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Chapter 331 – Reckless?

At the same time as the voice appeared, countless black wandering souls arrived like demons descending from the sky and charged toward the insects.

Several insects had already drilled into Liu Fei’s body. His eyes were filled with despair when a cold wind blew over him. The insects inside his body came out and ran like they had just met their natural predator.

Liu Fei was startled. His gaze fell on a not-so-large figure behind Zhan Bai.

“It is him…”

Song Qing’s eyes were bloodshot. He had used up almost all of his spiritual energy, but the insects kept coming wave after wave. He let out a sad smile. He was almost out of spiritual energy, and he didn’t even have time to take out pills. After pausing for just a moment, the insects covered his body.

The pain was driving him mad. He let out a pitiful smile and was about to explode his Nascent Soul when a cold wind blew by. His body trembled. The insects inside and outside of his body all screamed and quickly fled.

Song Qing was startled. He looked at the 70% foreign but 30% familiar figure behind Zhan Bai.

“It is him…”

At this moment, the two remaining late stage Nascent Soul head elders also felt the cold wind. They were also startled and then they saw that figure.

“It is him…”

All of the Cloud Sky Sect disciples that were still alive felt a cold wind enter their bodies, and then the insects all screamed while they escaped.

“It is him…” Almost all of the disciples raised their heads and saw that person.

Li Muwan stared at the person behind Zhan Bai. She couldn’t stop the tears in her eyes. Although Wang Lin’s figure was a bit different from 100 years ago, she was able to immediately recognize him.

“Wang Lin…”

Zhan Bai quivered ever so slightly. Up until now, he didn’t notice that person at all, meaning that his cultivation level was higher than his.

He suddenly turned and saw Wang Lin. His face was filled with disbelief. He subconsciously took a few steps back and shouted, “You… Ceng Niu!”

The entire Cloud Sky Sect was about to reach a boiling point when Zhan Bai shouted the name “Ceng Niu.”

“Ceng Niu!!” Very few in the Cloud Sky Sect didn’t know this name. The most famous person in Suzaku right now was Ceng Niu!

“Ceng Niu!!” Some of the lower ranked disciples were filled with shock.

“Ceng Niu!” Liu Fei was completely stunned.

“Ceng Niu!” Song Qing felt his mind shaking.

The two late stage Nascent Soul head elders’ eyes glowed like they had never glowed before.

Wang Lin’s eyes became very cold. This coldness had only ever appeared when he was killing the Teng family. This coldness meant that Wang Lin’s anger had reached its peak and he was about to kill.

“It is you who wants to wipe out the Cloud Sky Sect…” Wang Lin’s voice was as cold as the cold winds of the underworld.

This cold wind landed on Zhan Bai’s body. To him, it felt colder than any wind he had ever experienced before. Wang Lin, who was able to take Red Butterfly’s arm, appeared behind Zhan Bai without being noticed. This shocked Zhan Bai greatly.

Before the battle even started, he already had thoughts of retreating.

Zhan Bai said, “Ceng… Ceng Niu, I didn’t know you were from the Cloud Sky Sect. This time I was reckless…”

“Reckless?” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he suddenly charged forward. The restriction flag came out of his bag of holding and turned into a black fog that charged toward Zhan Bai.

Zhan Bai’s expression changed. He immediately backed up.

“Reckless?” Wang Lin let out a mad laugh. His hand formed a seal and then pointed forward. Dragons made of the restriction fog came out from the black fog and gathered before Wang Lin, condensing into a lance!

This lance was able to even shock Red Butterfly. She had to use her life treasure to defend against it.

The moment the lance appeared, the sky darkened. Black fog covered the sky, and all of the insects let out sharp shrills as if they had met their natural enemy.

Zhan Bai’s expression changed greatly. He continued to back up.

Wang Lin grabbed the lance and chased after Zhan Bai.

“Time!” Wang Lin let out a shout and nine carvings immediately flew out. They each grew into the size of a real person in the air and spread out.

Zhan Bai’s retreating body suddenly slowed down!


During this pause, Wang Lin’s lance lunged forward with a thunderous roar.

Zhan Bai let out a roar. His hand formed a seal and the image of a centipede suddenly appeared on his forehead. Countless legs appeared all over Zhan Bai’s body, forming a cocoon around him.

The power of the lance could move the heavens and earth.


With a bang, the lance landed upon the flesh cocoon. The restriction fog drilled into the cocoon viciously. The flesh cocoon immediately collapsed, and at that moment, Zhan Bai quickly backed out from the cocoon. He coughed out a large mouthful of blood.

There were countless maggots squirming inside this blood; it would make anyone’s skin crawl.

“Ceng Niu!! Don’t push me too far!” Zhan Bai’s eyes were completely bloodshot, and his voice was hoarse. He was completely shaken. The domain inside Wang Lin’s lance made his injuries even worse. If it wasn’t for his domain being so special, he would have been heavily wounded by Wang Lin already.

“Bully? Then today I’m going to bully you!” Wang Lin’s eyes were still cold. His right hand suddenly pointed forward and a very ordinary-looking ray of spiritual energy shot toward Zhan Bai.

“Domain attack!!” His expression was very ugly. Without any hesitation, he turned around with the intention to escape.

How could Wang Lin let him escape? He quickly chased after Zhan Bai and pointed at him. The surrounding wandering souls immediately came from all directions to stop him from retreating.

Zhan Bai’s face was ashen. He was about to escape with teleportation when Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He swiped his hand down and, with a loud tearing sound, a spatial rift appeared.

The spatial rift appear right as Zhan Bai was about to teleport. If he really did teleport, then he would be torn in half by the spatial rift.

“Madman!” Zhan Bai was terrified. He quickly stopped his teleportation.

As cold winds blew out from the rift, the ground began to crack and the surrounding spiritual energy was sucked into it.

Zhan Bai had seen crazy people, and he had killed Soul Formation cultivators before, but he was terrified of Wang Lin right now. Wang Lin had the most combat experience out of all the people he had faced.

Just tearing open a rift was something all Soul Formation cultivators could do. However, it was the first time Zhan Bai had seen it used to prevent teleportation.

Opening such a big rift would cause Chu to lose its spiritual energy, meaning that this was simply too crazy.

Wang Lin’s eyes were still cold. As he continued to move toward, he pointed at the sky. Rings of light suddenly appeared behind him, forming a giant black and white scroll.

“You are lucky. You are going to be the second offering to the life and death domain!” Wang Lin’s voice was cold. His right hand pointed at Zhan Bai as he said, “Changes of life and death!”

The scroll behind him seemed to be disturbed by a giant hand and was opened. The scroll covered more than ten kilometers and looked very majestic. Even the spatial rift closed before the power of the scroll.

Slivers of grey mist spread out from the scroll.

This was the first time he had used his domain at full power. He used all he had learned and understood about life and death and the heavenly reincarnation cycle in this attack.

Zhan Bai secretly complained, but he was a proud person. His eyes were completely bloodshot as he slapped his bag of holding, causing a swarm of red insects to appear.

Zhan Bai shouted, “Ceng Niu, there is no death grudge between us. Why must you go so far!? I only killed a few disciples of your Cloud Sky Sect!”

“Now there is!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he pointed at Zhan Bai. A thunderous roar came from the scroll and a vortex appeared. The vortex was surrounded by thick, grey fog.

If one looked closely, they would see people’s faces within the vortex. All of them were people who had died by Wang Lin’s hand.

This was Wang Lin’s life and death domain. It was another heavenly reincarnation cycle, his own cycle. Unless Zhan Bai’s domain had also reached the mid stage of Soul Formation, then resistance was futile.

The bugs beside Zhan Bai all let out miserable screams before dropping toward the ground. Every single bug was caught by a mass of gray gas and absorbed into the vortex.

Zhan Bai’s bloodshot eyes revealed a hint of his very well hidden fear. He let out a roar and pointed at his forehead. The centipede appeared again, and a rainbow-colored gas appeared on his forehead.

This gas in almost an instant turned in a 100-meter-long centipede. What was most scary about this centipede was that there was another head under its head, and that head looked just like Zhan Bai.

This was his origin soul!

Back when he was in the Nine Ghost Desolate Valley, he fused with the soul of this beast to reach the Soul Formation stage. The domain he comprehended was the way of the insect beast! He used the body of a beast to use the power of the heavens. The heavens were cruel; humans could kill beasts, so beast could kill humans. Humans could eat beasts, so beasts could eat humans.

If humans could become immortals, then that meant that beasts could also become immortals.

Why would humans be the root of it all? Zhan Bai’s Dao was to use the soul of a beast as the root.

The moment his origin soul appeared, he let out a roar and left his body. It flew up into the air, opened its mouth, and charged toward the vortex.

Wang Lin’s eyes sparkled as he said, “Arrogant!”

With a boom, the vortex suddenly expanded and devoured Zhan Bai’s origin soul like the ruthless heavens. Waves of miserable screams came from within, but they soon faded. The scroll disappeared and everything returned back to normal like nothing had ever happened.

Wang Lin waved his right hand and Zhan Bai’s body collapsed into a pile of flesh and blood. There were maggots everywhere inside his body, releasing a very foul smell.

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