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Chapter 267 – Killing People

Zhou Wutai looked at the ball of snow in his hand. He hesitated for a moment, then bitterly smiled. “Isn’t it always for self interest? The country of Xue Yu is one of the few countries that lack natural resources, but are mysteriously climbing up in strength. In order to gain even more resources and become stronger, they started this war.”

Wang Lin chuckled. He drank a gulp from his gourd and said, “Brother Zhou, I won’t be seeing you to the door.”

Zhou Wutai’s face sank as he stared at Wang Lin and said, “If brother Wang joins the Four Sect Alliance, I’ll grant you any request that is within my power. Brother Wang, won’t you consider it some more?”

Wang Lin raised his head and looked at Zhou Wutai. After a long time, Zhou Wutai frowned and said, “Brother Wang, what is the meaning of this?”

Wang Lin calmly said, “Brother Zhou, don’t treat me like a three year old. Planet Suzaku is large. Why is Xue Yu invading here instead of somewhere else? Since brother Zhou doesn’t want to say more, then I won’t keep asking.”

Zhou Wutai pondered for a while, then let out a loud laugh. He looked at Wang Lin, not embarrassed at all, and said, “Please don’t blame me, Brother Wang. This matter is just simply too important. So naturally, I’m not willing to lightly reveal it.” With that, he stopped talking, clearly waiting for Wang Lin’s response. If Wang Lin agreed, he would tell the truth.

Wang Lin began to hesitate, as he wasn’t interested in getting mixed up with the invasion of the Xue Yu cultivators. This was, after all, a battle between two rank 4 cultivation countries. Also, he didn’t have a deep relationship with the Four Sect Alliance, so he was very likely to become a sacrificial pawn if things were to go bad.

After a long time, Wang Lin calmly said, “I have to take some time to consider this. I’ll give you a reply before the invasion begins.”

Zhou Wutai also didn’t expect Wang Lin to immediately agree, but seeing that Wang Lin didn’t even raise any conditions, he was 80% sure Wang Lin wouldn’t agree.

With this in mind, he stood up, took a deep breath, clasped his hands, and said, “Since it’s like this, then I’ll wait for Brother Wang’s answer.” With that, he took out a piece of jade from his bag of holding and continued, “If brother Wang has a reply, please use this jade to tell me.”

With that, he clasped his hands again and left.

Wang Lin’s expression was still the same. There was no change at all.

Zhou Wutai picked up his rain cloak, but suddenly paused when he was at the door. He didn’t turn around, but slowly said, “Brother Wang, have you heard of the Wind, Rain, Thunder, and Lightning Celestial Doors? Planet Suzaku is close to the Rain Celestial Door….”

Wang Lin’s eyes suddenly lit up. There were mentions of the four Celestial Doors in the memories of the Ancient God. The rumor was that these four Celestial Doors have existed since ancient times. Their origins were unknown.

But there was one thing for certain and that was that these four Celestial Door lead to the Ancient Celestial Realm.

After Zhou Wutai finished speaking, he walked out. He placed the rain cloak on and disappeared into the distance.

The snow outside became even stronger as the wind raged in the sky.

After Zhou Wutai had walked a certain distance, four shadows suddenly appeared next to him. After the four of them started following behind Zhou Wutai, their divine senses were all directed at Wang Lin’s shop.

One of them said, with a cold tone, “Fellow cultivator Zhou, the order given by the Four Sect Alliance is to kill any suspicious cultivators that entered the country within the last 200 years. Why didn’t you act?”

Zhou Wutai didn’t turn around and sneered. “With just your four’s cultivation, even if I were to help, do you think we could kill him? If he really wanted to wrong us, who could stop him?”

Another black-clothed person calmly said, “Not necessarily. Even though the four of us are only at the late stage of Nascent Soul, if we were to use a formation, unless he is at the Soul Formation stage, he would die.”

Zhou Wutai sneered. He waved his sleeves and said, “If you guys want to go, then go. I won’t stop you. But that person has a carving of the three uncle masters, so there must be something more to him. I’m not looking for death.”

The four black-clothed people pondered a bit. They looked at each other, then walked toward Wang Lin’s shop without a word.

The smile on Zhou Wutai’s face became even colder. He stopped and turned around as he wanted to see how these four arrogant guys would be able to beat someone who was almost at the Soul Formation stage.

They thought that if Wang Lin wanted to run, there was no guaranteed way for the four of them to stop him from escaping. As a result, their thought was: there is no reason to cause problems for yourself in the future.

As the four of them quickly moved toward Wang Lin’s shop, their killing intent immediately increased.

Wang Lin sat inside the shop as he looked at the jug of wine in his hand and let out a sigh. He really didn’t want his years of turning into a mortal to be ruined by killing people, but Wang Lin was still Wang Lin. His 400 years of killing had merely been restrained by him and had not disappeared.

The four of them didn’t know that if they were to continue, they would awaken a monster, a fiend that hadn’t killed in decades.

But it seemed the four of them were already resolute. The four of them turned into black smoke, which was very noticeable on the snow-covered ground.

Wang Lin secretly sighed. His eyes revealed a cold light that hadn’t appeared in more than 30 years. This cold light often appeared during his 400 years of killing.

Every time it appeared, it meant that someone was going to die!

And this time was no exception!

Wang Lin’s left hand held the wine jug and he took a drink. He stood up and took a step, putting him at the door already as the four black-clothed men approached.

The cold light in Wang Lin’s eyes deepened as he turned from an old man back into a fiend. At this moment, the snow raged even harder, but when comparing the killing intent in the snow to Wang Lin’s killing intent, it was like comparing a pit of fire to the sun.

A cold sword doesn’t easily exit its sheath!

As the four black-clothed men closed in, they all formed strange seals with their hands. At the same time, a low roar came from them as four sword lights, green, red, blue, and purple, shot out and formed a net. The net surrounded Wang Lin.

Wang Lin took a large gulp of wine and pointed his finger to the air. The passing of time domain from the carving of the blue-clothed elder suddenly began to spread out, causing the four sword lights to pause.

During this delay, Wang Lin’s body moved in a strange way and quickly escaped the sword net. When he appeared again, he was already in front of one of the black-clothed men.

But when it does, then it will kill!

His right hand moved in a way that looked really slow, but was in reality lightning-fast. He pointed at the black clothed man’s head. After a cracking sound, he coughed out a mouthful of blood and immediately died. His Nascent Soul came out and tried to run with a terrified look on its face.

Wang Lin didn’t even look at him as he turned around and let out a silent roar. During this roar, black smoke appeared above his head. His soul devourer form rushed out and immediately devoured the Nascent Soul trying to escape.

The falling snow didn’t dare to approach Wang Lin. Every snowflake moved away from him. It was as if none of them dared to mess with this fiend.

This black clothed man originally wouldn’t have died, but he shouldn’t have acted against a 400-year-old fiend. If he knew ahead of time, he would have regretted this decision.

The remaining three were all terrified. They all slapped their bags of holding to take out their most powerful treasures. One of them, holding an umbrella, saw Wang Lin’s head turn toward him. Those cold eyes filled with killing intent made him feel cold for the first time as a cultivator.

What was the surrounding snow compared to this? The snow couldn’t even compare to 1/10,000th of the coldness from those eyes.

He subconsciously bit his tongue and spat out blood. The blood landed on his treasure umbrella. Suddenly, the umbrella opened and a golden snake rushed toward Wang Lin as if it wanted to devour him whole.

The remaining two also sent out their treasures. They didn’t know that a cold sword doesn’t easily leave its sheath, but once it does, it will kill someone and then continue to kill.

Wang Lin’s eyes showed a hint of mockery. He didn’t even look at the golden snake. Instead, he slapped his bag of holding and a small flag appeared in his hand. Suddenly, the flag covered the area in black smoke. Dozens of dragons formed by the smoke came out and smashed the golden snake into pieces.

At this moment, the snow in the area began to move even further away, as it didn’t dare to close in. At the same time, Wang Lin gently moved forward. He quickly arrived before the black clothed person with the umbrella. His right hand already held the man’s throat and, using a bit of strength, the man’s neck broke and he died.

Wang Lin gently sighed. “I have killed countless Nascent Soul cultivators. You are not the first.” His right hand suddenly entered the man’s abdomen and pulled out a terrified Nascent Soul. The Nascent Soul was about to escape, but it suddenly began to scream.

It screamed because Wang Lin swallowed it whole.

At this moment, the remaining two lost all will to fight as they took out their best escaping treasures and ran like stray dogs.

But it was too late to escape.

A cold sword doesn’t easily exit its sheath. When it does, it will kill and continue to kill. Every ten steps, it will kill someone.

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