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Chapter 290 – No Name (1)

The old man slapped the dragon turtle and it let out a roar at the Chaotic Broken Stars that shattered the debris.

Although it was silent, the ring was pushed in and the debris was moved out of the way.

The old man jumped onto the hand of the turtle dragon. The turtle dragon took a deep breath and all of the surrounding spiritual energy was sucked into its mouth.

Then the beast let out another roar. This time, a visible sound wave was seen right before it smashed through the ring. A 100 meter wide tunnel appeared inside the ring and all of the debris was turned to dust.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He was surprised at the power of this beast, but he wasn’t afraid of it if it were ever to come to a real fight. After all, from what he had seen, the attack was linear, and with how nimble Wang Lin was in a fight, how could he let the beast hit him with that kind of attack?

The old man charged out and followed closely behind the roar like an arrow. In the blink of an eye, he was almost within 100 meters of the the ring. Shortly after, the debris in the ring formed clones of the old man.

The old man didn’t panic. He slapped his bag of holding and more than ten pieces of jade flew out. The jades circled the old man and flew out at the clones just as they charged at him.

Every single jade quickly flew at each of the clones. Then the jades exploded into clouds of silver dust that mysteriously turned into clones of the old man as well.

As a result, the scene in the ring of the Chaotic Broken Stars became very crazy.

The old man used the clones formed by the jades to block the clones formed by the debris, then he used this moment to charge through the Chaotic Broken Stars.

The moment he went through, all of those clones formed by the jades silently disappeared. All of the clones formed by the debris let out angry roars as they disappeared as well.

The old man turned around and looked at Wang Lin outside the ring. He let out a snort and waved his hand. The turtle dragon shrunk until it was a black light that flew towards him.

However, the Chaotic Broken Stars had no reaction to the black light at all. It allowed it to fly to the old man before turning back into a turtle dragon.

The old man jumped onto the back of the beast and went deeper.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He didn’t immediately get up but silently waited.

This wait lasted for seven days. As for the mosquito beast, Wang Lin didn’t put it back into his bag. Instead, he let it roam around. The beast originally came from the Sea of Devils. Now that it was back at its home, it was very relaxed.

After seven days, the figure of the turtle dragon appeared again with the old man sitting on top. Beside the old man were seven thin, golden lights that were rapidly moving.

But every time they tried to escape, there would be a light screen that blocked their path.

The old man looking at Wang Lin with a surprised expression, but he didn’t say anything and left the Chaotic Broken Stars the same way he came in. After he came out, he let out a smile and raised his hand. He grabbed one of the golden lines and threw it at Wang Lin as he said, “Fellow cultivator, I’ll give you this strand of Aurora Fire.”

That golden line moved like lightning toward Wang Lin. One moment it was far away from Wang Lin, but it was already in front of him the next.

Wang Lin’s expression remained the the same as his right hand pointed in the air. His life and death domain immediately activated in his soul. The life and death domain focused on change. After all, life and death constantly change between one and the other.

The golden line immediately slowed down and became very obedient as it curled around Wang Lin’s finger.

Wang Lin said, in a husky voice, “To refuse would be disrespectful.”

The old man’s eyes lit up. He was sure now that Wang Lin was a Soul Formation cultivator. After all, this Aurora Fire would devour a Nascent Soul, so only after forming their origin soul could one safely handle it.

The old man let out a mischievous smile and said, “Since you don’t want to team up, I’ll take my leave.” He slapped the beast below him and red clouds gathered again as he left.

Wang Lin pondered a little, stood up, and looked at the golden line. But just at this moment, the mosquito beast appeared before him and started staring at the golden line. The mosquito beast’s eyes revealed fear but also greed.

It was as if it wanted to eat it but didn’t dare to.

Wang Lin was surprised as he looked at the obedient golden line around his finger. Then he asked the mosquito beast, “This thing is useful to you?”

The mosquito struggled before finally gently nodding with its big head, but then he revealed a trace of fear.

Wang Lin activated the death part of his domain and surrounded the golden line. A light appeared around the golden line, then it shivered and dimmed down, as it had become unstable.

The mosquito beast revealed a joyous expression as Wang Lin threw the golden line at him and the two collided.

Suddenly, the golden line shivered and entered the mosquito beast’s head.

The mosquito beast let out a few miserable groans as it fell to the ground and began to struggle, but its eyes revealed joy.

Wang Lin was very surprised as he stared at the mosquito beast. After three hours, the mosquito beast stopped struggling. Popping sounds came from its body and it grew larger.

The mosquito beast was now 30 meters large and could be considered a small hill.

Its proboscis became even longer, making it look even more frightening.

In reality, this Aurora Fire was a material for refining treasures that only Soul Formation cultivators could handle as it would devour Nascent Souls to grow. Beasts normally stay far away from Aurora Fire.

But this mosquito beast had followed Wang Lin for a while now, and after devouring so many pills, it had gone from a low quality spirit beast to a mid quality spirit beast, which was the same as a late stage Nascent Soul cultivator.

Originally, the mosquito beast couldn’t fuse with the golden line, but after it was weakened by Wang Lin’s death domain, it was able to be absorbed by the beast and strengthened it.

Wang Lin stood up and slapped the mosquito beast. The beast immediately got the hint and returned to Wang Lin’s bag.

After a short period of time, Wang Lin passed through the ring of the Chaotic Broken Stars. He could easily pass through when he was at the Core Formation stage.

Thanks to his life and death domain, he was able to make his cultivation level look much weaker than it really was, so the clones created were very weak as well.

After walking through the ring, he didn’t stop and quickly went toward the entrance of the land of the ancient god.

It didn’t take long before he arrived at the entrance. Just before he stepped in, the mosquito beast flew out. It circled Wang Lin a few times before roaring at the entrance and looking at Wang Lin with a begging expression.

Wang Lin’s divine sense spread out and found a small rift in the distance. A golden line came out of the rift, releasing a bright light.

Seeing this, Wang Lin understood and laughed. “What? Was one not enough?”

The mosquito quickly nodded and immediately tried to please Wang Lin by rubbing its proboscis over him. If anyone else saw this, they would be terrified as not many would allow a proboscis like that to touch them at will.

Wang Lin let out smile as he looked at the golden line in the distance and said, “No rush. Let me seal the surroundings with restrictions so no one else can bother us, then I’ll gather them for you for later.”

As he spoke, his hand constantly moved, causing numerous restrictions to appear. These restrictions were very different from when he was at the Nascent Soul stage.

Before, these were only powerful restrictions, but now that they contained his domain, their power was several times stronger.

These restrictions quickly spread out and soon, a large restriction formation that covered hundreds of meters took form.

After he finished all of this, he arrived next to where the golden lines were.

At this moment, the golden line seemed to notice and quickly backed away. In the blink of an eye, most of it had gone back inside.

The mosquito beast panicked and started to roar but didn’t dare to move up. He only looked at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up, then he reached out with his hand. He got a hold of the golden line and pulled it back hard. The golden line was pulled out by Wang Lin and furiously tried to escape.

The death domain quickly activated and the golden line dimmed. He threw it into the air and the mosquito beast fused with it.

At this moment, the rift that the golden line came from began to shrink. Seeing that it was about to disappear, Wang Lin sat down. His origin soul came out and quickly entered the rift.

The moment his origin entered the rift, his eyes were blinded by a golden light. He saw a giant body that emitted a blinding golden light and countless golden lines moved around within this space.

Without a word, Wang Lin grabbed a handful of golden lines and stored them in his origin soul before quickly leaving through the rift.

The moment his origin soul came out of the rift, the rift closed. The ten or so golden lines in his hand dimmed under the power of his death domain, then he threw them at the mosquito beast.

The mosquito beast revealed an excited look, but there were too many golden lines for it to devour at once. Wang Lin kept a bit of his death domain on the golden lines so they would remain in that state and said, “You can slowly eat them here. I’m going to make a trip into the land of the ancient god.”

With that, his body disappeared. When he reappeared, he was at the entrance to the land of the ancient god. After taking a deep breath, his eyes lit up, he clenched his teeth, and finally said a few words in the ancient god’s tongue while forming seals with his hand. Suddenly, his body became blurred and then disappeared.

Wang Lin appeared on top of a spinning stone pillar in the endless dark tunnel of the first trial.

After coming back here, Wang Lin felt melancholy, but he was in a rush. He immediately sat down and sent out several restrictions before finally taking out the ink stone.

He took a deep breath and then placed one attack restriction after another on the ink stone at a very quick pace.

As time passed, more and more restrictions were placed on the ink stone.

After he finished the initial steps, he took out a soul flag. After fusing the two together, he continued refining.

Time slowly passed. Wang Lin didn’t take his time; he refined as quickly as he could.

One by one, restrictions landed on the flag, and after an unknown amount of time had passed, there were finally 999 restrictions on it. Only one more left for it to reach its first stage of completion.

At this moment, Wang Lin began to hesitate. If his guess was wrong and the divine retribution lightning strikes, it would be very difficult to protect this flag.

Once it was damaged, unless he could get more ink stones, he would have to get the one he had left with Li Muwan.

If he stopped now, although the restriction flag would be weak, it wouldn’t break. If he uses it carefully, then it could barely work.

After pondering a little, his eyes lit up. If this restriction flag doesn’t reach the first completion stage, then it would be too weak to be of any use in the rain celestial realm.

He clenched his teeth as his right hand formed the last restriction and placed it on the restriction flag.

Suddenly, the flag shook as slivers of black gas came out of it, followed by a primitive aura. Wang Lin scanned it with his divine sense and was shocked. He knew that a pure attack restriction flag was going to be powerful, but after a quick check, he found out that it was more than ten times stronger than it was before it was complete.

As a result, this restriction flag was a threat to even Soul Formation cultivators.

All of the restrictions had fused into one, and he could sacrifice nine restrictions to use the restriction flag’s spirit ability.

This ability could restrain all of the spiritual energy in the heavens, and even the spiritual energy within cultivators, creating an area without any spiritual energy. As a result, unless the cultivator had celestial spiritual energy, anyone in its range would lose their ability to control spiritual energy for a short period of time.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he clenched the restriction flag. His confidence in this trip to the celestial realm greatly increased.

As for the divine retribution lightning, it never came. Wang Lin was very excited as he knew he had won the gamble.

The body of the ancient god was its own realm, so the divine retribution couldn’t feel the existence of the restriction flag.

He took a deep breath and continued to place restrictions on it. However, he wasn’t able to reach the second completion stage as there weren’t that many pure attack restrictions. This was the one key limiting factor of single attribute restriction flags.

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