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Chapter 320 – Compass

“What hidden meaning?” Sun Tai’s heart was in panic, but he didn’t show any of it.

Wang Lin let out a laugh and continued to move forward. “You should eventually figure out the hidden meaning yourself. If you still don’t understand it by the end, then that will be the end of your life!”

Sun Tai continued to back up. He moved even faster this time and quickly got far away.. “I won’t lower myself to deal with a junior like you. If you dare to destroy my third soul, you will see how I will retaliate!”

With that, he quickly flew off into the distance and no longer talked about trapping Wang Lin.

Wang Lin stood in place as he coldly watched Sun Tai disappear into the distance. Only after he was gone did Wang Lin finally relax a bit.

This Sun Tai’s cultivation level was too high. This type of slave was something Wang Lin would never want. It seemed even Zhou Yi didn’t realize that Sun Tai had a fourth soul.

Wang Lin secretly thought, “Even if he has a fourth soul, if his third soul were to die, his cultivation level would drop greatly. It might even leave behind a hidden wound. If that happens, Sun Tai won’t be scared away by just a few words from me.” He turned and flew toward Chi Hu and the compass.

Wang Lin knew that what just happened was very dangerous. If he had hesitated for a moment, he would have been caught by Sun Tai.

“If I can destroy Sun Tai’s fourth soul, then I can really take him as my slave!”

Wang Lin quickly returned to the star compass.

“Brother Ceng, that Sun Tai is the Corpse Sect’s head elder. You have to be careful in the future.” Chi Hu saw what had just happened and Wang Lin’s status increased in his mind. As the Giant Demon Clan’s young master, instead of making enemies, he wanted to become friends with heroes.

Throughout their journey, Wang Lin had shown both his wit and determination. His cultivation was also very amazing, which made Chi Hu want to make Wang Lin his friend.

Wang Lin smiled and said, “No need to worry. If it wasn’t for the fact that senior Zhou Yi told me that there would be great use in keeping him alive, I would have already killed him and used this pagoda to seal his fourth soul. There would have been no way for him to escape his fate.” Wang Lin said all of this with a very calm expression. He knew that even if that Sun Tai had left, he would have used his divine sense to spy on them.

Chi Hu was startled. He didn’t ask anymore as he focused on controlling the star compass and they disappeared into the void.

Not long after they left, Sun Tai appeared. He stared at the direction Wang Lin disappeared to with an unsettling expression.

“Although I can’t believe everything this junior says, 80% of it should be true. How would an early stage Soul Formation cultivator be so calm when facing me otherwise? Hmmph, I was wondering why he wasn’t willing to destroy my third soul. It seems Zhou Yi has already passed him a message. Now I only have to find out what they intend to use me for…”

Sun Tai pondered for a bit before flying forward.

“What kind of problem is this… I can’t kill him or trap him. Why is it so problematic? If I force him too much, he might decide to go against Zhou Yi’s words and destroy my third soul. Although I have the fourth soul, it is not fully grown yet. The death of the third soul will not only decrease my cultivation level, it will also decrease my lifespan…”

He let out a very frustrated sigh.

The star compass Wang Lin and Chi Hu were on moved very quickly across the void. However, after a few hours, the cracks on the compass increased until it finally stopped and was unable to move anymore.

Wang Lin still didn’t move or say anything.

“Brother Ceng, this star compass can no longer fly. We will have to fly on our own. However, this void is too dangerous, ah!” Chi Hu jump off the star compass with a bitter expression.

Wang Lin casually looked at the star compass and said, “Brother Chi Hu, you only brought one star compass?”

Chi Hu bitterly smiled. “Brother Ceng, the star compass is a very rare treasure. Even in all of Suzaku, there aren’t many. Our Giant Demon Sect only has one from back when we moved to this planet, but now it has been broken by me. When I get back, I’ll be punished into closed door cultivation for sure.”

Wang Lin calmly smiled and said, “Brother Chi Hu, although we haven’t known each other for long, we have been through life and death together. I won’t lie to you; I can repair this star compass.”

Chi Hu was startled. He was just thinking about what to do without the star compass. Not only would their speed slow down a lot, they also wouldn’t have the map to guide them. It would take them a long time to leave this place by flying on their own, and there were countless dangerous creature that lived in the void.

“If brother Ceng can repair this star compass, then the two of us can definitely leave this place!” Chi Hu didn’t ask how Wang Lin knew how to repair this very rare star compass. Everyone had their secrets, and if Wang Lin didn’t speak, then it would only be rude to ask.

Wang Lin silently smiled as he looked at Chi Hu.

Chi Hu immediately understood and quickly said, “Brother Ceng, I won’t ask you to repair this star compass for nothing. If there is anything you need, just ask.”

Wang Lin shook his head. “The material to repair the star compass is too precious and it also requires a large amount of spiritual energy. If I repair this star compass, it will need to belong to me. I hope brother Chi Hu can understand.”

Chi Hu’s expression didn’t change. He remained silent. This star compass was an important treasure to his family. Although it was useless now, to simply give it away would make him feel very frustrated.

Wang Lin gently smiled. “If it is too difficult for brother Chi Hu, I’m still willing to fix it for you as a token of my friendship.”

Chi Hu raised his head. He looked at Wang Lin and laughed. “Brother Ceng, is what you’re saying true?”

Wang Lin smiled. “It is true. However, I will need this star compass for something in the future, so when I need to borrow it, don’t reject me.”

Chi Hu stared at Wang Lin and secretly wondered if what he was saying was true or if he was lying. However, he suddenly laughed and gave up on thinking about it. No matter if what Wang Lin was saying was true or if it was a lie, the meaning was still the same.

“If Ceng Niu is trying to force me or trick me, then even if I were to give him the star compass, I would not be happy. If that happens and I make it out of here alive, I will definitely find a way to take revenge. However, the way he is speaking is filled with sincerity. He does indeed consider me a friend.”

“And Ceng Niu’s cultivation is very shocking. He also received the Ascendant crystal from Zhou Yi, making him the person in my generation most likely to reach the Ascendant stage. If I make friends with him now, he might be able to help my clan in the future.”

Thinking about this, he regretfully said, “Brother Ceng, since you consider me a friend, how could I be stingy? If you were to try to borrow it in the future, with the temper of those old guys back at home, there is no way they would easily lend it to you. So today I might as well gift it to you!”

Wang Lin smiled. He clasped his hands and said, “Thanks!”

Without a word, Chi Hu waved his hand and the star compass returned to his hand. He wiped away his imprint on the compass and handed it Wang Lin. “Brother Ceng, this star compass is now yours.”

Wang Lin faintly smiled and said, “I will have to ask brother Chi Hu to protect me. I’m going to refine it now!”

“You want me to protect you?” Chi Hu stared at Wang Lin with a serious expression. After a long time, he nodded and said, “Brother Ceng, I, Chi Hu, really do consider you a friend, so please rest assured!”

Wang Lin didn’t say anything as he sat down in the lotus position in the air. He slapped his bag of holding and took out the purple gold stone. After placing a few seals on it, he began to refine the purple gold stone.

Without moving from the lotus position, Wang Lin released a large amount of wandering souls from his brow. Normal people couldn’t see the wandering souls, but if Chi Hu attempts to attack him, the wandering souls will protect Wang Lin.

After 400-plus years of killing, Wang Lin would not easily trust anyone.

After a long time, the purple gold liquid floated before him. The mix of purple and gold light was very pretty.

If there was no star compass and he had to make one from nothing, it would simply require too many materials. Although this star compass was heavily damaged, it was much easier to repair it than to make a new one.

Wang Lin’s right hand pointed at the purple gold liquid and fused it with the star compass. Then his hand quickly formed seals from the ancient god’s memories to quickly refine it.

The complex symbols on the compass began to shine. As time passed, more and more symbols on the compass began to flash rapidly.

Chi Hu was still very alert with his divine sense spread out. He would notice anything happening within 100 meters of them. He didn’t dare to spread it out too far, as there were far too many dangers lurking in this void.

If he were to spread his divine sense out too far, it would only act as a light to guide those creatures that lived here.

Chi Hu didn’t look at the seals and techniques Wang Lin was using at all. There was a 20-foot-wide hole around Wang Lin that his divine sense was not touching.

“Since Ceng Niu has good intentions and trusts me, how could I, Chi Hu, who stands proudly as an honorable man, allow him to feel nervous? Also, that Ascendant crystal is a gift from Zhou Yi, so there must be restrictions on it. Even if I were to obtain it, it would bring a lot of trouble in the future. The Ceng family has a lot of powerful members, so I can’t cause this kind of disaster for my clan. Also, even if I were to use my clan’s secret treasure, I feel like I would only have a 50% chance of winning, so it is better not to act at this point.”

Sun Tai was observing them from a distance. He was outside of their detection range.

“This Ceng Niu even knows how to repair the star compass. He is not simple! If I act now, I’m 70% confident I can restrain him before he can do anything. However, if I act without 100% confidence, it could result in me losing something I can’t afford to lose… Difficult… Difficult… this slave seal is simply too powerful; to be able to destroy my soul with just a thought. It makes it far too dangerous for me to risk it.”

His eyes revealed a look of hesitation. After a long time, he let out a sigh and gave up on this gamble. This third soul was his main soul; unless he absolutely had to, it was not worth risking it.

A few days later, the star compass before Wang Lin shined brightly. All of the strange symbols on it glowed brightly before dimming back down.

Wang Lin opened his eyes.

Chi Hu immediately noticed and looked over.

“Brother Ceng, are you finished repairing it?”

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