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Chapter 266 – Cultivator of Xue Yu

Wang Lin waved his hand and the the door silently opened. A tall figure wearing a rain cloak walked in. This person was covered in a thin layer of snow. He didn’t say a word as he walked in.

Wang Lin took a look at that person and said, “We haven’t met in more than 10 years. Fellow cultivator looks the same.”

That person let out a laugh. He removed his cloak, revealing a very dignified face. His ears were the most conspicuous part of him. This was the large-eared cultivator, Zhou Wutai.

He shook the cloak with his hand, causing all of the snow to fall off. A gentle wind carried all the snow outside. Not a single flake landed in Wang Lin’s shop.

He put the rain cloak to the side, then sat down on the opposite side of Wang Lin. Just as he sat down, the door silently closed.

After Zhou Wutai sat down, he grabbed the jug of wine Wang Lin had on the table. He didn’t use a cup and drank a big gulp directly from the jug.

Wang Lin looked at Zhou Wutai. Compared to ten years ago, there were a few more lines of wrinkles on his face. Clearly, there had been something that had caused him a lot of worry in the past 10 years. As for his cultivation, he had made some progress since ten years ago, but was still a bit below Wang Lin.

After all, the Life and Death Domain Wang Lin experienced gave him a deeper level of understanding.

After the large-eared cultivator, Zhou Wutai, finished drinking, his eyes locked onto the three wood carvings on the shelf. These three wood carvings were the three members of the White Cloud Sect. When Zhou Wutai came ten years ago, there were only two, but now there was one more.

As his eyes were locked onto the extra wood carving, a hint of surprise appeared on his face. He waved his hand and the carving flew toward him. He carefully examined the wood carving before putting it down, then looked at Wang Lin with a complicated expression.

After a long time, he let out a sigh. He wryly smiled and said, “Brother Wang, you have indeed gone farther than I have. It seems I have indeed been marching in place for the past ten years…”

Wang Lin’s expression was calm as he waved his hand and another jug of wine appeared. He took a sip, shook his head, and said, “It was only luck.”

Zhou Wutai let out a sigh. He lowered his head and looked at the wood carvings as he slowly said, “Uncle-Master Qing Song’s Passing of Time Domain has already been carved by you. This wood carving can already be considered a top quality magic treasure among Nascent Soul cultivators. Ten years ago, brother Wang couldn’t do this, but in a mere ten years, you improved so much. I’m impressed.”

Wang Lin let out a smile and said, “If you like it, I can give it to you.”

Zhou Wutai was startled. The complex look in his eyes became even deeper. He looked at Wang Lin and then at the carving before finally taking out a piece of jade. He gently placed it on the side and said, “Thank you.”

His hostility toward Wang Lin lessened a bit. To be able to just give a treasure like this away required a mentality few can have. He believed that as long as he had this wood carving, even if he wasn’t able to obtain the Passing of Time Domain, he would still be able to understand it a little.

However, what he struggled with the most was how to choose. After all, the current domain he was comprehending was very far from this domain. As a result, there was some conflict.

After a long time, his body shook as he looked up at Wang Lin. He once again let out a wry smile and said, “Brother Wang, I admit defeat! So please, give me another obsession to deal with. I don’t want this wood carving anymore, and you can have this jade. It contains a Soul Formation technique.”

Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a strange light as he carefully looked at Zhou Wutai. When he gifted the wood carving to Zhou Wutai, he did indeed had that hidden intent, but Zhou Wutai was able to immediately realize it and gave up on experiencing the Passing of Time Domain to maintain his current domain. Wang Lin rarely met people like this.

He smiled and nodded. “If that is the case, then I won’t tempt you anymore.” With that, he picked up the jade and scanned it with this divine sense. Then he calmly placed it to the side.

Zhou Wutai reluctantly forced his eyes to move away from the wood carving. His face darkened as he said, “Brother Wang, have you noticed anything strange about this snow?”

Wang Lin pondered a little. He looked at the jug of wine in his hand and said, “This snow is not natural…”

Zhou Wutai’s eyes lit up. He said, “Correct. There is killing intent inside the snow. Right now, the entire Four Sect Alliance is covered in snow, so this killing intent is very dense.

Wang Lin’s expression was still the same, as if none of this had anything to do with him. He only quietly listened.

Zhou Wutai looked at Wang Lin and continued, “Several of the seniors of the Four Sect Alliance have gone out to check. Ten thousand kilometers high in the sky, they found one-way transfer rift from cultivators of Xue Yue hidden by restrictions.”

“Xue Yue cultivators?” This was the first time Wang Lin had heard of this.

Zhou Wutai took a deep breath and said, “Xue Yue is another rank 4 cultivation country. They are at the northern border of the continent. That area is covered by ice and snow and their cultivation is often related to that as well. So whenever Xue Yue attacks another country, they use these one-way rifts to cover the country with snow first and then attack.”

After Zhou Wutai finished speaking, he waved his right hand and the door to the shop opened. He reached out and grabbed a ball of snow. Then, his left hand formed a seal and a ball of fire appeared, releasing waves of heat.

“Brother Wang, please look!”

As he spoke, he pressed the ball of snow and the ball of fire together. The fire fizzled a bit, then went out while the snow didn’t melt at all.

Wang Lin was immediately startled as this was not something he expected.

“This snow can’t be melted… Once the entire territory of the Four Sect Alliance is covered in this snow, to the point of forming a plain, that is when Xue Yue will attack!” Zhou Wutai’s voice became even darker.

Wang Lin pondered, but didn’t speak.

Zhou Wutai honestly asked, “Brother Wang, I’m here today to represent the Four Sect Alliance to invite you to join us. With your cultivation, once you join, the Four Sect Alliance’s strength will increase greatly!”

Wang Lin looked at him and slowly said, “I’m only a lowly Nascent Soul cultivator. There are a lot more cultivators with higher cultivation level than me in the Four Sect Alliance, so I won’t make much of an impact.”

Zhou Wutai wryly smiled. He shook his head and said, “Brother Wang, don’t underestimate yourself. With your current cultivation level, you only need a few more years. Once you have reached the Soul Formation stage, the Four Sect Alliance will have gained another Soul Formation cultivator. That is the main reason for me coming here today.”

Wang Lin pondered a little, then suddenly asked, “Why are the Xue Yue cultivators starting a war with the Four Sect Alliance?”

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