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Chapter 301 – Celestial Jade (2)

Wang Lin scanned it with his divine sense, then slightly frowned. This skeleton was very weird, as it was white. Although it was not abnormal for a skeleton to appear here, the color of the bones should have changed with the passage of time and there should have been signs of corrosion. However, this skeleton had no sign of any of those.

Also, the ball of light in the skeleton’s hand contained a sliver of celestial energy, so it was definitely not a normal object.

Wang Lin didn’t know why, but he felt a sense of danger. He pondered for a bit before watching coldly from afar.

Third senior brother’s eyes lit up and he said, “Sixth junior brother, go up and see what that ball of light is.”

Sixth junior brother hesitated before nodding and walking forward. Just as he was getting a closer look, Wang Lin suddenly felt that sense of danger becoming even stronger.

Just at this moment, the third senior brother suddenly shouted, “Back off!” As he spoke, he waved his hand and the sword flew off his back and slashed at the space just in front of sixth junior brother.

The skeleton turned to dust and the ball of light flew into the air. A sliver of energy shot out from the ball of light and charged toward the sixth junior brother’s brow.

At this moment, the sword energy arrived. The sliver of energy let out an unwilling roar as it drilled into the wall and disappeared.

This scene happened in a blink of an eye. Sixth junior brother’s forehead was covered in cold sweat as he silently stared at third senior brother.

“Sixth junior brother, chase!” Third senior brother revealed a very excited expression as he said that sentence and quickly chased after it.

Sixth junior brother hesitated for a bit before clenching his teeth and followed.

“Senior brother, what the hell was that?”

“Our luck is pretty good. If my guess is not wrong, that is feed for the celestial beasts, something the celestial beasts love to eat. Normally speaking, there are chances of finding celestial beast souls where these feeds are found. That skeleton before must have been ambushed by it and had all of its flesh devoured by it. Junior brother, please don’t blame me for this, I just realized what it was, otherwise, I wouldn’t have asked you to check.” The third senior brother explained as he continued to chase.

Sixth junior brother lowered his head and slowly said, “Mere feed for celestial beasts and it has that much power. If that thing had entered my brow, I would have turned into a skeleton…”

Third senior brother laughed and said, “Junior bother doesn’t need to worry. That thing completely relies on physical attacks and has no abilities at all. It fears techniques and abilities the most. As long as you don’t let it enter your body, all you need to use is your sword energy and you can easily split it in two.”

As the two chased, Wang Lin followed behind them. Although the two martial brothers looked like they had a good relationship, Wang Lin could easily see that the third senior brother had evil intentions.

The scene from before was clearly because the third senior brother noticed that something was off and used his junior brother as bait to lure out the feed.

Wang Lin casually followed behind them as his divine sense focused on what was before him.

He saw the two brothers pursue through the cave system as they continued to go down. Before long, they were in the deep parts of the cave.

The third senior brother felt slightly uneasy. Although he had been here once before, he had never gone this far in and wondered if he should continue chasing.

Just at this moment, Wang Lin noticed that the celestial beast feed’s speed slowed down and it disappeared into a fist-sized hole in the wall.

Wang Lin’s divine sense quickly followed it in and his expression quickly changed. He saw that the walls inside the cave were covered in these thin lines with one end buried inside the wall and the other end slowly swinging back and forth.

In the middle of the cave, there was a small piece of white jade emitting dense celestial spiritual energy.

Besides the jade, there was a skeleton whose bones were black. There were bits of broken clothes on the skeleton, but in front of his chest was a piece of metal that was releasing a powerful pressure.

In addition to all of this, this person was also holding a sword. This sword looked very similar to the celestial sword he had seen in the illusion.

In addition to all of this, what shocked Wang Lin the most was a black line that was moving in and out of the skeleton. Every time it moved, the skeleton would tremble as if it were reviving.

Wang Lin stopped moving and, without any hesitation, quickly backed up to a hole in the wall. He took out his restriction flag to wrap around his body and became exactly like the wall beside him.

The third senior brother flying in the front also had his divine sense spread out and immediately noticed the cave and stopped. His face immediately became pale. Inside this small cave there were at least tens of thousands of celestial beast feeds.

At this moment, the sixth junior brother also noticed this and his expression became ugly. The two looked at each other and slowly backed away.

But it was too late. The celestial feeds charged out of the small hole and appeared before the two in the blink of an eye.

Third senior brother’s expression changed immediately. Without any hesitation, he shouted, “Two Sword Spirit World!”

His sword flew into the air and slashed down. Sixth junior brother clenched his teeth and also sent his sword up and slashed down as well.

Suddenly, two rays of sword energy became like two dragons intertwined together and destroyed all of the celestial beast feeds that were charging at them. Then it crashed into the hole on the wall, making it ten meters wide. This power caused many parts of this already unstable Celestial Beast Temple to collapse.

More slivers came out from the hole. Inside the cave, the black skeleton was extremely eye catching.

“Let’s go!” Third senior brother immediately retreated after saying one line and sixth junior brother quickly followed with his scalp tingling.

The speed at which the two were retreating couldn’t match the slivers, so after only a few steps, the slivers had already caught up. A vicious look flashed across the third senior brother’s eyes as he raised his hand and landed a hit on the sixth junior brother’s back.

Sixth junior brother’s head suddenly turned around with a mocking expression. His hand quickly caught third senior brother’s hand and he said, “Third senior brother, what were you planning on doing?”

With that, his aura suddenly changed. His cultivation level changed from someone who had just stepped into the early stage of Soul Formation into mid stage Soul Formation. He quickly grabbed third senior brother’s bag of holding and sword before throwing third senior brother toward the celestial beast feeds.

“You…” Third senior brother’s expression suddenly changed, but before he could finish speaking, the swarm of slivers drilled into his body. In an instant, the body of an early stage Soul Formation cultivator turned into a skeleton.

His origin soul suddenly flew out, but just at that moment, the sixth junior brother formed seals to block his path.

This pause made the origin soul lose its chance to escape, but the black line suddenly shot out and dug into the origin soul. By the time the black line left, the origin soul had already been devoured by it.

“Sorry, senior brother!” Seeing what had happened, the sixth junior brother quickly escaped using the time third senior brother had bought with his life.

When this person passed where Wang Lin was hiding, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up, but he didn’t recklessly move.

Sixth junior brother flashed by Wang Lin. A few breaths later, the swarm passed by as well. Wang Lin was very nervous as the swarm passed by him.

As the swarm passed by, the black lines paused for a moment but quickly continued to chase sixth junior brother.

After these slivers passed by, Wang Lin waited for a few moments before charging toward the cave that had been opened up by the sword energy.

His body was as fast as lightning and appeared inside the cave. Suddenly, some remaining slivers came out of the wall and charged at Wang Lin. Wang Lin let out a snort and used his restriction flag to block them.

He knew that he was short on time, so he reached toward the sword in the skeleton’s hand without any hesitation.

But suddenly, a powerful pressure came from the sword. It was like Wang Lin’s hand was pressing on spikes, as small holes appeared on his hand, causing him to quickly pull back.

At this moment, the swarm was heading back with the black line in front. When Wang Lin saw this with his divine sense, he immediately gave up on the sword and grabbed the jade.

He decided to give up on taking the piece of metal and quickly charged out of the cave, moving along the wall. The swarm returned to the cave and then a terrifying roar came from inside. The black line quickly charged out of the cave and waved its body for a bit before chasing after where Wang Lin went.

Wang Lin moved as fast as he could through the cave, and as he flew, he released wandering souls with a simple command to help him confuse the black line chasing him.

As he escaped, he could feel the wandering souls being destroyed one by one. He could see through the wandering souls that the black line seemed to have gone mad, as it was charging through the walls of the caves and destroying all the wandering souls.

There were many caves in the Celestial Beast Temple, but many were destroyed in the disaster a long time ago, and more were destroyed under the power of the two swords.

Now, with the black line charging through the walls like crazy, many caves were able to withstand it and collapsed.

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