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Chapter 268 – Rain Cauldron

Of the two that remained, one of them ran toward Zhou Wutai. The other ran in the opposite direction.

Wang Lin’s eyes were cold as he looked at Zhou Wutai and casually stepped forward. One step, two steps, three steps, four steps… ten steps.

Every ten steps, he will kill someone!

Wang Lin only used ten steps to catch up to the black-clothed man. His eyes revealed a strange light as he sighed. “You ruined my mood, so you must die.” With that, he casually flicked his right hand, making the Ji Realm shoot out and enter the cultivator’s body.

The man didn’t even have time to let out a sound as he plummeted down from the sky. When he landed, he just happened to land in the pile of snow outside of Da Niu’s ironworks shop.

His Nascent Soul didn’t have time to escape. It was destroyed by the Ji Realm.

Although Wang Lin’s Ji Realm won’t kill Soul Formation cultivators before he obtains the planet treasure of Suzaku, it was more than enough for Nascent Soul cultivators.

After killing three people, he turned around and looked at Zhou Wutai.

Although Zhou Wutai’s expression was normal, his back was completely drenched in sweat. Seeing Wang Lin’s eyes, he didn’t hesitate to raise his right hand to stop the black-clothed man from running his way.

The black-clothed man panicked and shouted, “What are you doing, Zhou Wutai?!”

Zhou Wutai looked indifferently at the man. He let out a faint smile and whispered, “The four of you angered Brother Wang. How could I let you leave?” With that, his left hand formed a strange seal. A strange, purple light appeared in his hand. At this moment, the difference between a late stage Nascent Soul cultivator and a pseudo Soul Formation cultivator was very clear.

Zhou Wutai’s cultivation was only one step below Wang Lin’s. He had one foot in the Soul Formation realm as well, and he had gained some of his domain. When the purple light appeared, the black-clothed man felt like he had returned to his youth, back when he had just joined the sect and met his master.

Although he knew that this was all fake, the feeling was extremely real. An overwhelming feeling spread across his body. By the time he regained his senses, Zhou Wutai’s right hand was already on his forehead. With a bit of spiritual energy, the black-clothed man coughed out blood and fell to the ground, dead.

As for his Nascent Soul, it was in Zhou Wutai’s grasp. He crushed it before Wang Lin’s eyes. He was using his actions to tell Wang Lin that he had no hand in all of this. It was also to tell Wang Lin that no one will know about this and that he won’t have to kill anyone else.

The way Wang Lin cleanly killed the three of them had caused the proud Zou Wutai to become completely dumbfounded. If there was only one of them, he too could easily kill them. If there were two, he could barely win.

However, if there were three, then at most he could only reach a stalemate. If there were four, he could only run. But Wang Lin could casually kill three of them. How could Zhou Wutai not be shocked?

Wang Lin’s body slowly floated down from the sky. The moment he landed in the snow, his figure immediately shrank. He went from a fiend, to a mortal, to a mortal at the end of his days.

He cleaned up his clothes and took a drink from his gourd before throwing it at Zhou Wutai. The current him has no different from a mortal.

Zhou Wutai caught the gourd and looked at Wang Lin’s shop with dread in his eyes. He decided that he had to make Wang Lin a friend, not an enemy.

He waved his large sleeves and the four bodies of the black-clothed men turned to dust. After that, he quickly moved and left Wang Lin’s street.

A very short amount of time had passed since Wang Lin had left the shop and came back. He also purposefully controlled himself so that none of the mortals around would notice anything that had happened.

At this point, he returned to his shop and sat next to the stove. At this moment, he really looked like an old man as he raised his hands to get warmth from the stove.

He quietly sat inside the shop as he quickly searched through the Ancient God’s memory for memories of the four Celestial Doors. After a long time, the information became more clear in his mind.

Just at this moment, the sound of snow falling outside calmed down and the door was pushed open. The smell of roasted chicken came in from outside.

At the same time, the dirty old man that hadn’t appeared for a long time came in, shaking. After he entered the room, he kicked the door back with this right foot and closed it. He quickly arrived before the stove next to Wang Lin and cursed, “Middle of the night and some brats are fighting outside! And one of them even fell on me! I finally found a good spot to sleep in, too. I’m really unlucky.”

Wang Lin smiled. He waved his hand and another gourd of wine appeared. He gave it to the old man.

The old man accepted it and let out a mischievous smile as he took out half of a roasted chicken from under his clothes. “It seems you’re smart enough, kid. Here, I’ll split this roasted chicken with you.”

After he finished speaking, he looked at Wang Lin and the appreciation in his eyes deepened as he said, “Not bad, young man. Your cultivation level has increased again. It seems the Soul Formation stage is not far away. You can’t forget the wood carving you promised me, or else, no matter where you go, I’ll find you.”

Wang Lin faintly smiled and said, “Of course. I won’t forget the promise to senior.”

The old man tore off a chicken leg and took a bite. “Young man, the Four Sect Alliance is very chaotic right now. You better hurry up and reach the Soul Formation stage. Otherwise, with your cultivation level, you won’t get anything good out of it.”

Wang Lin’s heart moved as he looked at the old man and asked, “Does senior know what is happening with the Four Sect Alliance?”

The old man proudly raised his chin and looked at Wang Lin as he said, “There is nothing in this cultivation world this old man doesn’t know. It is only that a small cultivator of the Four Sect Alliance somehow managed to steal a Rain Cauldron from a cultivator of Xue Yu, so they are here to steal it back. It’s only a small matter.”

“Rain Cauldron…” Wang Lin pondered for a bit. He suddenly remembered the talk with the large-eared cultivator, Zhou Wutai. There was mention of the Rain Door.

The old man quickly ate the chicken leg, then began to eat the chicken neck as he said, “Speaking of this Rain Cauldron, in truth, there is more than one. I don’t know exactly how many there are, but if one possess one, then once the Celestial Door opens, they can enter. Therefore, it would cause conflict, but, no matter how hard they fight over it, it is pointless as once the rank 5 and 6 countries take notice, it will still end up in their hands.”

Wang Lin pondered a bit, then slowly said, “The rumor is that the four Celestial Doors lead to the Celestial Realm, so it is no wonder they fight over it.”

The old man let out a mischievous smile and said, “What is it, young man? Are you moved? But sadly, all the of Celestials from ancient times are gone. The current Celestial Realm is empty.”

Wang Lin was startled. There was no mention of this inside Tusi’s memory. He paused for a bit before asking, “They all died?”

After the old man finished eating the chicken’s neck, he tore off a large piece of breast meat. He ate as he said, “Of course they are all dead. Why else do you think Soul Transformation and above cultivators are still around? Because there have nowhere to go.”

Wang Lin’s heart shook. He already knew that the ancient cultivation world died in a disaster and that that was how the Cultivation Union formed. However, he didn’t think that all of the celestials had also died.

The old man noticed Wang Lin’s shock and was very proud. He finished eating the chicken, let out a burp, and took a drink of wine. He casually wiped his hand on his clothes and said, “Heh, shocking isn’t it? All of the ancient gods are dead, and so are all of the ancient Celestials. There aren’t many ancient cultivators left, which is why the Cultivation Union appeared and developed once again.”

Wang Lin became silent as he digested the secret the old man had told him. After a long time, he frowned and asked, “If that is the truth, then why do the four Celestial Doors still exist?”

The old man laughed and said, “The ancient Celestials are gone, but the Celestial Realm is still there. However, it is filled with danger. In fact, the Celestial Realm has shattered into pieces. The four Celestial Doors simply connect to different sections of the Celestial Realm. But, nevertheless, there are many good things left in there. The most important is the Celestial Qi.”

“Celestial Qi?” Wang Lin’s expression changed

The old man regrettably licked his lips and said, “Yeah. That thing is much more delicious than roasted chicken.

Wang Lin bitterly laughed.

The old man licked his lip and said, “When breaking through from the Soul Formation stage to the Soul Transformation stage, unless you have the rare Soul Transformation Pill, then you have to absorb enough of that Celestial Qi to break through.”

“In ancient times, once one reached the Soul Formation, they would naturally ascend to the Celestial Realm. Once there, they had to absorb enough Celestial Qi. There was no other way.”

Wang Lin pondered a bit. He faintly smiled and said, “That means that this Rain Cauldron is really worth fighting for, especially for those Soul Formation cultivators. Whether it is to raise their own cultivators’ level, or for their country’s rank to increase, it is a must-have. Will the other three types of Cauldrons also appear?”

The old man picked up the jug of wine, took a drink, then said, “These four types of Cauldrons appear every once in a long time. They are created from the heavens, so those who obtain it have great luck. The four Celestial Doors cover all of the cultivation planets, so depending on which door they are close to, that type of Cauldron will appear.”

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