Lin asked, “What is the matter?”

Qiu Siping looked at old man Hu and said, “Brother Wang, along the way, old man Hu killed two five leaf shamans. Then he killed another one at the entrance. However, this one seemed to have used a technique on old man Hu to make his mind unclear.”

Wang Lin frowned even harder and walked forward. The turtle immediately let out a roar and took a deep breath. A powerful suction force sucked in air from all directions and a ball of air was formed before the turtle. The turtle shot the ball of air toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin snorted. He slapped his bag of holding and the thunder toad and mosquito beast immediately flew out. Without the need for orders, the thunder toad spat out a ball of lightning that collided with the ball of air.

With a bang, a shockwave spread out.

The mosquito beast let out a roar, went around the shockwave, and lunged toward the turtle with its sharp mouth.

After the collision, old man Hu opened his eyes. His eyes were bloodshot and there were tattoos covering the whites of his eyes. After he saw Wang Lin, he jumped on him like a mad beast.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He slapped his bag of holding and took out the restriction flag. Restriction gas appeared and formed a cage that trapped old man Hu.

Old man Hu’s eyes became even redder. He swiped his hand to try to break the cage.

Wang Lin pointed forward and said, “Trap!”

More restriction gas quickly came out and reinforced the cage. Every time old man Hu tore one layer off, more layers were added on.

Wang Lin shouted. “Fellow cultivator Hu, still not sober yet!?”

His voice was like thunder; it went through the restriction gas and entered old man Hu’s ears. Old man Hu’s hand immediately stopped, but just at this moment, the tattoo in his eyes shined, causing old man’s Hu’s eyes to become red again. However, there was something mysterious about his eyes this time.

“Brother Wang, the shaman I killed advanced to the six leaf stage right before his death and cast a curse on me to try to refine me into a puppet. This technique is very tyrannical. If we were in the Sea of Devils, I would only need a few years to remove this curse. However, with this irritating aura here, I’m unable to calm myself down. This curse will only break at the moment of a life or death crisis, so, brother Wang, attack now!” His body was trembling. It looked like he was struggling to keep control.

Wang Lin’s eyes became focused as he he touched his bag of holding. The black celestial sword appeared in his hand. After having the wandering souls enter the sword, even people who had seen the sword before would have trouble recognizing it.

With the celestial sword in his hand, he stared at old man Hu trapped inside the restriction gas and sliced down.

The celestial sword glowed black and seemed to have extended in length as it sliced down. The restriction gas quickly got out of the way as the black light passed by, leaving old man Hu in the open. The tattoos in his eyes were flashing rapidly.

In almost a blink of an eye, the tattoos in old man Hu’s eyes disappeared and then a drop of blood came out of his forehead, went down his nose, and fell to the ground.

The celestial sword stopped three inches above old man Hu’s head.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He waved his hand and the celestial sword disappeared.

Without a word, old man Hu took out a bottle of pills. After taking a few deep breaths, he sat down to cultivate.

Wang Lin raised his head and looked into the distance while he waited for old man Hu to cultivate.

The fear in Qiu Siping and company’s eyes had reached its limit, so none of them dared to move. Even the turtle was terrified and no longer dared to growl.

The mosquito beast took this opportunity to poke into the turtle’s neck to viciously suck out some blood. Only then was he satisfied enough to return to the thunder toad’s side.

Half an hour later, old man Hu opened his eyes. His eyes were clear now. He got up, clasped his hands, and said, “Thank you, brother Wang!” Although he looked calm, he now dreaded Wang Lin even more in his heart. If Wang Lin’s sword had gone down three more inches, he would have died on the spot.

Although this was because he wasn’t resisting or using any magic treasures, that feeling of life and death was engraved into his heart.

Old man Hu thought, “I seems fame doesn’t lie. It is no wonder the name Ceng Niu was able to become so famous. He is indeed very powerful.”

Wang Lin smiled and said, “No problem.”

One day later, the white-veiled woman and black-cloaked old man still hadn’t arrived. After talking with Wang Lin, they decided to not wait any longer. Although old man Hu didn’t know the exact location of the reincarnation tree, he roughly knew where it was, so they decided that they might as well search and wait at the same time.

Wang Lin nodded in agreement.

Everyone entered the third floor.

The third floor was a red world. The dirt had some mysterious property that let it release a red glow. Thus, when one looked at the third floor, everything was red.

Old man Hu said, in a serious tone, “The Immortal Graveyard is very dangerous right now. If the second floor had five leaf shamans, the third floor might even have six leaf shamans. We have to travel quickly and leave immediately after we find the Reincarnation Tree.

Then he looked at Wang Lin and continued, “Fellow cultivator Wang, to tell you the truth, Xu Luo and Yun Meng are keys to making the reincarnation fruit appear. Each of them have over 100 years of life left; by giving up 60 years, they can make the reincarnation fruit grow. This is why I brought them here. Later, each of us will take one of them and quickly find the Reincarnation Tree.”

Qiu Siping secretly complained but didn’t dare to say anything. He knew that he was nothing in old man Hu’s eyes. Later on, he would just have to do his best to keep up, because if he is left behind, he will definitely die.

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