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Chapter 328 – Heart Trembles

This transfer gave Wang Lin the same feeling he had when he was transferred to the Celestial Realm. However, this feeling only lasted for a short period of time. Wang Lin appeared in an ancient transfer array countless kilometers away.

He spread out his divine sense. Even with his mental strength, he couldn’t help but reveal a look of fear.

This place was only 800,000 kilometers away from the Sea of Devils. One transfer and he went past several ancient transfer arrays. Wang Lin calculated that he must have moved millions of kilometers. The journey that would have normally taken a month passed by in the blink of an eye. This truly stunned Wang Lin.

He looked down at the celestial jade in his hand. It was no longer pure white; there was a bit of grey inside it. It was now missing about 10% of the celestial spiritual energy that was inside.

Recalling the map that appeared when he activated the transfer array, Wang Lin suddenly understood something. Perhaps this was the real method of using the ancient transfer arrays, and top quality spirit stones could only open one location. By using a celestial jade, one could open up all of the connecting transfer arrays.

“However, one transfer took 10%. Although I have quite a bit of celestial jade, I can’t waste it like this. This isn’t transfer but wasting celestial spiritual energy. There aren’t many people that can use celestial jades to transfer in Suzaku…” Wang Lin mocked himself before jumping into the air and flying forward.

The truth was very similar to what Wang Lin had thought. Although there were people who could open transfer arrays with celestial jade, there were simply too few of them…

Only the four Ascendant cultivators of Suzaku would not feel their hearts ache when using a celestial jade to transfer.

While Wang Lin flew, he touched the beast trap on his right wrist. During the second fight with Red Butterfly, the thunder toad sustained a very grave injury that brought it to the edge of death. Although it was still trapped inside the beast trap, it went from taking spiritual energy every few days to every few months.

Wang Lin understood that if it wasn’t for him continuing to send spiritual energy into the beast trap, the thunder toad would have died.

“I don’t know if Wan Er will be able to cure the thunder toad after I return to Chu. Alas, this beast is only in this condition because of me, so I, Wang Lin, can’t just abandon it.”

While he was thinking about this, a gentle wave came from his wrist as if it was responding to him.

At this moment, in the Cloud Sky Sect of Chu, Li Muwan sat in the eastern court with a zither. Her jade-like fingers moved across the zither, creating a beautiful melody. The gentle sound waves seemed like they were reminiscing about something.

These past 100 plus years seemed to have gone by in an instant for Wang Lin, but for Li Muwan, it had been far too long.

The current her looked different from before; there were signs of aging on her face. With her age, she should have turned into a pile of white bones if not for the dew from the heaven defying bead.

“In these past 100 years, I’m still stuck at the late stage of Core Formation… The dew you have given me no longer has any effect. I can feel that my body is weakening day by day… If I still can’t reach the Nascent Soul stage within 10 years, I…” Li Muwan forcibly controlled herself to not let her tears fall.

However, the sound of the zither revealed her inner feelings. It was filled with sadness and helplessness. Anyone who heard it would feel their heart become heavy.

“Wang Lin… Where exactly are you…” The sadness in Li Muwan’s eyes became even stronger. Her heart was in a lot of pain.

Her time with Wang Lin echoed in her mind. This was the only thing she had to live for. If she didn’t have these memories, then even if her body was fine, her heart would have already died.

“Wang Lin… maybe when you are back, we will be separated by life and death…” Li Muwan finally wasn’t able to hold back her tears. Two streams fell down her cheeks.

At this moment, two people stood outside the courtyard. Both of them had heads full of white hair.

One of the old men shook his head and said, “Sect master’s zither play contains a hint of death… alas…”

“Liu Fei, in these past 100 years, sect master has failed to break into the Nascent Soul stage three times even though she took many pills. If it wasn’t for the fact that she wanted to see that person one more time, then she would have died 30 years ago when she failed to break through again…”

“Song Qing, the person you are referring to… you think he is still alive?” A cold figure appeared in Liu Fei’s mind, causing his body to quiver. Even after 100 years, he couldn’t forget what had happened.

Song Qing pondered for a bit and sighed. “100 years ago he was at the early stage of Nascent Soul. How could he be dead? My guess is that now he has reached the late stage of Nascent Soul.” His fear was much deeper than Liu Fei’s. The scene from back then often woke him in his sleep.

That scene had became his inner demon.

“Alas, even if he has reached the late stage of Nascent Soul, he won’t be able to save the Sky Cloud Sect…” Liu Fei’s face was filled with bitterness.

Song Qing pondered for a long time before letting out a bitter smile. “That foreign cultivator wiped out the Blue Sky Sect three days ago. I wonder who will be next…”

Liu Fei bitterly said, “Even the lord messenger was scared away by this person’s techniques. My Cloud Sky Sect’s fate has already been set.

“Of the four late stage Nascent Soul senior elders, elder Liu Chang died 30 years ago when he failed to reach the Soul Formation stage, and now whether elder Gong Sun will live or die is unknown…”

Just at this moment, the zither music stopped, and from within the courtyard came Li Muwan’s gentle voice.

“Two seniors, please come in to talk. Wan Er is not feeling well, so I won’t be coming out.”

Liu Fei and Song Qing quickly replied. They then looked at each other before quickly entering the courtyard.

Li Muwan stared at the zither. She shook head and then looked toward the two.

Liu Fei had a complex expression on his face as he said, “Sect master, your health is important. Playing the zither is a strain on your mind.”

Li Muwan let out a sigh and then smiled. “My body is already too weak. Even if I don’t play the zither, I won’t live for more than ten years.”

Liu Fei secretly sighed.

Li Muwan calmly said, “Any news on elder Gong Sun?”

“Elder Gong Sun went to find that foreign cultivator seven days ago and still hasn’t returned. I’m afraid…” Song Qing’s eyes were filled with sadness. He didn’t continue speaking.

Li Muwan pondered for a bit. After a long time, she let out a sad smile and said, “Have you guys found any information about where that cultivator is from?”

Liu Fei whispered, “We only know that this person doesn’t look that old and uses various poisonous insects. He is also covered in a bloodthirsty aura. One month ago, he suddenly appeared inside Chu. He destroyed three sects within seven days, and three days ago the Blue Sky Sect was destroyed. Only a few outer disciples who were out visiting their families are left.”

Li Muwan stared out the window. After a long time, she was about to speak, but her face suddenly became red. Her body started trembling and she began to cough violently.

Liu Fei and Song Qing quickly revealed concerned looks.

Li Muwan covered her mouth with her right hand. Only after coughing for a while did she finally stop. She looked at the shocking red blood in her hand. She wiped it away and said, “In a few days, when I’m feeling better, I’ll return your soul essence bloods. All of you should run away afterward.”

“Sect master!” Liu Fei and Song Qin both spoke at the same time. Their eyes were filled with sadness. Although both of their soul essence bloods were in Li Muwan’s hands, she had never used them against them. Instead, she always treated them like her seniors. Neither of them were made of wood, and the sliver of discontent they had with her had long disappeared.

“Sect master, Ouyang Zi’s life extension pill has already been in research for several years. Once he succeeds, you will be able to live longer!”

Li Muwan shook her head and said, “There is no way. Even if it could help, it would only extend my life by a few years. I could feel my body aging in these past 10 years. Maybe in a few years all of my hair will have turned white… moreover, this disaster is something the Cloud Sky Sect won’t be able to escape from…”

Song Qing bitterly said, “Sect master, we can get help from the Giant Demon Sect. This foreign cultivator scared away the Giant Demon Sect’s messenger, so they have to act. All we have to do is hold out until then.”

“Giant Demon Clan…” Li Muwan gently whispered. She shook her head. “The Giant Demon Clan only see us as a tools for alchemy… also, the matter between Ceng Niu and the Giant Demon Clan’s young master has them in a bind, so they probably won’t have time to bother with us.”

Liu Fei said, “Ceng Niu! Alas, if it wasn’t for this person, then the Giant Demon Clan wouldn’t have just abandoned us.”

Song Qing mockingly said, “If only Ceng Niu could come to my country, then this disaster would be resolved.” Song Qing only said it to mock himself; he didn’t even think that there was a 1 in 10,000 chance it could happen.

Liu Fei bitterly smiled. “Ceng Niu, that is a senior that could even take an arm off Red Butterfly. I’m afraid he probably hasn’t even heard of Chu.”

Li Muwan whispered, “You guys can can leave and pass on my intent to the two grand elders in closed door cultivation. Once I have returned your soul essence bloods, all of you should escape this place…”

Liu Fei asked, “Sect master, what about you? How about you come with us?”

Li Muwan revealed deep sadness in her eyes. At this moment, there was no fear in her heart. Even if the Cloud Sky Sect was doomed, she wasn’t willing to leave. Even if she dies, she must die here. This was her agreement with Wang Lin.

She didn’t speak but gently shook her head. She looked out toward the blue sky outside and Wang Lin’s image appeared in her mind.

“Big brother Wang…”

A fist-sized creature flew out of from Li Muwan’s brow. It hovered around for a bit before landing on the zither.

Li Muwan’s hand rubbed the small creature’s head as she whispered, “Little Ling, where is your master?”

Wang Lin didn’t stop at all during this 800,000 kilometer trip. He stood on the edge of the Sea of Devils looking toward Chu, and for some reason his heart trembled slightly.

He had never felt trembling like this before; this was the first time it ever happened.

“Inner demon? Not possible. With my cultivation, a normal inner demon could never enter my origin soul.” While Wang Lin thought about it, he walked into the Sea of Devils.

“I haven’t seen Wan Er in many years. I should buy something for her… ” Wang Lin let out a faint smile.

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