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Chapter 322 – Future senior apprentice brother

Somewhere in the void, the old man on top of the Qilin also heard the sword hymn as a group of swords closed in from behind him.

The old man struggled. All these swords were celestials swords. If he were to take them and give one to each of his disciples, then it would make his Da Lou Sword Sect the number one sect on Tian Yun. This would allow him to one up that Tian Yunzi.

After struggling for a long time, he let out a sigh. He decided not to block the celestial swords and moved out of the way.

These celestial swords were flying due to their worship of the sword spirit. If he were to stop them, he would likely be attacked by other celestial swords nearby. Although he was powerful enough to survive an attack from all these swords, he would be forced to flee back to planet Tian Yun if they all decided to pile on him.

As a result, he would completely lose the chance to obtain the rain celestial sword.

After the celestials swords passed, the old man quickly followed behind them.

Normally, the void was very dangerous, but with the waves of swords flying through the void, all of the creatures avoided them. As a result, the void suddenly became very safe. Unless one was very unlucky, then as long as they followed the celestial swords, the chances of meeting danger were not high.

Thus, a large number of cultivators that were originally cautious when they followed the swords into the void began to relax and follow much more closely behind them.

Aside from the strange creatures that lived there, there was another danger: finding one’s way. However, with the swords leading the way, there was no need as one only had to follow the swords.

However, the celestial swords’ speed was very fast, so not everyone could follow. As a result, the cultivators in the void were spread out based on their abilities.

Some of the cultivators were knowledgeable enough. When they first saw the celestial swords, they got greedy and attempted to take one or two. None of them lived to tell the tale.

However, even though people had died, there were still people who didn’t believe it and tried to take the swords by force.

Right now there were eight cultivators spread out in the void, each one of them activating their own technique. In the distance, they could see a group of celestial swords flying toward them.

Among these cultivators there were a few with some powerful techniques. However, when the celestial swords arrived, there were five bangs and five of them were instantly killed by swords piercing their hearts. The remaining cultivators were able to restrain three of the celestial swords that fell behind.

Those people’s foreheads were covered in cold sweat as the three trapped celestial swords that released powerful sword energy and struggled like crazy.

An old man, whose face was pale, said, “Hold steady! According to my calculations, as long as we can hold them here long enough, they will be ours!”

The others were all secretly complaining in their hearts, but they both revealed excited expressions.

Just at this moment, another group of celestial swords flew by. Because they weren’t close to them, the three cultivators only took a look and no longer paid any attention to them.

However, those three celestial swords released powerful sword hymns. The group of celestial swords that were passing by suddenly stopped, turned around, and headed toward them.

Their expressions suddenly changed and the old man suddenly abandoned trying to restrain the sword anymore and ran. The already unstable restriction suddenly collapsed.

As the swords passed by, flesh and blood flew everywhere.

Shortly after the swords left, those remaining cultivators, even the old man who tried escaped early, all died.

A dim light flashed by. The two bags of holding that weren’t destroyed by the swords disappeared.

In the distance, the dim light turned into the star compass with Chi Hu holding two bags of holding. He set them to the side and said, “Brother Ceng, this is our 37th bag. Our harvest along the way is pretty good.”

Wang Lin smiled. Along the way, the two of them saw many people try to stop the swords, but none of them succeeded. Some of the bags were destroyed by the swords, but those that remained intact landed in their hands.

The speed of their star compass was very quick and they had no problems with keeping up with the celestial swords. After Wang Lin noticed the abnormality, he wasn’t willing to let it go. Using their speed, they were able to stay ahead and scavenge some treasures along the way, which made Chi Hu every excited.

Wang Lin controlled the compass while Chi Hu grabbed bags of holding. It could be said that their teamwork was very fluid.

In addition to this, some cultivators recognized the star compass under them and attempted to steal it from them. Everyone that tried to steal their star compass died by the hands of Wang Lin and Chi Hu.

They turned back into a dim light as they quickly caught up to the group of celestial swords before them and followed them from a distance.

Just at this moment, there was a gloomy-faced middle-aged man standing on top of a disc while chasing after the celestial swords. He followed as closely as he could, not wanting to lose sight of them. Suddenly, he saw Wang Lin and Chi Hu in the distance and noticed the star compass beneath them. His eyes immediately lit up. After he took a step, the disc disappeared as he jumped toward Wang Lin and Chi Hu.

“Fellow cultivators, do you have room for me?” Although he spoke courteously, his step was very aggressive.

Chi Hu’s eyes lit up and he whispered, “Late stage Soul Formation!”

Wang Lin remained calm and said, “Brother Chi Hu can decide if we should run or fight.” Wang Lin wasn’t using the compass’s full speed. If he were to go at full speed, he could easily shake off a late stage Soul Formation cultivator.

Chi Hu let out laugh, stood up, cracked his knuckles, and said, “Brother Ceng dared to fight Red Butterfly, who’s at the early stage of Soul Formation. I, Chi Hu, at the mid stage of Soul Formation, also want to fight a late stage Soul Formation cultivator. After I finish fighting, we can run!” He stepped off the compass and shouted, “If you want to ride the compass, then let me see your strength!”

The middle-aged man’s face was still gloomy as he revealed a hint of disdain. Not only did he not stop but he moved even faster and said, “So it is someone from the Giant Demon Clan. Scram!”

With that, he casually pointed with his finger.


A grey gas turned into a sword that charged toward Chi Hu. The moment the gray gas appeared, killing intent filled the air.

“Killing domain?” With one look, Wang Lin was able to recognize what domain the man was using. Wang Lin hadn’t seen killing intent as powerful as his original body’s.

“Killing domain!” Chi Hu let out roar as he made a fist and hit his chest. A sudden surge of pride began to emit from Chi Hu as his body began to crackle. His body suddenly expanded several times into a giant dozens of feet tall. The axe on his forehead was flashing rapidly.

This axe was a very important treasure of his clan. It was very different from the star compass, which didn’t have many uses. This was not a solid object, so even though it was shattered when Zhou Yi used it to battle against Red Butterfly, it could be reformed again. However, every time it shattered, it would weaken a bit.

When the axe appeared, Chi Hu grabbed like a demon god and chopped down on the grey gas.


The grey gas collapsed and the axe in Chi Hu’s hand trembled, so he backed up a few steps. The amount of power put into that chop made the vein on his arm bulge out. He laughed and said, “That was fun! Again!”

The middle-aged man stopped. He sneered as he slapped his bag of holding and a golden rock flew out. His pointed at the golden rock and it suddenly turned into a liquid. He squeezed his hand, causing it to turn into a diamond shape, before he threw it out and shouted, “Try touching this!”

The moment he saw the golden stone, his heart turned cold. All sorts of urges to kill messed with his mind, causing his heart to become startled.

Wang Lin’s eyes locked onto the golden rock and he said, “Chi Hu, let’s go!”

Chi Hu laughed. Without a word, he turned and walked onto the compass as he said, “I can’t beat you, so I’m not going to play anymore!”

The middle-aged man sneered as he pointed again, causing the diamond-shaped golden rock to fly even faster toward the star compass.

Wang Lin controlled the star compass to quickly fly into the distance. Although that golden rock was fast, it was not faster than the compass.

The middle-aged man’s expression suddenly changed as he quickly caught the golden rock and chased after them.

After a long time, the middle-aged man’s eyes lit up. He stopped and stared at where the star compass disappeared and he snorted.

“Master calculated that the rain celestial sword would awaken and that the Da Lou Sword Sect would try to take it. He told me to stop them to prevent the balance of power on Tian Yun from breaking. Too bad, I really want to play with those two juniors. Hmph, although the Da Lou Sword Sect is the same rank as my Tian Yun Sect, as long as master moves, there is no need worry about them!”

This person coldly looked into the distance and then left.

“The junior sitting in the middle of the compass seemed to recognize the metal. It seems he is somewhat knowledgeable”

Chi Hu sat in the lotus position on the compass and asked, “Brother Ceng, what was that diamond-shaped golden rock? Why did you not want me to fight? Although that person was at the late stage of Soul Formation, my Giant Demon Clan is special. Although I can’t beat him, I’m not scared either!”

As Wang Lin controlled the star compass, he said, “When one person kills too much, it will turn a murderous aura into killing intent. Then, when you kill even more, it will condense into a liquid. And then, when it gets even thicker, it will turn into a crystal. That is the killing intent blood crystal. Unless you also cultivate the killing domain, it will damage your origin soul the moment you touch it!”

Chi Hu began to ponder. He recalled his own emotions when he saw the the rock appear and nodded.

Wang Lin secretly thought, “That middle-aged man’s cultivation is a bit stronger than Red Butterfly’s, especially his killing domain. Even Red Butterfly would have to spend quite the effort to block it. I just don’t know if my original body would be able to take an attack from it. I wonder how much more spiritual energy my original body needs in order to go through the third transformation. After I return to Suzaku, I wonder if the original body’s cultivation will increase with these celestial jades.”

The star compass was very fast. It circled around and followed the celestial swords again. In the distance, a celestial realm fragment came into vierw.

They saw an endless amount of sword energy shining on the fragment. This light made everyone feel like they were being stabbed before they even got close.

Countless celestial swords arrived. This was where the rain celestial sword spirit was!

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