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Chapter 316 – Ceng Niu, you dare to kill me!

A white dress whiter than snow.

A strand of hair like a curtain.

A sliver of fragrance that enchants the heart.

The moment the female corpse appeared, even the Corpse Sect’s head elder couldn’t help but take another look. His mocking words no longer came out. What remained was only shock.

Red Butterfly was beautiful, but compared to this female corpse, she was far from a match.

Wang Lin only caught a glance from a distance and his heart couldn’t help but quiver. The corpse seemed to have a powerful attraction that made him have thoughts of stealing it.

But his mind was very firm, so the moment that thought appeared, it was squashed by him. However, he was covered in cold sweat.

“How dangerous!”

He took a deep breath. Then, as he looked around, he saw that Chi Hu was no longer cultivating but walking dumbfoundedly toward the female corpse. However, after walking a few meters, he began to struggle as he regained his senses, revealing a terrified expression.

Even Red Butterfly revealed a look of confusion, but she was female after all, so her eyes quickly cleared up.

Wang Lin’s eyes trembled as he locked on to Red Butterfly.

The old man from the Corpse Sect withdrew his gaze. “This girl must have been an important character in the Celestial Realm when she was alive. Even I was mesmerized by her.”

“Ting Er…” Zhou Yi revealed an obsessed expression as he charged forward. The old man let out a snort as his hand formed seals. He then hit himself on the chest and spewed out a cloud of purple gas.

This purple gas turned into chains that surrounded Zhou Yi like a heavenly prison.

“Zhou Yi, I’m using the Corpse Sect’s treasure, which is made for sealing origin souls, to take this girl’s corpse. There is no way for you to escape!” The old man’s body backed up and the young man who looked like the old man tossed the female corpse into the air. The corpse was caught by the old man, then the young man turned into smoke and entered the old man’s forehead.

The old man kept backing up and in the blink of an eye arrived next to the coffin. He quickly flew up toward the sky.

Zhou Yi’s eyes were bloodshot as he screamed “No!!!”

Bang! Bang!

He rammed into the chains with all his power. The chains would flash a purple light every time he rammed into it, but his origin soul would tremble. However, he kept doing it like he didn’t feel it at all. He rammed into the chains like a crazed beast who had lost his lover.

Bang! Bang!

As he rammed into the chain, the surroundings began to show signs of collapse and the ground began to crack.

Zhou Yi’s eyes were bloodshot and he revealed a terrifying gaze, a gaze filled with hatred. There was a hint of obsession, and for this obsession, he went crazy. For this obsession, he went insane!

“Give Ting Er to me!”

“You really are a madman! Zhou Yi, if you return to your body now, you can still save it. If you don’t have a body, then you will die in the Celestial Realm!” The old man from the Corpse Sect saw Zhou Yi’s eyes and couldn’t help but feel his heart tremble as he flew even faster toward the tunnel above.

Seeing that the old man was about to enter the tunnel and leave, Zhou Yi’s eyes looked like they were bleeding. He had already forgotten everything in his heart. In this world, the only thing that remained was the corpse that was moving farther and farther away from him, his Ting Er!

Scenes of the times he had spent with Ting Er entered his heart. Having lost Ting Er… although his origin no longer had a heart, he could feel it in pain. The pain came from his soul, his origin soul.

This pain was too powerful, too powerful…

“No!!! Ting Er!!!” Zhou Yi’s body suddenly began to burn. It then shattered into countless shiny specks that charged out from the chain.

“Burning your origin soul? You… you madman!!!” The old man’s face changed. Burning one’s origin soul meant death. Zhou Yi was willing to die for a corpse.

When a mid stage Soul Transformation cultivator burns his origin soul, he gains power extremely close to a late stage Soul Transformation cultivator’s. The moment his origin soul got back together, he quickly charged forward.

Like a man made of fire, he caught up to the old man who was next to the tunnel in almost an instant.

“Give Ting Er back to me!” Each of his words were filled with emotion. Zhou Yi didn’t use any techniques; he simply slammed toward the old man with his origin soul.

But this made it even more terrifying. If it was a technique, there would be a way to break it. However, colliding head on with the almost solid origin soul of a late stage Soul Transformation cultivator could only be called terrifying for the old man.

Kaka! Kaka!

A large number of spacial rifts appeared in the sky and the ground collapsed. The fragment began to collapse.

Chi Hu let out a bitter expression. Without a word, he jumped toward the entrance.

Red Butterfly followed closely behind him.

The old man’s face changed greatly. At this moment, he pointed at his brow and the third soul came out. The young man appeared before him to block Zhou Yi.

However, the moment the third soul appeared, it collided with Zhou Yi’s body and was destroyed.

“Give Ting Er back to me!” The fire on Zhou Yi burned even stronger. The craze in his eyes intensified. He looked like a fierce beast.

“Madman!” The Corpse Sect’s old man felt his skull go numb as he threw the female corpse down. He wasn’t willing to lose his life here for a female corpse.

Zhou Yi grabbed the female corpse. His eyes were filled with emotion as he let out a satisfying smile.

“Ting Er, no one can take you away, no one…”

The collapse of the surroundings became even greater as the number of spacial rifts in the sky increased.

Wang Lin had been locked on to Red Butterfly for a long time. At this moment, his eyes lit up. “Now is the time!”

Wang Lin’s body charged toward Red Butterfly like lightning. Chi Hu saw this scene and opened his mouth, but he didn’t say anything. Escaping with his life was more important at the moment.

Wang Lin was very quick. In almost an instant, he was only 300 feet from Red Butterfly.

Red Butterfly’s face changed greatly. Although her cultivation had recovered a bit, she had lost too many magic treasures, there were hidden injuries on her body, and she could no longer maintain the power of a late stage Soul Formation cultivator. It could be said that this was the lowest point she had ever been in in her life. She couldn’t do anything but shout, “Ceng Niu, if you kill me, Suzaku won’t forgive you!”

“Haha, Red Butterfly, a genius like you shouldn’t be threatening me like that.” Wang Lin laughed as he slapped his bag of holding, causing the restriction flag to come out. He shook the flag and restriction gas came out. It coiled around Wang Lin like vicious dragons.


After Wang Lin shouted, all of the restriction gas gathered together to form the lance in Wang Lin’s hand as he walked toward Red Butterfly.

“Red Butterfly, didn’t you want to fight me again?!” The current Wang Lin looked like an angel as he lunged with his lance.


A large spacial rift was opened up by the power of the lance.


Wang Lin jumped over the 300 feet distance with the restriction lance aimed at Red Butterfly’s head.

“Ceng Niu, you are crazy!?! This place is collapsing. If you don’t escape now, you will never make it out of here!” Red Butterfly’s expression changed greatly. She quickly took out a white flying sword to block the attack.

She couldn’t dodge and she couldn’t teleport, so she had to block. Behind her was a spacial rift, beside her was a spacial rift, she was surrounded by spacial rifts. If she were to get caught inside without a star compass or the courage to burn her origin soul, then the only path left for her would be death.


The white flying sword shattered and the pieces scattered in all directions, mostly disappearing into the spacial rifts. Wang Lin’s lance also shrunk quite a bit, but it was now even more fierce.

“My life and death are none of your concern. It won’t be too late to leave after I kill you!” Wang Lin laughed, but his body trembled as Red Butterfly’s ruthless domain suddenly arrived.

This domain was very powerful. Wang Lin couldn’t stop it, but he could resist it for a few breaths. As long as he kills her within those few breaths, the domain will collapse.

Wang Lin had to kill Red Butterfly. This girl had tried to kill him multiple times. She will definitely be a problem in the future.

Red Butterfly clenched her teeth. As the lance arrived, she raised her hand and used the white jade bracelet to block it.


Wang Lin’s lance collapsed again, turning back into restriction gas. It wasn’t able to condense again. A powerful domain washed over Wang Lin, causing his mind to become confused.

However, Wang Lin’s determination was very powerful. Although his talent was average, his mental fortitude was not normal.

During his youth, when he didn’t know any techniques and was climbing the mountain back in the Heng Yue Sect, his mental strength was already enough to shock people. After 400 years of experience, it was now as firm as steel.

Despite the domain affecting him, his body didn’t stop. He flipped his right hand and nine wood carvings appeared before him.


The nine carvings suddenly became nine puppets with blood veins moving within them. A wave of the time domain descended.

Red Butterfly flew backwards after using the white jade bracelet to block the lance and coughed out a mouthful of blood.

The surrounding area started to collapse even faster. The void had already started devouring some areas.

“Ceng Niu!!! I’m a core disciple of Suzaku. If you kill me, you will die a terrible death!” Red Butterfly was scared. This time, she was truly scared.

The moment her body backed up, the time domain spread out from the nine wood carvings. She shouted, “Time domain!”

This time domain came from Qing Song of the Four Sect Alliance. He was at the mid stage of Soul Formation, so his domain already contained the ability to attack.

Wang Lin’s two fingers slashed down like a sharp knife ready to carve.

Under the effect of the time domain, Red Butterfly’s body couldn’t help but slow down a bit.

Red Butterfly’s eyes were filled with hatred as she raised her right hand and recited some strange chant.

Suddenly, the white jade bracelet released a bright light. Under this light, the time domain instantly collapsed and Wang Lin felt waves of pain coming from his finger.

This feeling was the same as when he touched that celestial sword.

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