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Chapter 289 – Ancient God’s Tactic Treasure

Wang Lin made a decision and removed the thought of returning to Chu for now. He immediately stopped and thought for a while, then clenched his teeth and slapped his bag of holding. The mosquito beast immediately came out and circled him a few times.

Wang Lin jumped onto the back of the beast and sent out a message to the mosquito. The mosquito let out a sound as it waved its proboscis, but it didn’t move forward. Instead, it looked as if it were trying to please Wang Lin.

This expression looked very strange on this beast. If anyone else were to see this, they would be terrified. After all, this beast just looked too scary.

Wang Lin faintly smiled. He took out a few pills and threw them forward. The mosquito beast immediately revealed a smile and flew forward and devoured the pills.

Just like this, Wang Lin continued to throw out pills and the mosquito beast kept flying forward. Soon, that bottle of pills was empty. Wang Lin rubbed the beast’s head and said, “Okay, you little brat. No more pills for you today. If you fly faster today, I’ll give you more tomorrow.”

The mosquito beast let out a roar as it moved like lightning across the sky.

Along the way, Wang Lin felt rather pleased. His revenge was complete and his cultivation level had reached a new height. This made him feel very happy. Wang Lin let out a laugh that filled the heavens. The mosquito beast below him seemed to notice this and roared with him.

As the two voices became louder and louder, they caused the cultivation country below them to become very alert. Several divine senses came to check, but the moment they noticed Wang Lin’s cultivativation level and the beast below him, they immediately withdrew and didn’t dare to disturb them.

At this moment, in a human city in the cultivation country below Wang Lin, a messy-looking old man with a smile a his face said to a little Foundation Establishment cultivator, “Little brother, I see that you are very talented and filled with energy. You are by no means a normal person. However, without guidance, I’m afraid you have no hope in reaching the Core Formation stage.”

The little cultivator stared at the old man and shouted, “Scram! If you keep blocking my path, don’t blame me for being merciless!”

The messy old man said, “Tsk tsk,” and pointed at the sky toward Wang Lin. “You see him? That little kid was only at Nascent Soul cultivator when I met him, but now he has reached the Soul Formation stage. How about it? Do you want me to call him down to prove it to you?”

The little cultivator let out a cold snort and looked at the black dot that had already flown into the distance and said, “Scram!”

With that, he pushed the old man aside and walked away.

The old man let out a sigh and revealed a look of regret before immediately running to the cultivator with a bunch of tokens in hand and said, “Little brother, I have tokens for the eight great sects of Sang Mi, even sect head tokens. These are powerful items to protect yourself! If anyone dares to mess with you, just throw one out and tell them to scram.”

Wang Lin did not see this, but as he finished laughing, he took out a wood carving from his bag of holding. This wood carving was of the old man with the passing of time domain. He moved his left hand and a ball of golden light appeared. Then he bit the tip of his finger to draw a drop of blood before fusing it with the golden light and pushed it into the wood carving.

Suddenly, the wood carving shook. Now there was an extra blood vein moving within the carving. If one looked closely, there wasn’t just one, but more than 30 of these blood veins inside the carving.

These blood veins were all moving and often flashed past each other without coming into contact.

This was the result of Wang Lin’s practice in the past several days.

Time quickly passed and in the blink of an eye, one month had gone by. Wang Lin sat on the back of the mosquito beast as they passed through one transfer array after another before finally reaching the Sea of Devils.

In the past few decades, there had been constant war inside the Sea of Devils. With the attacks of several cultivation countries and the retaliation of the demonic cultivators, the war had reached a stalemate.

Wang Lin’s goal was the land of the ancient god. After obtaining the inheritance of memory, he had a technique that would allow him to enter and leave the place at will.

Wang Lin thought for a long time. Only there would he be able to complete the restriction flag without triggering divine retribution that would destroy the flag. Aside from that, there were a lot of spirit beasts and even desolate beasts there. Wang Lin wanted to catch one.

He wanted to do everything to prepare himself for when the gate opens to the rain celestial realm. He even had plans to visit the foreign battleground to gather enough wandering souls.

Wang Lin predicted that as long as he doesn’t enter the first trial, Ta Sen won’t be able to detect him. Even if Ta Sen could, with Wang Lin’s cultivation level, he would still be able to leave before getting caught.

Now that he had this idea, he put on the straw hat he got from the messy old man and charged directly toward the land of the ancient god.

Under the effect of the straw hat, some of the weaker cultivators didn’t even dare to obstruct him and let him pass through.

The war in the Sea of Devils never stopped. Although there weren’t any large scale battles like many years ago, there were still small fights occurring everywhere.

However, all of these fights were controlled, so only Core Formation cultivators and below participated. Nascent Soul cultivators rarely entered these fights. It seemed that both sides were storing their power for the next big fight.

Thus, no one bothered to stop Wang Lin at all. Although some Soul Formation cultivators spread out their divine senses, once they noticed Wang Lin, they let him pass.

Wang Lin’s speed was very fast. If there were any beasts that dared to block his path, the mosquito beast would rush up and devour their core. After several days of passing through transfer arrays, he arrived at the inner part of the Sea of Devils.

Just as he walked out of the transfer array, he noticed a battle nearby. After checking it with his divine sense, he no longer cared about it and took out his map jade. He checked his current location before moving again.

The Chaotic Broken Stars were 100,000 miles to the east.

As he flew, he suddenly frowned as he noticed a red cloud charging towards him.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He knew that in the Sea of Devils, strength was everything. If he showed weakness, people would eat him alive. As he thought of this, a cold aura began to emit from his body.

In the blink of an eye, the red cloud got closer. Inside the red cloud was a mysterious beast.

The beast looked like a dragon turtle, but there was no spike on its back. Instead, there was a half-moon horn that released a ghostly light.

This beast’s body was very big. On its back was an old man wearing a gray robe with a large, red gourd on his side.

After seeing the beast and old man, he immediately remembered who this was.

This was the person who had left a restriction on him back then and told him to go to the Treasure Refining Pavilion.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up, but he immediately calmed down as he looked at the old man with a cold gaze. The old man quickly arrived before Wang Lin and looked at him before revealing a surprised expression.

Wang Lin could feel that the old man’s divine sense was driven back by the golden light from the straw hat.

The old man stared at Wang Lin. He was shocked. After looking at the straw hat for a bit, the old man slapped the dragon turtle below him. The dragon turtle quickly moved past Wang Lin and headed east.

At this moment, even the old man became cautious as this mysterious person was covered in a golden light that caused even his divine to back away in pain, so he didn’t want to offend Wang Lin.

And in his view, for someone to have this kind of treasure, they must at least be at the Soul Formation stage. He didn’t want to start a fight with a Soul Formation cultivator for no reason.

Wang Lin frowned as he saw that the old man was headed east. He pondered for a bit before moving east as well.

For Soul Formation cultivators who had mastered Shift Movement, which was much more powerful then Nascent Soul cultivators’ teleportation, by becoming one with the earth, 100,000 miles wasn’t much.

Soon, Wang Lin saw the unique rings of the Chaotic Broken Stars. The ring continued to move in a mysterious way according to some ancient formation that was set here long ago.

However, Wang Lin felt that the rings were different from before. There was a mysterious power from the heavens that didn’t belong in this world that allowed the rings to produce avatars far more powerful than the ones before.

The old man was no longer on top of the dragon turtle. He was looking at the Chaotic Broken Stars. He seemed to notice Wang Lin’s arrival but only took one look at him before withdrawing his gaze.

According to Wang Lin’s speed, the old man was sure that Wang Lin was a Soul Formation cultivator.

Wang Lin’s gaze was calm. After pondering for awhile, he found a place to sit down. Although he closed his eyes and appeared to be cultivating, his divine sense was still on guard.

He wanted to see what the old man’s real goal was. If the old man was going into the land of the ancient god too, he wouldn’t go in first but wait until after the old man had entered.

The old man looked at Wang Lin again and suddenly said, “Since fellow cultivator is here too, then I believe you are here to collect some Aurora Fire. How about the two of us enter together?”

Wang Lin’s expression remained the same, but his heart shook as he wondered what this Aurora Fire was. There was nothing about it in the memories from Tu Si and Wang Lin’s own cultivation path hadn’t been short either, but he had never heard of this Aurora Fire.

He made his voice sound more husky and laughed. “I’m not interested in teaming up.”

The old man let out a snort and carefully looked at Wang Lin before turning back toward the ring of the Chaotic Broken Stars.

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