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Chapter 318 – Two gifts

A fist-sized red bead appeared on Zhou Yi’s forehead, but it immediately crumbled and fused with the burning meteor.

The flame around the meteor disappeared, revealing a figure of red light that stood between earth and the heavens. His face revealed signs of deep regret as his left finger casually pointed at the old man.

The old man was about to dodge, but he found out that he couldn’t move his body. His face became pale as he stared at Zhou Yi with shock.

He bitterly said, “Ascendant…”

“When I came to the Celestial Realm for the first time, I met you… The craze domain was something you forced onto me. I know your goal now and I understand it all, but I don’t regret it. If I were given another chance, I would choose to meet you again….” Zhou Yi didn’t even look at the old man. He only stared at the female corpse in his arms.

He was once a very talented disciple in the Five Elements Sect and had much more determination than a normal person. He cultivated the Five Element Method and passed the rest of his fellow disciples one by one until he finally became the disciple of the only late stage Soul Transformation elder in the sect, and his cultivation level continued to increase.

When he reached the Soul Formation stage, his master gifted him the Rain Cauldron, but no one could have expected how much he would change.

In the Celestial Realm, he entered one of its palaces and saw a female corpse. From that moment on, he was enchanted by her and left his old self behind.

In his eyes, this female corpse was his everything.

For this female corpse, he left his sect. His master wasn’t willing to kill his own beloved disciple, so after letting out three long sighs, let him go.

Corpse Lover, Madman; all kind of rumors spread across Suzaku. However, none of this affected him. He didn’t regret any of it.

Borrowing the craze domain, his cultivation became even more powerful, until he reached the Soul Transformation stage.

His master failed to reach the Ascendent stage and had reached the end of his lifespan. On the day his master died, Zhou Yi knelt before the Five Elements Sect. He knelt for seven days.

After that, he acted three times to save the Five Elements Sect, but he was no longer one of its disciples.

At this moment, all of these things appeared in Zhou Yi’s heart.

The old man had already given up on struggling. He didn’t have any chance against an Ascendant cultivator. The difference in domains could destroy everything.

Zhou Yi’s eyes were filled with clarity. Although they no longer contained the same tenderness, they were now filled with a powerful domain. He lowered his head, gently kissed the female corpse’s forehead, and turned his gaze to Wang Lin and Chi Hu. In the end, his eyes fell on Chi Hu and he calmly said

“Little brother, help me take care of my wife, okay?”

Chi Hu’s body was grabbed by a mysterious power. He looked at Zhou Yi with a terrified expression.


Zhou Yi frowned.

Chi Hu smiled bitterly in his heart. He didn’t want this corpse at all. If the elders in his clan were to find out about this, it would affect him too much. But right now, this was a request from a dying Ascendant cultivator. No one would dare to refuse.

Chi Hu took a deep breath and said, “… Junior is willing!”

Zhou Yi shook his head and said, “You are the Giant Demon Clan’s young master, so it is natural that you would be afraid to follow in my footsteps. Forget it!”

With that, his gaze turned to Wang Lin and he gently asked, “Are you willing to help me?”

Wang Lin immediately felt the pressure on his body lessen. When he got up, he heard Zhou Yi’s words and began to ponder.

Zhou Yi looked at Wang Lin and said, “My wife requires celestial jade to ensure that her body doesn’t change. Every 1000 years, you will need 1000 pieces of celestial jade. It’s a bit difficult, but not too difficult. Are you willing to help?”

Wang Lin pondered for a bit and said, “I don’t dare to promise that I can obtain that much celestial jade.”

Zhou Yi smiled as he looked into the sky and said, “Good little brother, I won’t let you help me for thousands of years for nothing!”

Wang Lin stared at Zhou Yi but didn’t say a word.

Zhou Yi reached out and grabbed with his hand. Suddenly, the palace on the ground that hadn’t collapsed yet collapsed and pieces of celestial jade flew out of it.

In the air, these celestial jades formed a pagoda. Zhou Yi looked at the female corpse one last time before throwing her toward the pagoda and she disappeared inside. Zhou Yi pointed with his right hand and the pagoda shrunk. The shrunken pagoda flew into Wang Lin’s hand.

The moment he touched the pagoda, a mysterious force entered his body. There was now an extra imprint in his origin soul

“This pagoda contains my domain. If you find a cold place and place this pagoda down, it will form a barrier 100 meters wide. Unless someone has a higher cultivation level than my current self, they won’t be able to pass the barrier without your consent.”

Zhou Yi smiled at Wang Lin as he pointed at his own brow. A red jade the size of his fingernail appeared and he flicked it toward Wang Lin.

The moment this red jade appeared, the collapse of the fragment seemed to pause for a moment. This red jade seemed to release the power of the laws of the heavens.

When Wang Lin saw this red jade, he felt the same feeling he had felt back when he was turning into a mortal and first touched the law of reincarnation. This jade contained a power similar to that, causing Wang Lin to take a deep breath.

“This is the first gift I give you, an ascendant crystal. This item is useless to you right now, but if one day you are about to reach the Ascendant stage, then this item can help you.”

The old man stared at the crystal with a strong desire for it on his face. He knew far too well the worth of this item.

Although this item has no abilities at all, it forms when a cultivator reaches the Ascendant stage. It contains their perception of the heavens. If he could obtain this item, then his chance of reaching the Ascendant stage would increase by 30%.

The only purpose of this item was to allow the user to have a second chance during the life and death choices in the attempt to reach the Ascendant stage.

Once an Ascendant cultivator loses their ascendant crystal, their cultivation will continue to drop until they die. This crystal is almost no different from their life.

Even Zhou Yi had just formed his.

Chi Hu also stared dumbfoundedly at the ascendant crystal. He was the young master of the Giant Demon Clan after all, so he knew more than most. He was able to recognize it at first glance and felt a deep sense of regret. Although he knew that Zhou Yi wouldn’t ask someone to look after his wife for free, he didn’t think that Zhou Yi would hand out a gift like this.

If he knew this beforehand, he wouldn’t have hesitated at all and agreed. Also, from what Zhou Yi had said before, this was only the first gift, meaning there was likely a second present, a third present…

The regret in Chi Hu’s heart had reached its limit.

The expression on those two’s faces made Zhou Yi very proud. He pointed at the old man and the old man’s body flew up into Zhou Yi’s hand.

Zhou Yi calmly said, “My second gift to you is this person. The head elder of the Corpse Sect. I can spare your life, but you must become a slave for 1000 years. Are you willing?”

Before absolute power, the head elder of the Corpse Sect only had two choose: live, or die.

The old man bitterly said, “My life won’t even last another 100 years, so how can I be a slave for 1000 years? You might as well kill me!”

“If you want to die, then I can help you. With my remaining strength, I can refine you into a puppet. Although your cultivation level will drop, it will be considered my second gift!” With that, Zhou Yi pointed toward the old man’s forehead.

He only needed to point at the old man’s forehead and this Corpse Sect head elder would die.

The finger slowly got closer. The old man’s forehead was covered in sweat. The scent of death infinitely increased. Although he had less than 100 years left to live, if he could break through to the late stage of Soul Transformation, his lifespan would be extended. Also, with the Corpse Sect’s methods, he had many ways to extend his life.

The moment the finger came, he bitterly said, “I agree.”

Zhou Yi’s right hand didn’t stop but moved faster until it touched the old man’s forehead. His other hand pointed at Wang Lin and Wang Lin’s body involuntarily flew toward him.

A mysterious light came out from the old man’s forehead, traveled through Zhou Yi, and made its way into Wang Lin.

Wang Lin immediately felt like he could sense all of the Corpse Sect head elder’s intentions, and with just a thought, he could destroy the old man’s soul.

The head elder of the Corpse Sect let out a sigh as he rather unnaturally turned toward Wang Lin and respectfully said, “This old slave Sun Tai greets master…” The bitterness in his heart couldn’t be described.

Chi Hu stared at the scene before him. The regret in his heart had already reached a monstrous level.

“A Soul Transformation slave, this… if I were to return to my clan with this, then I would no longer be the young master, but the head of the clan. With this person in my hands, aside from inside the country of Suzaku, I would be able to freely walk the planet. I shouldn’t have hesitated!”

Zhou Yi’s body was reaching its end. It no longer looked solid; it seemed like he was ready to disappear. He looked around and eventually said to Wang Lin, “Take good care of her.”

Wang Lin took a deep breath and nodded. Everything had happened very quickly. Even now, he still couldn’t believe what he had gained.

Zhou Yi saw Wang Lin nod and smiled. At this moment, his body started to dissipate, starting from his feet. At the end, there was still a smile on his face.

“Master, if there is an afterlife, I’m still your disciple…”

Just at this moment, the pagoda flew out of Wang Lin’s hand and expanded. It released a white light and the female corpse came out on its own and floated in the air.

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