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Chapter 270 – The Lovely Lady Blessed By The Heavens

Wang Lin pondered for a bit about Zhou Wutai’s worries. Although the Four Sect Alliance didn’t have much to do with him, he did live on this street for over 30 years.

He was currently standing outside the shop and looking at the snow as he let out a sigh.

The last thing Zhou Wutai mentioned on the jade was that in order to check if Xue Yue was really going to start a country-ending war, the Four Sect Alliance sent out cultivators to gather information. They sent out a total of three groups; one to the nearby rank 4 countries who were allies, the other to the rank 5 cultivation country they belonged to for reinforcements, and finally, the last group went to Suzaku to discover the truth.

As of the day the jade was sent out, only the group to Suzaku hadn’t returned.

Only, the response caused everyone in the Four Sect Alliance to become silent.

All of the allied rank 4 cultivation countries welcomed the Four Sect Alliance and treated them with respect, but none of them would talk about the war; they only dodged the subject. There were even some that just avoided meeting them completely. Finally, another country, which had a very good relationship with them, told them that the rank 5 cultivation countries had sent down orders to not enter this affair.

As for the group that entered the rank 5 cultivation country, their faces were even darker when they returned. The rank 5 cultivation country told them that there was no need to give them the Rain Caldron, as they won’t help.

Finally, this group of cultivators spent a great deal of effort to get a piece of information from a Soul Transformation cultivator in the rank 5 cultivation country that shocked them all.

There was a woman in Xue Yu whose talent was so stunning that it even caught Suzaku’s eyes. She had only cultivated for 100 years and had already reached the late stage of Soul Formation. She had been named the number one genius on planet Suzaku in the last 10,000 years.

If that was it, it wouldn’t be much, but this girl hadn’t consumed any pills in these 100 years, so that made her even more eye catching.

For this matter, Suzaku sent out cultivators to investigate this. After confirming it was true, Suzaku officially invited her to join them.

This kind of thing was not uncommon. Many of the extremely talented youths would be invited to join Suzaku during their most brilliant moments.

But when these people join Suzaku, their status was very low, but for her, Suzaku was determined and gave her a very high position.

The reason why Suzaku was doing this was to try and cross that gap that they had been trying to cross for countless years: become a rank 7 cultivation country. However, in order become a rank 7 cultivation country, not only would they need a cultivator to achieve the needed cultivation level, they also needed to meet a series of requirements. It was very difficult.

At this moment, Suzaku hadn’t even met the first requirement, so they paid a great deal of attention to the talented younger generation.

And this woman from Xue Yu’s talent was already incredible. As a result, Suzaku made a lot of preparations.

The only request she had was to make Xue Yu a rank 5 cultivation country and to allow them to move out of that barren wasteland into another location on planet Suzaku.

By coincidence, a Rain Caldron had appeared in the Four Sect Alliance and it just happened to be from a cultivator from Xue Yu, so this war was started.

The Four Sect Alliance caught Xue Yu’s eyes due to the battle for the Rain Caldron and became the new location for Xue Yu’s invasion.

As for why did the Rain Caldron appear in the Four Sect Alliance and why it appeared in the king’s hand, the Four Sect Alliance believed it was a scheme.

Only now, whether it was a scheme or not won’t change reality.

After this information was brought back by the cultivators, it shocked everyone.

After Wang Lin had read everything in the jade Zhou Wutai gave him, his heart was a bit heavy. He didn’t think that in a simple battle for the Rain Caldron, there was something this deep hidden inside.

He felt very regretful as he looked at the empty street and empty shops. A few months ago, there were many people walking on the street, and all of the shops would open up early and be very busy. But due to the war between the two cultivation countries, the mortals were hit hard.

Wang Lin let out a sigh. At this moment, he felt very regretful. Mortals were lower than ants in the cultivators’ eyes, but many of them forgot that they were also mortals once.

Wang Lin didn’t have any method of preventing this and he didn’t want to get involved. The Heaven’s Daos were ruthless and after experiencing the life and death domain, his mentality had changed. He looked at the street and gently said, “It is time to leave… after finishing the last step, it will be time to leave….”

With that, he shook his head. He turned around and gently closed the shop’s door.

After that, with his hands behind his back and wearing a thick coat, he walked into the distance. Slowly, his figure faded in the snow.

Wang Lin’s body looked slow while moving in the air, but in fact, he was moving very quickly. As he flew, he saw countless cultivators and everyone that passed him had gloomy looks on their faces. It was as if the snow was a giant rock on top of their hearts.

Even the ones that knew each other didn’t talk at all. At most, they would nod at each other when they passed by one another.

Wang Lin flew the entire way and after a while, he arrived at the eastern part of the Four Sect Alliance. Before, this was a thick forest, but now, it was covered in snow.

The pile of snow looked like a giant mountain range next to the area that had been cleared out.

Waves of cold came from this snow. There was a sense of desperation.

Wang Lin silently floated in the air. He looked down on the snow field and pondered for a long time. Finally, he let out a sigh. Both of his hands formed a seal that created a strange wind that blew across the field, creating a wind that sounded like people crying.

At this moment, it felt as if the heavens and earth were filled with this sad cry… The snow continued to fall and the wind continued to blow, just like the endless heavens.

Only this snow was very strange. Even though the wind was strong, not much snow moved. Luckily, Wang Lin’s objective wasn’t to clear out this forest.

Wang Lin didn’t reveal any panic on his face. He quietly stood in the air, his eyes calm.

Gradually, a small whirlpool appeared in the snow-covered forest and the snow began to slowly move to the side.

Wang Lin had been standing in the air for a long time. Some of the cultivators that flew by were taking notice of him.

Eventually, the swirl in the snow grew even larger, until it formed a giant hole in the snow. In the hole, there were countless tree branches.

Wang Lin took one look. His hand formed a seal and he went down into the swirl. Inside the swirl were large trees and branches. These were materials for his carvings.

More than 30 years ago, he got all of his wood here; however, he had used most of it up, and there wasn’t enough for his final carving. This was why he didn’t mind coming so far.

The carving he was making this time required trees at least 100 years old. Of course, if there were any 1000 year old trees, the effect would be even better.

Unfortunately, trying to find that kind of wood in this snow was like searching for a needle in the sea.

In the swirl, Wang Lin spread out his divine sense to find the branches he needed. After getting all the ones he could, he came out of the swirl and used the same technique on the snow nearby.

Gradually, as 100 meter swirls appeared in the snow, the amount of wood in Wang Lin’s bag of holding increased. This continued for seven days.

In these seven days, this entire area had been cleared out. After getting enough wood, Wang Lin took another look at this place, then left.

In these seven days, his actions had been noticed by the cultivators passing by and word spread across the Four Sect Alliance. People were sent to check it out, but once they noticed Wang Lin’s cultivation level, they became very respectful.

Eventually, Zhou Wutai heard of this and immediately suppressed the news. He personally brought people there. They didn’t talk, only silently helped.

Otherwise, there is no way for Wang Lin to gather enough wood in seven days, or clear out the area.

Before Wang Lin left, Zhou Wutai didn’t try to invite him into the Four Sect Alliance again. He clasped his hands with a bitter smile and left.

Zhou Wutai knew that the Four Sect Alliance was at the end of its days. Bringing someone in now would only be dragging them down. Even he himself had been considering his own escape.

Wang Lin nodded at Zhou Wutai and left.

He didn’t stop at all, but charged toward his shop in the capital. When he was outside the capital, his body disappeared. When he reappeared, he was already inside the shop.

He took a deep breath and looked at his surroundings. He sat down on his chair, waved his left hand, and took out a piece of wood that still had snow on it. He formed a blade with the middle and index fingers of his right hand and began to carve.

This was a carving that Wang Lin had been preparing for for a long time. This time, he wasn’t just carving one, but many.

Before he leaves, his road of turning into a mortal was coming to an end. He hoped to use these last carvings to reach the Soul Formation stage.

Even if he eventually failed, then at least his mentality would progress by one step, placing him even closer to the Soul Formation stage or at a point where he only needed to pick a domain before stepping into the Soul Formation stage.

What he decided to carve was every single person he had killed, from when he started cultivating, to when he started to turn into a mortal

Every single person!

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