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Chapter 330 – I… am Wang Lin (2)

In Zhan Bai’s eyes, the trip to the Celestial Realm was his disgrace. Ceng Niu was a nobody who dared to ignore him. If that Ceng Niu had helped him, they would have easily killed the person chasing him.

“I didn’t think that Ceng Niu could take an arm from Red Butterfly. Now that person is famous throughout Suzaku. Hmph, that fame should have been mine. Just you wait, Ceng Niu, one day we will have our fight!”

Zhan Bai sneered but soon he frowned and muttered, “Ceng Niu’s thunder toad is a natural enemy to my insects, so it will be a bit difficult.” His eyes lit up and he made up his mind. This time, he had to go deeper into the Nine Ghost Desolate Valley and get the king insect. With the insect king, even the thunder toad will lose its effect.

“It is smarter if I don’t anger Ceng Niu before that happens. If that person was able to take an arm off Red Butterfly, then his cultivation level must not really be early stage Soul Formation like he shows on the surface. However, Suzaku is very large. Even if I want to mess with him, it will be hard to locate him.” Zhan Bai snorted. After just the blink of an eye, he arrived outside of the Cloud Sky Sect.

The Cloud Sky Sect was surrounded by white clouds. These clouds were not natural but a sect protection formation. Not only did this formation protect the sect, it also had the ability to hide spiritual energy fluctuations from within.

Zhan Bai floated in the sky and looked at the clouds for a bit. He let out a smile of contempt and shouted, “Juniors of the Cloud Sky Sect, listen well. Open up the sect protection formation, bring out all your pills, and your sect master is to come out to greet me personally.”

The Cloud Sky Sect was completely silent. After a while, a weak and gentle voice came of the Cloud Sky Sect. However, the voice was filled with determination.

“Senior is a Soul Formation cultivator; why make it difficult on a small sect like our. If there is any need for pills, then please ask us. My Cloud Sky Sect will do its best to fulfill you needs.”

Zhan Bai revealed a mocking expression and said, “Oh? I guess you are the Cloud Sky Sect’s sect master.”

“Junior is the Cloud Sky Sect’s sect master. Senior, please don’t make it difficult for a small sect like ours…” Li Muwan’s voice continued. It was still as alluring as it was in the past and was filled with gentleness.

Zhan Bai snorted and said, “I have to see just what kind of beauty this sect master of the Cloud Sky Sect is.” With that, he reached toward the white clouds and made a grabbing motion.

With a series of crackling sounds, the white clouds quickly collapsed. but they quickly formed again.

“What is this? This formation is mysterious. It wasn’t placed by your Cloud Sky Sect?” Zhan Bai’s eyes lit up.

Li Muwan let out a sigh and said, “Senior, this formation was placed by the Giant Demon Clan to protect my Cloud Sky Sect. Consider giving Giant Demon Clan some face and not make it difficult for us.”

“Giant Demon Clan…” Zhan Bai pondered for a bit before waving his hand. All of the insects around him attacked the clouds.

A wave of munching sounds came from the white clouds. This sound eventually got so loud that it covered up the humming of the insects.

“What about the Giant Demon Clan? Even if Chi Hu himself comes, he won’t get angry with me over a mere Cloud Sky Sect.” Zhan Bai smiled and reached out again.


With a loud bang, the one of the white clouds collapsed, causing all of the other clouds to disappear as well. A shock wave spread out, and within the shockwave a ray of light disappeared.

As the white cloud disappeared, a series of buildings made of spirit stone appeared before Zhan Bai.

Looking at the endless rows of buildings made of spirit stone that didn’t seem to end, Zhan Bai’s eyes bulged out. He looked for a very long time before letting out a laugh and said, “This Cloud Sky Sect is simply too rich; it is made of spirit stones. Although this scale can’t match the Celestial Realm, there aren’t many places like this in Suzaku. Haha, from today onward, this place is mine!”

The sect protection formation was easily destroyed. The people inside the Cloud Sky Sect were filled with despair.

Zhan Bai took one step and entered the Cloud Sky Sect. He was surrounded by a 100-foot-thick wall of insects. Some of the female disciples with lower cultivation levels were so scared that they started crying.

Zhan Bai reached out. A few of the Cloud Sky Sect disciples were caught by an invisible force. A group of insects broke off from the horde and jumped onto the disciples. Miserable screams quickly echoed as the disciples were covered by the insects. The insect were crawling all over them, and some of them had even entered their bodies.

Shrill screams landed in the ears of the Cloud Sky Sect’s disciples. These screams almost tore their hearts apart.

“Stop!!” Li Muwan jumped up into the air. Around her stood several people. They all stared at Zhan Bai with ugly expressions.

Zhan Bai let out a mischievous smile. He waved his hand and the shrill scream from the disciples became even louder. A few seconds later, the insects came out of their bodies. The disciples suddenly became very weak and fell from the sky.

Li Muwan’s face went pale; she could only stare dumbfoundedly at the disciples. Blood leaked out from the corner of her mouth, her body trembled, and her eyes were filled with hatred as she looked at Zhan Bai.

With her personality, it was very rare for her to look at someone like that.

Zhan Bai’s gaze landed on Li Muwan. He said, “Not bad. You really are a beauty. What is your name?”

Li Muwan remained silent.

“Oh? Not going to speak? That’s too bad.” Zhan Bai let out a smile and waved his hand. The insects around him spread out and covered the entire Cloud Sky Sect.

Zhan Bai only needed to wave his hand and the insects would jump on any living thing and devour it. Although these insects were only the size of a thumb, they were extremely bloodthirsty.

If one looked closely, they would see that Zhan Bai’s eyes were almost exactly the same as these insects’.

“Stop… my name is Li Muwan…” A wave of shame filled Li Muwan. She had no choice; she couldn’t just watch the disciples of the Cloud Sky Sect die.

A few days ago, she started sending disciples away, but there were still thousands that decided to stay. The reason these people stayed was because they saw the Cloud Sky Sect as their home. They were willing to fight for their home. Even if they died, they wouldn’t regret it.

Even Liu Fei and Song Qing, the two late stage Nascent Soul head elders, decided to stay.

A white-haired old man took a step forward, blocking Li Muwan, and said to Zhan Bai, “Senior, if you have any request, please speak!”

Zhan Bai’s eyes lit up. He stared at the old man and said, with contempt, “My demands? My demand is very simple. I’m going to kill all of you, take all the pills, and seal this place to be my personal palace… As for you, your name is Li Muwan? You are very pretty and have a certain grace to you. You can be my maid.”

One of the Nascent Soul cultivators who was an old woman shouted, “You go too far!” She was able to reach the Nascent Soul stage because of Li Muwan. When Zhan Bai spoke those words, she lost herself in anger, forgetting the difference in cultivation levels, so she shouted out loud.

Zhan Bai’s expression darkened. His eyes became bloodshot as he said, “It looks like I was too kind. Okay, I’ll destroy the Cloud Sky Sect!” With that, he waved his right hand and the surrounding insects started to attack everyone.

As for the old woman, when Zhan Bai waved his hand, many insects attacked her. She let out miserable screams. Even her Nascent Soul was devoured.

This scene shook everyone’s hearts.

Miserable screams filled the Cloud Sky Sect. Li Muwan let out a sad smile. She then coughed out a mouthful of blood and bit her lower lip.

Even the elders around her were attacked by countless insects. Each of them tried their best to resist, but even the two late stage Nascent soul elders were having a lot of trouble..

These insects were very strange. No treasures or spells seemed to have any effect on them.

At this moment, aside from Li Muwan, everyone in the Cloud Sky Sect was fighting with the insects.

Li Muwan bit her lower lip. Her eyes were filled with despair.

Zhan Bai looked at Li Muwan with interest. He rubbed his chin and said, “To be honest, I have wiped out many sects, and you are the fourth female sect master. Although your cultivation isn’t very good, you would make a good host for my parasites.”

With that, he pointed at her and a drop of blood suddenly flew out of his finger. The drop of blood turned into a vicious insect that jumped toward Li Muwan.

However, as soon as the insect leapt at her, a black mass appeared on her forehead. The black mass turned into the shape of the small creature which devoured the blood insect.

The blood insect was screaming miserably at first, but that sound slowly faded. The small creature floated around Li Muwan and stared viciously at Zhan Bai.

Zhan Bai was shocked. He looked at the small creature and whispered, “Soul beast?”

Li Muwan pondered. She looked toward the distance and whispered, “Big brother Wang, let us meet in the next life…”

“Big brother Wang? Hahah, could it be that Wang, what was it, Lin?” Zhan Bai let out a laugh. After arriving in Chu, he had heard the name Wang Lin from quite a few people. He even heard it from members of the other sects as they died.

“Your country of Chu is very strange. This Wang Lin seems to be very famous. Who exactly is he?” Zhan Bai let out a loud laugh. His laugh was filled with arrogance. His eyes lit up and he said, with contempt, “I’m now really curious about who this Wang Lin really is. I’m also curious about how you managed to make all of these Nascent Soul cultivators willing to die with you with your cultivation level.”

“Because she is my woman. I… am Wang Lin!” a cold voice spoke from behind Zhan Bai.

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