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Chapter 303 – Everyone has their own agenda

Both were decisive people, so when they made the agreement, there was no hesitation as the two rapidly moved through the ruins toward the cave filled with celestial beast feeds.

From their current position, they could see the cave in the distance.

Not far away was the corpse of third senior brother, who had been killed by Sun Lei.

Sun Lei looked at the cave from a distance and whispered, “Celestial beast feeds are food for celestial beasts. When they eat a feed, it strengthens their bodies, but they are completely useless to us. I can’t believe there are still so many celestial beast feeds in this celestial beast temple. This must be due to that black celestial beast feed. Does fellow cultivator know why that black celestial beast feed exists?”

Wang Lin’s eyes were calm as he responded, “I believe it has something to do with that black skeleton.” He remembered that the first time he saw the black line, it was moving inside the skeleton. Every time it went in and out, the skeleton would shake as if it were going to come back to life.

Sun Lei placed down pieces of jade and slowly said, “Fellow cultivator’s experience is indeed not ordinary. That celestial beast feed must have used some method to devour the flesh and even the celestial soul of that skeleton back during the catastrophe that shattered the Celestial Realm. It hid itself inside the skeleton and then, after a long period of time, gained its own domain! That must be the reason why there are so many celestial beast feeds around; they must all be its offspring.”

Wang Lin remained silent.

Sun Lei said, in a serious tone, “Fellow cultivator, in a bit, I’ll lure those celestial beast feeds out with a technique. We will kill as many as we can, and once that black line moves, we will rendezvous back where we met.”

Wang Lin nodded. He waved his right hand and the beast trap changed into the thunder toad.

“Thunder toad!” Sun Lei’s pupils shrank as he looked at Wang Lin. He was even more sure now that Wang Lin was hiding his cultivation level. How could he capture a rare high quality spirit beast otherwise?

Wang Lin calmly said, “Let’s start.”

Without a word, Sun Lei formed a seal and shouted. The sword behind his back immediately flew up and shot into the cave.

There was a muffled sound before the sword suddenly shot back out. Following closely behind it was a ball of celestial beast feeds. Countless celestial beast feeds jumped out from the ball toward Sun Lei and Wang Lin.

This scene would make anyone’s scalp go numb.

If they were to get caught by them, their fate would be the same as the skeleton’s.

Sun Lei let out a roar and all of the jades he had left on the ground shattered. Rainbow-colored smoke came out of the jades and covered the beast feeds. Soon, the beast feeds fell to the ground, twitching.

However, there were simply too many of them, so the rainbow-colored smoke disappeared in only a few breaths of time. Without a word, Sun Lei jumped backward as his sword flew above his head and pointed at them. Sword energy shot out toward the beast feeds. Wherever it passed, large amounts of them died.

Nevertheless, the tunnel was still covered in celestial beast feeds. They wanted to come and devour everything that was alive.

Sun Lei kept backing up. Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as the thunder toad’s abdomen swelled up and a wave of thunder could be heard inside. Soon, it opened its mouth and a ball of lightning came out, followed by roaring thunder.

Suddenly, waves of celestial beast feed bodies twisted and disappeared in the lightning.

Sun Lei was startled. He didn’t think that the lightning would be this powerful. His dread toward Wang Lin increased.

The ball of lightning contained the power of the heavens. It was able to push forward ten meters before disappearing. However, the beast feeds still ceaselessly charged at them.

Wang Lin backed up and pointed at the thunder toad. The thunder toad’s belly swelled up and then it spat another ball of lightning at the beast feeds.

The ball of lightning roared forth toward the beast feeds. The countless beast feeds for the first time seemed to feel fear. Instead of moving forward, they seemed to want to back away from the ball of lightning.

However, just at this moment, a sharp roar echoed and a black line appeared among the beast feeds. The black line moved through all the other beast feeds and charged at the ball of lightning without any fear.

After the thunder toad spat out two balls of lightning, it was very tired and looked weakened. When Wang Lin saw the black beast feed, he didn’t hesitate to quickly retrieve the thunder toad and escape. As he ran, he pointed at his brow and many wandering souls appeared.

As for Sun Lei, he revealed a look of hesitation before letting out a sigh and giving up on the idea of going into the cave after the celestial beast feeds started chasing after Wang Lin. After all, it was far too dangerous, and any misstep could lead to death.

Thus, as Wang Lin backed off, he also backed off and quickly escaped in another direction.

As for the ball of lightning, the black beast feed drilled into it, causing it to shrink. After a series of crackling and popping sounds, the ball of lightning disappeared completely.

The black beast feed let out a sharp roar. One could see that its body was no longer black but violet instead, and there was some lightning surging on the surface.

It condensed its body and sprang forth with speed so fast that even divine sense couldn’t lock on to it most of the time.

The target it chose was not Wang Lin, but Sun Lei.

While Wang Lin escaped, his expressions suddenly changed as he took out the restriction flag and threw some pills into his mouth. A suctioning force came from the beast trap, and after a long time, it finally stopped. Wang Lin got up. His face was a bit ugly.

“This time, the beast trap began taking spiritual energy half a day ahead. The thunder toad must have expended too much energy. Although this beast trap is easy to use, the cost is too high.” Wang Lin pondered a bit before flying away.

Along the way, the wandering souls went through the walls and returned to him one by one. Once they all returned, Wang Lin found out that none of them were missing. This made him very happy as that meant that the black beast feed chose to chase after Sun Lei this time.

Not long after, Wang Lin arrived at the cave they agreed to meet in and sat down. He spread out his divine sense and found Sun Lei in a cave about 10,000 feet away.

The current Sun Lei was in a very sorry state. His clothes were torn, revealing silver armor underneath. It was clearly that silver armor that allowed him to escape the black beast feed twice.

His right hand was covered in blood and was missing a finger.

He was currently sitting there, cultivating with a gloomy expression. When Wang Lin’s divine sense scanned past the area, his expression immediately changed and revealed a hint of dread.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He jumped into the wall and activated the earth escape technique to move toward Sun Lei.

Sun Lei also noticed and quickly took out several pills. He revealed a pained expression as he swallowed them and quickly sat down to cultivate.

10,000 feet wasn’t a very far distance for a Soul Formation cultivator, but there were many caves to go through and a mysterious power that prevented teleportation. Half an hour later, Wang Lin appeared inside the cave Sun Lei was in.

Sun Lei’s expression immediately became ugly. He flicked his right hand as he stared at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin calmly said, “Brother Sun, please continue to cultivate while I protect you.”

Wang Lin secretly sighed. He didn’t know what pill Sun Lei had swallowed, but it allowed Sun Lei to recover back to 80% strength from a weakened state. This mage Wang Lin give up his previous plan.

Sun Lei was startled as he didn’t expect Wang Lin to say this. Of course, he didn’t believe it, but he still said, “Then I’ll bother fellow cultivator for the help.”

Wang Lin didn’t say anything and sat down cross-legged.

Sun Lei remained on guard as he quickly absorbed the pill inside his body. Three hours later, Sun Lei was fully recovered and his gaze toward Wang Lin was no longer as dark.

Sun Lei stood up and said, “Fellow cultivator, my cultivation has already recovered. How about we go back?”

Wang Lin nodded, stood up, and quickly flew toward one of the caves with Sun Lei right behind him.

The two remained silent the entire way and soon arrived near the cave. The moment the two arrived, a large number of beast feeds charged out from the cave.

Sun Lei’s eyes lit up and he shouted, “Fellow cultivator, stay back. This time, I must avenge my finger!” With that, he slapped his bag of holding and a black fan flew out.

It was unknown what material this fan was made of, but the moment it appeared, a cold aura spread out and layer of black ice formed on the walls.

The black ice continued to expand, and in the blink of an eye arrived near Wang Lin. Wang Lin remained calm as he took out his restriction flag and shook it. Black fog surrounded Wang Lin and the icy aura moved around the black fog, but this formed a layer of buffer between Wang Lin and Sun Lei. Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he silently took out the passing of time wood carving from his bag of holding.

At this moment, those beast feeds charged out of the cave. It seemed like their numbers hadn’t decreased at all. This time, the black beast feed was in front. It clearly wanted to kill.

Sun Lei took a deep breath as his hand formed different seals before pointing at this brow. Suddenly, his origin soul came out and grabbed hold of the fan. His origin soul revealed an expression of pain. It was like he had just grabbed a piece of hot iron.

His origin soul held the fan and swung it at the celestial beast feeds. Suddenly, a wave of black wind flew toward the celestial beast feeds.

Suddenly, each of the beast feeds stopped moving and patches of black ice spread. In an instant, the area became a world of black ice.

Without a word, Sun Lei’s origin soul returned to his body and charged toward the cave. He smiled. “Fellow cultivator, my technique has a limit and can only last 10 breaths. I’ll go ahead first and then come to save you.”

Wang Lin remained calm as he let out a faint, mocking smile.

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