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Chapter 305 – Wandering Souls Show Their Might

Tens of thousands of wandering souls howled as they swirled around Wang Lin. Their cold eyes would occasionally look at the people standing on the platform.

These wandering souls were true wandering souls from the foreign battleground. He had spent a lot of effort to get past the law of the world to bring them out.

In truth, he had collected over 100,000 wandering souls in the years he had spent inside the foreign battleground, but he was only able to bring out these 10,000.

The difference between wandering souls and devils is that no matter what cultivation level the enemy is, they will jump at them even if it means they themselves could be refined.

Wang Lin hadn’t tested if he could kill a Soul Formation cultivator using all 10,000 wandering souls. After all, unless it was absolutely necessary, he didn’t want to waste these wandering souls that he had spent so much effort on.

But Wang Lin remembered that Ancient Emperor was killed by the endless onslaught of countless wandering souls.

Among those wandering souls, one was different from all the others. Although it looked the same, there was a sliver of intelligence in its eyes. It was the devil Xu Liguo.

He felt very proud at the moment as he thought that master really did still care about him. The third, fourth, and fifth devils were all dead, but he was here, surrounded by all these seniors, so he felt he would be pretty safe from now on.

The whirlpool of wandering souls was very big, the people on the platform were all staring at it. One of them paid extra close attention. His eyes lit up and on his forehead the symbol of an axe faded in and out.

This person was the member of the Giant Demon Clan that came from Suzaku as well.

He was able to identify Wang Lin in an instant and silently pondered.

One of the people on this platform was a middle-aged men who was wearing a grey coat. His eyes were dark, his nose was slightly slanted, and he looked very gloomy. He looked at where Wang Lin was and took a step toward him.

The member of the Giant Demon Clan looked at this person, but he didn’t speak; he instead revealed a mocking expression. In his view, this person’s cultivation level wasn’t even at the Soul Formation stage; only late stage Nascent Soul. Trying to take the life of a Soul Formation cultivator’s life with this cultivation level was like hitting a rock with an egg.

The grey-robed man carefully moved forward and got closer to the wandering souls. He began to chant and a ball of black fire formed in his hand.

The moment the black flame appeared, a wave of heat spread out.

He looked at Wang Lin with greed in his eyes and threw the black flame at him.

Just at this moment, the wandering souls swirling around Wang Lin suddenly stopped and stared at the grey-robed man, causing him to step back.

But suddenly, the wandering souls let out a sharp scream and spread out. One third of the wandering souls jumped at the black fire and the remaining two thirds jumped at the grey-robed man. This scene was very shocking.

The grey-robed man’s expression suddenly changed as he took out a flying sword. He pointed with his finger and the flying sword flew at the wandering souls.

However, these wandering souls weren’t devils, so they had a certain resistance to spells. The sword was only able to slow down the few in front while the rest quickly arrived before the grey-robed man and jumped on him.

About seven or eight wandering souls had already entered the grey-robed man’s body, causing his expression to suddenly change. He quickly bit his tongue and spat out some blood, which quickly became flames. The flame immediately surrounded him as he sat down to try and force the wandering souls out of his body.

Outside of the flame that was surrounding him, a large amount of wandering souls had surrounded the flame and jumped at it. The flame was slowly weakening. It seemed like it was ready to go out.

As for the fireball he had thrown out, it was being jumped on by wandering souls and being weakened. Although a few wandering souls died in the end, the fireball disappeared when it was 30 feet away from Wang Lin.

The remaining wandering souls didn’t attack but surrounded Wang Lin and coldly stared at the people on the platform.

The grey-robed man secretly cursed and regretted that he had acted even though he knew that the people who came here were all well prepared and could be considered the elites of their respective cultivation planets.

But he never could have thought that these creatures released by his heavily wounded opponent could be this scary. If the enemy’s cultivation was at full power, then he would have died here today.

Seeing that the flame around him was about to go out and that there were still many of these mysterious creatures, the grey-robed man clenched his teeth and waved his hand. A small cauldron then appeared in front of his head. His eyes revealed an unwilling look as he was about to use it to return to his cultivation planet.

However, just as he was prepared to open the small cauldron, Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes and reached out. The small cauldron quickly left his hand and flew into Wang Lin’s hand.

The grey-robed man’s expression suddenly changed. His face was pale and cold sweat appeared on his forehead.

Wang Lin’s expression was gloomy as he squeezed his hand like he was going to burst a bubble and the already fading fire around the grey-robed man completely disappeared.

The moment the fire disappeared, the grey-robed man let out a hysterical scream and immediately teleported toward the swirl. In his eyes, the only way for him to live was to enter the celestial realm.

But it was already too late. The wandering souls’ speed was even faster than his. The moment he appeared, countless wandering souls had already arrived and entered his body. His body trembled as he fell onto the platform with a miserable scream and his body twitched for a while before dying.

The flesh on his body slowly disappeared as he became a skeleton. One could see the wandering souls happily moving in and out of his body.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. Under his command, the surrounding wandering souls returned to him and disappeared into his brow.

At this moment, the man from the giant demon clan let out a laugh. He took a few steps forward and said, “Fellow cultivator, what happened to cause you to end up in such a state that even a Nascent Soul cultivator dares to become greedy towards you?”

Wang Lin looked at the person and calmly said, “A celestial realm fragment collapsed.”

The man from the giant demon clan was startled. He looked at Wang Lin with a look of amazement and said, “Fellow cultivator, not just anyone can escape the collapse of a celestial realm fragment. I really admire you! I am Chi Hu of the Giant Demon Clan. What is your name?”

Wang Lin shook his head and said, “It was only by luck. My name is Ceng Niu!” Thinking of the collapse of the fragment, he couldn’t help but feel scared. If he hadn’t recklessly devoured the celestial jade, he would already be dead.

“Ceng Niu…” Chi Hu pondered for a bit before his eyes suddenly became serious and asked, “Is fellow cultivator a member of the Ceng family that is part of the rank 5 cultivation country of Heaven Soul in the southern part of Suzaku?”

Wang Lin was startled and silently shook his head.

Chi Hu thought for a very long time. The only high ranking cultivation country with a family named Ceng was the Heaven Soul country. Although he didn’t admit it, Chi Hu didn’t believe that Ceng Niu had obtained his cultivation on his own. He believed that Ceng Niu was a core disciple trained by one of the rank 5 cultivation countries.

Otherwise, if it were someone from a rank 4 cultivation country, there was no way for him to not know.

It has to be said that the Giant Demon Clan was a rank 4 cultivation country, so they were very well aware of the geniuses of the other rank 4 cultivation countries. After thinking about this, his attitude toward Wang Lin changed a lot, but of course, with his cultivation level, he wouldn’t show it.

Chi Hu hesitated for a bit and slowly asked, “Brother Ceng, may I come closer to talk?”

Wang Lin calmly looked at this person and nodded.

Chi Hu quickly walked forward and arrived at the edge of the platform Wang Lin was standing on. He casually waved his hand and formed a lightscreen.

Wang Lin’s expression remained the same, but he secretly put up his guard.

Chi Hu sincerely said, “Brother Ceng, since we are both from Suzaku, I hope you can help me!”

Wang Lin smiled. “Oh? If brother Chi Hu has, any problems you can tell me.”

Chi Hu clenched his teeth, took out a jade, threw it at Wang Lin. He then said, “Once fellow cultivator sees this, you will understand.”

Wang Lin caught the jade and scanned it with divine sense. Even Wang Lin himself couldn’t help but lose control of his emotions a bit. This jade contained an image recorded by divine sense. This was a scene of a very beautiful place. It was filled with flowers, green grass, and clear water.

The most eye catching thing was a pool of water. Floating on the pool was a jade coffin.

There were three celestial swords sticking out of the jade coffin. The sword looked very similar to the one in the black skeleton’s hand.

The other thing that caused Wang Lin’s pupils to shrink was that if he wasn’t wrong, the entire jade coffin was made of celestial jade.

Meanwhile, there were several plants floating on top of the pool. They clearly weren’t ordinary plants.

Wang Lin pondered a bit before handing the jade back to Chi Hu. He remained silent.

Chi Hu looked at Wang Lin and whispered, “Brother Ceng, this place was found by one of the geniuses of my Giant Demon Clan many years ago when he came in here. He accidently found this place, but it is guarded by celestial beasts and powerful restrictions, and because he wasn’t powerful enough, he secretly recorded this and returned.”

Wang Lin pondered a bit and said, “It has been many years. It has probably been found by someone.”

Chi Hu smiled. “Not possible, brother Ceng. I promise you that this place has not been found. Sorry, but I can’t say the reason right now.”

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