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Chapter 327 – Return

Countless bolts of lightning emerged from the vortex like silver snakes rushing out in all directions.

“Not good!” The old man’s expression greatly changed. He grabbed his disciple and quickly backed up. At the same time, his other hand formed a seal and an octagonal mirror appeared before him. The mirror then began to spin rapidly

With a series of crackling sounds, countless cracks filled the mirror and it quickly shattered.

The old man didn’t have time to feel sad for the loss. He used the explosion from the mirror breaking to back up even more. However, the vicious lightning was rushing toward them.

The old man’s eyes were filled with despair. He bit his lips and pushed the girl away. “Go! Your teacher will block for you, go!”

“Teacher!” The girl’s eyes reddened and she was about to say something.

However, just at this moment, the lightning that was rushing toward them suddenly stopped and shrank back into an orb. At the same time, the orb of lightning let out a bright flash, and a young man wearing white walked out from the light.

The old man and his disciple stared dumbfoundedly at this scene. They weren’t able to speak for a very long time.

The young man was calm when he walked out of the orb of lightning. He took a deep breath and looked around. In the end, his gaze fell on the old man and his disciple.

This young man in white was Wang Lin!

“Planet Suzaku, I’m back!” Wang Lin muttered to himself. He then looked toward the old man and young woman as if they had been waiting here to welcome him. He let out a gentle smile and asked, “Fellow cultivator, has anything major happened in Suzaku lately?”

Wang Lin calculated that when Red Butterfly, who had lost an arm, returned to Suzaku, it would cause some disturbance.

The old man stood before the girl. He was very cautious and respectfully said, “Senior, many things have occurred in Suzaku lately. I wonder which thing senior is referring to?”

Wang Lin faintly smiled and said, “Tell me everything that has happened.”

Before the old man could speak, the girl behind him immediately said, “The biggest thing is, of course, the person named Ceng Niu.”

“Ceng Niu?” Wang Lin was startled. He rubbed his nose and immediately realized what it meant.

The girl ignored her master’s gaze and quickly said, “That is correct. The biggest thing in Suzaku right now is Ceng Niu. Red Butterfly lost an arm because of him!”

Wang Lin pondered for a bit before letting out a faint smile. He had already expected this, so he wasn’t shocked when he heard it. Instead, he casually asked, “What does this Ceng Niu look like? Is he wanted by Suzaku?”

The girl was about to speak when her master stopped him. The old man carefully looked at Wang Lin and said, “Senior, Suzaku didn’t send out any order to capture Ceng Niu.”

Wang Lin chuckled. He looked past the old man and toward the girl. He then took out a bottle of pills from his bag, threw it forward, and smiled. “Little girl is honest and smart, not bad, much better than your teacher. This bottle of pills will help you reach the Core Formation stage. It’s my gift to you.” With that, Wang Lin disappeared.

The vortex of lightning slowly dissipated with Wang Lin’s disappearance, and rain continued to fall.

The old man took a deep breath. Even now his heart was still unstable. Although that senior was smiling the entire time, he felt like he was before a god. All the young man had to do was raise his hand and the old man would have died.

The girl held the pill in her hand and curiously asked, “Teacher, what kind of pill is this?”

The old man took the bottle and looked inside, then his expression immediately changed when he saw the pills. He quickly poured out one pill and sniffed it. His body quivered. He quickly put the pill back into the bottle and put the bottle into his bag of holding. He dragged the young girl and quickly left this place.

The young girl felt frustrated. When they were more than ten kilometers away, she finally couldn’t hold it any longer and asked again.

The old man took a deep breath. His eyes sparkled with excitement as he said, “Disciple, unless he took out the wrong pills, then he must be a very powerful person. These pills are called Shattered Earth Pills. They are very powerful pills for Core Formation cultivators. There are three pills in this bottle. Three pills are reason enough to cause a catastrophe in our country of Crass Water.”

The girl was dumbfounded.

These two didn’t know that most of these Shattered Earth Pills had been devoured by Wang Lin’s mosquito beast.

Wang Lin was currently traveling toward the country of Chu near the Sea of Devils. He had gotten his revenge and then went to the Celestial Realm. It was time for him to go home.

Wang Lin secretly thought, “If it wasn’t for the fact that the return cauldron had a little problem, I would have already returned a while ago. I didn’t expect to get sent to a completely desolate planet.”

He should have returned a few days ago, but during the transfer back, there was some sort of issue that changed the location of where he was transferred to. He ended up getting sent to a planet without any life.

This planet wasn’t very far from Suzaku. It was dark right now, so when Wang Lin raised his head, he could see that planet.

“This moon is in fact also a planet, but much smaller.” Wang Lin quickly flew through the sky, leaving a trail of light.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he thought, “It is a shame I was only on the moon for a moment before the transfer started again. Although there was no spiritual energy there, I felt a mysterious force deep under the ground. When my cultivation is strong enough, I need to go check it out.”

Wang Lin didn’t make any stops along the way. However, Chu was simply too far away, so he had to use a few ancient transfer arrays to close the distance.

As for the star compass, Wang Lin found that it could only be used in the void or among the stars. He found that he wasn’t able to open it in Suzaku.

“The star compass is missing a corner and is still missing a material. I wonder if I will be able to use it in Suzuka if I have those. If I could, I would even be able to run away from Soul Transformation cultivators.”

“Also, why hasn’t Suzaku put a bounty on my head yet?” While Wang Lin flew, he took out the straw hat and put it on his head.

“There are many restrictions and formations in this straw hat that I can’t activate. This time, when I return to Chu, I must spend some time to study it. Also, with the treasure swords I got from the Da Lou Sword Sect disciples, I will be able to add a lot more restrictions to my restriction flag. Unfortunately, I only picked up three of those treasure swords.”

Wang Lin got one of the treasure swords when he killed a Da Lou Sword Sect disciple. As for the other two, he found them with Chi Hu while they were collecting bags of holding in the void.

Wang Lin let out a bitter smile. “Go into closed door cultivation to reach the mid stage of Soul Formation, find the missing materials for the star compass, study the straw hat, and add more restrictions to the restriction flag. There are simply too many things to do…”

Wang Lin secretly thought, “There is also Ta Sen from the land of the ancient god. It has been many years, and I don’t know how far he has cultivated. I must have the power to protect myself before he can leave there.”

Thinking about Ta Sen, Wang Lin couldn’t help but think of Tian Yunzi.

“I never would have thought that I would meet my future teacher on this trip to the Celestial Realm. Senior Tian Yunzi is the Da Lou Sword Sect’s enemy. The person who fought with Chi Hu and could use the killing intent crystal is also in Tian Yunzi’s sect, I just don’t know if he is senior’s disciple. I wonder if he will hold a grudge against me when I go there.” Wang Lin frowned.

“The old man from the Da Lou Sword Sect is too strong. Could he be an Ascendant cultivator? Unfortunately, I have never seen an Ascendant cultivator, so I can’t speculate. However, from his words, he seems to be a bit weaker than Tian Yunzi. So what exactly is the cultivation level of this senior who is going to take me as his honorary disciple for 100 years? I wonder if senior Tian Yunzi noticed me there.”

“The harvest is very good for this trip to the Celestial Realm. Only the pagoda with the female corpse is going to be a bit difficult. Since I have already agreed to senior Zhou Yi’s request, I can’t go back on my word, most because I don’t know what the result was after senior Zhou Yi chased that old man…” As Wang Lin flew, many thoughts went through his head.

“Rain Celestial Sword… once I return to Chu, I have to see if I can take it out.”

Wang Lin took a deep breath before stopping and descending to the ground. Below him was an ancient transfer array. His heart ached as he took out a top quality spirit stone and placed it in the array. The array opened up and he disappeared into it.

Millions of kilometers away, Wang Lin appeared. He rubbed his bag of holding and thought, “There aren’t many top quality spirit stones left. Luckily, there were some in the bags we found, but afters splitting them with Chi Hu, there are only around 20 left. It is best to use them sparingly from now on. They will definitely have use in the future.”

Wang Lin didn’t make any stops. He quickly teleported and continued rushing home.

Time slowly passed by. One month later, Wang Lin stood before another ancient transfer array and touched his bag of holding. He was about to take out another top quality spirit stone when he suddenly stopped. He spread out his divine sense to check if anyone was one around. Once he confirmed that he was alone, he carefully took out a celestial jade.

“Celestial jades are higher quality than top quality spirit stones. I wonder if I can use it to open the ancient transfer array.” Wang Lin pondered for a bit before placing the celestial jade into the transfer array.

The moment the celestial jade was placed in the transfer array, it released a light brighter than any transfer array ever had before. The transfer array shook and countless fine cracks appeared on it.

At the same time, a faint image of a map appeared before Wang Lin. There were a total of eight dots lit up, and one of them had rings of light around it.

Wang Lin was stunned. Seeing that the cracks on the formation were getting worse, he didn’t have time to think. He glanced at the map and then pointed at one of the points that lit up.

With a boom, the formation suddenly collapsed. The moment the transfer array collapsed, the celestial jade popped out and was caught by Wang Lin. At the same time, Wang Lin was surrounded by a mysterious power from the array and disappeared.

After Wang Lin disappeared, with only a gentle blow of the wind, the ancient transfer array turned to dust, leaving behind an imprint.

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