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Chapter 291 – No Name (2)

After placing 18 more sets of different restrictions onto the flag, Wang Lin let out a sigh. He had already done his best. If he wished to continue, then he would have to study more restrictions. This was the only way to increase the amount of pure attack restrictions.

Wang Lin had already made up his mind to learn more restrictions in the future. Just at its first completion, the flag was already this powerful, so he was very hopeful to see what it will be like once it reaches its second completion. At that stage, it would probably be able to shock Soul Transformation cultivators.

As Wang Lin thought about this, he became every excited. He put away the complete flag and took out the damaged one. After looking at it, he gave up on placing the last restriction on it. The main use for this flag will be to summon the divine retribution lightning.

After completing the restriction flag, Wang Lin jumped up and flew toward the darkness of the tunnel.

Wang Lin was very familiar with this area. After all, back then he had to slowly advance through this dangerous area.

Even though he was doing it again, he didn’t became careless and descended with caution.

He picked this place to get a spirit beast because although there weren’t many here, all of them were far more powerful than the ones in the Sea of Devils.

There were even some desolate beasts here. Of course, even Wang Lin wasn’t willing to mess with those. He was after high quality spirit beasts that were about the same as a Soul Formation cultivator.

The reason he was picking a beast here was because he had a treasure called the beast trap. This trap would allow him to control any beast at the cost of a lot of spiritual energy.

Wang Lin got the trap when he first arrived in the land of the ancient god from those ancient cultivators in exchange for helping them.

In the years after, he had found some low quality spirit beasts to test it on, which was why he was here now.

It could be said that Wang Lin had prepared all he could in order to obtain celestial spiritual energy from the celestial realm. Once he catches a high quality spirit beast, something on the same level a Soul Formation cultivator, it will help him out a lot.

However, during this period of time, he will have to inject spiritual energy into the treasure to prevent the beast from breaking free.

He had his divine sense spread out the entire time as he sank down, but he found no spirit beasts at all. This confused him greatly as he remembered that when he was this far in last time, he had already seen several spirit beasts.

He pondered for a bit before continuing to sink down. He soon arrived at where that 10,000 meter dragon fell last time. Standing there, Wang Lin began to hesitate. If he were to continue to sink, then he might run into desolate beasts.

But he didn’t meet a single spirit beast on the entire way down. It seemed this trip was a waste. After pondering a bit more, he formed a seal to leave the land of the ancient god.

After all, it was simply too dangerous to go farther. Wang Lin didn’t want to risk too much just for a spirit beast.

However, just as he formed the seal, two eyes like big pearls appeared in the darkness below him, then a red dragon suddenly charged out.

Wang Lin was able to immediately notice that this dragon was the same one from last time. Just as he was about to leave, he suddenly stopped and noticed that there was a green toad in front of the dragon.

This toad was about 10 meters tall, and as it kicked off with its back foot, it suddenly moved forward with the dragon chasing behind it.

Without a word, Wang Lin sank down in the rock. His divine sense spread out to check out what was going on. He had already finished the seal and only needed to activate it to leave. Now that he was in no rush to leave, he was interested in what was happening.

He saw the red dragon open its mouth and coil up its body. When it uncoiled, it shot forward. It whipped its body to wrap around the toad.

The toad suddenly paused as the dragon attempted to warp around it. Suddenly, there was a bright flash from the toad that lit up the whole area. After the light dimmed, there was a ball of lightning around the toad.

The red dragon let out a roar and quickly dodged. It seemed to be very afraid of that lightning.

Wang Lin took a deep breath. He was shocked. Although the toad’s lightning didn’t look all that special, it gave Wang Lin the same feeling he got when he encountered the divine retribution lightning for the first time.

This toad might be a desolate beast as well if it’s able to fight with the red dragon.

But he immediately rejected that idea as he saw the toad go down and land on a rock nearby with despair in its eyes.

From the looks of it, it didn’t seem like it was a desolate beast. After all, a battle between two desolate beasts wouldn’t be decided in one attack.

Wang Lin suddenly felt very excited. He wasn’t willing to mess with a desolate beast, but if this toad was a high quality spirit beast, then it would fit his needs.

At this point, the red dragon let out a roar. Suddenly, ten balls of blood appeared around it. Inside the balls of blood were souls of spirit beasts.

The balls of blood rushed toward the toad.

The despair in the toad’s eyes deepened as Wang Lin clenched his teeth and jumped out…

The moment he appeared, the red dragon charged toward Wang Lin with a mocking expression. Three of the balls of blood went toward Wang Lin.

After seeing the spirit beast souls inside the balls, Wang Lin finally understood why he hadn’t spotted any beasts this entire time. This dragon must have gone crazy, killed all the spirit beasts here, and refined their souls into these balls of blood.

Wang Lin’s expression remained the same in the face of the ball of blood as he waved his hand. There was a sudden flash of light and a bronze circle appeared. This bronze circle was the size of a bracelet. If one looked at it closely, they would see the faces of hundreds of beasts that looked alive.

The moment this bronze circle appeared, all of the beast souls became scared and avoided the circle. It quickly arrived above the toad, became large, and was about to descend.

Wang Lin shouted, “If you don’t want to die, don’t struggle!” He then didn’t even look at the bronze circle as his body disappeared within this tunnel.

All of this happened very quickly. The dragon would have never thought that Wang Lin would have the ability to leave this place at any time. After realizing that Wang Lin’s presence was gone, the dragon let out a roar and a ring of blood expanded. Everything that was touched by this ring was turned to dust.

The toad was going to dodge the bronze circle, but after hearing Wang Lin’s words, its eyes lit up. Instead of dodging, it jumped into the bronze circle and let it lock around its neck. Just as the red ring got near, the toad disappeared.

The dragon’s angry roar echoed throughout the tunnel.

Wang Lin appeared at the entrance. Just as he appeared, his face immediately turned pale and he quickly took out several bottles of pills before sitting down to cultivate.

Beside him sat a large, green toad. The toad looked curiously at its surroundings. Around its neck was a bronze collar.

The mosquito beast noticed Wang Lin’s presence and immediately came over. However, it also noticed the toad and growled at it.

That toad rolled its eyes and flicked its tongue out. The tongue flew out like lightning toward the mosquito, who dodged it and immediately lunged at the toad with its sharp proboscis.

The toad revealed a look of disdain before its belly suddenly swelled up and a ball of lightning shot out at the mosquito.

The mosquito let out a roar as it open its mouth, spat out ten golden lines that formed a net, and trapped the ball of lightning.

Just at this moment, Wang Lin opened his eyes, frowned, and shouted, “Enough!”

The toad lazily took in a breath of air and swallowed the lightning again. The mosquito beast viciously stared at the toad but didn’t dare to move closer.

There was, after all, an entire grade of difference between the mosquito and the toad.

Wang Lin’s face was slightly pale. When the trap got around the toad’s neck, a ton of spiritual energy was sucked out of him. This almost turned in him to a mummy before successfully controlling the toad.

The moment he got control of the toad, he suddenly felt something in his mind. This was information about the beast he had trapped.

This toad was a Thunder Toad and it was a high quality thunder spirit beast.

According to Wang Lin’s knowledge, this treasure would take spiritual energy from him to maintain control of the beast at set periods of time. These intervals were set, so after leaving behind a command for the two beasts to be quiet, he sat down and began cultivating again.

Six days later, the beast trap started absorbing more spiritual energy, but since Wang Lin was prepared this time, he wasn’t afraid.

After it stopped absorbing, he swallowed spirit pills to recover his spiritual energy. He then stood up and waved his hand. Suddenly, the beast trap shrank. The toad let out an unwilling roar as it shrank with it before returning to Wang Lin’s hand. All of the beast faces were now gone from the bracelet. They were replaced with the face of a toad.

After confirming the time intervals in which the beast trap would suck spiritual energy from him, Wang Lin got up and prepared to leave the Chaotic Broken Stars.

However, the mosquito let out anxious roars and attracted Wang Lin’s attention. He quickly flew to where the golden lines were coming from and stopped.

For some reason, a fist-sized rift had appeared again.

Wang Lin took a look, then his origin soul left his body and entered the rift. In an instant, he grabbed dozens of golden lines, but just as he was about to leave, something hundreds of times thicker than the golden lines extended from the sun-like object.

The moment this thick line appeared, the golden sun shrank a size. Everywhere the thick line went, the other golden lines avoided it. It charged directly at Wang Lin, and before it even got close, Wang Lin felt a destructive force coming his way.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he took a look at this object. He didn’t attack but quickly withdrew his origin soul back to his body and escaped into the distance.

The mosquito seemed to notice something as it stared at the golden lines in Wang Lin’s hand and followed behind.

Wang Lin only backed off a short distance before he heard a thunderous roar and countless swirls appeared next to the fist-sized rift. The swirls spread until they made the rift larger, then the large, golden line charged at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin didn’t turn his head as he quickly escaped. The Chaotic Broken Stars wasn’t that big, so he soon went past the restrictions he had set. He grabbed the mosquito beast, put it away, and charged into the ring of the Chaotic Broken Stars.

The moment he entered the ring, the very large golden line smashed into the restrictions Wang Lin had set up. However, Wang Lin’s restrictions were instantly destroyed and weren’t able to delay the golden line at all.

Wang Lin saw this with his divine sense. This caused him to frown as he flew out from the Chaotic Broken Stars’ ring.

The golden line seemed to dread the Chaotic Broken Stars’ ring. It was as if there was a power preventing it from going further. It coiled up like a snake and pointed at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin stood outside the Chaotic Broken Star’s ring and looked at the golden line before leaving. He knew that those two trips into the rift were too much. They clearly caused something like the ruler of the golden lines to appear to stop him.

This was probably the reason why the old man with the turtle dragon had only taken seven and left.

After surrounding the golden lines with his death domain, he took out the mosquito beast and gave them to it. The mosquito best devoured them one by one. This beast had been very well fed these past few days as these golden lines were very nutritious. Thanks to these golden lines, the day where it becomes a high quality spirit beast wasn’t far.

After leaving the Chaotic Broken Stars, he pondered a bit and then slapped his bag of holding to take out a small cauldron. This cauldron was the thing needed to go to the Rain Celestial Realm, the Rain Cauldron.

This cauldron wasn’t very big; it could be held in one hand. It also looked very ordinary with no marks on it, but if one looked with their divine sense, they would notice a sliver of aura that was far more powerful than spiritual energy.

This aura was clearly several times more pure than spiritual energy. Wang Lin knew that this was celestial spiritual energy.

However, this aura was simply too weak to be used for cultivation. It could only be used as a key to open the Celestial Gate.

After he obtained this Rain Cauldron, Wang Lin had studied it many times. He looked at it for a while before putting it away.

According to what normally happens, once the Rain Cauldrons appear, that means that the Celestial Gates are about to open. Many years had already passed since they appeared, so the day should arrive soon.

Unfortunately, that messy old man didn’t give him an exact time, or else it wouldn’t be this complicated.

Wang Lin let out a sigh and took out a piece of jade from his bag of holding. He checked it for a bit before jumping onto the back of the mosquito beast and went toward the direction of Hou Fen.

His next objective was to go into the foreign battleground to gather enough wandering souls to make more devils and to make the final preparations for going into the Celestial Realm.

There was a large formation in the center of Hou Fen. This was a single direction transfer array that opens every 500 years for the disciples that are inside the foreign battleground to return.

On this day, a person appeared outside of this formation. This person was wearing white, seemed gentle, and looked like the son of a rich family.

His eyes were like the stars and his skin was as white as pearl. He studied the structure of the formation.

This person was Wang Lin!

It would still be several years before this formation opens, but he couldn’t wait all those years. He decided to use this formation and his status as a soul devourer as a guide to attempt a reverse transfer.

After studying the transfer array for several days, he pondered a bit and then his eyes lit up as he changed the formation a bit and walked inside. He spread out his origin soul as it slowly merged with the formation. The symbols on the formation slowly lit up and gathered on his body. Slowly, Wang Lin disappeared.

The moment he disappeared, the formation shattered and couldn’t be used anymore.

Several years passed. At a transfer array in a rank 3 cultivation country in the south, all of the cultivators gathered there, waiting for a messenger from the rank 4 cultivation country to open up the tunnel to the foreign battleground.

Sun Wen was a cultivator from the rank 4 cultivation country of Gong Sun. He was here to be the messenger. Although he was only at the late stage of Nascent Soul, his family was a big deal in Gong Sun, so he was sent here to gain experience.

Today was the first time he had ever opened the tunnel to the foreign battleground, so he was a bit nervous, but he was mostly enjoying the looks of admiration from everyone else.

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