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Chapter 295 – The Broken Celestial Realm

After putting it away, Wang Lin saw numerous swirls. There were cultivators entering them and disappearing.

Wang Lin’s body moved and he charged into a swirl. He gradually disappeared inside it.

There was blinding light shining into his eyes and he felt like he was falling from the sky. However, he forced his eyes to stay open and saw something that he will never forget.

Below him were pieces of golden fragments scattered around like a mirror that had fallen on the ground and shattered.

The Celestial Realm was like a shattered mirror. Now that all of the celestial spiritual energy had disappeared from the Celestial Realm, only a small amount of it remained in each fragment of the Celestial Realm.

As Wang Lin’s body rapidly descended, the pieces got larger and larger. Soon, Wang Lin was able to detect that he had landed on a fragment near the edge.

The moment he landed, he quickly slapped his bag of holding and a brass bell appeared in his hand. This was one of the three treasures from the ancient cultivators that he was able to refine. This treasure had the ability to change its size to trap the enemy.

After landing, Wang Lin looked around and was shocked.

The ground contained no signs of life. There was only dead grass. The mountain in the distance had its peak cut in half. The cut was very smooth, so it was clear that it was cut by someone.

Below the mountain were some palaces, but they had all been turned to rubble. The other half of the peak had fallen on top of the palaces. From a distance, they looked like one big mountain linked to a smaller mountain.

On the ground there were many bottomless pits. Some of them even spat out white gas that slowly floated into the air.

This was a dead world.

Wang Lin pondered for a while and muttered, “This… is the Celestial Realm?”

Despite knowing the fact that the Celestial Realm had been destroyed, even when he was standing here, Wang Lin still couldn’t believe it. In ancient times, when one reached the Soul Formation stage, they would hear the call of the Celestial Realm. To cultivators, the Celestial Realm was a holy place.

A sacred place that shouldn’t be violated.

But now Wang Lin looked at his surroundings and couldn’t help but become silent. After a while, he looked at the palaces in the distance and moved toward that direction.

Although it didn’t look far, after flying for a while, Wang Lin noticed a force coming from the sky. This force made it very hard to reach a certain speed while flying.

Wang Lin arrived at the palace after a long time. He was shaken from seeing the ruins up close.

From looking at the ruins, Wang Lin could see just how rich the Celestial Realm was. The only material used to build these palaces were spirit stones.

Although Wang Lin had seen buildings made of pure spirit stones back in Chu, where Li Muwan lived, compared to this, the difference was too great.

Wang Lin couldn’t see the end of the palace in the distance. Just from looking at the ruins, one could see how amazing this place was before it was destroyed.

However, after all these years had passed, all of these spirit stones had lost their energy. In fact, many of them would turn to dust the moment they were touched.

Wang Lin let out a sigh. “So this the Celestial Realm…”

While walking through the ruins, Wang Lin couldn’t help but begin to ponder. This area didn’t have any of the Celestial Energy he was looking for. There was only sadness.

In the center of the palace, Wang Lin stopped and was terrified at the scene before him. The area was completely caved inwards. After looking carefully at it, he could see that it was a hand print.

Wang Lin was stunned. The moment he saw the hand print, he thought of the hand print on the Celestial Gate.

The power of one hand print was able to destroy such a wide area. Wang Lin believed that he could do it back on Suzaku too, but this was the Celestial Realm.

Everything in the Celestial Realm was much tougher than things outside, and this place was filled with cultivators at the Soul Formation stage or above who had been cultivating celestial spiritual energy. If all of this was factored in, then this hand print was very scary.

Wang Lin crouched down next to the hand print and touched it with his hand. Suddenly, a powerful death aura came out and entered Wang Lin’s body though his arm.

Wang Lin’s life and death domain suddenly activated. After a long time, he took a deep breath. The terror in his eyes became even stronger.

He just felt that the hand print still had remnants of the user’s aura left, so he experienced it after touching it. However, the more he felt, the more he realized just how powerful the user was.

After standing up, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He flew into the air and pressed his hand down at the same area. After a long time, he shook his head, moved around the hand print, and continued to walk around in the ruins.

After walking through the ruins for several days, he found a broken stone tablet with some words carved onto it.

“Gifted by the fifth Rain Celestial Emperor to Celestial Scholar Tian Hua…”

The tablet roughly said that Celestial Scholar Tian Hua had accomplished a great deed, so the celestial emperor made these palaces for him as a reward. The palaces were built in the form of a formation that would attract celestial spiritual energy from 100,000 kilometers, making cultivation several times more effective.

After he finished reading, Wang Lin couldn’t help but feel shaken again. Although he didn’t know what rank a Celestial Scholar was, it certainly was below the Celestial Emperor. If a mere Celestial Scholar could have a palace like this, then what would the palace of the Celestial Emperor be like?

Just as he was about to leave, his eyes lit up. He suddenly turned around and stared at the stone tablet. The stone tablet looked very normal. It didn’t have anything extraordinary about it.

But Wang Lin’s gaze swept past each word. Why did Celestial Scholar Tian Hua want to have his palace built here? Also, this tablet was a decree, which should be placed on the outside for everyone to see, so why was it here?

This area belonged to the inner part of the palace. For this stone tablet to be here, it seemed kind of fishy.

Wang Lin frowned as he raised his hand and pointed at the stone tablet. A beam of qi shot out and landed on the stone tablet. Suddenly, the cracks on the tablet became even larger.

Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and a flying sword came out. Under his command, the sword hit the stone tablet. Sounds of metal colliding could be heard. Although it had been damaged by the power of that hand print, the stone tablet was still very tough.

After a long time, the stone tablet was finally cut off from its base by the flying sword. Wang Lin looked at the base of the tablet but couldn’t find anything abnormal. However, he still felt like there was something off about this stone tablet.

His eyes lit up as he grabbed the stone tablet and pulled. The area rumbled as the stone tablet was slowly dragged up by Wang Lin.

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