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Chapter 317 -Those who seek Dao are willing to die at sunset if they could gain the right path in the morning

The bracelet released a large amount of white light that gathered together to form a black hole behind Red Butterfly.

The black hole revealed an altar-like place. This place was in Suzaku.

“Ceng Niu, I’ll remember you! Yes, you!! It is you who forced me to give up one level of cultivation to use this bracelet. I’ll remember this!” The hate in Red Butterfly’s voice was intense as she quickly backed up and flew toward the black hole.

The Open Peace Bracelet, aside from its normal ability, had one extra ability, which was to open up a portal from the Celestial Realm back to Suzaku and allow the user to return safely.

This bracelet was originally obtained by Suzaku from the celestial realm, so how it had this ability was not a mystery. It was also because of this that Red Butterfly wasn’t really that afraid of anything. However, the price for using it was too great. Once she returns to Suzaku, her cultivation level will no longer be late stage Soul Formation but mid stage Soul Formation!

Wang Lin was starting to lose control of the ruthless domain inside his body.

Seeing that Red Butterfly was about to leave, he felt very frustrated. If it wasn’t for that bracelet, she would have surely died today. Once she returns to Suzaku, it will be very hard to find an opportunity as good as this one to kill her.

Wang Lin shouted, “Red Butterfly, look at what this is!”

Wang Lin raised his right hand. Suddenly, a fan with only two feathers appeared in his hand.

Red Butterfly’s eyes suddenly locked on to the fan and expressed shock. Her feet unconsciously paused for a moment.

“Senior sister’s fan!”

What Wang Lin wanted was this pause. He endured the ruthless domain in his body as he threw the fan forward and then his origin soul flew out.

His origin soul flew out, grabbed the fan, and pulled off one of the feathers. The feather began to burn and turned into a shadow shaped like Wang Lin. However, the shadow had no features, just darkness.

The moment the shadow appeared, Wang Lin’s origin soul shouted, “Explode!”


The shadow exploded and the destructive force charged toward Red Butterfly.

Red Butterfly’s face changed again and she quickly backed up. She was now inside the black hole, but at this moment, Wang Lin’s origin soul arrived.


Wang Lin’s right hand reached out and viciously grabbed toward Red Butterfly.

Just as Red Butterfly was about to resist, the shock wave from the shadow’s explosion arrived, causing her to let out a painful groan and cough out another mouthful of blood. At this moment, Wang Lin’s hand arrived.

Wang Lin was giving it his all. He was completely ignoring the chance that his body would be damaged due to his origin soul leaving it. This attack contained the intent to kill!

Red Butterfly raised her right hand to block the attack. A ray of white light shone from her body. This light was very dangerous to origin souls. Wang Lin could feel his origin soul weakening at a very fast pace.


Wang Lin clawed down, and with a flash of red, Red Butterfly’s right arm was torn off by Wang Lin. Wang Lin saw Red Butterfly without a right arm fall into the hole with her eyes closed. The hole then quickly folded upon itself and closed.

Wang Lin secretly sighed. He grabbed the other feather with his origin soul and quickly returned to his body. After the black hole was closed, he returned to his body.

“Late stage Soul Formation cultivators are too hard to kill!” Wang Lin held the remaining feather and the right arm and quickly charged toward the entrance.

He had used everything he had. He even picked the moment when her life saving treasure was used up and she was at her weakest, but he was still unable to kill her.

“Although I haven’t killed her, with this arm, I can use countless curses to ensure that she will forever remain at the Soul Formation stage!” Wang Lin eyes lit up as he revealed an evil expression.

“My cultivation is still not enough. If I was at the mid stage of Soul Formation, the result of today’s battle would be different.” Wang Lin sighed again.

His battle with Red Butterfly wasn’t long; it only lasted a few breaths.

“Madman!! He really is a madman!” The Corpse Sect old man who had thrown the corpse down cursed as he flew toward the entrance. However, at this moment, rumbling sounds came from the entrance and it collapsed.

The old man stared dumbfoundedly at the entrance with a bitter expression on his face.

Not only him, but even Chi Hu was startled.

When Wang Lin saw that the entrance had collapsed, he immediately turned around and rushed toward the ground. This fragment had many overlapping layers. Since he could no longer go up, he had to go down instead.

While Zhou Yi and the old man were fighting, he used his divine sense to secretly search the area. Now that he had a target, he arrived next to a hole on the ground that hadn’t collapsed yet in almost an instant.

Without any hesitation, he charged in.

The old man from the Corpse Sect turned around, spread out his divine sense, and charged toward the hole Wang Lin went down into. Chi Hu touched his bag of holding. Inside it was the star compass, but it was too damaged to use and he didn’t know how to repair it. Helpless, he followed behind the old man. The most important thing now was to protect his own life.

“Ting Er, look. The person that stole you is escaping. I said it before: anyone that dares to steal you must die! Let me use the last of my life to kill this person, then we can disappear together in this void. How about that…. Strange, why do I feel like I don’t know you that well? It feels like I’m remembering something… it feels like I’m remembering something… Ting Er…” Zhou Yi hugged the woman with deep passion in his eyes, but this passion soon changed into confusion.

He kissed the woman’s lips and frowned before chasing after the old man from the Corpse Sect with confusion in his eyes.

Wang Lin entered the tunnel and quickly descended. The sounds of the third layer collapsing gradually faded. Although all of the layers were going collapse eventually, the fourth layer was the safest spot at the moment.

As Wang Lin descended, he secretly thought, “The only way to leave this place is with Chi Hu’s star compass.”

He continued to descend for a long time before he saw a light at the end. However, he didn’t charge out but hugged the wall of the tunnel.

A few breaths later, a figure quickly flew through the tunnels. The moment this person passed Wang Lin, he paused for a moment and snorted before flying toward the light.

Shortly after, Chi Hu also came down and was startled by Wang Lin. Wang Lin immediately flew out and sent a voice transmission saying, “Chi Hu, our cultivation levels are the lowest here. We need to be careful of that old man from the Corpse Sect!”

Chi Hu nodded. The two of them came out of the tunnel at the same time.

The moment they came out, both of them were startled.

What appeared before them was a very majestic group of palaces. The palaces went on for as far as the eye could see, and all of them were made of spirit stones. The central palace was the most majestic. Even from this distance, they could feel the pressure of the celestial spiritual energy.

Chi Hu sucked in a breath of cold air. “Could the center palace be made of celestial jade?”

Wang Lin’s divine sense was much more powerful than Chi Hu’s. After sweeping the area, he was shocked as well; however, he found out that the central palace wasn’t made of pure celestial jade. It had spirit stones mixed in.

But even so, it showed just how powerful the owner of this palace was.

“A celestial king’s palace!” A very happy voice came from the distance. His face showed that he was completely shocked before he let out a loud laugh.

“I don’t know which celestial king’s palace this is, but considering how well preserved it is, it must have the corpse of a celestial inside!” The old man laughed as he charged forward to enter one of the palaces.

Just at this moment, Zhou Yi appeared with the female corpse in his arms. Right after he appeared, he began to walk forward. Although it looked like he was going slowly, it only took him three steps to arrive before the old man from the Corpse Sect.

Zhou Yi stared at the female corpse and passionately said, “Ting Er, after I kill him, let us go into the void, okay? I can feel that I have began to weaken… however, I feel like I finally understand something… I seem to have remembered something from the past… I seem to… remember who you are…”

The old man’s expression immediately changed as he backed up.

Zhou Yi raised his head, looked at the old man, and then suddenly slammed toward him. Being charged at by someone with the power of a late stage Soul Transformation cultivator was a nightmare for anyone.

The old man’s expression changed again as he quickly dodged.

The old man angrily shouted, “Zhou Yi, you madman! I even returned the corpse to you! Why haven’t you dissipated yet?! This place must contain other corpses as well. Go find them if you want! Why are you still chasing me!?”

Zhou Yi looked at the female corpse tenderly before kissing her forehead and closing his eyes. When he opened them, they were no longer filled with love but with clarity. Eyes as clear as this should never appear on Zhou Yi.

It was as clear as the distinction between black and white!

He took one step forward and suddenly there was a thunderous roar in the sky.

During this thunderous roar, Zhou Yi turned into a burning meteor as he charged toward the old man.

The surrounding sky began to roar as the collapse started again. However, it was much more noticeable in the sky this time around.

Sounds of tearing echoed in the sky. It was as if there was an invisible hand tearing the sky open.

“My domain is craze… My Dao heart is Ting Er. To die for Ting Er, I’m completely satisfied!” Zhou Yi’s voice came from the burning meteor.

This meteor flew across the sky, creating sonic booms all the while.

“I, Zhou Yi, have reached the end of my life, but I have no regrets!”

The old man’s expression changed again as he cursed and immediately backed up. He knew that Zhou Yi was about to die. If he could stall for just a bit longer, Zhou Yi would dissipate.

“I never thought that at the end of my life, thanks to my own origin soul burning, I would finally understand…” Zhou Yi’s voice contained a hint of resignation and a sliver of regret as he echoed across the sky.

The sky suddenly darkened and a powerful pressure pressed down from the sky. Wang Lin’s body didn’t have any power to resist. He was pushed down from the sky and was rendered immobile on the ground.

He looked at Chi Hu, who was even worse off. Chi Hu was unprepared for this pressure and was now pressed firmly on the ground without any power to resist it.

Even the palaces on the ground were turned into rubble by this pressure, except for the central palace, but even that began to show cracks.

Wang Lin’s heart was terrified as he stared at the burning meteor in shock. Even with his mental strength, his body involuntarily trembled.

“So this is Dao… unfortunately, this is the end of my life. Master once said that those who seek Dao are willing to die at sunset if they could gain the right path in the morning. So this is what he meant…”

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