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Chapter 304 – The Collapse of a Celestial Realm Fragment.

Sun Lei’s calculations were very good. He had waited this long to finally show the power of this fan. The goal was to use Wang Lin as bait so that when the celestial beast feeds were chasing Wang Lin, he could escape.

Otherwise, even if he had obtained the treasure, he would still be hunted by the celestial beast feeds. After all, once he gets his hands on the treasure, the feeds will go crazy and the chase will be much more intense than the last two times.

He had already thought about it. Once he gets the treasure, he would throw the skeleton at Wang Lin. He believed that the feeds would go for Wang Lin, who would be closer, rather than him.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He had been on guard against Sun Lei this entire time, so how could he let Sun Lei succeed? Although this black ice was indeed strange, he already had the carving of the old man in his hand.

The moment the black ice sealed the area, the time domain from the wood carving was released.

Going forward is part of time, going backwards is part of time, and stopping is also part of time. This is what makes the time domain so powerful: the manipulation of time as one wills it.

Wang Lin had cultivated in the heaven defying bead for a long time and had a very good grasp on manipulating time. This was also why he was able to make the carving with the passing of time domain in it.

A mysterious light spread out from the carving and met the black ice, sealing the area. Although the black ice was strong, he was not resisting it and was only trying to loosen it, so it wasn’t too difficult.

Borrowing a sliver of power from the time domain, Wang Lin wasn’t stopped by the black ice like Sun Lei thought he would be. The moment Sun Lei shouted those words, Wang Lin walked out.

And he moved at a speed even a bit faster than Sun Lei’s, passing by the celestial beast feeds and appearing at the entrance of the cave.

“Fellow cultivator Sun Lei, you still haven’t given me the purification wood, so how could you just rush in?”

Sun Lei was startled and his face became very ugly. However, he was a decisive person. Without a word, he slapped his bag of holding and threw out the purification wood.

Wang Lin caught it and walked into the cave.

Sun Lei cursed in his heart, but he knew that time was short, as half the time they had had already passed, so he quickly charged in.

After he entered, he saw Wang Lin pick up the piece of metal from the skeleton’s chest and without a word went to grab the celestial sword.

But as soon as his hand touched the celestial sword, he let out a miserable groan as holes appeared on his hand.

Wang Lin didn’t even look at him and charged out of the cave. He took out the restriction flag, which emitted many dragons made of black fog. They surrounded Wang Lin and then he charged directly upward and through the walls.

Sun Lei’s eyes turned red as he let out an unwilling roar and reached for the sword again. This time, he withstood the pain and finally grabbed hold of the celestial sword. However, just then, he suddenly let out a painful scream as his hand was pierced many times. Some of the energy from the sword pierced his hand and hit his chest, causing the silver armor he was wearing to melt.

Sun Lei quickly withdrew his hand and gave up on the sword. He let out an angry roar as he charged out. He calculated that eight breaths of time had passed and if he were to leave now, he could still made it. If he delayed any longer, it would become dangerous.

But nothing in the world could be perfectly calculated. The black celestial beast feed suddenly broke free of the black ice, let out a sharp roar, and charged toward Sun Lei.

Sun Lei’s expression suddenly changed. His eyes were filled with disbelief. His teacher had said that the treasure would freeze an area for ten breaths of time. It should’ve been ten breaths of time, how could it be less?

He didn’t know that because the black celestial beast feed had absorbed the ball of lightning from the thunder toad, it gained a bit of the heavens’ power, so the ten breaths of time was lowered by one breath.

Wang Lin’s time domain caused the black ice to slow down a bit, which caused it to shorten by another breath of time.

Sun Lei was shocked. There was no time to dodge. He could feel death closing in on him and as he watched Wang Lin leave. A powerful sense of frustration filled him.

A hint of madness appeared in his eyes as he slapped his forehead and a black bead flew out of it. He revealed a never-before-seen heartbreaking expression.

This black bead was formed through his hundreds of years of cultivating and finally took solid form when he reached the Soul Formation stage. According to his sect’s cultivation method, this black bead was the key to forming a second origin soul. Once he loses this bead, his cultivation level will drop drastically from the mid stage of Soul Formation down to the Nascent Soul stage.

Sun Lei closed his eyes and said, “Explode!”

The black bead suddenly released a black light and exploded. A ring of black light spread out. The black beast feed suddenly compressed into a ball to block this blow.

But the celestial beast feeds behind it that had just broken out of the black ice wall disappeared without a struggle.

Even the surrounding caves disappeared without a trace.

The power of this bead exploding reached the limit of what this fragment could hold, so it began to collapse.

Countless spacial rifts appeared in the sky and they became larger and larger.

On the ground, the lava exploded and shot into the air. The sky and the earth shook violently and a the light of death appeared in the sky.

Shortly after, large areas of sky and ground disappeared as if they were being devoured.

The moment Sun Lei made the black bead explode, his body disappeared without a trace.

As for Wang Lin, while he was escaping, he suddenly felt the destructive force from below and the mysterious power that was preventing teleportation suddenly collapsed.

He was shocked and was about to use teleportation before suddenly forcing himself to stop. He could feel the surrounding ground shaking and creating waves of rumbling sounds.

“The celestial realm fragment is collapsing?” Wang Lin was glad he hadn’t teleported, or else he might have teleported into a spacial rift.

Wang Lin secretly cursed. He surrounded himself with the restriction flag and charged out like lightning. Without the mysterious power there, his speed had returned to normal.

But the collapse of the ground was even faster. Wang Lin suddenly noticed with his divine sense that the only thing within 1000 feet was a dark void.

This dark void was like a large mouth that kept devouring everything.

He was suddenly shocked. The collapse of this fragment continued, and in the blink of an eye, the void was 500 feet away.

Wang Lin sucked in a breath of cold air as he quickly flew upwards.

The devouring continued; 500 feet, 300 feet, 200 feet, 100 feet…

Wang Lin’s face was pale. He was still a far away from getting aboveground. The speed of the devouring was too fast. It was clear he wouldn’t make it out in time.

He revealed a ruthless expression in his eyes as he took out a small piece of crystal from his bag of holding. This was the condensed celestial spiritual energy.

The devouring came even closer; 100 feet, 50 feet, 30 feet…

Wang Lin saw that at 30 feet away, there seemed to be a mouth that had already opened.

He swallowed the crystal and for the first time ever felt pain in his soul. This was a pain from having too much celestial spiritual energy in his body.

At this moment, Wang Lin felt like his origin soul could collapse at any moment, but amidst this pain, a sliver of power was born. This power made him feel like he could hold up the world.

The surrounding void got closer and closer; 30 feet, 20 feet, 10 feet…

Wang Lin’s body suddenly charged upward like a meteor. The moment the void arrived next to Wang Lin, his speed increased by countless times and he charged out from the ground.

The moment he charged out from the ground, most of the ground of this fragment had already collapsed into the void.

Below him was a space with only a few pillars that seemed to be holding up the sky, but even those were shrinking and slowly disappearing.

The sky was filled with spacial rifts.

But Wang Lin couldn’t feel any of those as he was in this crazed state and charging out at a speed faster than a meteor’s.

There were many spacial rifts in the sky, but there were even more pieces of void forming when the spacial rifts linked together.

Wang Lin’s flight was like that of a struggling phoenix’s flying up into the sky, but the spacial rifts suddenly connected before him, forming a large area of the void.

Wang Lin suddenly charged inside. He was then surrounded by darkness and waves of cold air entered his body. Under the stimulation of the cold air, Wang Lin’s mind suddenly became clear.

Without a word, he controlled his body to back up. After struggling for a while, he charged out from a rift that hadn’t closed yet.

Using this moment of clarity, he dodged all of the spacial rifts. The moment the fragment completely collapsed, he charged out and disappeared high in the sky.

He flew higher and higher until he saw the giant swirl above him. This was where he had entered the celestial realm before.

Under the swirl was a platform, and on the platform were some people staring dumbfoundedly at him.

His body disappeared and reappeared on the platform. He coughed out a mouthful of blood and fell down. Using the last bit of his power, he pointed at his brow and countless wandering souls came out of his forehead.

Wang Lin had gathered tens of thousands wandering souls on his trip to the foreign battleground. Now that all of them had been released, they formed a black tornado around Wang Lin. This caused the expressions of everyone on the platform to change and they immediately backed up.

Wang Lin fell to the ground. He struggled to sit in a lotus position before eating seven or eight bottles of pills and began to cultivate.

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