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Chapter 271 – 10 Years To Soul Formation

The first person that Wang Lin had killed was his master, Sun Dazhu!

As his hand moved, wood shavings fell to the floor. Not long after, Sun Dazhu’s moment of death, that look of fear and despair, was perfectly captured in the carving.

Wang Lin’s heart was completely calm as he stared at Sun Dazhu’s carving. If Sun Dazhu wasn’t so greedy for Wang Lin’s gourd, then he wouldn’t have died. That was karma. Where there is life, there is also death.

The second carving was that of a middle-aged man. This person’s eyes contained a hint of blood, his lips were very thin, and his face looked very mean. At this point, there was a flying sword in his hand. This sword looked very sharp. Killing intent leaked out of this carving.

He was Zhang Hu’s master and old man Jimo’s disciple, the second person Wang Lin had killed.

That day, that person decided to kill Wang Lin, but became the second person Wang Lin had ever killed.

After looking at the wood carving, he put it to the side and took out another piece of wood.

The third was a young man. It was Teng Li, who hunted Wang Lin down back then. Thinking about Teng Li, Wang Lin’s heart rippled, but soon calmed down once more.

Scenes of his fight with Teng Li echoed in his head. After a long time, his right finger turned into a knife and he worked on the piece of wood. Half an hour later, Teng Li’s carving was complete.

This person looked very handsome, but there was a look of extreme pride on his face. His right hand formed a seal, his gaze was dark, hiding a deep sense of greed, and the corner of his mouth hid a faint smile.

But this smile was something of the past and had been lost in history. Along with the smile, the entire Teng Family bloodline was also lost.

One by one, wood carvings were finished by Wang Lin and were placed to the side. Gradually, the ground became covered in wood carvings.

The killing intent in the room gradually became denser. Every time a carving was finished, the room would become a bit more packed..

If a cultivator were to pass by, they would clearly see that besides the snow, there was also a layer of ice on top of Wang Lin’s roof.

Wang Lin didn’t even bother with it at all. He was absorbed in his memories as he carved every single person he had killed.

Gradually, Wang Lin forgot that he was carving and dove deep into his memories. 400 years of memories appeared in his mind and he watched it all as if it was someone else’s.

From the boy at the beginning, to the youth at the Heng Yue Sect, to not being talented enough, to finding the heaven defying bead, to Situ Nan teaching him, to the Heng Yue Sect being kicked out of their mountain.

Then he left the Heng Yue Sect and cultivated on his own. After that, he found Zhang Hu, killed Zhang Hu’s master, and entered Teng Family City, but Teng Li came out of nowhere.

Because of that, he split up with Zhang Hu. Even now, he didn’t know if Zhang Hu lived or was killed.

Teng Li, who hunted him, ended up dying by his hand and thus began the road of conflict. The Corpse Sect, then Jue Ming Valley, and the moment that completely changed his life.

The death of his parents. Teng Huayuan’s smile, his body being destroyed, and Situ Nan helping his soul escape to the foreign battleground.

This led to 400 years of killing. In order to raise his cultivation level so he could go back and get revenge, he became a heartless, unfeeling, and cold blooded person.

Hou Fen, the Sea of Devils, and the land of the ancient god. Scenes from all these places flashed before his eyes. Ten thousand devil killing order. Other than the slaughter of the Teng family, that was the time he killed the most.

As for inside the land of the ancient god, Wang Lin’s memories of Hunchback Meng and them were deep and hard to forget.

The many years inside the land of the ancient god was a big change for him. Both his body and mind underwent great changes.

There were also many dangers inside. If he wasn’t careful, he wouldn’t have been able to come out.

Soon after, he formed his Nascent Soul in Chu and once again met Li Muwan. After he successfully reached the Nascent Soul stage, he could finally begin his revenge.

Anyone with the Teng family bloodline within Zhao died by Wang Lin’s hands, resolving this grudge.

Wang Lin’s hand still hadn’t stopped moving once as he carved the people in his memories. His hand moved faster and faster until you could only see a blur.

The images appeared in his mind faster and faster. Gradually, he saw the 30 years he had spent turning into a mortal. Birth and death, scenes of life slowly imprinted into Wang Lin’s mind.

Much later, he no longer had any memories in his mind. There were only two words now: “Life” and “Death”.

Life and death, the changes that occur in the heavens’ reincarnation. Wang Lin understood the meaning of death in his 400 years of killing, and in his 30 years of turning into a mortal, he came to understand life.

Although he failed when tried to comprehend the heavens’ reincarnation cycle before, it left a deep impression on him. It was as if he had poked through a piece of paper and it allowed him to gain this insight

But insight does not mean comprehension.

It can only be said that Wang Lin’s state of mind had reached a point where he could control his cultivation. There was one phrase that was said a lot in the ancient cultivation world:

What you see as mountain, is a mountain, and what you see as water, is water.

Wang Lin was currently at this stage.

When he opened his eyes, there were countless carvings inside his shop. There was an evil light in Wang Lin’s eyes. This light was very similar to Ta Sen’s from the land of the ancient god.

He calmly looked at all of the carvings before him and slowly raised his hands. Suddenly, all of the wood carvings began to tremble and gathered toward his hands. Gradually, more and more carvings flew to him, but at this moment, a black vortex appeared between his hands. Even though the wood carvings went in one by one, the size of the black vortex didn’t change at all.

One by one, the wood carvings flew into the black vortex. After the last one entered, Wang Lin calmly looked at the black vortex. At this moment, the bag of holding on his waist opened up and three balls of killing intent flew out.

The three balls of killing intent entered the black vortex. When the last one entered, Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a mysterious light and his hand began to move.

The black vortex quickly changed shapes under Wang Lin’s control. Finally, it turned into a square and gradually became solid. Slowly, the black vortex disappeared and a black stamp appeared before Wang Lin.

The stamp was the size of Wang Lin’s palm and had the carving of a person on it, but this person didn’t have a face or features, only a figure. This black stamp contained Wang Lin’s 400 years of killing. It was the physical form of death.

Wang Lin’s right hand pressed down on top of the black stamp. A sense of being submerged in blood suddenly appeared in his heart. Then he took a deep breath and the stamp gradually entered his Nascent Soul.

Wang Lin pondered for a little while looking at the shop he had lived in for 30 years with a lingering expression. He waved his hand and all of the carvings inside the shop disappeared.

Then he opened the door of the shop and walked into the snowy night.

Wang Lin slowly walked on the street as the snowstorm got even worse.

His figure when he walked out from the shop was still that of an old man at the end of his days, but as he walked toward the end of the street, his back gradually straightened. The wrinkles on his face slowly disappeared, and by the time he arrived at the end of the street, he had successfully changed from a mortal to a cultivator.

Although he hadn’t reached the Soul Formation stage yet, he was even closer to it now. After learning of the Life and Death Domain and comprehending the heavens, Wang Lin’s body had a strong desire to fly up.

It was as if there were some mysterious power in the sky that was pulling him toward it.

This feeling meant that he was about to reach the Soul Formation stage. The him now didn’t need to search for a domain or comprehend the heavens, he only needed to find a place to quietly go into closed door cultivation for 10 years in and he would be able to reach the Soul Formation stage.

Wang Lin stood at the end of the road and carefully looked at the empty street. He had lived on this old street for more than 30 years. He engraved every detail, even each blade of grass, of this street into his mind. A hint of sadness appeared in his heart.

After looking for a long time, he memorized this sight. He let out a sigh and disappeared into the night.

In a town 10,000 kilometers to the north, there was a large amount of mortals. There were simple houses spread across the area and inside them lived a lot of people.

They were all brought here to help clean up the snow. Da Niu lived inside one of these houses.

There were 30 more people living inside the house with him, making the already not-so-large house feel every cramped. Da Niu stared soullessly at the ceiling.

He missed his son, his wife, and most of all, Wang Lin.

Everything disappeared in the face of this snow.

Before this snow, he was someone who had spare time and a shopkeeper who had a few people working under him. His son entered an immortals’ sect and became an immortal.

On that street, he could be said to be doing very well.

He and his wife had always loved each other. Life was filled with joy. He even intended to stop uncle Wang from carving in a few years and serve him for the last few years of his life.

In his mind, the death of his parents made him think of uncle Wang, who watched him grow up, as his own elder. But this snow changed everything.

He didn’t know how his wife was doing right now. When he heard a few months ago that even women were being taken to clear snow, he was very nervous. His wife’s body had never been that good. Could her body withstand the cold snow…

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