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Chapter 346 – Shaman

That savage stuck out his tongue and licked his lips. He let out a scream and soon, dozens of black lights appeared. They turned into savages with tattoos on their arms and legs. They all jumped at Wang Lin and company.

The three leaf savage sneered as he coldly looked at the scene.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He quickly went around those savages and charged toward the three leaf savage. The three leaf savage didn’t panic at all. He rubbed the marks on his body and a beast skin appeared in his hand.

A complex chant came out of this person’s mouth and the beast skin suddenly turned into a ball of fire that smashed toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s body was caught by the fire. Another beast skin appeared in the three leaf savage’s hand. He bit the tip of his finger, drew a few lines of blood on the beast skin, and then threw it out again.

The fire suddenly became fiercer.

However, just at this moment, Wang Lin walked out of the ball of fire. The fire couldn’t even get close to him. As Wang Lin walked out, the ball of fire grew smaller and smaller until it went out.

The three leaf savage was stunned, so he quickly retreated by turning into a black light. How could Wang Lin let him escape? He quickly teleported to catch up.

As for the rest of the savages that attacked them, they had all been killed by old man Hu with just a wave of his sleeve.

Wang Lin came back with the head of the three leaf savage and threw it on the ground. He coldly looked at the white-veiled woman and said, “Fellow cultivator Zi Xin, since you were able to recognize the rank of this savage, please tell us everything you know.

The white-veiled woman nodded and said, “It is not that I didn’t want to say it before, but after coming in here, I seemed to have remembered some things. The savages here are different from us cultivators. They are split into two types: shamans and warriors.”

“That person is a three leaf shaman!”

“Their power comes from the black tattoos on their bodies. The more tattoos they have, the stronger they are.”

“As for these tattoos, they are made from the blood of demonic beasts, thus they obtain the power of these beasts.”

Just at this moment, a sonic boom came from the distance. A black light quickly arrived from the distance and turned into a giant face. The eyes of that face quickly locked onto the head on the ground.

Then the face sucked and the head began to move like it was alive. Soon, the head was sucked in by the face.

Old man Hu snorted. He was about to move up when his expression suddenly changed.

Wang Lin’s expression was also very ugly. In the distance, there were five black lights. They had also turned into giant faces that coldly stared at them.

The white-veiled woman’s voice trembled. “These are five leaf shamans. They’re the same as Soul Formation cultivators…”

“Everyone, split up and meet at the entrance to the third floor. The entrance is at the northern end!” Old man Hu said this very quickly before grabbing Xu Luo and the woman. He quickly escaped and Qiu Siping quickly followed.

Wang Lin didn’t say anything as he turned and left.

Seeing everyone leaving, the faces split up, chasing everyone. The one chasing Wang Lin was the one that arrived first.

Wang Lin’s eyes were calm. After flying for awhile, he stopped and turned to face the face that was chasing him. He slapped his bag of holding and the restriction flag appeared in his hand. He waved the flag and a large cloud of restriction gas surrounded his body.

At the same time, the thunder toad flew out of the bag of holding with its stomach expanded. It opened its mouth toward the savage shaman and a ball of lightning charged out with a sonic boom.

The giant face’s eyes revealed a mysterious light as dark mass gathered in front of him, forming a giant shield.

The ball of lightning collided with the shield.


The shield trembled and cracks appeared. More black mass quickly gathered on the shield. After the ball of light disappeared, the black mass condensed even more and a person walked out of it.

This person was middle-aged with his hair casually hanging behind him. More than half of his body was covered in tattoos, but the tattoos weren’t directly on his body; they were floating slightly above his skin. The tattoos looked very messy. It was clear that more than one layer of tattoos was laid down.

His face was the same. Half of his face was covered in tattoos.

The middle-aged man slowly said, “Invaders of this planet, you guys broke the agreement! 100 years haven’t passed yet, so anyone who enters will die!”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He couldn’t find any spiritual energy in this person’s body, but the tattoos gave him a sense of danger.

The middle-aged man’s right hand swiped the tattoos on his body. The tattoos flew off his body and began to rapidly spin around his right arm.

The middle-aged man’s left hand quickly moved and pointed at some of the tattoos on his right arm. The tattoos that were hit began to shine and quickly spread out. The tattoos encircled an area about 100 feet in diameter.

Then the tattoos suddenly closed in and charged toward Wang Lin.

The restriction gas around Wang Lin quickly turned into dragons and charged at the tattoos.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A series of explosions suddenly began. Every time the restriction gas and a tattoo collided, they would both disappear.

“What’s this?” The middle-aged man frowned. He grabbed a tattoo, turned it into a beast skin in his hand, and threw it out.

This beast skin quickly began to burn, causing the speed of the flying tattoos to increase. After a series of explosions, Wang Lin had less restriction gas.

Wang Lin was still calm. He was watching the tattoos. His eyes lit up and he thought, “So these savages use these tattoos to attack. Although there is no spiritual energy within the tattoos, there is some other mysterious power inside.”

After seeing the savage throw the beast skin, a hint of killing intent appeared in Wang Lin’s eyes. He slapped his bag of holding and a giant celestial sword appeared before him.

He grabbed the celestial sword, let out a roar, and swung it down. A bang like the sky was splitting open could be heard and a ray of black light swung down.

The middle-aged man’s expression changed greatly as he quickly moved his hand. The tattoos returned to him and quickly formed many shields.

However, the moment the celestial sword swung down, the black light passed by and all of the shields shattered.

The middle-aged man let out a scream. Without any hesitation, he turned into a black mass. The black mass turned into a face that quickly retreated.

But the black light still reached the black mass. A miserable scream came from within it. It slowed down for a bit, but it quickly sped up again.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He didn’t chase. His gaze fell on the thunder toad.

“The power of the sword wasn’t able to kill him. That swing was something most late stage Soul Formation cultivators couldn’t block without a good defensive treasure. That five leaf savage is powerful!”

The thunder toad jumped into the air and its stomach expanded. It then spat out a ball of lighting at the fleeing black mass. The ball of lightning shot out and entered the black mass.


An earth-shattering roar came from the black mass. The black mass dissipated and the face inside disappeared as well.

Wang Lin landed along with the thunder toad. The smell of blood was spreading from where the explosion happened. The middle-aged man was killed by the ball of lightning.

Wang Lin pondered for a bit before putting away the thunder toad. He flew north with his divine sense spread out. Several hours later, his expression suddenly changed as he looked to his right.

Then he quickly moved like a meteor.

There were two savages there. One of them had white hair and ⅔ of its body was covered in tattoos.

Beside him was a young man. The young man only had ¼ of his body covered in tattoos.

Before the two of them was a puddle of mud. Bubbles would occasionally appear and then pop.

The two of them immediately noticed Wang Lin. The young man was startled. He looked at the old man beside him and didn’t speak.

The old man’s eyes were clear. He took one look at Wang Lin and no longer bothered with him as he looked toward the mud puddle.

Just at this moment, a dragon-like creature jumped out of the mud and charged toward the old man.

The old man’s expression remained calm as he slapped the tattoos on his body with his right hand. The tattoos on his body quickly moved and became a large knife in his right hand.

Holding the large knife, the old man jumped forward and slashed at the dragon. The dragon moved its head, dodging the knife, and smashed into the old man.

The moment the dragon hit the old man, the old man’s body exploded into countless tattoos that spread out.

Wang Lin’s eyes became serious. All of the techniques he saw the savages use were very different from cultivators’.

The old man’s body had become countless tattoos, and they all entered the dragon’s body.

The dragon roared in pain. Its large body charged out of the mud puddle and splashed around a large amount of mud.

The young savage dodged the mud and looked at the dragon with a serious expression.

Soon, the dragon became weak. Shortly after, countless tattoos came out of its body to form the old man again.

It was as if the dragon had given birth to the old man. When the last tattoo returned to his body, he jumped down from the dragon and sliced its head. A large amount of blood sprayed out from the dragon’s head.

The young man cheered and ran forward. He covered himself in fresh blood and his tattoos moved as if they were alive.

Shortly after, the young man sat down to cultivate and then began to draw tattoos according to the ones on his body. Soon, the old tattoos were replaced by new ones.

Seeing this, Wang Lin suddenly thought of one person.

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