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Chapter 329 – I… am Wang Lin (1)

He quickly charged toward the Sea of Devils.

Along the way, Wang Lin didn’t slow down at all. After passing through several transfer arrays, he appeared 10,000 kilometers from a city.

This city was called Devil Rebel. It was one of the ten main cities of the Sea of Devils. This one was ranked third among the ten main cities. It was countless times larger than any city Wang Lin had seen before.

There were some descriptions of the city on the map Wang Lin possessed, but all this information was from before the Sea of Devils was invaded. There were many new powers mixed in, so Wang Lin didn’t know the exact political situation here.

However, his purpose wasn’t to cause trouble but to simply buy some gifts for Li Muwan.

After paying a few low quality spirit stones, Wang Lin entered Devil Rebel city.

There were many cultivators inside the city, making the place very lively. With the straw hat on his head, Wang Lin looked around and let out a smile. There was a very eye catching five story building a bit into the distance with the three words “Treasure Refining Pavilion” on it.

Wang Lin pondered for a bit before walking toward this pavilion.

After entering the pavilion, he immediately went up to the second floor. Nothing on the second floor caught his eye, so he went to the third floor.

On the third floor sat a middle-aged man who was reading an ancient scroll and enjoying himself. When he saw Wang Lin, he put down the scroll and smiled. “Hello customer. What would you like to buy?”

Wang Lin looked around and said, “A pill recipe.”

The middle-aged man smiled and said, “Our Treasure Refining Pavilion has many pill recipes. I wonder what kind does customer want?”

Wang Lin sat on a chair next to the middle-aged man and said, “Rank 5 or higher.”

The middle-aged man’s eyes became serious. He quickly stood up and poured Wang Lin a cup of tea, then he said, “Rank 5 pill recipes are very expensive. Our Treasure Refining Pavilion here only has three. Please wait while I get them for you.”

With that, the man quickly went up some stairs. Not long after, he quickly came back down with three boxes. Along with him was an old man with a very serious expression who was emitting waves of spiritual energy.

The old man calmly looked at Wang Lin and silently pondered.

Wang Lin casually looked at the old man before moving his gaze toward the boxes in the middle-aged man’s hand.

The middle-aged man put the boxes down and smiled. “Of the three rank 5 pill recipes, two of them are from Chu’s Cloud Sky Sect, and the other is from Da Mo’s End of the World Sect. This is the jade containing the effect of the pills. Please look at it, customer.“ With that, he turned his hand and three jades appeared. He placed them on top of the boxes.

Wang Lin picked up each jade one by one. They only contained the effect of the pills but not the recipes. The recipes were inside the boxes.

Back before Wang Lin left the Cloud Sky Sect, he had already seen all of the rank 5 pill recipes from the Cloud Sky Sect, so after casually looking through those two jades, he turned his attention to the one from the End of the World Sect.

After a long time, Wang Lin put down the jade and said, “I want this Return to Origin pill recipe from the End of the World Sect. Does your Treasure Refining Pavilion have any rank 6 pill recipes?”

The middle-aged man hesitated and looked toward the old man. The old man nodded. The middle-aged man then quickly smiled and said, “A rank 6 pill is priceless. My Treasure Refining Pavilion only has one, and it will be sold at the Sea of Devils auction that happens every ten years. If customer wants it, how about waiting two months? Two months from now is when the auction will start.”

Wang Lin frowned. “Never mind. How much for this rank 5 pill recipe?”

The middle-aged man smiled and said, “Customer, do you want to exchange an item for it, or will you buy it with spirit stones?”

Wang Lin responded, “Spirit stones.”

The middle-aged revealed a complex expression and said, “This– Most items that have reached a certain value are not sold for spirit stones…”

Wang Lin frowned. He stood up, slapped his bag of holding, and threw out one item. Then he took the box containing the jade and started climbing down the stairs.

The old man was startled and subconsciously took a step forward, but he was stopped by a cold aura that came out of Wang Lin’s straw hat.

The old man was suddenly startled, and his Nascent Soul was almost destroyed. He stumbled backwards and no longer dared to try to stop Wang Lin.

The middle-aged man caught the item Wang Lin had tossed. He only took one look before his body began to tremble. He revealed a look of disbelief.

“This is… half of a top quality spirit stone…”

To Wang Lin’s understanding, half of a top quality spirit stone was enough for a rank 5 pill recipe. Also, Wang Lin didn’t even give half, it was more like 1/4th.

In these past few days, someone wearing a straw hat went to many shops in many cities buying pill recipes.

In the beginning, most of the stores gave a fair price, but the price for each new store became higher and higher. Then there was one store that gave out a sky high price, and when the sale failed, they tried to use force. However, they were only met with destruction.

After that, a rumor saying that the cultivator with the straw hat was a Soul Formation cultivator spread. This was good for Wang Lin because at least it made it much easier to buy pill recipes than before.

In ten days’ time, Wang Lin arrived at the border of Chu and the Sea of Devils with the help of ancient transfer arrays. During this time, he managed to obtain a total of eight rank 5 cultivation pill recipes.

“When Wan Er sees these recipes, she will definitely happy.” Wang Lin let out a smile. After he entered Chu, he took off the straw hat and no longer hid himself.

However, just as Wang Lin entered Chu, his expression suddenly changed. His eyes became cold as he looked into the distance toward the Cloud Sky Sect and lightly said, “He is courting death!” Then he disappeared from the spot.

Zhang Bai was a name, and this name in the rank 5 country of Puli meant bloody murder.

The genius was from Puli’s Insect Demon Sect, and he was a late stage Nascent Soul cultivator. Then for some reason, he stole the sacred text of the Insect Demon Sect and betrayed his sect.

The Insect Demon Sect chased after him, but he always managed to slip away. Although they managed to seriously injure him, many disciples were killed along the way.

Eventually, under the pursuit of a Soul Formation cultivator, Zhang Bai escaped into the Nine Ghost Desolate Valley. After escaping from the Soul Formation cultivator, he lived there for 100 years.

No one knew how he had lived through those 100 years, but by the time he came out, he had reached the Soul Formation stage. What was even scarier was that he had tamed countless poisonous insects.

The moment he appeared, he killed his way to the Insect Demon Clan. Surrounded by his mass of insects, even Soul Formation cultivators died to him.

Even knowing that there were mid stage and late stage Soul Formation cultivators in the Insect Demon Sect, he still came. It was very obvious how arrogant this person was.

Eventually, this person was being hunted again, but by a mid stage Soul Formation cultivator this time he. He lured his senior of his former sect into the Nine Ghost Desolate Valley and then both of them disappeared.

Thirty years later, Zhang Bai came out of the Nine Ghost Desolate Valley again. Although he was still at the early stage of Soul Formation, his senior was nowhere to be found.

This person seemed to have given up on getting revenge on his sect and left his home country. He traveled around, committing many vile acts wherever he went. It could be said that countless cultivators died by his hand.

Even mid stage Soul Formation cultivators had a headache when dealing with him. This was because he seemed to have cultivated some technique that made him impossible to kill. Every time they thought they killed him, it was just one of his insect clones.

Eventually, this person obtained a Rain Cauldron and became one of the people to enter the Celestial Realm.

In the Celestial Realm, he traveled unopposed until he messed with someone he couldn’t mess with and failed to frame Wang Lin. In the end, he lost several clones before being forced to return using the Return Cauldron.

It could be said that he was the first person from Suzaku to return.

When he came back, he also met the same problem Wang Lin had and was set off course. He was luckier than Wang Lin, though; he landed directly in Suzaku.

However, he landed in the Sea of Devils.

Because he had lost too many insects in the Celestial Realm, he began killing again when he was inside the Sea of Devils. Almost every cultivator he met was killed by him.

After absorbing the essence of all those cultivators, his insects began to reproduce and he traveled to Chu.

The reason he had wiped out so many sects was of course to feed his insects. The flesh of mortals wasn’t enough for his insects, which was why Chu had to deal with this calamity now

When the messenger from the Giant Demon Clan saw Zhang Bai come to Chu, he secretly complained. Although he was also a Soul Formation cultivator, he didn’t break through from his own understanding but absorbed another’s understanding. In terms of power, he could bully Nascent Soul cultivators, but compared to someone powerful like Zhang Bai, he could only only run.

Zhang Bai was currently standing on top of a mountain, surrounded by countless insects. He looked with bloodshot eyes toward a sect in the distance.

“The Cloud Sky Sect… this is the number one sect in this country of Chu, and it is good at alchemy. Hmph, after today, all of those pills will belong to me. From what I heard from the other sects, the sect master is a beauty. I want to see if she will still be beautiful after she has been invaded by my insects.” Zhang Bai flew toward the sect.

The howling of insects was very intimidating.

“Several days ago, I fed on a late stage Nascent Soul junior from the Cloud Sky Sect. That junior said that Wang Lin wouldn’t forgive me when he died. Hmph, who is this Wang Lin, and why have I never heard of him? Also, Chu is a mere rank 3 cultivation country; there is no way for a Soul Formation cultivator to exist. This Wang Lin is only a slightly above average late stage Nascent Soul cultivator, and I kill them as I see them. Hmph, I have even killed quite a few Soul Formation cultivators.

Zhan Bai sneered. “After wiping out this country of Chu, I’ll kill my way back to the Nine Ghost Desolate Valley. This time, I must let the insect king be born. Once the insect king has entered my body, I’ll be able to reach the mid stage of Soul Formation. Ceng Niu, I want to see if you can still beat me then!”

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