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Chapter 296 – Celestial Spiritual Energy

As the stone tablet was dragged out of the ground, the area that was below ground come into view. The walls of the underground area were of a different color from the walls aboveground. They looked like they were soaked in water, but there was no sign of water nearby.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. According to logic, this place had already been deserted for countless years, and although there were many fragments of Celestial Realm, every time the Celestial Gate opened, people entered.

Therefore, even if there were fragments that no one had stepped on before, they were very rare and hard to find.

Basically, most of the Celestial Realm fragments had been visited by cultivators before.

This stone tablet was a sign that was normally placed outside, yet it was here, near the center of the palace. Adding on the fact that there were marks indicating that it had been buried underground for a long time, Wang Lin finally began to understand what was going on.

This stone tablet must have been moved by a cultivator during one of the earlier openings of the Celestial Realm to hide something.

Otherwise, those marks at the bottom half of the stone tablet wouldn’t have been there. If it was left unmoved, then the bottom half would have eventually dried and started to crack.

After confirming this idea, his eyes lit up and he raised his arm. The last few feet of the stone tablet that were underground were pulled out by Wang Lin.

The moment the stone tablet was pulled out, a sliver of celestial spiritual energy came out from underneath. There wasn’t much; the moment it appeared, it was about to disappear.

Wang Lin revealed a happy expression as he quickly trapped this celestial spiritual energy and refined it.

Just at this moment, a sonic boom was suddenly heard from a distance as something flew across the sky like lightning. This object was covered by an octagon-shaped formation.

A green-robed cultivator with a flying sword behind his back walked out of the formation.

The moment he appeared, he quickly flew toward the ruins as if he had a target.

Wang Lin immediately noticed and frowned. However, he ignored that person’s speed and focused on refining the celestial spiritual energy.

That sliver of celestial spiritual energy became a drop of liquid after being refined by Wang Lin for a while.

Wang Lin knew that celestial energy had to be refined by a cultivator into a spirit stone state so that it could be preserved. However, the time it took to refine them depended on one’s cultivation level.

That green-robbed cultivator’s speed was very fast. When he noticed that something was wrong, his face suddenly changed and he shouted, “Stop!” He used some unknown technique and his speed became even faster.

Wang Lin ignored him, because that green-robed cultivator was the same cultivation level as him, early stage Soul Formation. He didn’t see the the cultivator as a threat at all and only calculated the time of that person’s arrival as he focused on refining the celestial spiritual energy.

When the green-robed cultivator saw that not only did Wang Lin not stop, but he sped up the refining process, he angrily shouted, “This area was found by my Da Lou Sword Sect 3,000 years ago. If you don’t stop now, my Da Lou Sword Sect will come for you!”

The cultivator’s voice came from the distance. Although Wang Lin could only hear some of it, he understood the general idea. He sneered. How could everything already have an owner, especially something like celestial spiritual energy? What that person was saying was really ridiculous.

He waved his right hand. The bracelet quickly flew off his hand and transformed into a large, green toad.

The moment the Thunder Toad appeared, its abdomen swelled up and then it spat out a ball of lightning that flew toward the green-robed cultivator.

That green-robed cultivator’s face suddenly changed. He was very afraid of that ball of lightning. He slapped the sword behind his back, then the sword suddenly came out and shined like the sun while floating above his head.

The green-robed cultivator formed seals and pointed at the ball of lightning. The sword slashed down and then a thick and powerful sword qi descended from the sky.

The speed of it was very quick as it landed on the ball of lightning. The ball of lightning was cut in half and fell to the sides, forming two craters with white smoke coming out of them.

That green-robed cultivator’s face turned red as he forced down the blood that was coming up his throat. This sword was one of the seven treasure swords of the Da Lou Sword Sect. If it was against someone weaker than him, he could easily control it. Even against someone with the same cultivation level, he could easily kill them with just the sword qi inside the sword.

However, the thunder toad was like a mid stage Soul Formation cultivator. While the ball of lightning had no domain, it was not something a normal cultivator could control. This was a unique attack skill given to the thunder toad by the weapon. Thus, he could only give it his all and win by harming himself.

With the help of the thunder toad, Wang Lin finally finished refining the celestial spiritual energy. There was now a purple crystal the size of a grain of rice in his hand.

This tiny crystal was equal to half of Zhao’s spiritual energy condensed together. Feeling the spiritual energy inside, Wang Lin felt shocked. After he put the crystal into his bag of holding, he raised his head and coldly looked at the green-robed cultivator.

Under this stone tablet hid one of the eyes of the formation. Although the formation had long been broken, it was still active. After a long time, it would still gather celestial spiritual energy until it produced a sliver of pure celestial spiritual energy.

That Da Lou Sword Sect must have placed the stone tablet here because they were afraid of someone else finding it. Every time the celestial gate opened, they would send someone here to harvest celestial spiritual energy.

The reason they didn’t use any restrictions and used a stone tablet instead was because they were afraid of someone noticing. No matter how well the formation was made, there would still be traces of it, and there will always be people with heavenly cultivation who could easily see through it. In the end, they decided to place a stone tablet here and place no restrictions. This way, it will be harder to find.

Wang Lin sneered as he placed his right hand over the hole and viciously pinched. Crackling sounds could be heard as the eye of the formation was broken. It could never be used again.

Since he had already offended this Da Lou Sword Sect by taking their celestial spiritual energy, he might as well destroy this eye so that they couldn’t come here to collect more and create more powerful cultivators.

The green-robed cultivator stared at Wang Lin. He let out a roar, then pointed at Wang Lin. The sword turned toward Wang Lin and a sword qi twice as large as last time fell down from the sky as if it were going to split the heavens in two.

After sending out this sword qi, he coughed out blood and his body weakened greatly. He didn’t even look at the result and immediately left.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. Without a word, he pointed at his brow, causing black gas to come out. The gas turned into wandering souls. They charged forward and collided with the sword qi.

At the same time, the thunder toad let out a roar. Its abdomen swelled up again and it spat out another ball of lightning a bit larger than the last one.

“Want to run?” Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and took out a small flag. This restriction flag that had reached the first stage of completion was very strong. It turned into black smoke, surrounded Wang Lin, and quickly carried him forward.

That sword qi was first hit by over 100 wandering souls. Although the wandering souls were instantly destroyed when they touched the sword qi, the power of over 100 wandering souls couldn’t be taken lightly. The wandering souls made the sword qi shrink by 1/5th of its original size and made it dim down.

Afterward, the ball of lightning collided with the sword qi. The ball of lightning dissipated, but the sword qi shrank to a small fraction of its original size. There was no longer any light coming from it after it collided with the ball of lightning.

Eventually, Wang Lin charged out. Because he was under the protection of the restriction flag, the sword qi no longer had any power to stop him and was destroyed by several restrictions.

Wang Lin didn’t slow down at all. With the protection of the restriction flag, he charged after the escaping green-robed cultivator.

As the green-robed cultivator escaped, he spread out his divine sense and was shocked by what he saw. He would not have dared to believe even in his wildest dreams that this person would be able to destroy his sword qi so easily. How could he not be shocked?

Wang Lin’s expression remained the same. That sword was very weird and it had very powerful sword qi within. If it wasn’t for the fact that he came fully prepared, he would have been wounded by that sword qi today.

Wang Lin once again realized that no Soul Formation cultivator that could enter the Celestial Realm should be underestimated.

While surrounded by the restriction flag, Wang Lin’s speed was very fast. The distance between him and the green-robed cultivator quickly shrank.

The green-robed cultivator’s face was gloomy. He used that secret technique again and his speed increased greatly. He arrived at the spot where he had landed and quickly formed a seal. Seeing the formation appear, he relaxed a bit. Once he gets inside the formation, he could go to another fragment. There were many fragments, so the person chasing him wouldn’t be able to catch up.

He sneered. “Just you wait! This time, my Da Lou Sword Sect has four people who entered the Celestial Realm. Once I find my senior brothers, we will come and kill you together. You won’t be able to leave the Celestial Realm.”

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