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Chapter 306 – Location of the Cave

Wang Lin pondered for a bit and then said, “I’m afraid it will be very difficult for the two of us to enter this place.”

Chi Hu smiled and said, “It will be very difficult for just the two of us to enter, but I have asked another person. If the three of us go, I’m pretty confident that we will get there.”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He said, “I can’t answer you right away. Let me think for a few days.”

Chi Hu nodded. “Naturally! How about this: if brother Ceng agrees, then meet me here in one month, but if you don’t arrive by then, I won’t wait for you.” With that, he took out another piece of jade and passed it to Wang Lin.

Wang Lin received the jade and noticed that it was the same as the one from the Da Luo Sect. It was used to teleport around the Celestial Realm. However, unlike the one from the Da Luo Sect, there was only one fragment that was lit up.

“When you enter the vortex, activate this jade and it will bring you to the right fragment. Brother Ceng, I’ll wait for you there.” With that, Chi Hu clasped his hands and walked into the vortex.

Wang Lin put the jade away and then sat down cross-legged. He took out the restriction flag and surrounded himself with it. His origin soul flew out and revealed a painful expression. A rice-grain-sized celestial jade was forced out of his origin soul.

After this jade was forced out of his origin soul, his origin soul weakened and looked like it was ready to collapse at any time as it slowly returned to his body.

After a long time, Wang Lin opened his eyes, revealing a tired expression.

He looked at the celestial jade before putting it back into his bag of holding.

With Wang Lin’s cultivation level, he couldn’t even absorb celestial spiritual energy, much less celestial jade. Only late stage Soul Formation cultivators could try to absorb it in an attempt to break through to the Soul Transformation stage.

It can be said that there are so few Soul Transformation cultivators because there aren’t many people that can enter the Celestial Realm to get enough celestial spiritual energy.

In certain sects, ones with tens of thousands of years of history, they have a stock of celestial jades saved up, but only the elite and elders of these sects are able to use them.

The lack of Soul Transformation cultivators is the reason why there are even fewer Ascendant cultivators.

If someone tries to absorb celestial spiritual energy before they reach the late stage of Soul Formation, it is no longer a treasure, but a poison.

Wang Lin let out a bitter smile. His origin soul was heavily damaged, but luckily, he had wandering souls. After devouring some, he was able to recover a bit.

He slapped his bag of holding and a piece of white jade appeared in his hand. He scanned it with his divine sense and found that the so-called celestial jade was pretty similar to a spirit stone.

However, spirit stones released spiritual energy, while celestial jades released celestial spiritual energy.

Wang Lin knew that when cultivating after the Soul Transformation stage, aside from increasing one’s own understanding of their dao, the spiritual energy from the world was no longer viable to cultivate with.

The more of this the better.

Wang Lin knew how valuable the celestial spiritual energy was. If this piece of jade were to be placed in Suzaku, it would cause a bloodbath. Even Suzaku would come out to take it.

After taking one look, Wang Lin put the jade away.

Although his origin soul had taken some damage on this trip, the treasures he had obtained made it completely worth it. Wang Lin took a deep breath before taking out another object. This was the piece of metal from the chest of the skeleton.

Sun Lei said that this piece of metal was a defensive type of celestial treasure, but when Wang Lin grabbed hold of it, he knew that this object was not a celestial treasure at all.

He was too busy to take a closer look back then, but now he spread out his divine sense and examined it closely.

The moment his divine sense entered the piece of metal, his mind suddenly became dizzy as information entered his head.

After a long time, Wang Lin revealed a look of amazement and his eyes lit up. If the information stored in this piece of metal was true, then this piece of metal was the most valuable out of those three items.

This piece of metal was like a piece of jade. It contained the method for refining a God Slaying Chariot.

According to the description of the piece of metal, that skeleton was once known as Heavenly Treasure Celestial. After he entered the Celestial Realm, he spent all of his time on refining treasures without caring about cultivation at all.

In truth, the reason he even reached the stage to be able to come to the Celestial Realm was so that he could live longer in order to finish his life-long dream of creating the most powerful treasure in existence.

Unfortunately, this dream ended with the destruction of the Celestial Realm, and the God Slayer Chariot never reached the stage he wanted it to and was sealed inside his cave.

Before the Celestial Realm was destroyed, he had gone out to find some materials to continue working on the God Slaying Chariot, but sadly, he died before making it back.

He didn’t want his life’s work to go to waste, so before he died, he left the information in this piece of metal for the future generations to see.

Inside the piece of metal, this person left a lot of information about the the God Slaying Chariot he never finished, including detailed production methods. He also left the location of his cave and urged whoever found it to go find the chariot and continue his research if possible.

Wang Lin took a deep breath. The production method of this chariot was very complicated. A lot of the materials required had already gone extinct, so it was impossible to produce another one.

However, according to the description, Wang Lin could tell that there were some of these God Slaying Chariots in his cave, making Wang Lin very excited.

After pondering a little, he stood up, put away the restriction flag, and walked toward the vortex.

The people on the platform saw Wang Lin and backed away. Most of these people were at the Nascent Soul stage, so they didn’t go into the vortex; they could only hope to steal from someone who was injured after leaving the Celestial Realm.

Wang Lin didn’t even look at them as he jumped into the vortex.

Inside the vortex, Wang Lin’s body continued to sink. During this time, Wang Lin kept his eyes open. According to the piece of metal, the cave was in the western side of the Celestial Realm.

However, the current Celestial Realm was now in fragments, so whether or not the cave still existed or if it had already been found by someone was not certain.

Wang Lin’s body continued to descend until he landed on a fragment in the eastern side.

He looked around before quickly flying up and returning to the platform again.

Then he once again entered the vortex. He did this many times before finally landing on a fragment on the western side.

According to Heaven Treasure Celestial’s description, his cave was inside a tiger-shaped mountain. Wang Lin looked around but didn’t see any tiger-shaped mountains.

He pondered for a bit. Although finding it would be hard, he didn’t give up and kept looking around. During this time, he met two other cultivators, but they just looked at each other before passing by.

Many days later, Wang Lin still hadn’t found anything, so he returned to the platform and entered the vortex again. The people on the platform had seen Wang Lin return and enter the vortex many times, but none of them knew what Wang Lin was doing, nor did they dare to ask.

On this day, Wang Lin landed again and found that he was on the eastern side of the Celestial Realm. He let out a sigh. If this were to continue, how many years would it take before he could search all of the fragments on the western side?

This Heavenly Treasure Celestial’s cave was simply too hard to find.

Just as he was about to fly up again, he suddenly felt a fluctuation of spells from the distance. He then saw two figures quickly coming toward his direction. The person in front had black clouds around him while the person behind him was a young man wearing a white robe with a cold smile on his face.

At this moment, the person in front noticed Wang Lin. He quickly changed directions and shouted, “Fellow cultivator, save me!”

That white-robed cultivator’s face became gloomy as he put away the fan and moved his hand. Suddenly, a giant hand appeared and reached for the person in front.

That person’s expression suddenly changed. It was as if he couldn’t dodge it and was caught. However, his body suddenly turned into countless small insects and he escaped the hand.

That person appeared 100 feet before Wang Lin. Upon closer inspection, Wang Lin recognized this person as the young man with eyes filled with bloodlust from Suzaku.

At this moment, his face was gloomy. After he appeared, he didn’t keep running but turned around to look at the white-clothed young man that was chasing after him.

The white-robed young man looked at Wang Lin and clasped his hands. “Fellow cultivator, this has nothing to do with you. Please leave,” he said.

The young man quickly said, “Fellow cultivator, this person tried to steal my celestial jade. If you help me, we can split it.”

The white-robed young man’s eyes narrowed as he said, “What nonsense. It was you who stole from me.”

Wang Lin frowned. He wasn’t willing to get involved in this mess. Without a word, he backed up and flew away.

The young man’s expression suddenly changed as he chased after Wang Lin and shouted, “Fellow cultivator, consider that we are from the same planet and help me this once!”

Wang Lin’s expression darkened as he turned around and shouted, “Scram! Don’t try to drag me into this matter between you two. If you continue to follow me, then don’t blame me for being ruthless!”

The young man revealed an evil expression as he took out a celestial jade and threw it at Wang Lin before running away.

“Since you aren’t willing to help, then I might as well bring the trouble to you. I don’t want this celestial jade anymore!”

The white-robed young man’s eyes lit up as he shifted his gaze from the escaping young man to Wang Lin and quickly flew over to him.

Wang Lin didn’t even look at the celestial jade. He waved his right hand and sent the jade to the white-robed young man. The white-robed young man was startled and then clasped his hands. “Many thanks! I’m Kui Shui Sect’s Sima Yun. You are?”

“Ceng Niu!” After Wang Lin finished speaking, he flew away. He decided to search this place and then try the vortex a few more times. If he still couldn’t find it, then he could only give up.

The white-robed young man shouted “Fellow cultivator Ceng, I have already searched here for a few days and there is no more celestial spiritual energy left. I don’t know if you have any transfer array locations of other fragments, but we can exchange them.”

Wang Lin’s stopped moving, turned around, and looked at the white-robed young man. This young man was at the early stage of Soul Formation, but the technique he displayed earlier was very powerful.

Wang Lin pondered for a bit before slapping his bag of holding and taking out the jade from the Da Lou Sect. He put some spiritual energy inside it and a map of the Celestial Realm appeared. Although most of it was dark, around 30 fragments were lit up.

The white-robed young man carefully looked at the map before taking out a jade himself. He sent spiritual power into it and a similar map with more than 20 lit up fragments appeared.

Wang Lin took one look at it and became excited because the white-robed young man had five fragments that were on the western side.

The white-robed young man said, “Fellow cultivator Ceng, my map has 21 locations, and eight of them overlap with yours. How about we do a trade after you wipe off a few?”

Without a word, Wang Lin took out a blank jade and made a copy. Then he wiped off a few locations to match the amount the white robed-young man had before looking at him.

The white-robed young man was also holding a empty jade and making a copy. Once he finished, both threw their jades at each other.

“Fellow cultivator Ceng, if you have the chance to come to my Shattered Silver Planet, then I’ll certainly welcome you.”

Wang Lin nodded. “Okay!”

“I will be leaving! Since that little bastard dared to steal my stuff, I’m not going to let him get away.” After the white-robed young man finished speaking, he disappeared from that spot.

Wang Lin pondered a bit before opening the jade he had just received and pointed at one of the fragments on the western side. Suddenly, a formation appeared and Wang Lin disappeared into it.

On the western side of the Celestial Realm, there was a fragment with a tiger-shaped mountain, but at this moment, the mountain was split in half.

Wang Lin floated in the air as he calmly looked at this mountain.

He finally found this tiger-shaped mountain on the third fragment that he had tried from the white-robed young man’s transfer arrays. Although it was not exactly the same as described in the metal, the general appearance was there.

Wang Lin’s body moved and he flew toward the mountain. At the foot of the mountain, Wang Lin found the Heavenly Treasure Celestial’s cave.

After seeing at the cave, Wang Lin’s face darkened.

The walls of the cave had already been broken. There were also marks of techniques landing on the cave. Clearly, it had been destroyed many years ago. Wang Lin slowly flew into the cave.

The cave wasn’t very large and it looked completely empty. Wang Lin let out a bitter smile. He had spent so much time looking for this cave, but was still a step too late.

But just at this moment, Wang Lin’s eyes suddenly lit up.

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