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Chapter 326 – The new star of Suzuka

The moment Wang Lin said those words, the sky rumbled and a huge purple coffin appeared above him. The coffin fell from the sky and landed about a dozen feet in front of Wang Lin.

It created shockwaves that spread out in all directions.

All of the cultivators backed up with uncertain expressions on their faces.

An old man was sitting on top of the coffin. He calmly looked toward Wang Lin with a complicated expression.

The old man slowly asked, “You knew I was here?”

Wang Lin grinned and said, “Of course I knew; you followed me the entire way.”

The old man softly snorted.

One of the cultivators realized who the old man was and shouted, “The Corpse Sect!”

The moment the words “Corpse Sect” came out, everyone’s expression changed.

“Scram!” The old man was very annoyed as he waved his hand. The two cultivators close to him both coughed out blood and their bodies flew backwards as if they had been hit by a powerful force.

“Soul Transformation!” The surrounding cultivators all took a deep breaths and backed up.

The old man from the Corpse Sect rolled his eyes and stared at Wang Lin. He suddenly smiled and said, “Little guy, how about we make a deal? I’ll help you kill these guys and you give me 1000 years of freedom. In these 1000 years, I won’t look for you and you won’t crush my soul for no reason. How about it?”

Wang Lin laughed. “1000 years is too long. What if I die within 1000 years?”

The old man was startled. He grabbed his hair and exclaimed, “Zhou Yi! I have been tricked by you! If he doesn’t even live for 1000 years, then one of my souls will go down with him!”

At this moment, the old man finally understood his situation. Both of his eyes were bloodshot, and the frustration building up inside him was about to drive him mad. He viciously stared at Wang Lin before jumping toward the surrounding cultivators.

The cultivators backed up one by one, wanting to escape, but they didn’t have the power to resist a mid stage Soul Transformation cultivator.

It was a massacre.

Chi Hu stared dumbfoundedly at the scattering cultivators while they were killed. He was in deep shock.

Wang Lin’s expression still remained the same. He calmly looked around but didn’t say a word.

After a long time, the old man came back with a strong murderous aura around him. His eyes were even redder than before, and he stared at Wang Lin with them. After a very long time, he threw a piece of jade that shot out like lightning. Wang Lin caught it.

“In these 1000 years, I’ll protect you once! You better stay alive for me!” After the old man finished speaking, he stepped onto the coffin and disappeared.

Wang Lin pondered for a bit before slapping his bag of holding to take out the star compass. He jumped onto it and then turned around to look at Chi Hu. “Brother Chi Hu, get on. Let us return to Suzaku.”

Chi Hu took a deep breath before jumping onto the star compass. He opened his mouth to say something to Wang Lin, but he wasn’t able to say a word in the end.

He took a few steps back earlier, and with just those few steps, the relationship between them regressed.

Wang Lin didn’t say anymore. He controlled the compass toward the direction of the vortex.

After very long time, Chi Hu said, “Thank you.”

Wang Lin faintly smiled. He didn’t say a word, because he knew what Chi Hu meant. Earlier, all he had to do was say one word and Sun Tai would have killed Chi Hu.

Chi Hu took a deep breath and said, “You can rest assured; I will not tell anyone about what happened today. I, Chi Hu, swear upon my Giant Demon Clan!”

Time slowly passed. Even with the star compass’ speed, it took some time to go around the fragments to reach the vortex.

There were still some cultivators sitting on the platforms talking to each other about the celestial swords.

However, everyone who went was killed by Sun Tai, so no one knew who got the celestial swords in the end.

When they got close to the vortex, Wang Lin put away the star compass. He and Chi Hu flew the rest of the way and arrived at the platform directly below the vortex after a short while.

The two looked at each other. Wang Lin clasped his hands and said, “Brother Chi Hu, let us meet again back in Suzaku.” With that, he slapped his bag of holding and the return cauldron appeared in his hand.

Chi Hu took a deep breath. He sincerely looked at Wang Lin and said, “Brother Ceng, you must come visit me so we can drink together.”

Wang Lin laughed and nodded. He activated the return furnace and a vortex appeared before him. He looked at the Celestial Realm one more time before stepping into the vortex and disappearing.

Chi Hu slapped his bag of holding and took out his return cauldron as well. He activated it and walked into the vortex just as Wang Lin did.

Many things happened in these past few months, but the one thing that shocked everyone in rank 4 or higher cultivation countries was that the core disciple of Suzaku, Red Butterfly, had lost an arm to someone!

With the destruction of the Four Sect Alliance and Xue Yu becoming a rank 5 cultivation country, her fame had exploded within the planet.

The rumors about her never ended, like how she had reached the late stage of Soul Formation in only 100 years, and how she was accepted as a core disciple of Suzaku. These things were still talked about by cultivators.

Not many people knew that Red Butterfly had obtained a Rain Cauldron and had entered the Celestial Realm. However, five months ago, all of the rank 5 cultivation countries gathered at the Suzaku alter for the conference that was held every 100 years,

This conference was halfway through when a vortex suddenly opened up in the sky and Red Butterfly fell out. She had lost an arm, and she only said one thing before passing out.

“Ceng Niu!”

This was the name Red Butterfly said while gritting her teeth before passing out.

All of the messengers from the rank 5 cultivation countries were stunned. Soon, the news of Red Butterfly losing an arm and spitting out the name Ceng Niu quickly began spread.

The name Ceng Niu suddenly became more famous than even Red Butterfly’s; it became the brightest star in the planet.

Everyone was guessing what planet this Ceng Niu came from.

At some point, Red Butterfly woke up and spoke of Ceng Niu’s identity.

“This Ceng Niu is from Suzaku, and he’s from the Ceng family!” The moment this information came out, the entire planet was shocked.

The first thing that happened was the Ceng family ancestors looked through their family registry,. They really did find someone named Ceng Niu. However, this family member was not even 30 years old and was only at the Foundation Establishment stage. The ancestor took the family member and the family registry to Suzaku to prove their innocence.

As a result, rumors about Ceng Niu became a popular topic among cultivators.

There were even more cultivators looking around trying to find the true identity of this mysterious cultivator, but none of them succeeded in the end.

The country of Suzaku reacted to all of this like nothing even happened, which was very rare.

The person named Ceng Niu became the number one youngster in Suzaku.

Despite the Ceng family saying that this Ceng Niu might not really be named Ceng, few people believed them and many people came to visit.

This caused the Ceng Niu from the Ceng family to be terrified but also a bit proud.

This matter suddenly surged again when the Giant Demon Clan’s young master returned three months ago. Chi Hu’s return caused many people to come visit, and Suzaku even sent someone to come to investigate the matter relating to Ceng Niu.

Chi Hu didn’t say a word about Ceng Niu, and when he was pressured by the messenger from Suzaku, he only said one thing.

“I don’t know this person’s true name, I only know that he is called Ceng Niu. This person’s cultivation is unfathomable, and as for his grudge with Red Butterfly, I don’t know the reason. However, from what I have seen, it was fellow cultivator Red Butterfly who continued to act against him. In the end, Ceng Niu was forced to act as well. If I have said any lies, then let my soul dissipate!”

After Chi Hu said all of this, he immediately entered closed door cultivation and refused to see visitors.

This statement was somehow leaked and spread like wildfire. This made the name Ceng Niu resurge everywhere and made it even more famous.

Subsequently, once Red Butterfly had recovered, she sent out a message through Suzaku saying:

“Ceng Niu, our battle is not over! I’m waiting for you to find me!”

“Ceng Niu, who the hell are you?!” This question wasn’t only in the hearts of Chi Hu and Red Butterfly, but in everyone’s minds. Who really was this Ceng Niu?

Although Red Butterfly had recorded a portrait of Ceng Niu, Suzaku never released it. No one knew what Suzaku was thinking.

In a small sect in some rank 4 cultivation country, a middle-aged man muttered to himself, “Ceng Niu, that is my dad’s name. His name was Ceng Daniu…”

Clouds covered the sky in the area where Wang Lin entered the Celestial Realm. Lightning flashed across the sky and rain fell endlessly.

This storm had already lasted more than a month. Very few cultivators would come outside in this rain, and even fewer mortals.

One day, two swords flew across the sky. There was a gentle light that blocked out the rain, and inside the light there was an old man and a young woman.

Half of the old man’s hair was white, and wrinkles had begun to appear on his face. The young girl was about 17 or 18 years old and was quite beautiful.

The girl laughed. “Teacher, traveling in this rain consumes a lot of spiritual energy, so it is a good training method.”

The old man laughed. “Correct. If you remain this diligent, you will be able to reach the Core Formation stage within ten years!”

The girl suddenly asked, “Teacher, what cultivation level do you think Ceng Niu have reached to be able to take an arm from Red Butterfly? Could he have reached the legendary Soul Transformation stage?”

“Ceng Niu… is a senior far above us. How can someone like me judge him? However, my guess is that this person is a late stage Soul Formation cultivator instead of Soul Transformation, or else Red Butterfly wouldn’t have just lost an arm; she would’ve died.”

A thunderous roar rang in their ears right when old man finished speaking.

There was suddenly a lot more lightning in the sky, and within the lightning a giant vortex appeared.

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