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Chapter 292 – Return

The sun was high in the sky. Sun Wen was wearing a blue robe and his hands were behind his back as he sat on a dragon chair that was floating in the air. Beside him stood two very beautiful girls. One of them was holding a big umbrella, providing him shade, and the other was holding a blue, porcelain bowl containing ice-cold plum soup.

On the ground stood countless cultivators from this country. All of them were focused on waiting for the foreign battleground to open up.

Among those people were the elders of various sects and their top disciples. They were going to train inside the foreign battleground in order to raise their cultivation level.

Of course, there were also a few disciples that no one liked that were going to be thrown into the foreign battleground to let fate decide their life and death.

Time slowly passed. Although it was very hot, since these people were cultivators, their bodies could bear the heat, so they didn’t seem tired at all.

There were several young disciples that looked up at Sun Wen with looks of admiration.

Sun Wen enjoyed these kinds of gazes very much. He waved his hand and one of the girls immediately brought the bowl to him. He grabbed the spoon and ate a plum along with some soup and immediately felt a cool sensation spreading across his body.

This plum wasn’t a normal plum but a special herb that grew in Gong Sun. Just drinking a mouthful would help increase one’s cultivation by a considerable amount.

This was especially true for specially made soup like this one. It was like the nectar of the plum.

There was no doubt that Sun Wen was someone who liked to enjoy himself.

As of this moment, 45 minutes had passed. Sun Wen put down the spoon and said, “You all know the rules of the foreign battleground, but I have an extra rule myself. Everything brought out must be examined by me before you can take it. Remember it well!”

The moment those words were spoken, everyone agreed; however, although some of the Nascent Soul cultivators agreed, they were all sneering in their hearts.

Sun Wen slapped his bag of holding and five pieces of jade flew out. He bit his finger and dripped blood on the jades before throwing them forward.

Suddenly, the five pieces of jade shot out, forming five rays of golden light, which then became a circular pattern. He chanted some weird words and the golden light released by the jades intensified.

After a few seconds, Sun Wen took a deep breath. Sweat had appeared on his forehead. He took out a jade bottle, dumped out some pills, and ate them as he looked at the jades with a proud expression.

The five pieces of jade’s golden light became brighter and brighter until a vortex appeared in the middle. The vortex devoured the golden light and became bigger and bigger.

Not long after, all of the golden light disappeared, leaving only the black vortex, which seemed really out of place. Waves of cold air blew out from the vortex. If one looked closely, they would see broken weapons, scattered materials, and corpses floating on the other side.

Sun Wen coughed as the proud expression on his face became more obvious and he said, “Today…” Just as he said those words, his eyes suddenly locked onto the black hole and revealed a shocked expression.

At the same time, every cultivator on the ground sucked in a breath of cold air and looked at the vortex in terror.

They saw an arm reach out from inside the vortex and grab hold of its edge. Suddenly, a hole was ripped open in the vortex and a young man in white walked out.

The moment this person appeared, the blazing sun was suddenly blocked by clouds and the sky darkened.

Sun Wen was stunned. With his heart pounding, he instantly noticed that he couldn’t see through the cultivation of the person that walked out of the foreign battleground. But he did grow up inside a rank 4 cultivation country, so he had seen a bit. After a bit of deduction, he concluded that this person must be at the Soul Formation stage.

He quickly stood up from the dragon chair and went up to Wang Lin. He bowed and said, “Junior Sun Wen from Gong Sun greets senior.”

The person that walked out from the foreign battleground was obviously Wang Lin.

After he walked out, he looked confusedly at his surroundings until he focused his gaze on Sun Wen and asked, “This place is Gong Sun?”

Sun Wen shivered as Wang Lin looked at him. He felt like all of his thoughts had been seen through. He quickly replied, “This place is not Gong Sun but the training location for junior. This is the rank 3 cultivation country of Wu Wen.”

Wang Lin pondered for a while. He had seen Wu Wen on the map before. This was a small country at the southern end of the planet. The Sea of Devils was half a planet away, so it could be said that the trip back would be very long.

Wang Lin had traveled very far in the foreign battleground in order to collect wandering souls.

He looked at everyone below him and then disappeared.

After seeing Wang Lin leave, Sun Wen let out a sigh of relief and wiped the sweat off his forehead. When he saw this person, he got the same feeling as when he would meet his family’s ancestor.

He wasn’t in the mood for showing off anymore. After quickly leaving behind a few words, he left, as he needed to report this to the family right away.

In his view, a Soul Formation cultivator that could walk out of the foreign battleground must’ve been someone well known.

When Wang Lin reappeared, he was at the top of a mountain. This mountain was called Sky Piercer. It was the highest mountain in this country according to the map.

On the top of the mountain, Wang Lin began to ponder. After years of using them, he didn’t have many top quality spirit stones left, and they were very rare in Suzaku. He decided to not use them to travel anymore. He would save them as a last measure.

This trip to the foreign battleground was very bountiful. It seemed that when his origin soul formed, his soul devourer power also seemed to have evolved.

He gently rubbed his brow and let out a faint smile. He felt very confident in this trip to the celestial realm as long as he doesn’t meet any late stage Soul Formation cultivators or that genius of Xue Yu. As for the mid stage Soul Formation cultivators, he was 100% confident he could defeat them.

Even if he were to meet a late stage Soul Formation cultivator, he would still be able to safely escape thanks to all of the preparations he had made.

In truth, there was another reason besides obtaining celestial spiritual energy that made Wang Lin prepare this much: to preserve his life.

For a cultivator to enter the Rain Celestial Realm, they must lower their cultivation level to Soul Formation at most. If they use more power than Soul Formation level power, the space around them will collapse. This means that there is a high chance of Soul Transformation cultivators being in the Rain Celestial Realm.

Although there won’t be many of those people, there will still be a few of them. Even if they must restrain their cultivation level to Soul Formation, they are not people normal Soul Formation cultivators can deal with. This is why Wang Lin had prepared so much for this trip.

As for the legendary Ascendant cultivators that rarely showed themselves, it is very unlikely for any of them to show up in the Rain Celestial Realm.

These were Wang Lin’s deductions based on his years of cultivating, his understanding of Suzaku, and the difficulty of reaching the Soul Formation stage. Although this wasn’t exactly accurate, it was not far from the truth.

In truth, Wang Lin’s guess was still a bit too high, as there were only four Ascendant cultivators on Suzaku. Two of them were at the early stage, one was at the mid stage, and the last one, the one who inherited the name Suzaku, was at the late stage.

The four of them would not casually leave Suzaku and did not care about the affairs of the cultivation countries. There weren’t many things that could move them.

These four would only act when there were cultivators from another planet making a mess.

Wang Lin took a deep breath. The spirit beasts and devils were all prepared. Even the fan with only two feathers had been refined by him in the foreign battleground.

As for those three mysterious sword sheaths, they had also been refined by Wang Lin’s origin soul.

In addition to all of those, of the ten instruments from the ancient cultivators, he had managed to break the seals on three of them in the past few years and made them his own.

Inside his bag of holding was only one thing that he was still unsure of. It was a scroll that he had gotten off a random cultivator inside the Sea of Devils.

The moment he opened the scroll, there was only darkness, but there was a dangerous aura that came out of the darkness. Wang Lin had only opened this scroll three times.

The first time was when he had reached the Core Formation stage, the second time was when he had reached the Nascent Soul stage, and the third time was recently, when he reached the Soul Formation stage. Every time he opened it, it felt different, but there was always a mysterious force that would cause his heart to shake.

Wang Lin let out a sigh as he waved his hand and the scroll appeared in his hand. As for who exactly he got this scroll from, he couldn’t really remember.

He threw the scroll into the air as his origin soul came out and began to refine it.

This was a habit he had gained in the past several years. Every time he refined the scroll, he would gain a bit more connection with it.

A few hours later, the sky darkened. His origin soul returned to his body and he put away the scroll.

“The day when the Celestial Gate opens should arrive soon. There is only one thing left to prepare. However, this preparation will require some hundred year old or thousand year old trees,” Wang Lin muttered to himself and then he spread out his divine sense and scanned the entire country.

Then he moved and disappeared from the spot.

Three months later, he had traveled through the seven surrounding cultivation countries and collected some hundred year old trees. Then he created a cave in a mountain somewhere and began making wood carvings.

It was too hard to find any thousand year old trees, so he wasn’t able to locate any. Even hundred year old trees were hard to fine.

Inside the cave, Wang Lin threw away all his trivial thoughts and completely immersed himself in carving.

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