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Chapter 294 – Intimation

The six pillars of light connected and formed a hexagon before quickly flying into the distance.

Soon, a giant, golden door appeared before Wang Lin.

This door was simply too big to describe. When people stood next to it, they looked like ants. There was a giant word carved onto the gate. According to ancient god Tu Si’s memories, it was the word for “Rain”.

This was the Rain Celestial Realm Gate; however, there was a handprint on this door, and it was surrounded by cracks.

There were countless broken platforms below the gate. There were already several people there, and almost all of them were on their own platform.

After the six of them arrived, the lights surrounding them disappeared and threw them forward. Wang Lin moved back a bit and landed on a platform 100 feet wide.

As for the other five, each one of them also chose a platform to stand on.

He looked around and his heart couldn’t help but skip a beat as he noticed that all of the different-sized platforms had the same texture. If he carefully looked at the edges of some of them, they would fit perfectly together.

As a result, Wang Lin guessed that countless years ago, before the Celestial Realm collapsed, there was a very large platform here.

After seeing the hand print on the gate, he couldn’t help but wonder how much power must have been in that technique to leave a print on the Celestial Gate.

The sliver of pride Wang Lin had just gained disappeared after he looked at the gate. Compared to these mysterious presences, he was still struggling at the bottom.

After a while, several more people appeared and landed on various platforms. There was a wide range of cultivation levels among the cultivators with even Nascent Soul cultivators showing up. This confused Wang Lin greatly.

Gradually, as more and more people arrived, there weren’t enough platforms.

One of the black-clothed youths looked around and found that no more platforms were open, so he landed on one next to an old woman. This platform was about 300 feet wide. Not to mention two people, it had enough room to fit 20 people.

But the moment the youth landed on the platform, the old woman’s eyes lit up, and she said, with a raspy voice, “Scram!”

The youth’s face became cold. He was about to speak, but the old woman frowned. Her hand reach out and grabbed at him. Suddenly the young man screamed. He quickly backed up and barely dodged the danger. His expression was very ugly as he looked at the old woman, turned around, and landed on another platform nearby.

On that platform sat a middle-aged man. He was one of the people that came with Wang Lin. He was just sitting there, drinking by himself, and didn’t seem to care that there was an extra person on the platform.

The black-clothed young man pondered a bit before sitting down on the edge of the platform. His eyes lit up and he would occasionally looked at the old woman.

Not long after, another person arrived. This person’s face was gloomy. He was at the early stage of Soul Formation. After he arrived, he noticed that all of the platforms were taken and immediately flew to the side. No one knew if it was intentional or not, but as luck would have it, he flew toward where the six people from Suzaku were at.

His body appeared on the platform that the man from the Giant Demon Clan was on and coldly said, “Move out of the way!”

The man from the Giant Demon Clan looked at him with a dismissive look, then his body suddenly swelled up and he became a giant. He stood up, looked down at the terrified person, and said, “There is no room!”

As he spoke, the axe imprint on his forehead rapidly flashed.

The person looked at the man from the Giant Demon Clan with dread as he muttered, “Giant Demon Clan…” His body slowly moved away from the platform.

The next moment, he appeared on the platform that the genius of Xue Ye, Red Butterfly, was on. The man from the Giant Demon Clan looked over with interest.

This person landed on Red Butterfly’s platform, looked at her, clasped his hands, and left.

He noticed that this Red Butterfly was at the late stage of Soul Formation. She was not someone he could mess with. Thus, he floated in the air and his gaze swept past everyone around. He gave up on the white-haired old man after one look, and as for the middle-aged man, he gave up too because there was already another person on the platform.

Finally, he picked the two platforms with Wang Lin and the young man whose eyes were filled with bloodlust. He gave up on the young man because he didn’t look like someone who was willing to give up easily. This could lead to a big battle and that was not the result he wanted.

And Wang Lin looked like a weak scholar who seemed easier to bully. This person’s eyes lit up and he arrived at Wang Lin’s platform.

At this moment, even the middle-aged man who was drinking raised his head and looked over.

The man from the Giant Demon Sect also looked over. The interest in his eyes deepened.

Red Butterfly kept feeling like she knew this scholar-looking person but couldn’t seem to recall anything. Even she looked over to try to see if she could see through something by looking at his techniques.

The young man filled with bloodlust and the white-haired old man also looked over. After all, Wang Lin also came from Suzaku like them.

The person stood on the platform Wang Lin was on and coldly said, “Fellow cultivator, please leave this platform and find another one.” Although his voice was cold, after consecutive setbacks, his arrogance had lowered a lot.

Wang Lin’s eyes were calm as he looked at the person and didn’t say a word. He waved his hand and a bracelet popped off his hand and transformed into a large toad.

The moment this toad appeared, the person’s expression changed as he exclaimed, “Thunder toad!”

This thunder toad was only one of Wang Lin’s treasures, so he wasn’t afraid of exposing it. The stuff he had in his bag of holding were his real aces, so he didn’t mind using this thunder toad to intimidate people. If people were to fight Wang Lin in the future and prepare for his thunder toad, then they wouldn’t be prepared for his real killer moves.

Moreover, it was obvious that power was everything here. If he didn’t give a good display of power, then there would be countless more troubles in the future. This was also why Wang Lin decided to bring out this toad.

The moment the thunder toad appeared, its stomach swelled up and it shot out a ball of lightning. The person quickly backed up as his hand formed seals and a Yin and Yang wheel appeared. The wheel smashed into the ball of lightning.

The person coughed out a mouthful of blood, but the Yin and Yang wheel was able to cause the ball of lightning to shrink a great deal and bounced it back. The thunder toad opened its mouth and swallowed the ball of lightning, then looked at the person with caution.

Wang Lin secretly sighed. He knew that every Soul Formation cultivator had their own methods, especially ones that could come here. That Yin and Yang wheel had a powerful neutralizing effect to neutralize a great deal of the ball of lightning.

It has to be said that the thunder toad was at the level of a Soul Formation cultivator. Although still a bit away from late stage Soul Formation cultivators, it had at least the power of a mid stage Soul Formation cultivator. Although its ball of lightning lacked a domain, its power was up there.

That person flew out very far. He looked at the thunder toad with dread and couldn’t help but let out a bitter smile. He clasped his hands at Wang Lin and no longer tried to find a platform. He then sat down cross-legged in the air.

Wang Lin was every surprised at how willing this person was to let it go, but he wasn’t sure if this was real or an act.

The genius from Xue Yu’s eyes focused on the thunder toad for a bit before withdrawing her gaze.

As for the man from the Giant Demon Clan, his eyes were filled with the urge to fight as he nodded at Wang Lin. It seemed he acknowledged Wang Lin’s power.

As for the old man, he rolled his eyes and withdrew his gaze.

Only the young man with bloodlust in his eyes looked at the toad with a hint of dread. His entire cultivation method was based on insects, so he was very weary of a creature that could spit out lightning, especially a toad.

The middle-aged man let out a sigh and said, “Thunder toad… Wan Er, I saw a thunder toad again. Sadly, it is not the same person from back then.”

Wang Lin waved his right hand and the thunder toad turned back into the beast trap.

Everyone who saw this became silent, but all of them would occasionally look at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s gaze remained calm as he waved his hand and a gourd appeared. He took a gulp before lowering his head and began to think.

Not long after, a burst of noise came from the celestial gate. The noise was small at first but soon was enough to match a thunderstorm. As the rumbling continued, the celestial gate slowly opened.

Waves of golden light came out of the gate and lit up the entire area. After a while, the celestial gate opened completely.

All of the surrounding cultivators stood up and flew inside without a word. They all disappeared inside the celestial gate.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up, but he didn’t immediately go in. Only after waiting for the five from Suzaku to go in did he casually enter as well.

The moment he passed through the door, he felt a powerful aura coming from the celestial realm. This aura had no killing intent and just flew past everyone who entered. Gradually, the celestial gate closed.

At the same time, a small jade cauldron appeared before Wang Lin. He took a deep breath, grabbed the jade cauldron, and put it into his bag of holding. Before he came here, he did some research about the celestial realm.

He knew that this was a return cauldron. At certain locations, he could spend one hour activating it and it would allow him to return to the cultivation planet he came from.

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