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Chapter 319 – Biting the master

This scene shocked everyone except Zhou Yi, whose body had already half dissipated. He calmly looked at her.

“Ting Er, don’t mess around. Go back!”

A mysterious voice suddenly came out of the female corpse. “You won’t die…”

At this moment, a series of roars came from the sky. Thanks to the words of the female corpse, the fragment above them suddenly collapsed.

An endless barrage of powerful winds descended from the sky and countless cracks immediately appeared on the ground.

The female corpse slowly opened her eyes.

Bang! Bang!

The moment she opened her eyes, the ground suddenly shattered. It wasn’t just the ground below their feet this time; the two fragments below collapsed as well.

Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with shock. He backed up immediately. He wasn’t the only one that was shocked; Chi Hu’s eyes were also filled with disbelief.

Only the old man’s eyes lit up, then he seemed to remember something and then his expression turned into one of deep fear.

“First Rain Sword, appear!”

A ray of golden light came from deep down below them. As the golden light got closer, Wang Lin felt a powerful sword intent coming toward them.

That female corpse stepped forward and grabbed the light. Suddenly, a sword hymn that pierced through the entire Celestial Realm rang out.

The female corpse held the golden light and pointed at Zhou Yi’s burning origin soul. Zhou Yi’s origin soul was sucked into the golden light.

“Having protected me for more than 2000 years, you worked hard! I give you the soul of a celestial sword. In 10,000 years, you will become a celestial saint!”

She turned around and coldly looked at Chi Hu and the old man. Finally, her gaze fell on Wang Lin. She looked at him carefully. Then she gently waved her hand and the pagoda flew toward Wang Lin.

Then the golden light in her hand turned into a giant, golden dragon that took her and left through the void.

At this moment, every single cultivator, no matter which fragment they were on, was terrified after they heard this sword hymn.

Even those in life and death fights couldn’t help but stop.

On one of the center-most fragments of the Celestial Realm, a green-robed scholar suddenly raised his head, revealing his shining eyes. He whispered, “Rain Celestial Sword! That’s right, only the Rain Celestial Sword can let out such a sword hymn. Only, I don’t know which one…” A mysterious light appeared in his eyes as he jumped into the air. He closed his eyes for a bit and then charged toward the origin of the sword hymn like lightning.

On a fragment in the northwest of the Celestial Realm sat a purple-robed old man. He looked at the sky with a serious expression. After pondering for a bit, he took one step and flew toward the sword hymn.

“Is it the Rain Celestial Sword? If my Da Lou Sword Sect gets it, then our power will definitely increase several fold. I have a celestial beast which I can use to to take control of the celestial sword from the celestial sword spirit within the sword.”

He flew up and suddenly a two-horned qilin appeared in the air. He stepped on top of the qilin’s head and the qilin shot two streams of hot air from its nose. The moment those two streams of hot air came out, the celestial fragment he was on collapsed.

A large number of spacial rifts began to appear as the ground collapsed. The void began to devour the fragment, but none of it effected the old man. The qilin jumped into one of the rifts and disappeared.

As for Wang Lin, both of the fragments above and below him had collapsed. Chi Hu was completely dumbfounded and his face was filled with panic.

Wang Lin shouted, “Chi Hu! Star compass!”

The spacial rifts were beginning to connect with each other and the ground had completely disappeared into the void. The void kept on closing in on them.

Chi Hu immediately woke up and without a word took out the star compass.

This compass was already badly damaged and another crack was added the moment it appeared. However, they couldn’t be too bothered with it. Chi Hu jumped to the center of the compass.

Wang Lin landed on the compass almost at the same time as Chi Hu and the location he picked was the eastern corner.

As for Sun Tai, he looked at where the female corpse had disappeared and in a flash sat down next to Wang Lin.

Sun Tai calmly said, “The star compass, one of the Giant Demon Clan’s prized treasures. Sadly, it is a defective product.”

Chi Hu bitterly smiled. He clenched his teeth as he controlled the compass to moved toward the void.

Sun Tai’s eyes lit up as he said to Wang Lin, “Ceng Niu, this void is very dangerous and this compass is too damaged to move very far. If you agree to release the seal, I can promise to safely return you to Suzaku. How about it?”

The reason he called Wang Lin master was because Zhou Yi was there. He had to at least act like he agreed. Now that Zhou Yi was dead, how could he, a Soul Transformation cultivator, be willing to become a slave? Aside from death, this was the biggest disgrace he could face.

He wished he could kill Wang Lin and refine him into a mummy.

Sun Tai slowly said, “You don’t have to answer me now, and this old man won’t let you release the seal for nothing. I’ll gift you two late stage Soul Formation puppets. With them around, your safety in the future is secured. I can also gift you cultivation methods; just say what kind you want and I’ll find a way to get them for you. In addition, I have celestial pills and medication. As long as you agree, we can work it out.”

Wang Lin looked at Sun Tai and calmly said, “With senior’s cultivation, you of course won’t agree to become someone’s slave. This I understand. However, not to mention the fact that I don’t even know how to release the seal, even if I could, I wouldn’t immediately release it.”

Sun Tai frowned and coldly said, “Little brat, do you really think you are my master?”

Wang Lin calmly shook his head and said, “It is senior Zhou Yi’s will, not mine. Also, does senior think I’m a child? I’m afraid that the first thing senior will do after I release the seal is kill me.”

Sun Tai’s face was gloomy as he stared at Wang Lin. After a while, he let out a laugh, but his laugh was filled with evil intent.

“Speak. What would it take for you to release the seal?”

Wang Lin shook his head and smiled. “I don’t know the technique to release the seal, so how can I release it?”

Sun Tai suddenly stood up as he stared at Wang Lin and said, word for word, “Little brat, if you refuse the toast of victory, then you’ll drink the bitter wine of defeat instead! I’m the head elder of the Corpse Sect of Suzaku, a Soul Transformation cultivator. I refuse to bow to anyone, especially a junior like you that I can kill with two fingers!”

“Also, don’t think that you can kill me with your command. I can tell you that I don’t just have three souls, but a fourth one as well. This fourth soul is inside the body in the coffin. You can cause the soul in this body to shatter, but when it does, my fourth soul will kill you.”

Wang Lin smiled as he realized something and said, “For senior to say all of this, you must have some other meaning behind it all, besides to tell me to release the seal. Senior must already know that this seal is not something I can release.”

Sun Tai stared at Wang Lin. After carefully looking at Wang Lin for a while, he said, “Good, no wonder you are someone who Zhou Yi chose. You are smarter than most. I’ll naturally look for a method of breaking the seal myself, but before that, you must take a trip with me. I’m going to trap you somewhere. Only then can I relax. However, you don’t have to worry. I swear that once the seal has been released, I’ll compensate you.”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he shouted, “Sun Tai, I wonder, if I were to die, would your third soul be affected?”

“Don’t worry, I won’t let you die!” Sun Tai sneered as he reached toward Wang Lin.

“The slave seal isn’t stable. Use the pagoda to protect yourself!” This was the last phrase Zhou Yi said to him before he dissipated.

Wang Lin remained calm as he stared at Sun Tai and watched his hand come closer. Just as Sun Tai was about to grab Wang Lin, a white light shined from Wang Lin’s bag of holding and the pagoda appeared.

This white light contained Zhou Yi’s Ascendant level craze domain.

Sun Tai let out a painful groan as he quickly backed up.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. Zhou Yi said that this pagoda could counter Sun Tai, but he didn’t say anything about the fourth soul. He couldn’t let Sun Tai know of this.

Thinking of this, he held the pagoda in his hand and suddenly rushed out. His eyes were filled with a strange light as he sneered, “Sun Tai, the domain on his pagoda normally only pushes people out and has no harmful effect. However, it is harmful for you. This is something senior Zhou Yi secretly did to counter you.”

Sun Tai’s face became gloomy. That light from the pagoda was very harmful to him. He knew that this was due to the seal in his body.

He continued to retreat.

Wang Lin continued to move forward as he coldly shouted, “If it was any other sect, I wouldn’t know much, but since it is the Corpse Sect, I know quite a bit. The corpse puppet inside that coffin can’t contain your fourth soul; it is most likely someone else’s soul. Even if it is your fourth soul, it is a broken soul!”

Sun Tai’s face was very ugly. His voice was hoarse as he said, “If you don’t believe me, you can try it!”

Wang Lin laughed as he stared at Sun Tai. He took a step forward and shouted, “Sun Tai, do you really think I won’t dare to try? With senior Zhou Yi’s cultivation, do you really think he would leave behind such an unstable disaster like you? With only one thought, you will die for sure! Even if you do have a fourth soul, senior Zhou Yi already considered it! Seeing how your cultivation level isn’t easy to obtain, I didn’t want to kill you, but seeing that you want to rebel, then you should die!”

Sun Tai’s eyes lit up. While he showed none of it on the outside, he began to doubt himself. It was true; considering Zhou Yi’s cultivation level, how could he leave behind any issues for this junior?

Could it be that Zhou Yi somehow unknowingly factored in all of his abilities?

Sun Tai’s heart trembled.

“Sun Tai, do you not remember that the female corpse flicked the pagoda at me? Could you not see the hidden meaning behind it?” Wang Lin’s voice was even louder and was filled with a sense of majesty. He stepped forward with the pagoda in his hand, and at this moment, he looked unstoppable.

Sun Tai was convinced by Wang Lin’s words. He was now scared and continued to retreat.

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