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Chapter 321 – Swords gone mad

“Unfortunately, I’m still lacking in materials and can only do some minor repairs. This star compass was originally incomplete and is missing a type of metal. Without this metal, this compass has no attack capability. No wonder it is considered a fake.”

“In addition, the missing corner would require another type of material, but using it should be fine for now.” Wang Lin secretly sighed.

After hearing Chi Hu’s question, Wang Lin nodded and smiled. “There should be no problems leaving this void.”

Chi Hu let out a breath of relief. Over the past few days, he saw many strange creatures wandering around. Some of them completely ignored him, but some of them showed interest toward him.

Although all of them were just scares in the end and he hadn’t faced any real danger, he didn’t want to stay around here any longer.

Wang Lin pointed at the compass and it immediately became larger. Its size was at least twice the size from before. Wang Lin sat down in the center of the compass.

Chi Hu’s eyes lit up. He looked at it for a bit with interest before sitting down on the eastern corner.

This compass contained a sliver of Wang Lin’s divine sense, so when he sat down, the compass felt like it was part of his body and merged with him.

With a thought, the compass began to move at a speed several times faster than before and disappeared.

Chi Hu sent out a message. “Brother Ceng is really amazing. The compass is several times faster than before!”

Wang Lin replied, “Brother Chi Hu, now that this compass has been refined by me, it no longer needs someone to guide it, so you can rest and cultivate!”

The star compass flashed by like a ghostly light as it quickly flew past various strange creatures.

Whenever they encountered dangerous creatures, Wang Lin immediately flew around them.

Wang Lin initially felt a bit strange controlling the compass, but after flying for a while, he had completely mastered it. Controlling the compass was not much different from controlling his own body right now.

This speed was something Wang Lin could never achieve when flying with just his body. Only by constantly using teleportation could he compare to this star compass.

Wang Lin secretly thought, “This is indeed a rare treasure. With this speed, it would be hard for even Soul Transformation cultivators to catch up.” This trip to the Celestial Realm was not a waste; the harvest was beyond his imagination.

Star compass, celestial jade, and the war god chariots. If he also considered that pagoda, then his harvest was really too amazing.

In addition, there was also a rebellious Soul Transformation slave.

In a certain location on one of the various celestial fragments. The fragment here wasn’t as badly damaged. One could see a hint of what the Celestial Realm was like before.

The green grass covering the ground and the cloud floating at the peak of the mountains showed a hint of what this place originally looked like.

A very beautiful woman in white silently appeared. Under her feet was a golden dragon that released waves of sword energy.

However, at the brow of this golden dragon, there was a mass of purple that would sometimes reveal Zhou Yi’s helpless face.

“If the Celestial Realm were still intact, all I would have needed to do is throw you into the celestial purification pond to help you recover. However, now that that’s gone, just one rain celestial sword is too slow.”

A helpless voice coming from the purple mass on the dragon’s forehead said, “Ting Er, why are you doing all of this? Do you want to waste all of the celestial spiritual energy I have gathered for you?”

The white-robed woman calmly said, “You are a celestial emperor crowned by me, Qin Feng. If I refuse let you die, you can’t die. Also, I’m not called Ting Er.”

Zhou Yi revealed a painful expression. After a long time, he whispered, “That is correct, you are not called Ting Er… I have already remembered everything… since you are not Ting Er, then let me leave… I’m already dead…”

The white-robed woman began to ponder. After a while she said, “However, this name, Ting Er… I like it very much.”

Zhou Yi was startled. His eyes revealed signs of joy as he said, “Ting Er…”

“Hum…” The white-robed woman pondered for a bit before responding. She pressed her hand against the celestial fragment below her and recited a few crisp chants.

Suddenly, the ground began to tremble and countless cracks appeared. Rays of golden light peered out from underground.

Shortly after, all of the golden lights gathered in one place and the ground there began to break. A crisp sword hymn that spread across the entire celestial realm rang out as the celestial sword appeared.

The golden dragon under the white-robed woman let out a roar due to the sword hymn and then a roar came back from under the ground as well.

“Second rain celestial sword, appear!”


The ground broke as a golden dragon charged up from below. As it moved, the surrounding earth began to collapse into the void. After it appeared, it intertwined with the golden dragon under the white0robed woman’s feet. The two dragons began to let out joyous roars as if two old friends were meeting.

At this moment, far away in the void, the Da Lou Sect old man who was sitting on top of a Qilin suddenly opened his eyes.

The moment he opened his eyes, a powerful creature of the void let out a miserable groan and ran away in panic.

“Another rain celestial sword! There are a total of five rain celestial swords. One shattered back then, so four remain! Two out of the four have appeared, but I just don’t know if that is enough to awaken the sword spirit. If the sword spirit awakens, then every single sword spirit in the celestial realm will respond!” The old man let out a smile of anticipation as he touched the Qilin under him and said, “If the celestials are still alive, they will be impossible to obtain with my current cultivation…”

His eyes sparkled as the Qilin under his feet began to move even faster. After a while, a joyous expression appeared on his face.

“They reacted!”

The two golden dragons below the white-robed woman continued to roar as they intertwined with each other. The woman’s hand formed the shape of a jade bottle as she said, “Back then, the celestial realm encountered a catastrophe and the rain celestial sword spirit was shattered into countless pieces. They fused into countless celestial sword and became broken sword spirits. Today, Zhou Yi, I crown you as the new sword spirit. Sword spirit, gather!”

The moment she finished speaking, every single Celestial Realm fragment, whether they had people on them or not, began to tremble. This shaking of the earth was not because it was collapsing, and the shaking of the sky was not caused by spacial rifts.

One by one, celestial swords flew out from the fragments, and one by one the celestial swords reformed in the air. Sword hymns echoed from one celestial sword to the next, from one fragment to the next.

Almost in the blink of an eye, the sword hymns were coming from every part of the Celestial Realm. At this moment, there was only one sound in the Celestial Realm.

That was the sound of a sword!

A disciple of the Da Lou Sword Sect was currently fighting someone to steal their treasure. When he saw the panic on his opponent’s face, he sneered as he swung down his sword.

However, the sneer disappeared very quickly and was replaced with confusion. Waves of sword hymns were coming in from all directions. His ears were being filled with the sword hymns.

Just as he swung down his treasured sword, there was a series of crackling sounds as cracks appeared on his sword. In almost the blink of an eye, his treasured sword shattered.

On the other celestial fragment, the flying swords under some cultivators’ feet immediately shattered as they were flying.

A woman who had just entered the vortex and landed on a fragment suddenly heard the sword hymn. She thought that something had happened, so she reactively took out a rainbow-colored flying sword from her bag of holding.

This flying sword was her sect’s important treasure, but the moment it appeared, cracks appeared on it as it shattered.

In this moment, no matter where in the Celestial Realm they were and no matter what their cultivation level was, if a cultivator had a sword out, that sword would shatter.

The sword shatters due to shame!

The sword shatters to feed the soul!!

The sword shatters for the sword-crazed!!!

The rain celestial sword had a new soul, and that new soul was Zhou Yi.

The rain celestial sword spirit has returned. 10,000 swords shattered, 10,000 swords returned, 10,000 swords fused into one!

All of the celestial swords in the Celestial Realm flew toward one direction.

Anyone who dared to block them was killed!

If a person blocked them, they would kill that person. If land blocked them, they would destroy the land. If the sky blocked them, they would shatter the sky. And if a beast blocked them, they would kill the beast.

At this moment in the void, a middle-aged scholar was walking about. Whenever a strange creature saw him, it would avoid him. None of them dared to get close to him. He was walking through the void when he heard the sword hymn. This caused his expression to change.

“They were attracted!”

At the same time, many swords closed in from the distance. Even with the middle-aged man’s cultivation, he didn’t dare to block them, so he decided to dodge. His body suddenly disappeared. After the swords passed by, his eyes lit up as he quickly chased after them.

“As long as I follow the swords, I can find the rain celestial sword!”

He wasn’t the only cultivator with this idea. Right now, almost every single cultivator was leaving their celestial fragment and following the swords. They all wanted to see what exactly could cause all these swords to go crazy!

Wang Lin was on the compass when he heard the sword hymn. He suddenly stopped. Chi Hu’s face sank as he said, “Brother Ceng, I’m afraid that something big has happened!”

Before he finished speaking, he saw rows of swords in the distance. They were all emitting powerful sword energy as they were flying his way.

Chi Hu took a closer look and shouted, “This… these are all…celestial swords!”

Those celestials swords were very fast, so they quickly closed in. Wang Lin sucked in a breath of cold air as he quickly controlled the compass to dodge to the side. The celestial swords flew past him.

Wang Lin was shocked. “What exactly happened?”

Chi Hu’s face was filled with terror as he pointed at something. “Look brother Ceng, there are more celestial swords there!”

They saw countless celestial swords appear over there. They were heading in the same direction as the ones from earlier.

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