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Chapter 269 – The Heaven’s Dao Are Ruthless

The old man looked at Wang Lin and casually said, “Like planet Suzaku, all of the surrounding planets will form Rain Dings as well after a certain amount of time.”

Wang Lin’s eyes were calm as he slowly asked, “When do the Celestial Doors open?”

The old man laughed and asked, “What? Are you tempted? In truth, with your cultivation level, although it will be dangerous, as long as you’re careful, you don’t have to worry too much. After all, the stronger your cultivation is, the greater the restriction placed on you is.”

Wang Lin raised his head and asked the old man, “Why is it like that?”

The old man picked up the gourd and drank the last bit of wine. He licked his lips and said, “The ancient celestial realm has already shattered and only exists in fragments, so the laws of heaven and earth are chaotic inside. This is key because if spiritual energy fluctuations of late stage Soul Formation or later cultivators appear, then that fragment will collapse. Of course, depending on the size of the fragment, some can support stronger spiritual energy fluctuations. Thus, as long as the person entering doesn’t want to commit suicide, then they would keep their power at the Soul Formation level.”

As Wang Lin pondered a bit, a dozen thoughts entered his head. After a long time, he raised his head and said, “Senior came to visit junior this late at night. I’m afraid you aren’t here just to talk to me about this.”

The old man let out a mischievous laugh and said, “Young man, this old man came to tell you that I am leaving. Before I leave, I want you to make me a carving of myself so I can give it to Xiao Cui from the Pink Pavilion so that when she thinks of me, she will have something to remind her. Alas, someone as handsome as me, who only appears in legends, has countless people thinking of me.” With that, he revealed a very regretful expression, but within that expression, there was a lot of pride. He kept looking toward Wang Lin, obviously waiting for Wang Lin to praise him.

Wang Lin pondered for a while. After a long time, he picked up a piece of wood and, using his finger as a knife, began to carve.

However, just as he made a rough outline, the old man let out a dissatisfied snort and said, “No clothes!”

Wang Lin’s finger paused. He let out a bitter smile. After pondering for a while, he wiped the carving with his right hand and began carving again. This time, his finger didn’t stop; it moved like the wind. Soon, a skinny old man who looked almost like a monkey was carved out.

Aside from the violent domain, the wood carving looked exactly like the old man himself. It was very lifelike, as if it were alive. Even the wrinkles on his face were clearly detailed.

The old man quickly grabbed the carving and carefully examined it. The more he looked at it, the tighter his brow furrowed, until he finally looked at Wang Lin and said, “What is this? It doesn’t look like me! It doesn’t look like me at all! Is this how you see this old man? What you carved here is a monkey, a monkey! Do you understand?”

With that, the old man threw the carving to the side and said to Wang Lin, word for word, “It doesn’t look like me!”

At this moment, the old man was filled with a serious look that had never appeared in his eyes before. There was even a hint of madness in those eyes.

Wang Lin noticed the sudden change and the the spiritual energy in the area began to move in a certain way. Suddenly, he felt a sense of danger emerging.

Wang Lin always had guesses about the old man’s cultivation level, but at this moment, his estimate of the old man’s cultivation level raised again.

He looked at the old man as he picked up another piece of wood. This time, his hand moved like the wind. He used only half the time to make the carving this time.

The person in the carving was very handsome and romantic, especially the piercing eyes. It would not be wrong to call this person one of the most handsome men in existence. Only, this looked way too different from the old man. Anyone who wasn’t blind would be able to tell that this wasn’t the same person as the old man.

The moment the wood carving was completed, it was taken by the old man. He stared at the wood carving and his eyes shined as he laughed, “Not bad, this is the real me. You carved really well. Okay, young man, I’ll let you borrow that straw hat for a while.”

The old man dreamily looked at the wood carving. The more he looked at it, the more he liked it. After putting it away, he looked at Wang Lin with a pleased looked and said, “From now on, just carve them like this. I have to be honest, although the carving you have now is a bit different from what this old man looks like, it is okay to ignore it. What is most important is that this carving looks exactly like me when I was younger.”

As the old man spoke, he stood up to leave. As he got to the door, he suddenly stopped and said, “There are still 999 more carvings left. Don’t forget about them once you reach the Soul Formation stage. Don’t forget, or no matter where you go, this old man will find you.”

After sending off the strange old man, Wang Lin picked up the carving from before. He let out a smile and casually placed it on a shelf.

Wang Lin don’t intend to get mixed into the matter with the Celestial Doors. If he could reach the Soul Formation stage, he would take a trip to there then, but thinking about it now was too early.

As for the battle between the Four Sect Alliance and Xue Yu, Wang Lin pondered a bit and decided to not participate. These type of things’ influence range was too wide. If anything went wrong, there would be serious consequences.

Therefore, Wang Lin’s life calmed down again. As for the snow in the Four Sect Alliance, it began to slow down after a month. It was very common to see the flashes of light from magic treasures in the sky. It was as if there were cultivators repairing something up there.

Wang Lin observed for a while and noticed that they were setting up formations. The formations were set in the sky to stop the snow from falling.

At the same time, besides setting up the formations, massive amounts of cultivators from all sects and families came to clean up the snow on the ground.

Spiritual energy seemed to have little effect against the snow. The snow seemed to be very sensitive to spiritual energy. Thus, these cultivators began to use physical strength to clear it out.

Since the cultivators had moved, the mortals followed suit. The mortal king of the country seemed to have already received orders from the cultivators, so large amounts of mortal troops began to clear out the snow.

Because the Four Sect Alliance was very large, not only was the army clearing out snow, even the citizens were being forced to help.

Da Niu was one of them.

Even old men who were at the end of their years were no exception, but under the orders the king, who had been paying his respects to him, no one bothered Wang Lin.

This whole operation lasted several months. Da Niu had already been sent to the south. The entire capital, no, all of the cities in the Four Sect Alliance were a lot emptier. Unless someone had an important position, almost everyone was out clearing snow.

During this operation, not even women and children were spared. When Da Niu was picked up, Wang Lin gave him a wood carving to keep close to himself as a gift for these past 30 plus years.

As for Da Niu’s wife, Wang Lin also gave her a small wood carving.

The effect of these wood carvings was to spread warmth to prevent the body from being frozen.

In the battle that was originally supposed to be between cultivators, the mortals of the Four Sect Alliance became the first to suffer. These mortals didn’t even know what was causing this snow, but to save their families from it, they willingly entered this ruthless snow.

Throughout the Four Sect Alliance, there were mountains of snows piled up and with the help of some powerful cultivators, these mountain kept growing.

There was no harvest from the fields, as all of it had been covered by the snow.

Every day there were countless mortals that froze to death, and every day there were houses crushed by the snow.

This was a disaster.

Wang Lin woke up one morning and walked out of his shop. The street had been cleared of snow, but there were still snowflakes on the ground. Although the snowfall had weakened, it still existed.

A few days ago, the large-eared cultivator, Zhou Wutai, sent another Jade. There was no invitation to the Four Sect Alliance, but news of what the Four Sect Alliance was doing and one piece of heaven-splitting news.

Thanks to the entire population of the country clearing snow, the snow covering the ground had lessened, only now there were very tall mountains of snow.

In addition to this, almost all of the cultivators in the Four Sect Alliance had been invited to help with the battle to come.

However, Zhou Wutai also brought up his own worries. Normally, Xue Yu wouldn’t rain snow for months. They normally only let it snow for 10 days. They would come after those 10 days were up.

Normally, during large battles, cultivators would avoid affecting the mortal world. This was a rule set by the country Suzaku.

But as of today, four months had passed and the snow in the sky had not lessened. It had only been hidden by the formations.

This type of phenomenon only had one interpretation, and it was: Xue Yu was planning on wiping out the Four Sect Alliance by starting a war to wipe out the entire country.

On the planet Suzaku, war to wipe out a country was rare, as the country Suzaku was around to interfere, but it wasn’t something that hadn’t happened before.

In the ancient record of the Four Sect Alliance, it was recorded that there were a total of four wars that wiped out a country. Three were rank 4 cultivation countries and one was a rank 5 cultivation country.

But without exception, all wars that wiped out a country had Suzaku’s hand in it. That is to say that Xue Yue used various methods to make Suzaku agree to allow Xue Yu to start this war.

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