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Chapter 302 – Further Exploration

This caused a series of chain reactions, so a lot of caves collapsed as well.

As Wang Lin flew, he tried to teleport, but every time he did so, he felt a force surrounding him and interrupting his teleportation. He let out a sigh as he stopped trying and continued to fly upwards.

He slowly felt that the amount of wandering souls he had left behind stopped decreasing. The black line had clearly lost track of Wang Lin.

However, just as this moment, rumbling sounds came from all around him and Wang Lin quickly backed up. The cave before him suddenly collapsed. When he spread out his divine sense, he found that more than half of the Celestial Beast Temple was now buried.

If a mortal saw this, they wouldn’t know what to do, but Wang Lin had already reached the Soul Formation stage, so as long as he doesn’t meet that black line, he will have nothing to be afraid of.

He pondered a bit but didn’t leave immediately. He spread out his divine sense and was shocked to find that the sixth junior brother hadn’t died. He was moving through the caves close by.

And from the direction he was traveling, he wasn’t going up but was coming toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he let out a playful smile. This sixth junior brother was a ruthless person. He hid his cultivation level until the right moment.

From the looks of his path, he was coming toward Wang Lin, but Wang Lin wasn’t sure of his objective. If he comes with intent to kill Wang Lin, then Wang Lin won’t mind killing him for his treasures.

Although this person was at the mid stage of Soul Formation, Wang Lin was confident that with the magic treasures he possessed, he had an 80% chance of winning.

Wang Lin waved the restriction flag and the black fog disappeared into the surrounding walls. He placed his hand on the bracelet on his hand and silently waited for the arrival of the sixth brother.

Not long after, a person came out of the wall Wang Lin was staring at. The moment the person came out, he became very cautious as he looked at Wang Lin.

He carefully took a few looks before letting a laugh. “Fellow cultivator, I believe that we are the only two people remaining in this collapsed Celestial Beast Temple.”

Wang Lin chuckled. He realised that this person knew he was following them. This means that there was a chance that this person was still hiding his cultivation level.

Wang Lin calmly asked, “This place has already collapsed. Why did fellow cultivator come find me instead of looking for a way out?”

The sixth junior brother looked around. Without moving forward, he said, “Fellow cultivator followed us the entire way. I believe you also saw the celestial beast feed.”

Wang Lin faintly smiled at how sixth junior brother dodged the question and asked, “What does fellow cultivator mean?”

Sixth junior brother’s eyes lit up, revealing a mysterious expression, and he said, “Fellow cultivator doesn’t have to worry. My name is Sun Lei. I’m not afraid to tell fellow cultivator this: I’m not really part of the Da Lou Sect. I’m only mixed in.”

Wang Lin remained silent.

While Sun Lei talked, he casually took a step forward, and just as he was about to take a few more steps, he saw a faint smile on Wang Lin’s face and stopped.

Wang Lin calmly said, “If fellow cultivator takes another step, I will have to act.”

Sun Lei pondered a bit and smiled. “Fellow cultivator, I won’t beat around the bush. Inside the cave with the celestial beast feed are three items. First is a celestial jade, second is a piece of celestial metal, and third is a celestial sword. How many did you manage to obtain earlier?”

Wang Lin calmly responded, “That black line returned too quickly, so I didn’t get any.”

Sun Lei frowned. He could immediately see that Wang Lin was only at the early stage of Soul Formation, but his divine sense was very strange. If he didn’t know a technique that specialized in detecting divine sense, he wouldn’t have been able to notice that Wang Lin was following him.

And even so, he was only able to notice Wang Lin when he passed by him as he was escaping from the celestial beast feeds. He recorded Wang Lin’s divine sense in his mind and only then was he barely able to find him.

From his view, this person must be like him, someone who hid his own cultivation level, so unless it was absolutely necessary, he didn’t want to act recklessly.

Also, after this conversion and seeing how calm this person was, Sun Lei was sure that Wang Lin was hiding his cultivation level. There was no way for an early stage Soul Formation cultivator to be this calm when facing a mid stage Soul Formation cultivator.

In addition to all of this, there was another thing that was preventing him from acting. He could feel a sense of danger from the surrounding walls, and that feeling increased a lot when he took a step forward.

Thinking of this, he let out a smile and said, “Fellow cultivator, that piece of celestial jade is formed from celestial energy collected for thousands of years and is considered priceless. However, compared to that, the celestial sword is much more precious. I was only able to roughly scan it at the time, so I don’t know what attribute it has, but it can’t be normal. In addition to those, there is also that piece of metal. My guess is that it is a type of protective treasure.”

Wang Lin silently nodded.

The more Wang Lin acted like this, the more powerful Sun Lei thought Wang Lin was. He believed that Wang Lin already knew all of this, so he quickly said, “Fellow cultivator, if it was either of us by ourselves, it would be very hard to get the treasures from the celestial beast feeds. However, if we act together, then the chances of us getting those treasures will increase by a lot.”

Wang Lin let out a smile and asked, “Oh? Why should I help you?”

Sun Lei was startled. He was a smart person, so he immediately realized what that meant and said, “I only want the celestial sword. The other two will belong to you. How is that?”

Wang Lin shook his head.

Sun Lei’s expression became ugly and he said, “If fellow cultivator really wants the celestial sword, then you can take it, but the remaining two treasures will belong to me. With fellow cultivator’s knowledge, you must know that the celestial sword by itself is far beyond any of the other two items alone, but if you place the metal and jade together, then their worth is very close.”

Wang Lin hesitated for a bit. There was some type of restriction placed on the celestial sword, so unless it gets refined for a very long time, it will be impossible to even pick it up. Wang Lin was confident that he won’t be able to pick it up in a short period of time. This person clearly didn’t know that about the sword.

Thinking about this, he smiled and said, “I don’t want the sword.”

Sun Lei let out a breath and smiled again. “Since that is the case, how about we go back to the cave?”

Wang Lin shook his head and said, “I’m not interested in the other two objects either.”

“You!” Sun Lei’s eyes became gloomy. If it wasn’t for the fact that he was afraid that Wang Lin was hiding his cultivation level, he would have already gone up and killed Wang Lin. Why else would he listen to so much nonsense?

Sun Lei took a deep breath and suppressed his anger. The more Wang Lin acted like this, the more obvious it was that Wang Lin was hiding his cultivation level. How would Wang Lin dare to speak to him like this otherwise?

Wang Lin calmly looked at Sun Lei and slowly said, “Fellow cultivator Sun, you want me to help you retrieve the celestial sword for two items that might not even be obtainable. Do you think that I’m three years old?”

Sun Lei took a deep breath, stared at Wang Lin, and asked, “Fellow cultivator, what do you want?” He was tired of his nonsense as well. If Wang Lin wasn’t willing, then he would risk it once himself.

Wang Lin leisurely said, “I noticed that when fellow cultivators arrived, you guys were able to detect the rifts before they appeared…”

Sun Lei let out a laugh. He slapped his bag of holding and took out a piece of jade. He threw it at Wang Lin and said, “Full Search Tactic. It is a technique of the Da Lou Sect. It is not a problem to give it to you as a gift.”

Wang Lin took the jade and put it away after scanning it, then said, “Fellow cultivator is indeed quick on his decisions, so I won’t beat around the bush anymore either. I want that gourd from your third senior brother’s bag, then I’ll be willing to take this risk with you.”

“Not possible!” Sun Lei said, without any hesitation. “This gourd is the reason I mixed into the Da Lou Sect, so please don’t make it hard for me.”

Wang Lin frowned.

Sun Lei clenched his teeth and said, “Fellow cultivator, I can’t give you this gourd, but I can give you a piece of purification wood. Although this wood’s effect isn’t as good as the gourd’s, it has the same effect of absorbing celestial spiritual energy.”

With that, he painfully took out a piece of white wood and put it away after letting Wang Lin see it.

Wang Lin pondered a bit. Although it was kind of worth it to kill this person for the purification gourd, he would have to use up a lot of his treasures. However, this place was the Celestial Realm. It was very dangerous, and there was Red Butterfly. If he were to use up too many treasures now, then when he faces powerful cultivators or Red Butterfly, he will be in trouble.

Thinking about this, Wang Lin nodded and said, “Fine, give me that purification wood and I’ll help you once. However, whether you obtain the celestial sword or not will depend on your own luck. Even if you can’t obtain the sword, the purification wood is still mine.”

Sun Lei nodded and said, “That is natural. However, I can’t give it to you now. It won’t be too late to give it to you once we are at the cave entrance. I have to be on guard as well.”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He waved his sleeves and said, “Fellow cultivator, lead the way!”

Without a word, Sun Lei moved toward one of the uncollapsed caves. The two walked toward the cave, keeping a certain distance from each other. It was obvious that neither of them trusted each other, so they were on guard against each other.

Sun Lei sneered and thought, “Even if you are hiding your cultivation level, once I get the sword and you try to steal it, I’ll leave the Celestial Realm and use the sect treasure to kill you.”

This was why he asked him to come help with the treasure even though he was afraid that Wang Lin was hiding his cultivation level.

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